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  1. man that **** was pretty funny though........smizzy was ****ting all over him.

    I remember that! NYJetsFan.com was the first Jets message board I ever joined (back in 2005 and built up over 2K posts there). It was a cool board, but they had about only 10 to 15 active members.

  2. Hello. I would like to introduce myself, as some of you know me, yet many of you do not. I am Mr. Yankee, and I registered at JI in 2005. I feel that a new era has been imposed upon me, as many former JI posters whose posts I thoroughly enjoyed reading have migrated to this fine website. I have stopped by JN occasionally over the last few years, but recent events have inspired me to register. So here I am. I look forward to enjoying some healthy discussion with my Jet brethren.

    Great to see you here, Mr. Yankee!

    The worst Mafia player ... ever. ;)

  3. I think that is a very effective approach. I know Sooth does it at times. And I really think from a pure marketing standpoint it is smart. BP once told me that is when he signed up when guest viewing was disabled.

    But I don't think it is the right thing to do. Some people can't login from work or don't want to. So I prefer to let them just view. Although if we get to the point where game days have several hundreds of guests we might have to consider something like that.

    That would be a good problem to have though.


  4. And who is the KleckoissGod73?

    Okay. Since I'm confused as **** right now and you don't seem like you want to reveal who you are. Let me ask you this question and I ask you to please be honest in answering.

    On JI, what avatar did you use the longest?

  5. Because I just dropped a Family Circus reference, which is preposterous on any number of levels.

    You're far wittier on JN than you were on JI.

    Or perhaps I'm just smarter now and can appreciate your brand of witticism.

    Or worse for both of us, you dumbed down your wit so I could get it.

  6. Borgo, SMC, CTM, JB,

    Can we please leave this rivalry on JI and just move forward?

    I'm all for that (although I never had a rivarly with Borgo on JI).

    I just wanted to set the record straight because because I believed I was wrongfully accused of something (attacking Borgo after he was banned).

    I was cool with Borgo before he got banned and wish to be cool with him again.

    It's up to him.

  7. In your world, you don't see those comments about questioning someone's sanity and trust as negative. Those would be fine if I were on the site to defend myself. I don't comment on people unless they are able to respond, not after they have been banned. Actually, I check in on JI periodically, and--in another thread--recall you making another less than favorable comment about my mental state.

    Do you mean the following?

    It was in reference to Ham starting a thread saying that Chad gives the team the best chance to win ("I'm Leaning Towards Chad") and then saying his credibility took a hit because of it. In response, I wrote:

    Borgo did suicide by mod.

    Ham did suicide by Chad. 05-01-2008, 04:44 PM

    That's it. There are no more posts where I referred to you after the thread in question.

    Again, if this post and the posts I quoted above are enough reason for you to personally attack and insult me on JN, then so be it.

  8. Just to get the record straight, Borgo, this is what I posted in the thread where you were banned. If you take these posts as serious shots against you, so be it. But it's certainly not a shot behind your back. I wrote you went "emo" on us and crazy based on that thread starting post.

    In response to a poster's claim that PMCRW's rant was better than Borgo's, I wrote:


    Borgo had a meltdown after going EMO on us.

    But PMCRW's thread was a straight up "death-by-mod." You could tell that his intention was to get a permaban and it worked. 04-30-2008, 05:32 PM

    I also wrote:

    I feel betrayed because Borgo and I had made that psychic connection when discussing our mutual lifelong love/lust/worship of Lynda Carter.

    No matter how many times someone posts on a message board, you just don't really know people. 04-30-2008, 10:22 PM

    In response to JetsBabe posting a rant in the same thread Borgo got banned, I wrote:

    Oh no, is JetsBabe pulling a Borgo?!!?

    In the same thread that Borgo went crazy??!!!?? 05-01-2008, 10:22 AM

  9. You missed the point, sell out. As I explained on JN a few months ago, the gay aspect had nothing to do with it. First, I am not gay. And, except for that towel slapping incident at the Naval Academy, I have never even had as much as a lap dance from a member of my gender. The problem was that "JetsBabe"/Sooth/Ches-Douche was taking unprovoked shots at me, only one of which involved the "gay" word. I hadn't done anything to "her". Why all the animosity? The rest, as they say, is histrionics. BTW, why lay into me in that thread and in others when I wasn't around to defend myself? I bet everyone here can answer that one, huh? Now, feel free to let it fly. I believe in free speech, but also a fair fight.

    Anger is a useful thing when it's focused for good. Your anger is not. You're acting delusional and paranoid.

    All you've done since some members joined here is to personally attack them based on an imaginary slight against you (one, which, I did not partake in).

    There is nothing I can write to demonstrate to you that you are completely wrong in your claim that I laid into you in the thread in question. Thus, any effort on my part would be futile.

    I fear no one in person or on the internet. If I wanted to insult you, I wouldn't wait till you were banned. I had no reason to insult you back then, but the ridiculous way you've been acting thus far is an insult against yourself.

  10. Hey, welcome aboard. Now you can take your shots at me face to face.

    When did I take shots at you behind your back?

    I was pissed that you were banned because that was right after we reminisced about 70s hot chics like Lynda Carter, Farah, etc. Remember that?

  11. Look no further than this lounge.

    I'd say about 80%, if not more of all posts on the drama exile have come in the lounge. Why aren't the posters posting about the Jets? We just came off one of the toughest losses in recent memory, and instead everyone wants to be involved in some bull**** internet drama, and shake their stick at a new female poster or two.

    JI is/was nothing more than an OT forum with the Jets intertwined. Get ready, because that's what you're looking at in the future.

    For me, the Jets EPIC FAIL against the Raiders is too painful to discuss right now. I prefer to concentrate on the JI drama/exodus for the time being. If the Jets beat KC, then I'll get into the football forum.

    Right now, as a coping mechanism, I'm avoiding anying to do with what happened in yesterday's game.

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