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  1. Interesting question. Got me thinking about how many of the top teams in the NFL right now have elite WR1's and WR2's.... The Patriots and 49ers are the only 2 undefeated teams in the league and neither has elite WRs. Edelman is probably the best between both teams. The Saints have Thomas, the Packers have Davante Adams (who hasn't played in several weeks). The Bills don't have elite WRs, the Chiefs have Tyreek Hill (who hadn't played in several weeks). I don't think the Ravens or Seahawks have elite WRs either....Lockett is very good but he's not Julio, Mike Evans, OBJ, etc. Do you need elite WRs to be a top NFL team?
  2. Agree, I'm just saying that only 1 of those 4 is healthy right now.
  3. They are literally all hurt except for Cashman. Mosley, Neville Hewitt, Williamson obviously out for the year, etc. Talent is great as long as it's on the field and healthy.
  4. Kept the Jets from having 50 scored against them??
  5. Not re-injured apparently but this guy is clearly at something like 60-80% at best.... https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/nfl/jets/2019/10/22/jets-c-j-mosleys-return-hampered-lingering-groin-injury/4060397002/
  6. Hey, at least we have the Mets and Yankees around here.
  7. My bad. I was going off older data but the numbers on averages and what Bowles was making are accurate as of that time...
  8. The Jets hired Gase when, late January? They hired Douglas 4 months later. Are you saying that in those 4 months (when no football was being played) Chris realized that Gase sucked, he panicked, and hired Douglas to make up for it? I'm not going to debate most of the moves the Jets made in terms of personnel because I agree with you, they've largely been bad. But I think there's a difference between being incompetent and being cheap. IMO the Jets are more of the former than the latter. They gave Mosley $85M, paid Bell more than anyone else offered and paid Kalil $8M (when they weren't trying to hit a "minimum" Cap spend). I think Douglas is trying to repair a leaky ship that he was put onboard after it had already been sent out to sea. He's in a tough spot....trying to keep his incredibly important Draft capital while at the same time making sure the ship of fools doesn't sink. It's not a fun spot to be in during October when you have 10 games left and you know you have significant deficiencies in front of a hopeful franchise QB. Now is the time he needs to be a seller at all non-crucial positions. Anybody who doesn't directly protect or support Sam Darnold should be fair game for trade on this 1-5 team.

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