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  1. When was the last time you looked? And how much data did you analyze of NFL quarterbacks playing with mononucleosis? COMMON MAN!
  2. Wasn’t the guy playing with mononucleosis that game?
  3. I completely disagree with “Sam is god awful when he gets the slightest bit of pressure.” If anything, it seems like he’s at his best when on the run. I’ve seen him complete passes to WRs crossing the middle while Giants defenders are draped on him. I’ve seen him scramble and find Herndon (last year) down the sideline and Crowder (this year) getting open in an intermediate zone. Where Sam crumbles is when he tries to make too much happen in a game or situation where the Jets need magic to win. While other QBs can throw the ball away or punt knowing they’ll get another chance, the Jets have had way too many situations where Sam can’t simply “cut his losses” and I think he feels the need to make something out of nothing because who knows if we’ll be down by 14+ when he gets the ball back.
  4. Incredibly tragic. RIP https://www.eonline.com/news/1099027/former-nfl-star-george-atkinson-iii-dead-at-27-one-year-after-brother-s-suicide
  5. I don’t have to ask them. I had Steve Spurrier and Chip Kelly go ask them.
  6. Let’s trade down with Carolina so their next HC can come up from #14 to #7 for Herbert. (Not that I have a crystal ball or anything)
  7. Excuse me fine sirs, can you please point me in the direction of the thread where I can complain about leaving Shea Stadium?
  8. The Jets have beaten 2 (Redskins, Giants W’s) out of the 4 (Bengals, Dolphins L’s) teams they should have. They’ve beaten one team they shouldn’t (Cowboys) and one team about the same as them (Raiders). I’m not sure what that says about them.....but anyone who thinks that either the roster OR the coaching is the sole problem is not watching this team. There have been deficiencies in both. I don’t think Gase is going anywhere and I’m in the camp of giving him one more year with a (hopefully) improved roster. A 3rd offensive system in 3 years wouldn’t be good for Darnold and everyone knows the offense is completely devoid of NFL caliber starters. There’s a lot to criticize Gase about but it’s not time to cut the cord yet. I’d evaluate Gase on his record in games that he has Sam Darnold (currently 4-5) and throw away the mess that was the Browns, Patriots, Eagles run from Weeks 2-4. Unfortunately, this most recent game was the Jets worst loss of the year by far (and I’m including 33-0 vs. NE). This is a week-to-week league. Gruden is in Year 2 with a better roster and got anhiliated by the Jets. Jason Garrett will likely win a weak division and he also lost to the Jets. There are lots of bad coaches in the NFL. How safe should Pat Shurmur be? What about Kitchens and the 5-7 Browns? The Bears have just 2 more wins than the Jets. The Chargers and Philip Rivers have the same number of wins and both the Lions and Falcons have fewer. I’m not trying to defend Gase here but there are some teams with a lot more talent who are doing just as bad (or worse) than the Jets. The NFL is unpredictable and truly good HC’s are just as hard to find as truly good QB’s. There are maybe 10 of them in the league. In fact, three guys included in recent Jets’ Head Coach searches are currently HCs for NFL teams (Quinn in Atlanta, Marone in Jax, Kingsbury in AZ). NONE of them have more wins than Gase right now. It’s just weird. I think Carolina is taking a big risk getting rid of Rivera.
  9. The question for McCarthy (or anyone looking at the Carolina job) will be whether they think Cam comes back or Kyle Allen can lead the team. It’s all about the QB spot and that’s why it was reported McCarthy wanted to coach the Jets (Sam Darnold). How appetizing is that Carolina job? Decent defense, Christian McCaffrey and Luke Keuchly....and what else?
  10. Rivera is a 2-time AP Coach of the Year as well.
  11. Carolina’s new owner, David Tepper, is a former minority owner of the Steelers. He’s had a front row seat to a highly functional organization with little coach turnover and lots of coaching success. Watching Pitt succeed this year with backup QBs, injured stars, etc. I’m sure didn’t help Rivera’s chances.
  12. Thats why Gase is here (whether we like it or not) in 2020. There is 0% chance Gase goes unless something unimaginable happens (ex. profanity-laced podium meltdown, sleeping with the owners wife, etc).
  13. Gase has won just as many Super Bowls as Rivera. Good start? 😜
  14. We couldn’t crush a tin can right now. If the Jets win it will be a close one. 50/50 on whether the Jets win or lose IMO.
  15. Very entertaining game. Seattle sure does put up a show in these prime time games. That game vs SF was the best football game of the year a couple weeks ago.
  16. Sometimes my wife says she thinks my brain is in my Johnson.
  17. And they’re 10-2. Unreal. This is still a “Quarterback League” right?

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