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  1. jetstream23

    Ohio State Pro Day on ESPN Now

    The Jets should bring in Gettleman, Dan Snyder, the GMs from the Bengals, Miami, etc. and make them dance in Macc's office...
  2. Go Dewayne Haskins! Throw the ball out of the fricken stadium!!!!
  3. You usually value future year picks by moving them up one round. For example, a current year (2019) 3rd round pick would have the same point value as a 2020 2nd round pick. Essentially, a 4 this year is worth a 3 next year, a 2 this year is worth a 1 next year.
  4. Ha! Imagine the Jets sitting there next year ahead of the Giants again even though the Jets went 10-6.....and holding Gettleman hostage.
  5. and have them throw in 3 Redskins cheerleaders while we're at it!
  6. Thanks. Just read the whole thing and I need to change my underwear. lol I think the Jets could be in line for a Hershel Walker type trade here. Interesting reference to Miami's plans. I think both the Giants and Miami could be targeting 2020 for QBs. That class could be just about as good as the 2018 class. But, do the Giants really want to put off getting a QB for another year? 2020 would become the season that the Giants try to start, develop and groom a rookie QB (the 3rd year of Saquon Barkley's contract). I guess I could see it but it also puts a LOT of pressure on Gettleman to get that QB he wants in 2020. The Giants would be as blatant, or moreso, than the Jets were in 2018 about getting a QB.
  7. Good points here! I'm now ready to hold Washington hostage! lol In any deal I really would like a pick in 2020 included, maybe even 2021. GMs aren't big on going out too far because they know they may not be around to see it used if they get fired. But in terms of long range planning how great would it be to "pay it forward" and be reminded in 2021 that we have an extra pick in say, Round 2, from a 2019 trade?
  8. Here's what they have in 2019... At a minimum I'd want the #15, #46 (Round 2) and a 1st rounder in 2020. I agree with there being lots of options at #15 but the Jets would likely be shut out of the Top 2 Offensive Linemen (Taylor, Jonah Williams), the top Edge pass rushers (Bosa, Allen, Gary, Burns, Ferrell) and probably at least one or two of the WRs. There's no doubt the Jets could find a player that could help them at #15 but it may not be a difference maker.
  9. My biggest concern with Bell is the team surrounding him on offense. The Steelers had an excellent O Line and dynamite WR threats. It will be up to Gase to scheme against defenses that may stack the box or run-blitz. With Darnold and guys like Crowder, Anderson and Herndon I think there could be real big opportunities in the play action game, but again, the Jets OLine will determine Bell's (and the Jets') success on offense.
  10. I don't know if I'd want to go that far down (15) with the Redskins. If I'm the Jets I might require them to make an earlier move up towards the 9th or 10th pick before I'd consider dropping down.
  11. jetstream23

    2019 Center Prospects

    I hate it when I do this to myself only to be disappointed but I really want either Bradbury or Jenkins to anchor that line for the next 4-5 years. I think it would be an infusion of youth and stability that would really help Darnold. I'm less concerned about what we do at #3 than making sure we find some way to get one of these guys. I'd take McCoy as a consolation but I'd really like to get back to our Center position being a strength and not just a JAG. A smart, tactical Center (who doesn't need to be either a total mauler or a freaky athletic pulling guy) would really help the Jets but getting the protection calls correct and being a leader on the line. I'm expecting Osemele to be the leader this year....but we need a young guy to step in there for the longterm.
  12. jetstream23

    Update on Justin Houston

    $16.5M per year is a lot of coin. I couldn't see Macc going there...even after the Barr debacle, but especially since the Jets could land a guy like Josh Allen or Nick Bosa for about $3M per year for 4 years as a rookie.
  13. jetstream23

    Update on Justin Houston

    Not only that, you make more money by keeping the Jets in.....even if you don't end up going to the Jets.
  14. jetstream23

    Trevor Siemian visiting jets tomorrow

    Agreed. It basically means that somebody else told the world that Trevor is visiting the Jets tomorrow. So Manish called someone at the Jets and they said, "yup, that's right," and so Manish tweets it. Grade D journalism right there.
  15. Strategy has to be accumulating Quarterback hunters who line up as close to the Line of Scrimmage as possible. It's time to shelf the gimmicks, time to stop bringing blitzes from the 3rd level of the defense. It's time to close on the QB within 3 seconds of the ball being snapped. I'm not smart enough to say how big of a difference there is between Josh Allen, Nick Bosa, Rashan Gary, Brian Burns, Clelin Ferrell, etc. but I think we have to come away with one of those guys. THIS is the draft to get a pass rusher. It's the most loaded Edge Rusher draft at the top in at least a decade. Take the gift that this draft is giving!

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