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  1. I have a different approach. Keep him and let him play on his currently cheap deal. And, if he wants to do things like b!tch, whine, holdout, not play well, etc. then he's mostly hurting himself and burning away 2 prime years of his career. If Jamal WERE smart he'd voice his displeasure privately to the organization and try to get a new deal. And, if he doesn't then play his ass off for eventual free agency. If he's concerned about an injury then just take out a policy against things like diminished value, career-ending injury, etc. for the next 1-2 years. The price of the policy will pale in comparison to what he'll eventually make.
  2. @Barry McCockinner for Head Coach!
  3. There's never harm in talking. It's what good GMs do. They keep options open. And, they also answer phone calls, Jamal. It's their job.
  4. I expected you to participate here but I half expected you'd focus on the screen itself and try to rekindle the Plasma/LCD/OLED debate.
  5. Pretty painful but '98 crushed me. The Jets had that lead in Denver in the 3rd Quarter. Easy Ed McCaffrey gets loose on a 3rd and long....a couple plays later Terrell Davis is in the end zone. A kickoff hangs in the Mile High wind and Denver takes over again and scores. It was all over in the blink of an eye. The biggest problem with that year vs. 2010 and 2011 AFCCG losses is that I GUARANTEE the Jets would have won the Super Bowl. We had already beaten the Falcons earlier that season. The Jets would have won that Super Bowl something like 27 - 10.
  6. Just saw this. I had thought a Mod changed it on you without you knowing (which would have been even funnier) based on your posting/trolling style (Ex. You start a thread, make a point, then say you'll stay out of the discussion.....only to post 24 more times in the thread. )
  7. Nice! I think we discussed this in a thread a while back. I lost about 12-14 lbs. following a "modified" Keto diet, mostly eating salads and omelets, and doing intermittent fasting where I only eat between 10AM and 6PM. Congrats dude! Keep it rolling. PS - Can you rush the passer? Asking for Joe Douglas.
  8. jetstream23

    Bob Ross

    I've heard that a lot of bad addictions and life tragedies have been overcome by people who turned to creative outlets like art. Sounds like Jets fans need to pick up a paint brush.
  9. Reminder: Jets are expected to play under this thing....TWICE... this year when they face both the Rams and Chargers on the road.
  10. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/01/sofi-stadium-in-la-completes-the-largest-video-scoreboard.html
  11. Then why is Sam Darnold @Mogglez's least favorite Jet of all time??? Why you hate Sam so much, Mogglez? Why???
  12. You mean that shouting comments out the window of your $150K Mercedes towards a fan in a parking lot who is recording you isn't a good strategy to send a message to the Jets organization?
  13. I think he'll be the first QB to surpass the $40M per year number, but given the current uncertainty, potential for the Cap to grow slower in the future years, and the economics of what % of your Cap you really allocate to a single player probably doesn't have him much higher than that $40M number. Getting his annual comp to start with a "4" is the meaningful part; after that he might be accommodative to the increasingly negative impact it would have on the team's chances to win over the coming years (see Aaron Rodgers the past decade).
  14. This. I don't think I'd be too upset debating about whether our Pro Bowl DLineman was going to hold out after we just won the Super Bowl. Nice problem to have.
  15. He's 25 and a DLineman. A year off won't hurt his market value if he truly decides to sit out. In fact, if there was ever a year to do it then this uncertain Coronavirus season might not be a bad one to skip. He's not necessarily dumb for playing hardball here.
  16. At first I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinking we could never live without Chad by our side But then I spent so many games thinking how he did us wrong And I grew strong And I learned how to get along.
  17. In my opinion, it's more about play-action and the threat of the run. Get those Safeties to cheat up in order to stop Bell in the running game and then complete 15+ yard passes to Perriman, Herndon, Mims as they're streaking down the field.
  18. Explosive plays! Hopefully he means this in a positive way. Because we had some explosively bad plays in 2019. But in this regard I'd submit that the potential of this pass-catching group could be the best the Jets have had in more than 5 years (going back to Marshall, Decker, etc.). Perriman, Mims, Herndon, Crowder and Bell are a really, really interesting group 5 guys in the passing game that you could have on the field at the same time. Again, unproven and we're just talking about potential here. But as a composite group they check every box in terms of having some size, speed, hands, route-running, etc. IF the OLine comes together then the threat of the run and some play-action to Le'Veon Bell should allow Darnold to find all sorts of things open with those guys running down the field. And, say what you will about Gase, one of the things he is truly good at is designing route concepts IMO.
  19. Meh. Could still buy a couple seats even if overpaying by using the $3K-5K saved throughout the season by not going to 8 games.
  20. On the off chance the Jets do make the playoffs and we're in a post-pandemic world next January then I'd just buy game tickets on the secondary market.

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