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  1. We don't face facts around here. We form opinions and then scower the earth for obscure and unreliable data that supports our opinions! How long you been on this board???
  2. That very last bullet is concerning. A lack of accuracy when on the move, rolling out, etc. seems like it would be a problem in a Shanahan type system and, ironically, passing on the move is one of the few notable skills that Sam Darnold seems to excel at.
  3. That’s Todd Bowles. Excellent DC, maybe not a great HC. Did enough to stop Brees and Rodgers in back-to-back weeks. He’s a good dude and has some of his key defensive players back. I’m rooting for Todd Bowles.
  4. Is Belichick really going to ride out his remaining years counting a guys like Stidham and a washed up Cam Newton? The Pats seem like a team perfectly fine to take the 4th or 5th QB in this Draft. They might be a Trey Lance or Mac Jones destination.
  5. Draft an Edge rusher at #23. This is actually a decent year for pass rushers. There will be a handful of guys with late 1st round grades that should be on the board. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2021-nfl-draft-meet-the-intriguing-edge-rusher-class-from-kwity-paye-to-patrick-jones-and-more/
  6. If Watson has a No Trade clause and he's saying he wants to go to the NYJ, then that gives JD some leverage. Given how JD seems to value both draft picks and Cap space, I'm ready to watch him levitate to being the greatest GM in Jets history by committing highway robbery on the Texans. Make it happen Joey!!!!
  7. That's about where I am. There is no way I'm trading the #2 overall pick in an NFL Draft unless it's the only 1st I'm giving up. The #2 this year, a 2nd this year, a 2nd next year and Sam Darnold. Or move off the #2 and we go with the #23 this year, a 1st next year and maybe a 1st or 2nd in '23. In my mind the #2 this year is essentially worth two or more average 1st round picks. You're getting to pick any player in all of college football except Trevor Lawrence.
  8. Good video! I can't comment on the injuries. None of us really can. It would be up to the Jets and how the medical eval turns out to decide if he's 100% back like when Drew Brees had a shoulder injury with the Chargers or if he's a potential Chad Pennington. IF the medicals are fine then the question is can the things Wilson does bad currently be corrected. The two primary issues being his footwork and what I call the recognition of play risk. Interestingly, I'd argue these are the same two problems that Sam Darnold had and continues to have. Sam's footwork continues to be bad and his ability to recognize that a throw may be risky isn't always there. Wilson's arm seems to have bailed him out on both fronts. In fact, I'd argue that Wilson's arm talent is so good AND the level of competition was low enough that they made up for bad footwork and poor risk recognition. I think the play risk recognition stuff (ex. Should I even be considering throwing to the X receiver given the Cover 2 defense and a LB dropping into coverage on that side?) can be taught and learned. The footwork can probably be corrected to some degree as well but it really looks pretty bad. Not just that he takes the snap with his right foot back all the time, but his short initial steps that should be more like lunges are going to get him sacked by interior pressure in the NFL. I'm not smart enough to know what's correctable and what might be too bad to completely rid him of, but the kid has an arm, he can move in the pocket and he's made some amazing throws. His Pro Day and any private workouts will be incredibly important.
  9. Have to play a little bit of Devil's Advocate here because I see a ton that I like. So when I see someone who looks really good I need to throw darts and let people tell me I'm wrong. My concerns and just some simple legit questions because I don't know the answers... 1. Is he a legitimate 6'3" (or really, really close like he'll come in at 6' 2 7/8" at a Combine) because he doesn't look 6'3" on film? He also seems a bit smallish and thin. Yes, he's not a RB or something but I get like a Devonta Smith size concern with him. 2. I'd like some of those offensive linemen because there are a lot of clean pockets for Wilson. He has significant time to survey the field, at least in the video the OP posted. And when you're a good QB with a good arm and you get lots of time against questionable competition it raises questions, which leads me to my next question... 3. What WAS the level of competition in these games? I obviously didn't watch much BYU at all but I didn't see a really high-level of competition from the defenses in those clips. 4. Is it me or were many of those passes either a little under/over thrown or into tight coverage that looked like 50/50 balls? For example, one of his big completions down the middle seemed to have the WR dive for the ball and land at the 1 yard line. A throw in stride that's a TD. 5. Looks like he's good on the move and can scramble but a comp to Kyler Murray seems a little ridiculous. Let's remember where Kyler went to college and who he competed against. When scrambling or rushing for 20 yards Wilson seems about like Darnold or a younger Aaron Rodgers, but he's not a Kyler or Lamar. And again, let's remember the level of competition he's scrambling against. I don't think he's running past Josh Jobe or Patrick Surtain Jr. out there. Again, I like him. The arm talent is there. Seems to have a good mix of smarts, athletic ability, arm strength and pretty good accuracy. My main concerns again are whether he could do this against NFL guys after playing BYU's opponents. It kinda looked like a varsity high school guy playing against some JV or Freshman competition. Help me out!
  10. Here's to hoping that Allen Robinson follows you for a couple days in March and then unfollows you.

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