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  1. Any new info on roster sizes or changes given the current situation? I had heard that camps may start with less than the typical ~90 players, is that right? Tough to be a UDFA and fighting for a spot this year.
  2. What?? Am I wrong? https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29446424/sources-patriots-settle-compensation-grievances-antonio-brown-aaron-hernandez
  3. $100K goes pretty damn far in Romania back then. Or so my friend Yuri tells me.
  4. A move by Seattle for Jamal would make sense on a number of fronts. They've never been the same in that secondary since "the purge" of the Legion of Boom. Seattle is also in that prime window for Russell Wilson to try to win another Super Bowl. They're a perennial playoff team that has been close but no cigar for the past several years. That window won't stay open forever and I think they'd value Jamal's talent now rather than Draft picks for building something two years from now. Also, I love the idea of pitting two division foes against each other in a bidding war.
  5. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/09/tom-brady-mlb-scott-boras-sports-yankees-ppp.html
  6. The nicknames are great. They sound like WWE wrestlers now. John "The Glacier" Idzik!!!
  7. A girl got pregnant in my high school and tried to explain that it happened because she sat on the bleachers in the gymnasium right after some members of the football team had sat there. Turns out, it wasn't the bleachers she had been sitting on with some members of the football team.
  8. Given the Jets track record with injuries and mononucleosis I'm guessing that 75% of the team catches coronavirus the day before the Week 1 game.
  9. That we didn't take Josh Allen, DE/OLB from Kentucky, will stick with me forever....or at least until QW is a Pro Bowler.
  10. ...and drafting Darron Lee, and Christian Hackenberg, and overpaying free agents, and...
  11. Lots of positives in that second half of the year. Gase made some lemonade out of lemons, massaging his system into something that could work with a horrible offensive line and mediocre skill position talent. Gave Darnold options for quick throws and they executed.
  12. With the exception of relying on Ryan Kalil a little too long, I think Gase did begin to show some elements of a culture based on meritocracy. Meritocracy is one of my favorite management constructs. It essentially means that those who perform well and earn playing time, promotions, etc. get those opportunities. You don't play or get promoted simply because of who you are, how much we're paying you or how high you were drafted. Gregg Williams exemplified this with the Defense. Cheap, lesser known guys on the DLine like Fatukasi, Phillips, Shepherd got more and more time as the year went on. Similarly on offense a bit....Vyncint Smith, Berrios, the decision to start playing Bilal Powell more while paying Bell a fortune, etc. That is a winning approach, it makes veterans and high draft picks uncomfortable because they know they have to work to keep their jobs. There's accountability and, as a player, when you know that there truly is opportunity it makes you work harder. You don't have that, "I'll never play no matter what I do because they have a 1st round draft pick who plays the same position I do," attitude. Gase isn't very relatable at press conferences, he can come off pretty obtuse and disinterested. Although he's much more interesting to listen to in casual interviews and one-on-one discussions. But, he's an alpha guy, a seemingly Type A personality without too much BS. I like that. To me, he's a bit like Parcells but without the affability and some of the soft-touch management skills that Parcells had. There's no "Camp Cupcake" here like we've seemingly had with Herm's barbecues, Rex's loose ship, and Bowles' complete absence of a pulse. With Gase (and Williams) this seems to be a culture of hard work and no shenanigans. Sometimes that doesn't work if you're too much of a hard ass (like Mangini and his "process") but I haven't seen any signs of guys not wanting to play here and the team's efforts last November and December show that they were competing through the finish line.
  13. You go on my list of pragmatic people around here! lol There are definitely pros and cons with Gase. His track record isn't good and the idea that he's some kind of offensive expert is severely lacking in evidence. With that said, there are several valid reasons, other than coaching, as to why the Jets performed the way they did last year. On that front, there are several reasons to be optimistic that his Year 2 will be significantly better. And, if it isn't then I'll likely switch over to the Fire Gase crowd. My reasons for hope are... Completely upgraded OLine in Year 2. Still not perfect and inexperience will be a challenge with guys like Becton. But we'll have either 80% or 100% new starters on the Line and the Jets decided to keep OLine Coach Frank Pollack who is very respected. This tells me the Jets are highly confident they had a personnel problem, not a coaching problem, and the independent observation of Joe Douglas supports this. As we know, nothing can happen on offense if the OLine is inept. You can't develop game flow, you can't mix run/pass the way you want to, your playbook gets chopped in half because you can't run deep route concepts without QB protection, etc. In other words, I don't know if we got to see what Gase can really cook up with Darnold because many plays were a disaster right from the snap. Year 2 in an offensive system for Sam Darnold + No Mono. QBs typically do better in their second year of a new offensive system, they're thinking less and simply playing more comfortably. And, Darnold didn't even get a full Year 1 in the system due to Mono. Not being physically present to play games and then coming back to play when he was likely only 80-90% healthy (Mono can take a full year or more to completely recover from) really hampered his growth. I think we started to see the real Sam in this system during the finally games of the year. Injuries. At one point the Jets had more than $48M of their Salary Cap on Injured Reserve. Think about that for a minute. And, that doesn't include the $13M for CJ Mosley who was kept off IR most of the time but didn't appear in more than 2 games. That $48M number is more than DOUBLE what 26 other NFL teams had. Positive trends at the end of the year. The team finished fairly strong and obviously never quit on the coach, which they easily could have given all of the above. This tells me that Gase still has the locker room and that players were motivated to play and win despite nothing to play for. The above hint at potential for this team in 2020. It's the glass-half-full perspective. Now, they're a young team and I'm expecting bumps since the offensive could be counting on rookies like Becton and Mims pretty heavily. However, the door has now been opened for Adam Gase and the Jets....but they need to actually walk through it. This is likely Gase's last chance to turn around a track record that hasn't been particularly good in recent years.
  14. If he's being driven by fear that his career could end in by injury then buy an insurance policy. It's not hard to do and the premium will pale in comparison to the next contract he gets. And, if he gets hurt and can't play, or has an injury resulting in diminished value and subpar contract, then he cashes in on the policy. It's really a no-brainer. BUT, that's only if his injury and his future are truly his concerns.
  15. And my wife is a Philadelphian. Big Eagles fan too (season tickets in her fam since the '70's). I've never had a problem with the Eagles primarily because they're in the NFC, I'll root for them against the Giants, Cowboys, etc. My problem is with the Flyers and most other things from Philly besides the cheesesteaks.

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