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  1. Very good Slot WR backup. He could be a good WR5 here, but on a talented team I'm not sure he makes the active roster.
  2. Shanahan didn't do that last weekend. He played his backup QB, backup TE and two backup WRs.
  3. The Jets are tied for last with the Chargers and the Giants with 3 total TDs on offense. There are at least 18 teams with DOUBLE that amount. https://www.nfl.com/stats/team-stats/offense/scoring/2020/reg/all
  4. Same here. I was willing to give Gase the benefit of the doubt, especially when the team finished fairly well last year. I was hopeful that an improved, healthy roster combined with Year 2 in the same system would make this team much better. Now, it is true that the roster is still trash (and even when healthy wasn't going to be very good) but I'm seeing and hearing lots of things from smart football people that are convincing me there may be no hope for Gase. His inability to adapt, not calling the types of plays that suit his QB best, some questionable in-game decisions (like the one this thread is about) and two stories from just this week (not giving Darnold the ability to audible out of that 4th and 1 to a QB sneak, bad/slow practice habits being brought forth by his players) have moved the needle for me in a big way. The 49ers tried to hand the Jets a gift. Bosa goes out, Soloman Thomas goes out, Garrapolo leaves at half-time, no Kittle, no Deebo Samuel, a 49ers team traveling across the country to play a 10AM Pacific Time game. The Jets AT A MINIMUM, should have been competitive. Instead, they lose by 18 points!!!! And it wasn't even that close.
  5. Most painful was the '98 AFCCG. I was about 24 years old and that was the first real glimpse of major success I'd ever seen from the Jets. Was at both the Fake Spike game and the Vinny Achilles. Both sucked, but nothing compares to having a 3rd Quarter lead in Mile High and blowing it! If I had been older and more dedicated to the Jets at the time I can imagine the Mud Bowl and Gastineau's hit on Bernie K. absolutely infuriating me..... probably similar to the Doug Brien FG misses (not listed in the poll).
  6. The desire to win is just like a ham sandwich because not all unicorns are purple.
  7. Rex would handcuff Darnold and run the ball well all day. Gase handcuffs Darnold but doesn't run the ball well.
  8. "OMG!!! Sam Darnold was stabbed in the lungs with a syringe!" @Jetsfan80 and @jgb sneak out of the locker room in lab coats! lol
  9. And Joe Douglas may very well do that. But, if he assesses that Darnold is easily worth the 5th year option based on how he's performing thus far I can see a ton of fans around here turn on him. They'll then take the opposite side of your argument saying, "How the heck could JD decide Darnold was worth that with the Jets going 3-13 and Darnold finishing as the 25th ranked QB?" The answer will be that Joe recognized he could evaluate Darnold even in those sh*tty circumstances and made a decision that Darnold, with better players and a better coach, is worth the price. One thing is for sure, it will be very interesting to see how this plays out.
  10. Agree with both of you on the longterm. My criticism of JD is that while building for the longterm and planning for the future he doesn't seem to have fixed the here and now. I'm not talking about making incredible, immediate upgrades at every position, but JD clearly took a risk at the WR spot. He was counting on Perriman to be Robby 2.0 for cheaper, and he was counting on a rookie like Denzel Mims to step right in as WR2. Other than Crowder there was no other tried and true NFL veteran who could be counted on at WR. Perriman has never demonstrated being an every week starter as a WR1 or WR2, Mims is a rookie and other guys (Vyncint Smith, Berrios, etc.) have similar inexperience profiles. Those guys have been role players. They're young, talented....I like them...but you don't count on them. I think JD admitted as much when this year's panic signing was Chris Hogan (last year was Kalil). Hogan is a decent, dependable, experienced/veteran starter, etc. Besides Crowder there was nobody in the Jets WR group like that. JD took some big risks (again, I admire that approach for the longterm) but it's causing severe problems on offense right now.
  11. The 49ers rolled wide receivers Kendrick Bourne and Trent Taylor out there, supplementing them with a rookie WR in Brandon Aiyuk who was playing his first NFL game following a hamstring injury. No Deebo Samuel, no George Kittle. But they made up for it by having QB Nick Mullens elevate the play of those pass-catchers around him on the way to an 18 point win??? The Jets need better coaching. Shanahan had his backup players ready to compete and enabled them with a good game plan. The Jets were unprepared, uninspired, and incapable. Their approach to the game seemed to be trying to keep it respectable and not take chances....despite trailing the entire game following the first play from scrimmage.
  12. That would be a complete bust for JD, and he deserves some criticism on this point. The Jets have been a team unable to keep players healthy and who set a record for players on IR last year. The idea that he could sign/draft players with known injury risks (Perriman, Zuniga) and players who were outright injured at the time they were acquired (Bryce Hall) and expect the Jets to field a healthy roster is ridiculous. I understand the Buy low / Sell high approach and longterm outlook that JD has, particularly with a guy like Bryce Hall (he's a lottery ticket) but this team isn't in a position to take risks on high-upside guys who we hope can get/stay healthy. The Jets need players on the field.
  13. I think both 1st round picks might go to offense again next year. WR and OLine. Rinse and repeat.

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