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  1. jetstream23

    Bell is worth it...

    The 440HP variety.
  2. jetstream23

    I met Odell Beckham today...

    Been there and done that, huh?
  3. jetstream23

    I love Soundgarden

    She's not bad. Dave Grohl has become a fan of hers mostly because his kids kept talking about her. lol
  4. jetstream23

    Merge please

    jayrad01 starts thread....
  5. jetstream23

    I love Soundgarden

    1994....one of the best years of my life. Superunknown, one of the last great alt/grunge albums. 25 year anniversary this year. It was all starting to go mainstream at that point and heading south. Give the album a listen if you haven't recently, and not just the popular singles like Black Hole Sun and Spoonman which are great, but the deep stuff....Head Down, Limo Wreck, The Day I Tried to Live.
  6. Deciding between Dunkin and Starbucks?
  7. Roster Mgmt and the Salary Cap gets my vote. As you said all are important, but those two things go together and truly decide if your team is going to be stuck in the mud longterm or if you can consistently field a team of reasonable quality. It essentially comes down to the "Keep or Cut?" and "Buy at a Nordstrom's or Costco?" type decisions. Where do you spend and when? When do you let a guy go? It's the types of things that Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick did/do well. Letting a guy go a year early instead of a year late and knowing who not to spend on. Do you know what all-time great Offensive Lineman received the most annual money in the history of the NFL? That's why you let some guys walk.
  8. jetstream23

    Bell is worth it...

    The three biggest things Darnold needed coming into Year 2 were better coaching, a better OLine and better playmakers. I think all three will be better to varying degrees this year but there's no doubt that all of them got at least a little bit better. Sam ended the year on fire in 2018. It looked like the light bulb had really gone on for him! If he can carry that into this season then look out. 8 yard passes to Crowell will now go for 40 yard TDs with Bell. Herndon should hold onto more balls in his hands this year than last year. Crowder is a brand new weapon and is light years better than Jermaine Kearse. It's hard not to be optimistic about this season. (Well, it's hard for some of us, just not those who are perennially negative. )
  9. jetstream23

    Bell is worth it...

    50% is probably a fair assessment of where they are right about now. We have a lot of unknowns though and some players we all expect to ascend (guys like Darnold and Herndon). It sounds strange but a fairly objective way to judge talent is by looking at Fantasy Football rankings. It's a decent barometer of how outside observers really assess our players. On that front I'd submit the following: 1. Darnold is ranked 24th 2. Le'Veon Bell is ranked 8th 3. Chris Herndon is ranked 10th 4. Robby Anderson is ranked 28th (and is far above both Crowder, 57 and Enunwa, 66). Also, being the top ranked Jets WR it's important to note that some teams have at least 2 Wide Receivers ranked ahead of the the Jets first one. This is clearly the weak link on the offense. Having a Top 10 Running Back and Tight End is a HUGE upgrade to what this has had in previous years. Darnold is an X-factor coming off his rookie year. I think he's underrated at 24 and could end up the year in the Top 15-20. Most of the other rankings are hard to argue with although I think Crowder and Enunwa will likely contribute more than their rankings suggest.
  10. jetstream23

    Bell is worth it...

    The last time we had better talent was 2010-2011, with LaDainian, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller. I'd submit that Le'Veon is at least as good as LT, Braylon is better than Enunwa, Santonio is probably better than Robby Anderson, but Herndon is more talented than Keller and most importantly, Darnold leaves Sanchez in the dust. As we all know, the talent is now respectable at a minimum. It's probably better than that. But the OLine is the issue. It's better than last year but can't hold the jock strap of the Line we had in 2010.
  11. jetstream23

    Bell is worth it...

    I love my sports car. I probably paid a little more for it than I should have. But that was 6 months ago and I barely remember it now. But every time I start the engine I smile from ear to ear and it doesn't drive any different because of what I paid. When Bell scores two TDs in a game I don't think we'll hear the commentator say, "Bell completely juked that LB out of his shorts on the way to a 31 yard TD....but you know, the Jets paid a little more for him than they should have. I mean less than what the Steelers paid and were going to pay...but still....you know."
  12. jetstream23

    Anthony "Champ" Kelly quick profile

    Franchise QBs don’t come cheap.

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