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  1. When did I take shots at you behind your back? I was pissed that you were banned because that was right after we reminisced about 70s hot chics like Lynda Carter, Farah, etc. Remember that?
  2. For me, the Jets EPIC FAIL against the Raiders is too painful to discuss right now. I prefer to concentrate on the JI drama/exodus for the time being. If the Jets beat KC, then I'll get into the football forum. Right now, as a coping mechanism, I'm avoiding anying to do with what happened in yesterday's game.
  3. Hey, Borgo, good to see you again. It was from you where I got the idea for my famous sig (we, of a certain age, all love Lynda Carter). But there was one thing I really wanted to know, why was JetsBabe calling you "gay" so offensive to you?
  4. Oh, and to add ... JN vets, I'll be posting in the Lounge for the time being because my feelings about the Jets EPIC FAIL against the Raiders are too raw right now that I may write something harsh or unbecomming in the football forum which would leave a wrong impression.
  5. Yep, that Canni & Chad related bannings were a joke. The funny thing is that the internetz seems to bring out the emo in grown men (the Chad love the perfect example). Then calling Canni fat (who no longer contributes to JI) was crazy. Oh well.
  6. LOL The acronym takes a second to realize what it stands for and then you say, "of course!"
  7. I've always wondered, if a man with a flabby large chest is said to have man boobs, what do you call it when a woman has an unusually blulging crotch area?
  8. Just to add, the the hipocracy people complained about on JI is not just from the Ham-EY situation. I don't get bent out of shape for what is written on the internetz, but one thing bugged me and how the moderators refused to do anything about it. There's this ultra conservative JI poster named FlushingJet who gets to write anything he wants in the political forum without reprecussion. Cool, I get it, but he got into an argument with a fellow JI member who was an US Army veteran who fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan. After the vet said he was voting for Obama, Flushing called him a high school drop out, a traitor, and America hater. Now, Flushing didn't have the balls to serve this country and me, being a veteran, was offended by this. Ham claims he "loves veterans," so I PM him about this and he refused to do anything about it except for a general warning. Now Flushing insults posters in every posts. I then PM Klecko, and he says he can't do anything about Flushing because Flushing is under a different set of rules. So, not to be deterred, I PMed another mod, and he said he'd look into it. Of course, Flushing was never banned for that or anything else he has written which is filled with venom. Stuff like that does piss me off. Just because someone is a long time poster or friend of Sean's (an outright bigot like Flushing is not someone I'd want as a friend, but the powers-that-be think otherwise) doesn't mean they should be untouchable. What didn't happen with Flushing and what did happen to EY gave me serious pause about JI.
  9. It's funny to see MACPAC here. Just can't stay away from cyber-Jet fans, huh?
  10. Damn, I wondered what happened to Moga. I thought it was some cyber-medical accident or gambling related beat-down from a cyber-bookie.
  11. LOL That's like being on permanent house arrest.
  12. Hey, JB, you mentioned that you had found out what the JI mods & Sooth really felt about you. What is that?
  13. Yep. I didn't log on until the game was over. Jeesh, what a horribly coached & played game. By the way, the JI drama proves 1 thing: Gov. Sara Palin is like crack to some people.
  14. How did I miss all this drama on JI, and now the "True Hollywood Story" is on JN? That's like Fox News talking about the back story of Olberman's meltdowns. Cool!
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