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  1. Remember, Joe Douglas chose to come here because Adam Gase was just beginning as head coach and Sam Darnold was heading into year two of a likely five year contract. Douglas thought he already had the key pieces in place and that he had to lift the rest of the roster. If Joe was not onboard with Gase and Darnold he would not have taken the job. There was almost no way he was going to get rid of either one of them in the first two years, and he knew that he was likely anchored to at least one of them for a third year. I see no way that he would get rid of both Gase and Darnold by year three. It would be an admission to CJ that he was completely wrong about those guys when he walked in the door. Anybody who wants to entrust the entire Jets organization to Joe Douglas implicitly believes that when he came here he assessed that Adam Gase or Sam Darnold, or both, were important and valuable pieces to build around.
  2. Worst case scenario is that Darnold IS the guy but Gase convinces ownership otherwise and Christopher Johnson believes it because Darnold was drafted by Macc.
  3. He’s the second best wide receiver we have right now.
  4. Well, Joe Douglas is building around some young foundational pieces. He also understands what kind of team he has. That’s why his centerpiece is a punter he drafted.
  5. Did they make the modification that they had spoken about this year? I don’t know but I had heard you could attempt to convert a 4th down and 15 yard play instead of trying the onside kick to maintain possession. Is that true?
  6. Question - If we use their plan do AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins and Joe Mixon come with it?
  7. Well, we have Frank Gore and Kallen Ballage! but seriously, take a look at the stats from the Jets last weekend... Now take away Jamison Crowder and Le’Veon Bell from this offense and put the team up against a defense like San Francisco. Fun times this coming Sunday!
  8. But Douglas wants to punt it with his newly drafted stud punter!
  9. Man, we need to play against a defense like the Bengals.
  10. Lucky. My last game was exactly one year ago. Week 2, MNF against the Browns with OBJ scoring a touchdown and Trevor Siemian being knocked out of the game.
  11. What I would give for the Jets to have AJ Green, Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins running around this coming weekend. Looks like we will have Perriman, Chris Hogan, Braxton Berrios as our top three.
  12. Some play makers out there tonight! Would you want RB Le’Veon Bell over either Cincinnati’s Joe Mixon or Cleveland’s Nick Chubb? Would you want Perriman/Crowder over either OBJ/Landry or AJ Green/Tyler Boyd?
  13. "He's coaching where football is going" Yeah... into quarantine.
  14. It's been known forever that Gase designs plays to go a certain way and he expects the RB to go there without hesitation. I think he wants one-cut runners. He hates dancing, he doesn't want RBs assessing and setting up their blocks, etc. If the play is designed to go Left into the B gap between Becton and Lewis because that's the strong side and he motioned Herndon to the other side to bring a LB away....then he wants the RB to hit that damn B gap on the left side. It can sap the creativity away from some runners but guys like Gore and Perine are kinda built for that system. I don't think Le'Veon Bell is.
  15. Sounds like he'll miss Sunday. Today is Thursday. A trade ain't happenin' before the 9ers game.
  16. The Battle of Ohio! What we've been waiting all day for! Storylines: How many times will Jets fans post, "If we only had a quarterback like (INSERT Burrow or Baker HERE)!" How many times will announcers say something like, "You know, Cleveland is actually a really nice city!" How many times will someone here post, "The 1st that Seattle gave us for Baker right now! Pick up the phone Joe." How many times will announcers say LeBron James?
  17. Damn! I should have included MetLife Stadium in at least one of my Keep One, Get Rid of One poll questions!!!
  18. OLine seems okay.... thank goodness. Nice to see Becton, Lewis and Fant all with FP. (Didn't even know Fant was an issue). Gore, Ballage and Perine would be nice to have. Crowder is a huge issue. The Jets had ONLY 3 wide receivers take snaps last week. Just snaps! I'm not even talking about receptions or targets. Out of Crowder, Perriman and Hogan it was Crowder who was the most valuable by far. Braxton Berrios will be very important on Sunday. This WR group is still a train wreck. Three guys who were going to be counted on this year and could actually serve as 3 starting wideouts on some plays look to all be on the shelf this week - Crowder, Mims, Vyncint Smith. It's crazy.

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