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  1. Well, as a defensive coach Bowles has definitely helped reduce the scoring. Unfortunately, it's the Jets scoring.
  2. Agree, but I was speaking from the perspective of last April when all signs pointed to a rising Hack trajectory and a middling Petty whose upside seems to be mediocre backup. At that time, I'd rather have a 2017 insurance policy of McCown and swing for the fences with a Hack vs. Watson competition.
  3. Rich Kotite's season is about to be remembered fondly after what we see here in 2017.
  4. And everyone knew this was a rebuilding year. It was the perfect opportunity to take a young QB like Watson or Mahomes. The Jets could jettison Petty and go into the year with McCown as starter with Hack and Watson battling for 2nd. Again, I like Jamal Adams but we could have just taken a Safety in the 2nd round......oh.......wait.....we did.
  5. Macc and company are 100% on the hook if any of the guys AFTER the Jets drafted at 6 turn out to be decent NFL starting QBs. I won't count Trubisky but Watson, Mahomes, Kizer......ABSOLUTELY. I like Jamal Adams but c'mon. We're talking about QBs here.....If you think a guy has a better than 50% of becoming a longterm starter then you take him! Surely the Jets QB scouts had to think at least 1 of those 3 guys has the potential.
  6. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    GamePass is the way to go if you want to see the games Live or have 24/7 access to all preseason games via replay. It's also free if you're a season ticket holder. Otherwise, if you can stomach waiting 12-24 hours after the game is played then DVR the replay on NFL Network as was stated above. That's definitely the easiest option. For DirecTV, I'm actually impressed with the deal I'm getting now as an AT&T wireless customer. If you have unlimited data through AT&T you get a $25 credit on DirecTV as well as free HBO ($17/month value). You can also get a $10 statement credit for paperless billing. And, as always, you can often negotiate NFL Sunday Ticket lower or get some other freebies if you call and politely but persistently complain and negotiate. I think if you plan carefully you can find ways to watch what you want for low $. I don't like to overpay for anything but I do think it's fair for companies providing these services to make money.
  7. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    I'd like to see McCown get enough series to result in at least 25+ plays on offense. Then I would like to see Hack get a series or two while the Giants starters are in there. If the Giants plan to play starters into the 3rd Quarter then maybe Hack takes overs in the 2nd half? (Yes, I do realize it could take the Jets at least 8-9 series to get McCown 25+ offensive plays. )
  8. Fair points, I'm just saying that a poor offense is no excuse for having a poor defense.....especially one that has multiple, young 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft picks, including a 1st rounder at each level of the defense (Line, LB, Secondary) and a head coach who comes from the defensive side of the ball.
  9. Some would say it's the year where they could step up and show that they could lead/carry the team. It's an opportunity. Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring because a defense carried him to a championship. No, I'm not saying the Jets defense is the Ravens of 2000, but if you seriously consider yourself an excellent defense then you can find a way to win 4, 5, maybe 6 games regardless of the offense. Didn't the Jets win a 9-6 game against the Cardinals about 8 years ago? There are no excuses when you've got 11 guys and the offense has 11 guys. If the Jets offense is going 3-and-out then here's what the defense should do....Make the damn opponent go 3-and-out too.
  10. This year Major League Baseball instituted the pitch-less intentional walk. Instead of having to watch a pitcher go thru the time consuming formality of throwing 4 pitches outside the strike zone they simply wave the batter to 1st base which speeds up the game. I wish the Jets could use a similar process for their 16 games this season. Just wave a hand, say that they're intentionally losing 16 games without having to play them, and just move on to the next season and the #1 pick.
  11. Game Observations (DET)

    Digging for bright spots I'll throw this out there.... Our two drafted WRs... Stewart - 2 targets, 2 receptions Hansen - 2 targets, 2 receptions
  12. Around the league Preseason Week 2

    I'm targeting this guy in Fantasy Football drafts right after the Top 10 are taken.
  13. Around the league Preseason Week 2

    He looked poised and competent last night. Escaping the pocket and passing for 1st downs while on the run. I think he could be a gamer. Mahomes will take his lumps as all rookies do but I'd bet $100 that this is Alex Smith's last season in KC. The future is Mahomes and it could be sooner rather than later (I agree that he could supplant Smith at some point this year not due to an Alex Smith injury).
  14. Around the league Preseason Week 2

    Doesn't matter to the Jets. They've been in the dark for years!
  15. Caption this photo.

    See no football....Play no football.....Know no football.