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  1. Then get the deal done before the window to tag him closes. I don’t think they’re d!cking around but if the Jets get to the point where they can’t tag him and he’s a FA then who knows if he’ll be back.
  2. $11.2M is a good number for Maye for one season. It could also push him to sign a longer term deal. I’d have no problem tagging him.
  3. Or trade back with Atlanta or Carolina so that one of those teams gets the QB at #2. (Both those teams being in the NFC helps as well)
  4. I wouldn’t include QW and if we’re including the #2 overall then there’s no way in hell I’m giving up four 1st round picks. The #2 is incredibly valuable and in some cases is worth multiple mid/late 1st round picks itself. I think the most I’d offer is the #2, #23, and a 1st next year. Maybe throw in a 2nd the following year. That’s it. If Houston doesn’t want that then we take Wilson and keep our other picks or we roll with Darnold and trade down with a team like Atlanta or Carolina.
  5. So you don't like the chances of a Jets team in the same division as DeShaun Watson, Josh Allen, and a continuously cheating Bill Belichick? And if the Jets do make it thru the division they're in an AFC playoff bracket that includes Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Trevor Lawrence, etc. for the next 12-15 years.
  6. We should take the opportunity to remind the Texans that regardless of what they learned in math class at school... 2 > 3 2 > 8
  7. Do you have a camera? If so, just do this... 1. Take a photo of the screen with all your picks. 2. Print the photo on your printer (color is best but B&W works too) 3. Bring that print to an OfficeMax, FedEx Kinko's or similar store and ask them to scan your print and turn it into a PDF file, putting it on a thumb drive for you. 4. Put the thumb drive into your computer and copy the PDF into a Reply on this thread. Voila! Piece of cake! We'll then be able to make fun of your picks.
  8. Philly trading down AND getting Chase would be a complete home run for them.
  9. All I'm saying is that you ALWAYS scout everyone, particularly at the most important position in football. If a player like Mac Jones somehow drops to the Bills, Chiefs or anyone else they better understand his value and how much they can trade that pick for. It's not just about needs, it's about player value giving a GM all the information he needs to make the correct decision.
  10. Would love it Slater or Vera-Tucker slipped to the Jets at #23. Doubtful though. We might be looking at one of those other OTs though, a guy who could either start at RT or possibly pushes Becton to that other side (although I'm not a fan of that).
  11. The Packers drafted a QB last year. They have a FQB in house. Good football management is ALWAYS researching players at the most important position on the field.
  12. I'm really disappointed that the Jets continue to do their homework, to assess and evaluate players and the situation. It's as if the old knee-jerk reactions and making decisions based on the whims of uninformed owners and inpatient fans no longer exists! Kinda makes for a boring offseason. Where did the old New York Jets go?
  13. But the average of that deal, IF you think Sam Darnold can be your starter for two years, is a very reasonable $14.25M. Again, it hinges on whether the Jets themselves or a team trading for him think he has a legit shot to succeed in a new system (maybe one more like what he played in during 2018 as a rookie) and with a better supporting cast (ex. not doing play action to 61-year old Frank Gore and then trying to hit Braxton Berrios). It seems somewhat binary that depending on how Darnold performs in 2021, that $18.7M (IF exercised) will seem like either way too much or a bargain. Eithe
  14. My opinion is that the best way to reduce/mitigate the risk that you setup your rookie QB for failure is to forego spending resources (Draft picks, FA money) on Defense for a year or two. Do the minimum on D to field a below average but not horrible Defense and pour resources into supporting the QB the year you're going to Draft him. Start with the OLine, build a respectable rushing attack, get the QB at least one or two reliable "hands" pass catchers, maybe at TE or in the slot. Build that cocoon for the rookie QB of pass protection and safety valve pass catchers so that you can develop him
  15. Same here. The question is when/where? I've seen him ranked anywhere from the high 70's to the 100's. Seems like the most realistic spot to grab would be #86 if he's still there.
  16. Seems a little different....but kinda the same.
  17. 10% attendance at Jets games would be 2% more than we had at the end of the 2019 season!
  18. I think he'll be the 5th QB taken and likely end up in New England.
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