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  1. Per ESPN. The doors are starting to open. Sounds like Texas will be first to allow sports with some level of fan attendance.
  2. Great point. And, it's even more ironic given his neglect of the outside pass rush. You would think that a guy who invests so heavily in the Line would be doing so because he believes disrupting the other team's QB is a key to winning (and I agree with that). So why would he pay so little attention to DE and pass rushing OLBs, only throwing some token picks at those spots with guys like Mauldin and Polite? Yes, I will never forgive him for passing over Josh Allen from Kentucky for QW last year. At the same time I hope QW becomes a disruptive monster inside in his 2nd season. If Quinnen continues to look average then it'll be almost ridiculous how a GM used two Top 6 picks on DTs who were never any better than good. It almost defies all odds.
  3. Judon + a 2nd or 3rd might be a fair deal. Although, I admittedly don't know enough about him other than to say he's a DE/OLB and that's a big need for the Jets. He's also 28 so we need to take into account he probably has no more than 3 or 4 really good years left. Would be very interested to see what Mosley thinks of him since they played together for several years.
  4. Agreed that the results will have to prove themselves on the field. But at least for the first time in a while it appears that we have competence up top in the organization. And, maybe more importantly, we'll be able to shine the light on Gase and truly be able to evaluate him since the roster, although still far from perfect, shouldn't really be an excuse anymore. To me, that's as important as anything....finding out whether Gase should be the coach beyond the 2020 season.
  5. If you can put two of these types of Drafts together in a row you've set the team up for a decent 5-6 year window. It lets you supplement the foundation with free agency, rather than using free agency as your method for building the team because you draft so poorly. I'm already looking forward to what Joe D will do in the 2021 Draft given that he'll now have his core of drafted and free agent players with only a few holdovers that he can't quite yet move on from (ex. Bell).
  6. We'll need a supercomputer to add up all the votes.
  7. Reminding me of my mistakes forever? Who are you, my wife???
  8. 5 for $100M isn't even close IMO. Even if he's only playing like a Top 15 or 20 QB, he's probably going to get at least $30M per year....and likely more than that.
  9. I'm 50/50. Jets visit both the Rams and Chargers in that stadium. We've got several months until those games so I'm not closing the door quite yet but the current situation obviously has to improve.
  10. Yup, but Adams "can't defend the pass" and he's only a gimmick player at the line of scrimmage.
  11. Ha! I sure am taking my lumps in this thread. I get it. And, I have no problem with that. But I also know that 99% of you will be rooting for Brady at least 5 times this coming season as the Buccs play against AFC teams, the NY Giants, etc.
  12. If "the man" is the Governor with the single most coronavirus deaths in the nation (by a large margin) then yes, he's definitely the man.
  13. It's much easier now that he's in the NFC. I hated the guy more than Dan Marino for almost two decades. But he's moved on and harboring hate serves no purpose, even for a cheater. Brady is pretty funny too....as Eli Manning just joined social media after holding out on starting an account until retirement. He received a somewhat self-deprecating welcome from TB.
  14. I only have one question, Grandy....can you ask your cat whether Jamal Adams will be a Jet in 2021? For those who aren't aware (from before the Draft in April 2018)...
  15. Flacco knows his role here. He's not here to compete for a starting job. And, I think he'll be a solid veteran voice for both Sam Darnold and a developing James Morgan (rookie). We probably can't count on Flacco to win a game with his arm should he need to step in for Darnold at some point, but I'd count on him to not lose one with stupid mistakes. The best thing that might come from this signing is having James Morgan learn from Flacco and be a competent QB2 the following year. To me, all of the above is worth $4.5M for one season. Darnold > Flacco > Morgan should be the QB Depth Chart.
  16. This makes a lot more sense. It also means there are tons of options for the Jets here.... 1. Push this off another year and make the extend/trade decision then 2. Work with Adams now on an extension that accounts for the current contract situation (ex. add 2 years or 4 years to the end of the deal and give him some bonus now to make that happen but keeping his costs relatively low for the next 2 seasons) 3. Put this off 2 more years and franchise him at a cost that will likely be below market rate. If he's a Top 3 Safety and being paid the average of the Top 5 then he's probably getting underpaid. As far as I can tell the Jets have all the power here, at least for another season or two. If Jamal wants something done early he should have to give up something.
  17. Interesting. I'm starting to think that we simply won't know until we know. Everyone from doctors and scientists to political leaders at all levels have gotten at least some part of their predictions wrong. Whether it was the early days when it was reported there "was no evidence of human to human transmission" to news this morning by the CDC that coronavirus isn't easily transmitted on surfaces, we're just finding out new things about this virus all the time. Nobody has been completely accurate about how this would play out. With that said, I hope the expert you cite is 100% correct.
  18. What about a penalty for an automatic 1st down on that 4th and 15? That's one thing that would irk me is a team using this new "onside kick" method and having a debatable holding call or something create an automatic conversion that lets a team retain possession of the ball.
  19. Yup. Two years under contract and one under the franchise tag. Also, we've seen the Joe D isn't in the habit of giving things away or overpaying for players. To me, this means two things.... 1. The Jets trade him for fair (or better than fair) value only. Joe D likes to buy $1 bills for 80 cents....not the other way around. 2. The Jets sign him to a fair deal, which still likely means $15M per year but not some earth-shattering deal that Jamal is likely asking for right now. Also, leaders don't hold out with two years left on a deal. So I'm ready to watch Jamal lead this team until his situation is resolved, whether that's in 2022 or earlier.
  20. THIS. Most of us are Jets fans first and foremost. We've seen great players come and go. As long as Joe D does what's best for the team (whether trading or extending Adams) I think I'll be fine with it. Also, this whole thing sounds like negotiating and posturing. It's May 21st, and I believe Jamal Adams is under contract for something like another 24 months plus a possible franchise tag. The amount of pressure to get a deal done now is exactly 0%.

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