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  1. The two years Rex and Sanchez had the Jets towards the top of the AFC almost feel like an anomalous miracle of epic proportions.
  2. The idea of not having a quality backup QB because it could “threaten” Zack or hurt his confidence is horsesh!t. If we do not have a quality starter when Zach is out then you hold back the development of the new offensive system.
  3. In Austin at the COTA for Formula One race today. First timer. Will be following the game from phone surrounded by about 350,000 people. Hope the Jets start as fast as Max Verstappen today!
  4. Solid effort. Nothing better than a strong poll. #BeatTheBills
  5. OK Boomer. (And I didn’t request that umbrella, they just gave it to me!)
  6. Fair point. Overthinking can definitely be a problem. Let's just hope the pendulum doesn't swing too far in the other direction. Taking too much care and "aiming the football" can quickly turn into Ready, Fire, Aim and carelessness. The Jets need to get this right.... my bigger concern isn't with Zach but with a coaching staff that might not be quite capable enough to develop him and that may have been more hurt by the loss of Gregg Knapp than we realize.
  7. Haven't really looked at the QB options but you have to wonder if Philly would pivot off Jalen Hurts this quickly like the Cardinals did with Josh Rosen. And, it could be the Giants looking to move up for a QB and might have to negotiate with either the Eagles or Jets to get behind Detroit.
  8. The Jets, Giants and Eagles amazingly will run this Draft. Those 3 teams who play less than 100 miles from each other currently command 7 of the Top 16 picks! WHAT??!?!?!!!
  9. Mac Jones becoming a consistent B to B+ QB in this league will be maddening. But let's give a lot of credit to the coaching staff there and McDaniels. They have the perfect system for him and they ignore all the "dink and dunk" comments from the peanut gallery, perfectly happy to develop their QB slowly and not burden him with trying to carry the team. He's short/intermediate thrower with a high completion % and not a lot of INTs.... it's exactly what you want in Year 1 with your rookie QB. The Jets on the other hand have had 3 or 4 highlight throws and 50+ yard TD that isn't offsetting 8
  10. That's where the similarities to Jamal Adams are amazing. Jamal will dance for 30 seconds after getting a sack when Seattle rushes 8 guys against 5 blockers during a game his team is trailing by two touchdowns. He makes you forget for a moment that he has been torched for 107 yards and 2 TDs by the opponent's backup TE.
  11. Ha! More weekends with both Carolina and Seattle losing please.
  12. 100% fair point. I am still very hopeful for Zack, but at least at this point it is completely true that those guys are more similar than not.
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