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  1. Not a birdie. Not a bogey. Par. 😁
  2. jetstream23


    I disagree. I actually think the mods are doing a good job here.
  3. jetstream23

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    I disagree. I think the moderators do a good job here.
  4. jetstream23

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    This is unsolvable from the League standpoint. They have put themselves in a box and I am not sure that there is a way out. If they try to drop the hammer, institute rules and heavy handedness in terms of fines and suspensions, the players will continue to revolt, fracture, protest or strike. If they soften their stance or are perceived to be allowing protests against the national anthem they will continue to see an impact to ad revenue and a percentage of the NFL fan base that turns away from the game. No win situation IMO. But they put themselves in this box.
  5. jetstream23

    Jets Biggest Rival

    Tough one for me. Historically it’s been the Fins. The Mud Bowl, the Marino vs. O’Brien years, Monday Night Miracle, etc. But the case for the Pats is strong, not just because they have been the best team in the division for 15 years but because of the history with Parcells and Belichick, with Rex’s effectiveness against Brady for a few short years, with Revis going to the Pats, the whole history of New York vs. Boston, etc. The only reason I wouldn’t call the Pats the Jets’ rivals is because the Pats have essentially been everyone’s rivals for 10+ years. Who would the Colts and Peyton Manning say were their biggest rivals? Both the Steelers and Ravens would probably each put the Pats as their 2nd biggest rivals other than each other. It’s hard to call a team a rival when they constantly beat you 75% of the time. That’s why I revert to the Fins.... it’s been a better rivalry because we’ve been more evenly matched IMO.
  6. Thanks. That’s the second time I’ve watched that interview in its entirety. I like this guy. Very cerebral. Seems like a steady hand for the offense. Well-suited for Sam.
  7. Wow! They really did punch her in the face. She SHOULD be suing.
  8. jetstream23

    Sam Darnold at the ESPY’s

    Awesome! Yes, +1 on good luck for her. Almost forgot about the ESPYs. But it's typically the day after the MLB All Star Game when there's literally almost zero sports events going on as players head back to the their team and no NFL, NBA or NHL season going on. Well timed.
  9. Ha! I found a way to insert myself into that as well, just lobbing in a vote at the last minute and trying to force overtime. We should have all learned something from the World Cup too.....When it comes to women in the "200,000" thread it's best to just keep rooting for a draw and eventually get to penalty kicks! lol
  10. Go baby, go! Buttfumble be damned. You take your boy Sanchez!! lol
  11. jetstream23

    Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Rocket was great. I heard several songs I'd never heard them do live before. Mayonnaise, Drown and Porcelina of the Vast Oceans are 3 of my all-time faves. The cover of Stairway to Heaven was very good. It's ambitious to try to cover such an epic rock tune, no matter who you are, and they did it well. In terms of the overall show it was setup like a journey. Billy walked on stage by himself with a guitar and played Disarm to a backdrop of historical pictures from when he was kid ("...I used to be a little boy....") through his teen years and early days with the band. Then it just launched into songs from every album. They did about 7 from Siamese Dream alone with less of an emphasis on the more recent / less popular stuff, although there were a few of those. A great show.
  12. Thanks fellas but I'm going to pretty much be a no-show for the next day and half as the family vacation gets started in the morning with a 5 hour flight. Appreciate the offer. Besides, I'm usually better just being critical, bashing everyone else's picks and not having any responsibility or repercussions! I'm kinda like an ESPN analyst!!! lol
  13. jetstream23

    Breaking Down Enunwa By Route Type

    Ah, of course. Thank you. Brain fart, although all of his graphs and tables still seem to say 2017 and not 2016.