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  1. e Who cares?? The Rams did enough to beat themselves today.. We are playing our daddy's next week.. When we beat them in a statement game then I will be happy... do you think we will be able to run against them???? Doubtful Favre will have to beat them.... Favre should have been picked twice today.... Do you have any confidence in Favre beating them?? Bc I don't.. as a result this game will need to be won on defense.. We can't have any liabilities in the secondary if we want a chance at these guys..
  2. Dwight Lowery once again struggled with Donnie Avery... Wes Welker killed us in the last game, and should continue to do so if Lowery is matched up against him..
  3. Um yah.. remember when they went 9-7 durin Sabans first year, and then acquired Daunte Culpepper?? They experts predicted they would challenge the Patriots..
  4. i just don't get it.. When they're bad they are "better than their record indicates" When they're OK they are good When they're good they're great I think they are going to get steamrolled this week..
  5. We had more celebratory riots in Philly... I really enjoy these riots..
  6. You never know what you're going to get with the Jets week by week.. Don't be surprised to see them come out flat on Sunday.. It is the New York Jets way...
  7. The season ended 2 weeks ago in Oakland... There is no point to remain positive.. I'll start enjoying victory when we beat the Pats or Titans.. Until then we too are pretenders.. Do you have any idea how bad the Raiders are??? Do you think a REAL team would ever allow that to happen?
  8. Pretty much any team that loses to the Jets IMO suck... I think we realize more than Bills fans that the jets aren't a very good football team... The Bills lost to a team that lost to the raiders.. Do you guys see how bad the raiders are??
  9. If I was a betting man I would have to take the Bradyless Pats to prevail and win the division... unbelievable...
  10. I really hope Favre retires next season... I just cant take the INT's....
  11. Its amazing... we had them dead to rights... dead to rights.. Now we have to come out firing..
  12. Why do I get the feeling that we are going to suffer a gut wrenching defeat
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