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  1. I'm still comfortable with Beachum at LT. Not great but definitely good enough, smart and experienced. His weakness is run blocking, BUT...he'll now have some serious help on the left side from Osemele who is a total road grader. I think Beachum will be better because of that swap next to him at LG. The same might go for Harrison. He was decent I thought; dare I say almost good at Center over the final weeks of the season, and having Osemele next to him could help. The right side concerns me. We know what we have in Winters and it's subpar. Shell is adequate at best. The two X factors that could help out the right side are Compton and Edoga. I think those guys will compete for RG and RT respectively. We should all be hoping that someone like Edoga emerges as an obvious upgrade at RT. He doesn't even have to be spectacular.....just being average at RT as a rookie might be an upgrade over Shell, although I also hold out hope that Shell takes another step forward this year. If I had to describe the Jets OLine in one word it would be.... Meh. But it's still likely to be slightly better than 2018. Last thought - Don't underestimate what could be our biggest Line upgrade this offseason...the addition of Frank Pollack as OLine coach.
  2. Thanks. When you think about "5+ years" that's when I think you have to lean towards some high risk/high reward guys as potential options. For example, I think there's a chance that a guy like Montez Sweat could be a true superstar. He was drafted in the teens for a variety of reasons, mostly medical if I remember correctly. But it's those boom or bust guys that sometimes turn out to be the great ones. Think about where Randy Moss was drafted.
  3. Not to be a d!ck....but I'll be one anyway... https://forums.jetnation.com/forum/18-nfl-draft/
  4. Women's Soccer defender.....right next to (or behind) Abby Dahlkemper.
  5. Does the Leggett release look like a bad idea in hindsight or was he a goner no matter what? Get ready for a lot of 11 Personnel groupings to start the year I guess. I don't mind that with Crowder and Bell here now.
  6. Patriots at 1 to 4 anyone? lol Those bastids!!!!
  7. I think the Jets are waiting on Bosa's contract language before finalizing QW's deal. Since these things are slotted money-wise the only real negotiating points are things like offset language and other clauses related to off-field activities, etc. $$$, duration, and the option year are pretty much set by the CBA. Hopefully this gets done very quickly.
  8. I agree on Shepherd. The numbers game may work against him because the Jets may not have time or patience to develop him on a group this talented, although the Practice Squad wouldn't necessarily be a bad spot for him. Can't see the Jets putting 2 DLinemen on the PS though and Fatukasi might compete for that PS spot. The one thing I'll challenge you on (and I do the same thing) is saying that he'd be "a perfect 5th or 6th rounder." If that's the case and he's worth using a 5th/6th round pick on then I think we'd still want to keep him, especially if we're thinking we may need some depth bodies following the possible departure of Leo Williams (FA/Trade?) and McClendon (retirement, waived?) in 2020. We know Henry Anderson and QW will be here for at least a few more years. Who sits behind them? I think Cannon is at risk too, especially with a guy like Dortch getting an opportunity. The only thing I keep coming back to about Cannon is that he seems to have the support of Brant Boyer, the ST coach. At Boyer's one and only presser earlier this summer he went out of his way to praise Cannon, not just as a returner but as a Special Teams tackler. I'll try to find the interview and add it to this post.
  9. That's the real question; with the Jets so needy at CB its a virtual certainty that there will be players available after cuts that can help this team. I also wonder what perspective Joe Douglas brings to this and whether he's already working the phones on anything from potential waivers to maybe even a trade.
  10. ...and I don't disagree. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001035489/article/2019-nfl-season-finding-homes-for-top-remaining-free-agents
  11. Those are slightly more predictable risks in my opinion assuming the participants are trained and experienced. In this case, the bull is a little more unpredictable than the height of the mountain or the coefficient of static friction that will keep a motorcycle from sliding sideways.
  12. If we should be so lucky that Darnold turns into a Top 10 type QB in this league then it makes running an attacking defense so much fun. Putting the other team down by two scores in the 4th Quarter of games really lets you unleash some things on a team forced to pass the ball.
  13. I would think Leo is a Top 7. Williamson and Jenkins likely hover in the Top 10 as well. After Darnold, Bell, Osemele I think there's a drop-off on Offense, but I'd probably lean towards Crowder, Enunwa, and Beachum (yes, I said that) next.
  14. Bingo. If there's one thing the Jets seem to have now it's options. I wouldn't be afraid to play around with a 4-3 that included McClendon at NT and Quinnen at 3-technique DT. While Anderson and Leo are bigger and a little less quick than you'd like for 4-3 DEs I think both could be employed in those spots on occasion and it would be really fun to watch. That's a lot of mass to contend with on the DLine if you're an offensive line. You can't double team more than one of those guys really and you'd be setting yourself up to be vulnerable to penetrating LBs like Mosely, Jenkins, etc.
  15. What does that come to with Shipping and Tariffs? lol
  16. I'm not sure why the second contract is that tough to give though. Let's say you draft a stud RB at 21 yrs old, he gets a 4/5 year deal and comes up for a new deal at 25/26 years old. That's not a bad spot to give a guy another 4-5 year deal if he's truly that good. Pay him a bit more upfront and make it easy to cut him in the final year at 29-30 years old. I think the bigger problem is that teams are finding these good RBs outside of Rounds 1 and 2, and they seem to be much more replaceable than other positions. If Bell is the example of holding out for a new deal then John Connor is the example of why the Steelers may have been right not to pay Le'Veon.
  17. Dude apparently went to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and ran at a bull, jumping over it. https://deadspin.com/heres-josh-norman-leaping-over-a-bull-in-pamplona-1836280198
  18. Correct and correct. Correct.
  19. Forgot about that play. He bailed us out again.
  20. I was just a kid when he was the HC but I remember my father bringing me home a Jets hat that Walt Michaels had autographed on the brim. Apparently my father had met him at an event near where he worked in the city and Walt was signing autographs. I don't remember much about him and would love to hear from some of our fans about that 1982 transition, the reason for his firing, etc. The Jets did rebound and were competing in the playoffs just a few years later with Ken O'Brien, etc. but did it seem like Walt got a raw deal?

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