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  1. They thought they were getting LaDainian when they signed Tomlinson.
  2. They are 3rd in their Division and still have tough games left vs. Ravens, Bears, Seahawks, 49ers again, etc. Tell me this move pushes the Rams into serious contention...
  3. At 3-3 and with the undefeated 49ers in the same division the Rams are heading towards a Wild Card at best right now. Goff is playing poorly, Gurley seems to be decomposing before our eyes, McVay may have been figured out. This doesn’t seem like the Rams year...and I’m not sure next year does either. This looks like a desperation move to me.
  4. Blake Spence blocked a punt in the AFC Championship Game at Denver in 1998 if I remember correctly. #GetMoreBlakes
  5. Careful....complimenting Adam Gase around here seems to draw the ire of some folks.
  6. The MNF game vs. New England will be Darnold's 16th NFL game....essentially putting one full season of experience in the books for him.
  7. I think the WR depth chart will be a very interesting thing to watch in the offseason. If you can draft an elite WR1 (and this upcoming Draft could have as many as 5 or 6 of them) then you push everyone else down and that makes them all better in their roles. Robby is a very good WR2, like a DeSean Jackson type. Keeping Crowder in the slot would be ideal and going "10" personnel (4 WRs) let's you put somebody like a competent possession guy (Demaryius Thomas) or a possible up-and-coming breakout player like Vyncint Smith (6'3" and speed) on the field. Jeudy, Robby, Crowder....I like that.
  8. I want to be careful when I say this, because it's gone south on us a hundred times before when we thought Sanchez, Pennington, etc. were the true longterm answers at QB......but I really don't think we have an idea of just how good Sam Darnold could be. I think his upside with the right supporting cast could be a Top 5 NFL QB in a couple years. Lots has to happen for that, but he's got the things that are really, really hard to find....elite pocket awareness, quick recognition of where to go with the football, and the ability to deliver that football to just about any spot on the field from any location he's in. That's a very, very rare combination of capabilities IMO.
  9. Is Compton under contract for only this year? I'd see him and Harrison as other depth pieces. If I'm the Jets I'm going LT in Round 1, WR in Round 2, C/OG in Round 3 this year as well as signing an OLineman in FA.
  10. The Jets found out that Darnold was out on the Monday before the Cleveland game. All attention turned to getting Trevor Siemian ready. Siemian goes down early in the game. We're stuck with Luke Falk for that game and then forced to use him on the road in New England and in Philadelphia, the two teams in the 2017 Super Bowl and two of the best coached teams in the NFL. The only thing I'm pissed about is Week 1. We had that one. The Jets could/should be sitting at 2-3 right now.
  11. Exactly. Or....perhaps.....and this might be crazy talk.....the Jets never quit and the entire team knew exactly what Gase knew all along, that bringing Luke Falk into a shootout with the Eagles was as good as bringing a gun with no bullets.
  12. If you gave Vince Lombardi two months to prepare Luke Falk the Jets would still lose by 3 touchdowns.
  13. Let me state what was said above a little differently..... Teams win often with their back-up and third string QBs if they have significant capabilities, strengths and depth in other areas. The Jets are not the kind of team that can win with a Practice Squad QB at starter, and certainly not against good teams like the Patriots, Eagles, etc. The OLine simply isn't good enough. We don't have Julio Jones or Deandre Hopkins running routes or Travis Kelce getting open over the middle. The Jets Defense, while solid, isn't a game-changing defense with elite pass-rushers. There's no game wrecker like Khalil Mack scoring points for the defense. That's my only exception with your statement. Some teams can win with a backup against inferior opponents. A bad team that can ONLY win with an excellent QB like Darnold doesn't really stand a chance without him.
  14. The Jets have lost a couple guys off their PS in recent weeks. I think we lost an OLineman to Denver if I remember right. If anything, this might say that the Jets are finally starting to accumulate PS guys that other teams value as well. I don't recall our PS getting raiding often under Maccagnan.
  15. My understanding is that Harrison's value at Center is really around his consistency as a snapper and his intelligence in terms of making protection calls, etc. His shortcoming is that he isn't the strongest, most powerful of guys. So when it comes to OG you're really looking for stout, powerful men who can hold up against pass rushers and lead blocks for a running back. I think that's the challenge with Harrison at OG.
  16. lol Classic scumbag Belichick move.
  17. It's got to be Lewis and Winters at OG with Compton backing up both spots now, right?
  18. A win would almost be dangerous with our bipolar fanbase. We'd have people selling their cars to buy Super Bowl tickets....just two weeks after they gave up on the team and wanted the coach fired. lol
  19. Shell absolutely whiffed on his assignment when he moved over to LT once Beachum went out. With that said, I think he's an adequate RT....but he's a guy I'd rather have as a backup. Edoga is a very interesting piece. There's some optionality with him on the line at a couple different spots but I do think he has the feet to play LT.
  20. Are those the only 3 decent players who are also young enough to include in an OLine rebuild?

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