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  1. Interesting point. I guess I'd look at as if Gase were a professor. A math professor might teach a bunch of smart freshman some calculus or differential equations; he's doing some real teaching to kids (Tannehill, etc.) who are just starting to really enter advanced math and build their foundations. But that same professor might also teach PhD candidates (Manning) some really advanced stuff on Algebraic Geometry or unproven math theories. I think the ability to do both of those things, to teach/coach two very different levels of student/player is somewhat rare. For the former you need to have some patience, you need to deal with players who have known limitations in their game and to account for that. But with the advanced guy you really need to stretch yourself and anticipate the types of questions that my be coming. In some cases, you may be trying to do things that haven't been done before in regard to audibles and equipping not just the QB, but the offense with the ability to adjust quickly at the LOS in a way that doesn't confuse everybody. What Manning was doing at the end of his career was much more impressive than at the beginning in my opinion. In the 2013, '14, '15 timeframe Manning was a physically lesser player than he was in the early 2000's, he was coming off that neck injury and, even more amazingly....the entire NFL had 15 years of tape to look at on the guy. I give Gase an immense amount of credit for helping Manning break that TD record in 2014. 55 TDs is just crazy....and it was the most for him by far since his 49 TD season way back in 2004.
  2. I think Wesco will end up getting 2 to 3 targets per game. One will be a 3 yard completion on 3rd and 2, the other will be a rumblin' bumblin' stumblin' 24 yard catch on 1st down where he knocks 2 defenders out of the game. It will be glorious.
  3. Like the women in your life I think your Magic 8 ball always says No.
  4. Wesco, by far, is our most interesting draft pick. Sure, QW is the stud, Polite could turn out to be a steal in Round 2, a guy like Austin is a lottery ticket who, if healthy, could grow into a CB2 at some point.....but Wesco is a very, very unique player and I think we could be in for a surprise at just how much he ends up on the field.
  5. To me, Leo is exactly the kind of guy you keep and pay. Excellent player, no off-field issues, wants to be here, still very young and getting better. We'd be paying for his future, not his past. The argument that he didn't produce 5 more sacks last year or "he's not Aaron Donald" are kind of ridiculous in my opinion. Especially when you look at facts like you pointed out, Leo being double-teamed while Henry Anderson is racking up 5 sacks against a single blocker, it's hard to say he's not having a really big impact in the pass rush. I'm really curious to see how it works out with Quinnen here and how Gregg Williams orchestrates this DLine. Lots of options... Anderson - McClendon - Leo Anderson - QW - Leo Anderson - McClendon - QW (3-technique) - Leo (This puts a LOT of weight on the DLine and also, IMO, puts QW in his ideal position as a 3-techinque DT)
  6. lol And he's a Long Snapper? Maybe he wants an Uber gift card written into the contract so he can get to/from practices?
  7. Ha! I'm going to see this dude in two weeks.....Lil Wayne is opening for Blink-182.
  8. Grady Jarrett just got a big pay day. I think we'll all have a close eye on Quinnen this year and see how "expendable" Leo becomes. If Leo has a great 2019 then the Jets can franchise tag him and possibly trade or extend him. QW will be relatively cheap for several years (until his option year like Leo) so I also wouldn't be against a longterm deal for Leo that was somewhat front-loaded and starts to get cheaper just as it becomes time to play QW. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out but yeah....$18M per year would be tough to stomach.

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