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  1. ACM4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Everything is relative, but the exodus did cause an impact. Look at it this way, JI's total membership is 13,752 while JN's 3,863. But look at the number of current active users: JI has 90 members and 151 guests while JN has 79 members and 90 guests. Just absorb that for a minute. JI has 10,000 more members than JN, but only, currently 11 more active at the moment.
  3. I remember that! NYJetsFan.com was the first Jets message board I ever joined (back in 2005 and built up over 2K posts there). It was a cool board, but they had about only 10 to 15 active members.
  4. You have to put it in your avatar section rather than your profile section in your User CP. I made the same mistake at first.
  5. That's what I want to know as well, 'cause it doesn't really feel like MACPAC without it.
  6. Great to see you here, Mr. Yankee! The worst Mafia player ... ever.
  7. Thanks! It would be great to add this rendering of mine to the definition. Note that I used the alternative spelling of the word.
  8. That is very true. He has a bad habbit of PWIing (Posting While Intoxicated). I think his outburst yesterday on JN was because of him being drunk.
  9. Welcome Jet Blast! Daaa Crusher!!!!!!!!!!!! In any event, remember that there is a profile pic AND avatar pic on your User CP section. Add your Crusher pic to both. It's great to see the familiar avatars here.
  10. Talk about the Chad-love reaction from the JI administration, a mod PM'd me and threatened to ban me because I called Sooth the Grand Master of Penningtology.
  11. Okay. Since I'm confused as **** right now and you don't seem like you want to reveal who you are. Let me ask you this question and I ask you to please be honest in answering. On JI, what avatar did you use the longest?
  12. For real? Then who is this KleckoisGod73?
  13. It does, doesn't it? The only person I know who has a feud with Kleck and got banned by him was FF2. But this is like the Evil Bert version of FF2.
  14. It's like "Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla"!!! Or "The War of the Gargantuas"!!!
  15. I'm dissapointed in SBIII's post count on JN.
  16. +1 Yeah, Vicious, I know you thought you were complimenting EY, but that was an inadvertent big time diss. Those are the best by the way.
  17. You're far wittier on JN than you were on JI. Or perhaps I'm just smarter now and can appreciate your brand of witticism. Or worse for both of us, you dumbed down your wit so I could get it.
  18. I'm all for that (although I never had a rivarly with Borgo on JI). I just wanted to set the record straight because because I believed I was wrongfully accused of something (attacking Borgo after he was banned). I was cool with Borgo before he got banned and wish to be cool with him again. It's up to him.
  19. Do you mean the following? It was in reference to Ham starting a thread saying that Chad gives the team the best chance to win ("I'm Leaning Towards Chad") and then saying his credibility took a hit because of it. In response, I wrote: That's it. There are no more posts where I referred to you after the thread in question. Again, if this post and the posts I quoted above are enough reason for you to personally attack and insult me on JN, then so be it.
  20. Just to get the record straight, Borgo, this is what I posted in the thread where you were banned. If you take these posts as serious shots against you, so be it. But it's certainly not a shot behind your back. I wrote you went "emo" on us and crazy based on that thread starting post. In response to a poster's claim that PMCRW's rant was better than Borgo's, I wrote: I also wrote: In response to JetsBabe posting a rant in the same thread Borgo got banned, I wrote:
  21. Anger is a useful thing when it's focused for good. Your anger is not. You're acting delusional and paranoid. All you've done since some members joined here is to personally attack them based on an imaginary slight against you (one, which, I did not partake in). There is nothing I can write to demonstrate to you that you are completely wrong in your claim that I laid into you in the thread in question. Thus, any effort on my part would be futile. I fear no one in person or on the internet. If I wanted to insult you, I wouldn't wait till you were banned. I had no reason to insult you back then, but the ridiculous way you've been acting thus far is an insult against yourself.
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