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  1. What do the opinions of 31 trans people have to do with whether Mike White is worth a high Draft pick?
  2. I honestly don't know what Fant is looking for but he probably has some competing objectives. On one hand he played most of the year at Left Tackle... and he played well. He could argue for mid-range starting LT money and a multi-year deal. At the same time the Jets feel that a healthy Becton is a bona fide starting LT. They saw it his rookie year, but the question is Becton's health/availability. So there's some game theory going on and I think both Fant and the Jets want different kinds of insurance.... Fant against getting hurt while in the last year of a deal, the Jets against Becton fizzling out. From the Fant perspective - He's playing out the final year so there's injury risk (like we saw with Marcus Maye). He'd be smart to take an extension that guaranteed some money and came in under the franchise tag #. But, he also knows that if he plays out another very good season at LT he will make big $$$ in FA just 10 months from now. From the Jets perspective - JD is economical (I didn't say cheap. lol). He drafted a developmental OT in Mitchell and in an ideal world the Jets would see Becton play well and stay healthy with Mitchell showing he could become a starting RT by 2023. That might let them see Fant walk. But there's a serious risk for the Jets... what if Becton underperforms or gets hurt again? what if Mitchell shows he's nothing better than a guy who might compete to replace Conor McDermott? In that case the Jets might have ZERO starting OTs if Fant walks. (It's a big reason I thought Ekwonu was in serious consideration at #4 for the Jets) I'd try to ink Fant right now before the season starts. Guarantee some money in 2023 and give him playing time incentives, basically put a clause in there that inserts some kind of bonus ($200K?) for every game he starts at LT instead of RT. Fant might take a deal that guarantees money both in this year and 2023, and gives him some upside if he's playing LT. With the Jets cap situation I'd think this would be money well spent.
  3. It's no coincidence that we run that wide zone scheme now.
  4. Curious about everyone's thoughts on two of the (reportedly) biggest FA contract offers JD made that weren't accepted. By all accounts the Jets were hot and heavy on trying to sign Joe Thuney last year year (OG who went to Chiefs for 5 yrs/$80M) and Marcus Williams (FS who went to Baltimore for 5 yrs/$70M). Those are very good players but incredibly expensive and play two of the least premium positions on field. Since the Jets didn't sign those guys we'll never know for sure exactly what the offers were but the Jets were reportedly in the ballpark with $$$ on both of them. Is it a good thing the Jets didn't land those guys? JD had to spend a lot to get AVT in the Draft and is also paying for Tomlinson this year (although significantly less than Thuney got) while the Free Safety spot is still a bit of a question, certainly for the longterm.
  5. Extending Fant, even for just one year (2023), would be a smart move and give the Jets some optionality on Mitchell's development and Becton's cream cheesiness factor (as T0m describes it). Get Fant a raise (he deserves it) and let him know he'd be guaranteed some money and commitment from the Jets so that he doens't have to worry about a Marcus Maye situation and getting hurt in a contract year. This just seems like something that could get done.
  6. While this Twitter account is notorious for being wrong this tweet isn't a bad guess. I believe the last player suspended for a Sexual Misconduct type situation was Jameis Winston in 2018, and he got 3 games. Either the NFL finds that Watson did the things that were reported by those women or that he didn't. I think he either gets 3 games or no suspension at all. Unlikely that they find "something in the middle" or average it to just 1 or 2 games because that comes across as either appeasing the player after finding out there's truth to the allegations, finding the allegations true but not deeming them worthy of anything more than a 1 or 2 game suspension, or finding them not credible but bowing to social pressure to "do something" because of what was in the headlines. These things almost always result in the NFL not looking good no matter what they do. Just my two cents.
  7. I play fantasy football but pretty standard stuff drafting new teams each year, etc. This Dynasty Draft concept is an interesting concept with rookies that I've never really done. A dynasty league lets you keep some or all of your players from year to year so there's a big benefit to drafting a rookie who ends up being a stud because you get to keep the guy for multiple seasons. The fftoday.com website recently had a Dynasty Draft with rookies and Jets players went 1st and 4th. You'll obviously guess who, but I've listed the results below for Round 1 (rest of results at the link below). Can't remember the last time the Jets had offensive players who people actually valued in fantasy football. 2022 Dynasty Rookie Draft Results By Bill Anderson | 5/10/22 | It’s that time of the year again, when NFL fans get overly optimistic or just plain depressed (usually nothing in between) about the future of their favorite team, based solely on who was picked in the NFL draft. For dynasty fantasy owners it is a chance to re-stock, re-build, or re-think their rosters, as investing in (or avoiding) rookies is probably one of the most important things an owner can do for the future of their franchise. This year’s NFL Draft was interesting, as there was not a real consensus on the top players and a general sentiment of weakness for fantasy purposes. While this may or may not prove to be true, it is likely some players will emerge as having fantasy relevance, and for several players this could come as soon as this coming season. Below is the result of a rookie draft that I had this past weekend (5/7/22) in one of my long-standing dynasty leagues. The league is 12 teams, .5 PPR and uses relatively standard lineup (1 QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 DEF) and roster size (22 spots). Hopefully you can use this as a benchmark for your upcoming dynasty rookie drafts so you have some idea what to expect. Happy drafting! 1.01 - Breece Hall, RB (New York Jets) 1.02 - Drake London, WR (Atlanta Falcons) 1.03 - Treylon Burks, WR (Tennessee Titans) 1.04 - Garrett Wilson, WR (New York Jets) 1.05 - Kenneth Walker III, RB (Seattle Seahawks) 1.06 - Chris Olave, WR (New Orleans Saints) 1.07 - Christian Watson, WR (Green Bay Packers) 1.08 - Jameson Williams, WR (Detroit Lions) 1.09 - Skyy Moore, WR (Kansas City Chiefs) 1.10 - James Cook RB (Buffalo Bills) 1.11 - George Pickens, WR (Pittsburgh Steelers) 1.12 - Kenny Pickett, QB (Pittsburgh Steelers) Round 1 Analysis The only sure-pick in this draft class is at pick 1 with Hall. While the landing spot is not perfect, Hall is a terrific prospect both from a production and athletic standpoint. Include the high draft capital at a shallow position in this class and he is an easy top pick for me. After Hall it gets a little cloudy but the next three (London/Burks/Wilson) make up Tier 2, as excellent prospects who also have great draft capital and solid landing spots. The rest of the first round I can see going in almost any order. Guys like Watson and Moore ended up in great landing spots but had worse draft capital and were less heralded than a guy like Jameson Williams who ended up in a rough spot but could have the talent to overcome it. Walker and Cook are the only other two running backs with first round consideration but each comes with risk based on landing spots and less than perfect scouting reports. I could see zero quarterbacks taken in Round 1 of rookie drafts but Pickett slips in here and I think that is fine for QB-needy teams, as he was the only QB (surprisingly) drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft and actually landed in a QB-friendly team with the Steelers. If you have a pick in the first round this year, outside of the top 4, I would probably advise trading up to a top 4 pick (preferably 1), or perhaps trading down (or out) to maximize your value, as it becomes a big cluster after the top four players. Round 2 and beyond at the link for the full article... https://www.fftoday.com/articles/billanderson/22_rookie_draft.html
  8. Agree 100% with what I highlighted. Very different defense, probably at least 5 new starters which is almost 50% of the D. With that said, this D hasn't played together before and those new parts (including some key rookies) will take some time to gel. It's a tall order to face a Lamar Jackson right off the bat in Week 1 because you can't really slip on more than a play or two. You need to be tight with assignments, run fits, discipline, etc. Otherwise Lamar finds a crease, a rookie mistake.... and he's gone to the house. To the general idea of this thread that Week 1 is a good thing for the Jets, I'd argue the opposite. Instead of 4 months to plan for Lamar Jackson I'd prefer to have the Jets get 8 games under their belt as a defense before they had to face him. Maybe that's just me.
  9. jetstream23

    2023 QBs

    Rumors that JD is working the phones right now to trade up.
  10. Let's try a different thought process here. This is a QB who in the past three seasons during Week 1 never threw an INT and passed for 9 TDs. Now, let's give HIM 4 months to prepare for a Jets defense.
  11. Have you seen Lamar Jackson's history in Week 1 games?
  12. Exactly the spots I think the Jets will need most in 2023 assuming things go well with the guys they drafted this season. Maybe add a Safety to the list. LB, DT, C, S, RT. A real key this season will be if just one of Sherwood or Nasirildeen proves to be a starter some how.
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