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  1. I'm not that good. Most of the "lore" surrounding me, my paranoia, etc. happened after I was banned. I never lobbied for--or wanted--any of that "epic" meltdown. I always thought you guys would see the goof. Did anyone seriously believe that I'd contact the NY Attorney General? Come on. All I ever did on JI was goof around. I'm still in shock that folks believed that I flipped. And I mean right away. 32Green even called me a casualty of the mortgage crisis, which I thought was hilarious, but scary on the other hand.

    That's why I wrote that I felt "betrayed" and that "you just don't know people" because you were someone that I would never think would flip out. So, I was like, "I know that guy! Why would he act like this? Did I really know him? Was this funny guy with the YouTube videos and the love for Lynda Carter really crazy inside?"

    But, again, since I don't know you in the real world and there are people who simply snap, then I thought, hey, maybe he did really snap.

  2. I hope you will truly believe these words, because they are sincere. I never thought my Bozos thread would cause an immediate permaban. I was looking for a creative way to get back at JetsBabe for her unprovoked attack on me, and Jetswin who chastised me more than I liked. The paranoid aspect was totally coincidental. Remember all the hubub with fraud posters and Ham using Boro instead of Borgo? It just all came together sereptitiously. It was torture to read my thread from the sidelines with no hope of getting into--and guiding--the discussion. No one knows this, but I tried to email Sooth, the tech person over there, and even another poster on his work site attempting to explain the scam. No one bothered to respond. To this day--I tried to log on yesterday--I'm still banned for really nothing.

    Damn, that's messed up.

    And I do believe it was good acting.

    Then again, since this is annonymous, I may be getting duped because you may have really been crazy and now saying you aren't and I'm believing your explanation. But I have faith that it was an act, guerilla theater as you say.

  3. Well, "NWM!" reminds me of the sound sthat have come from my participants when ball gagged. Perhaps you've had a different experience. Please share, Gaggy.

    That is quite remarkable considering it is impossible.

    From observing my subs (I prefer the "O" gag for them because its more useful or the bit gag because its more aesthetically pleasing), the ball gag prevents them from making any sound which requires them to close their lips (such as the "W" and "M" sounds) or press the toung to the roof of the mouth (such as the "N" sound).

  4. I'll do this in a public forum so it's there for everyone to read. My lambasting of Fishooked, CTM, and--mostly--SCM was staged. None of these guys bad mouthed me after I was banned. There were a couple of guys that did (hi, Quantum. Douche. ;)), just not them. Sorry if I caused any stress. Blame Jetswin. We could have done all of this last year on JI.

    Glad to hear it.

    I just hate being wrongfully acused (even if its staged), 'cause I feel like Dr. Richard Kimble.

  5. This will all be over with next week. JN members feel like the JI people have to earn there respect. JI members don't really give a damn. In a week, it will be about the Jets again.

    I just hope its a victory.

    I hate to have to bitch and complain about Mangini next week as the season is on the brink.

  6. The internet is an annonymous medium and we're all fools for believing that someone that none of us knows who portrays himself or herself as crazy on a message board is actually crazy.

    Go figure.

    Then I wonder, if a man or woman portrays themselves as an ahole on a message board, is it wrong for the masses to believe that person is actually an ahole?

  7. This thread has it all! You have grassy knoll conspiracy theories and everyone trying to refute them, but Borgo won't listen.

    Then, after a lull, PaulieC joins the thread to start trouble with Klecko (unintentionally, of course) which led to deleted posts (which I missed, damnit!!!).

    Then you have Rutgers revealing he was one of the 17 Kleckos.

    Then you have Jetswin showing up and making peace with Borgo.

    What's next?!!?

  8. The Jets EPIC FAIL against the Raiders has exacerbated the situation. If the Jets had won, new members would have gravitated earlier to the main forum IMO. Right now, for me at least, I'm in a holding pattern until Mangini rights the ship against the Chiefs and then I'll be on the main board. If he doesn't, I'll still be on the main board but to lay into him.

  9. Good man. The world rejoices.

    Of course. The world doesn't have enough good tractor repairmen.

    With wars in different regions, the collapse of western capitalism, the escalating price of energy, the only solution for the survival of mankind is a return to an agrarian society. As such, a good tractor repairman will be king.

  10. Do you need a dr to explain how you feel???

    Or some alcohol to boot?

    A doctor first, then some alcohol, topped off with a series of Jets victories with a competently devised offensive gameplan would do me pretty well.

  11. Dear EY,

    it might be helpful if you search ( it is free) before you start accusing me of treating Jetsbabe like dirt.

    I have said many times in the last day that I felt this was overwhelming. Jetsbabe called me a cranky old hag once and then a hag again a second time.

    That is why i said "pot meets kettle"




    Greengal :Nuts::Nuts::Nuts:EY

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