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  1. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    He can’t throw to the left? Lol. Holy sh!t. Well that won’t be hard for opponents to defend.
  2. OLine, DLine or TE.
  3. Draft Day. April 26.

    The Jets have never picked 3rd, have they?
  4. And they’ve combined for more years played than TDs thrown.
  5. Could we get a starting RB in round 3?

    OLine or TE would be ideal in Round 3 if the board fell right for the Jets.
  6. Anyone else like all 4?

    I hope you’re right. But I can only base my opinion on evidence and so far the Jets are 0 for 2. I’m cautiously optimistic that this third time will be the charm. But let’s not act like Bates is some quarterback guru. He’s no quarterback whisperer like Bruce Arians or John DeFillipo as far as I know. I hope the Jets have the right guy. Time will tell.
  7. Second overall pick is...

    As of 3PM on 4/21, we're at about... 67% RB - Barkley 28% QB - Rosen/Allen 5% DE - Chubb I still think the Giants are going QB.
  8. Anyone else like all 4?

    This. I'm almost of the mindset that we need to pick the guy that's least fvck-up-able by the Jets. lol Does that make sense? I want a guy who is already so far down the development path that even the Jets couldn't screw him up. That's why, for me, there really is only one Josh that should be on the Jets draft board, and that's Rosen.
  9. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    You two should get a room! lol
  10. Not a fan of the city of Detroit but if there's any time to go to Michigan it's September.
  11. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Very interesting. I'm sorry but this just scares the piss out of me. He wasn't extremely accurate in college and he "has to learn how to be more accurate." His completion percentage at the NFL level will likely go down, not up. Learning to throw with anticipation shouldn't be happening after college in an environment with bigger, faster, smarter defensive backs who know how to bait QBs into making throws that they can close on quickly. I know several people disagree with me on this but for a team that has already failed at projecting two drafted QBs accurately into the NFL (Petty making a system conversion, Hack becoming more accurate after Penn State) I'm not sure why the Jets would be okay with the homerun/strikeout swing at a pitch instead of hitting a high percentage double here. I think he'd do fine here from a media standpoint. In fact, Allen would probably handle the pressure of early failure and hiccups better than the other guys, especially Mayfield and Rosen. I like his personality, I like his physical attributes and out-of-this-world arm. I'm just not sure I can stomach watching him throw two 75-yard TDs and 4 INTs in the same game.
  12. Connecting the Draft Dots

    I can't say your evaluation method is any better or any worse than Maccagnan's.
  13. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Agree 100%. You have to take it into account but I think it's a little overblown with Rosen. I feel like since the college football season ended and everyone had this Draft as Darnold/Rosen people have been trying to talk themselves out of Rosen and trying to elevate guys like Mayfield and Allen. It just confuses me that watching Allen throw the ball 90 yards to uncovered WRs while wearing shorts now has everyone thinking he's a great draft pick and, in some cases, should go #1.
  14. Connecting the Draft Dots

    +1 I sincerely hope the Jets didn't trade up to #3 just to pass on the best pure QB in the Draft because they're afraid he could get hurt.