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  1. What if Morgan tests positive? Who backs up Mike White at QB in Week 1?
  2. It looks like he's leaning down on a stool. lol This guy is just incredibly massive. Humans aren't typically made like this.
  3. Three days ago never would I have guessed that Aaron Rodgers would be at Packers camp but Zach Wilson wouldn't be at Jets camp. Did I hear that Zach has the same agent as JD? Is that true or was that Darnold and JD having the same agent?
  4. That shirt could shelter a family of 4 as a tent.
  5. I don't like Brady but I guess I dislike him a lot less now that he's not with the Pats. I've always despised Belichick and the Patriots. They were lucky to step in dogs!t and get Tom Brady. While I would have rather seen them both fail miserably after going separate ways I definitely prefer Brady winning in the NFC over Belichick winning a SB again with the Pats.
  6. This seems like the right thread to get something out there for discussion. Transgender kickers? Whaddya guys think?
  7. Baptism by fire for the young CBs. I like it! This D is all about applying pressure to the QB and capitalizing on wobbly passes that come off the hand of a rushed QB throwing the ball earlier than he wants to! It's not like the Jets will be playing guys who have never seen NFL action before. They may be young but Bless Austin, Bryce Hall, Guidry, etc. have all seen live bullets in NFL action. The question of how well they can hold up is fair, but these guys do know NFL football. Let's give them a chance and see what Saleh can do with them. I think they'll get a bit of a pass from fa
  8. This is a really under-the-radar prediction that I think has a chance to come to fruition. A lot of people focus on each team's RB1 (Zeke, McCaffrey, Kamara, etc.) but not team rushing. The Jets with their OLine, the new wide zone rushing scheme, and a really nice mix on their RB committee have a chance to be Top 10 as a team in rushing. They don't need to have an elite RB1 to make that happen.
  9. Two quarterbacks who people consider some of the best to ever play the game, Dan Marino and Aaron Rodgers, will end up retiring with a combined 2 Super Bowl appearances and a 1-1 record. lol Geez!
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