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  1. Which are traits not typically associated with guys at the 3rd level of the D. Why not permanently play him closer?
  2. Powell, Montgomery, Josh Adams I'm curious as well. I think they'll be okay.
  3. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28246002/jets-rb-leveon-bell-ill-play-vs-dolphins
  4. We need to bang on O early and often. 1st and both 3rds if we're going to use the 2nd on CB or Edge. I'd also strongly consider trading down in Round 1. The Jets need soooo much help. Go from say 8th to 15th and grad another 2nd and 4th. We'll still find an OT, WR or Center at 15.
  5. Illness. Was sent home from practice yesterday.
  6. Darnold could go to 0-4 vs. Miami in his career.
  7. He didn't. Look at @RonaldJet's #4. He can't even follow his own rules of listing 5 things. lol
  8. Heaven help us if we need to hear this guy giving interviews for the next 30 years! I'll switch to watching the Women's Badminton League.
  9. Just don't tell them how many pounds of marinated steak you ate.
  10. We can put OBJ's locker right between Chris Herndon and Kelechi Osemele.

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