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  1. The is a forum called NFL NY JETS TALK...for FOOTBALL.....play nice:rolleyes:

    I was ready to go to the main board today, until I read in the morning paper that Mangini said, I quote: "I feel pretty comfortable with what we did in overtime."

    I feel nauseous right now and my emotions are still too raw to contribute to the football discussion.

  2. now more then ever we need that over 30 forum ;)

    and i think i have amended that to age and IQ ;)

    Damn, GG, I was in when you said over 30 forum, but then you pulled the rug out from under me with the IQ.

  3. Conspiracy theories are hilarious because the ones that put them out there never asks the simple question, "Why?"

    That is, Borgo, "Why would JI posters be loyal enough to Sooth to invade another board and do his bidding?"

    Why would Penningtong-detractors like me, CTM, EY and others want to do the work of the Biggest Pennington Fan on the net, Sooth?

    Why would EY want to do the bidding of Sooth who took Ham's side over EY's? Heck, Sooth and the other moderators took the side of an out-right bigot over mine. Now, I want to help Sooth out?

    Why would those who complained to Sooth about his favoritism and his response being "Buh Bye!" want to help him out?

    Answer those questions Borgo and then you won't go from point B to Z because you'd never have gone from point A to B.

  4. SMC - you are a gentleman and a scholar and that picture of Linda Evans is driving me bonkers - no homo here.

    You're welcome.

    And FYI, since you were referring to Lynda Carter, there's no need to say "no homo" (unless you're a woman, then you can).

    Another exception is for Brett Favre. A Jet Fan can say the most homoerotic thing about Bret Favre and it would not be ghey. Thus, saying "no homo" is unnecessary.

    So for instance, a male JI member could write, "Watching Bret throw those bombs makes me moist" and he won't have to say "no homo." It's called the Favre Man Law Exception.

  5. Hel-low - I need an answer here...

    I'll give you a more detailed explanation.

    A couple of months ago, ESPN.com's Page 2 (I believe) ran an article that there is an inside joke among NFL players concerning "no homo."

    "No homo" is used by the players after one of them says something which could be viewed in a homoerotic light, although that was not the intention.

    For instance, a QB would say, "I really like that receiver because he has really soft hands." We know what he means, but because there's an obvious homoerotic spin can be placed on that, the QB would end his sentence with "no homo."

    The thing is, the NFL players would rag anyone who made such a statement without saying "no homo."

    It's sort of the NFL equivelent of the "Punch Buggy Game." Remember that?

  6. Homo or no homo?

    My bad, "no homo."

    yeah, but you never lose the inside jokes...

    I am 34 and I still have inside jokes from 20 years ago...

    Of course not. That's what inside jokes are for.

    And the thing is, people overlook the nature of human interaction. Half of my inside jokes are situations I was never personally a part of, but people explained it to me about it and then I felt like an "insider" to the joke. Everyone is like that. It's because people are social animals.

    For any JN member that is confused by an inside joke, they'll simply need to ask what it means and when they find out, they'll be on the inside as well.

  7. On our website that we've been (well, some of us) have been posting at for nearly four years? Really? Seriously?

    Hell no.

    And yeah, some will "not take kind" to the inside jokes because those were JI inside jokes. They won't be understood here.

    Everyone from JI really needs to just start anew here and just kind of blend into it all. We are welcoming you all with open arms and are happy to have most of you here so please just lay back and blend in.


    We are Jet fans (except for MACPAC, of course) who are posting on a new message board for us. We are not JI fans. We just knew each other there.

    It would be silly for a bunch of friends from Junior High School to form their own club when they go to High School together. No, they remain friends and join the larger high school community.

    Everyone must start anew because none of us owe an allegiance to JI, but we do owe an allegiance to each other as friendly Jet fans so we must embrace our new Jet fans on JN.

  8. Random thought: I think all the new JIers should start anew in their relationships with the moderators and other posters they disagreed with on politics and other stuff on JI. Right now's a good chance, and there's no point harboring grievances against someone about the politics on another site that are not allowed on this site.

    I've just seen a bit of it and wanted to make a suggestion. Hope you guys don't mind. By the way, what caused this Exodus?


  9. Everything is relative, but the exodus did cause an impact.

    Look at it this way, JI's total membership is 13,752 while JN's 3,863.

    But look at the number of current active users: JI has 90 members and 151 guests while JN has 79 members and 90 guests.

    Just absorb that for a minute. JI has 10,000 more members than JN, but only, currently 11 more active at the moment.

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