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  1. jetstream23

    MNF Thread: Steelers at Tampa

    Knew I should have grabbed Vance McDonald as a backup TE in fantasy football.
  2. jetstream23

    Bowles, or Bates, or both?

    IMO the game plan was good. I guess I’m in the minority here but until 4 minutes left Darnold had led the Jets to 17 points (only 1 less than Drew Brees led his team to) and no INTs. The defense collapsed in the 2nd half. The O had bad field position all night except for after the Browns turnover. I thought Bates managed his rookie QB and gameplanned this thing really well....again, until our backs were against the wall with 4 minutes left in obvious desperation mode. At 14-14 when we needed a drive we pressed and Darnold took us to the 10 where we kicked a FG. He had the game winning drive!!! We did it! That is UNTIL we couldn’t stop a 75 yard drive when it mattered most.
  3. Good post (even if you disagree with me 😳). To me, the question is how good could the Jets be if they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot? Just about EVERYTHING worked in Week 1. But against Miami we threw an INT in the endzone and ended the 1st Half on the 1 yard line while shutting out Miami 12-0 in the 2nd Half. Winnable. Cleveland was painful because that was an immensely winnable game. Three 15 yard personal fouls and the inability to respond to the “surprise” intro of Baker as the QB. IMO the Jets haven’t really been beat yet. They’ve beaten themselves twice though.
  4. If anything, sign him in FA. The Running Back talent, despite not being stellar on the Jets, is still about 5th or 6th thing down on the list that the Jets should be focused on improving. Edge rusher, Left Tackle, OG, WR, TE might all be needs that are still bigger than RB right now.
  5. jetstream23

    2019 IS THE YEAR

    The year the Jets will be really good and make a run at the playoffs.... is always next year!!!
  6. Good luck figuring out this year's NFL! If the season ended today the Patriots don't make the playoffs and the NFL MVP is Ryan Fitzpatrick. In short, three weeks into the season it's still hard to tell who are the good, the bad and the ugly. We thought the Patriots would be the good. They've lost 2 in a row. Most people thought Houston would be a playoff team. They'll head into Week 4 looking for their first win of the season. In the NFC South your 1st place team is Tampa Bay and your last place team is Atlanta. Kirk Cousins picked Minnesota because they were deemed "Super Bowl ready" after losing the NFC Championship Game. And, we thought Buffalo was the ugly. The Bills manhandled Minnesota yesterday and Josh Allen put in a game that would easily win him the offensive rookie of the year. Somebody tell me what's going on!!! As it pertains to the Jets... They are either pretty good or really bad. At 1-2 their losses are to an undefeated Miami team (who the Jets shutout 12-0 in the 2nd half) and a Cleveland team that should have beaten New Orleans and tied Pittsburgh. The Jets sole win was a dominant victory over a team that beat New England last night. I'm in a Survivor Pool at work. 38 entrants. As of today 4 are left. Nobody can figure out the NFL right now.
  7. jetstream23


    Ha! Great story. Yeah, there's probably an age cutoff (50?) where those older than that still harbor the greatest hate for the Fish. The 1982 Mud Bowl when the Jets lost the AFCCG because Miami didn't tarp the field and the Jets were a rushing team, the Fake Spike game, the whole O'Brien/Marino draft, Don Shula being a d-bag, etc. For Jets fans not even Belichick resigning and HC of the NYJ and Brady's cheating can outweigh the hate they have for the Dolphins. But like I said, I'm ready for the Patriots to become irrelevant or at least pedestrian again. We can smell it now....the end is near. Not sure if it's this year or next but that thing is going down and it'll be fun to see it crumble, who leaves first (Brady or Belichick), and how quickly that bandwagon unloads.
  8. jetstream23

    Yeah, it's been a rough start

    Jets beat Lions Lions beat Patriots Thus, Jets are better than Patriots? This league is so weird. Buffalo over Minny? The Redskins over Green Bay? As they say, any given Sunday! My confidence in the Jets lies with the fact that the things that have cost them games are correctable. Penalties, discipline, some lapses in play calling CAN be fixed. Not saying that they will fix them, but they're easier to fix than having a major functional deficiency like not being able to run the ball or stop the run, etc. We've had success (inconsistent success but still success) in just about every area of the game (rushing, passing, stopping the run, defending the pass, special teams, etc.). When the Jets put it all together we get a game like Week 1. When they don't we get something like the 2nd Half vs. Cleveland.
  9. jetstream23


    And here come your 2018 New England Patriots...
  10. jetstream23


    After about 15 years I'm really ready again to start hating the Dolphins more than I hate the Patriots. It's been a long time.
  11. jetstream23


    lol What a total d-bag! Seriously.
  12. The size and structure of that contract will definitely be an interesting thing. If it's any more than something like 60-70% of what guys like Fletcher Cox and Aaron Donald are getting it will be tough to swallow unless we see Williams take another step this year.
  13. There's an Aaron Rodgers hype train too. The thing they both have in common is that they're for the best players on their respective teams.
  14. Agreed. On the flip side the Jets have a 10 day rest so instead of losing 31-3 to Jacksonville we'll only lose 27-7.

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