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  1. Agreed. I don't know how many other teams would be anxious to snatch Jeff Smith off the Jets practice squad and put him on their 53.
  2. The only knocks against him that I recall was that he was a bit undersized (needs to add some weight over the next year or two) and he didn't come from a top tier program with elite competition. Other than that, he's always seemed like a good prospect. Good feet, good hands, and very good fit for this type of system (which I think is what elevated him for the Jets in this Draft). Also seems to be a good character guy and very competitive. Would be great if he can prove to be starting caliber in camp next summer '23.
  3. Is Cager a TE now too? Uzomah, Conklin, Ruckert, Wesco, Yeboah, Cager? Yeah, I'd say we have some potential at TE this year!
  4. Do you really think the Jets should have kept Becton and Fant out there for another 10-15 plays just to prove something to the Twitterzzz feedzzz about an hour after Connor McDermott went down with a fairly significant ankle injury? It's man! The last thing we need is Fant or Becton rolling an ankle and then Duane Brown whispering to Douglas, "I want 50% ownership of the stadium."
  5. Wings or drums... or thighs? Meaty? @The Crusher
  6. McGovern and AVT aren't small men. Mount Becton is simply massive. He's like the Mountain from Game of Thrones.
  7. Young, talented, AND good character.... all on one Jets team at the same time? I'm overwhelmed with positive vibes!!! Now, if they actually win some games....
  8. Lining up in 22 personnel is traditionally a heavy run formation but usually uses a RB and FB combination. But as you said, with MC and Breece there would be 4 true pass catchers in tight formation there, causing a conundrum for the defense. Against defenses that don't have great cover Safeties or LBs it would really be a challenge as the Jets would likely still be lining up someone such as Elijah Moore out wide that could force that Free Safety to stay deep and help the CB.
  9. "I will be climbing to the top of a hill to await a carrier pigeon who will have a small note attached to his leg. On the note will be written Zach Wilson's completion %, INTs, TDs from a scrimmage. It will arrive roughly 12 hours after the practice ends. I'm sorry that I have to cancel our dinner date to go do this."
  10. Do you want to have a sh*t burger or a sh*t sandwich?
  11. Seems like a no-brainer. Another 1 year rental. Age doesn't matter in that case if you're hoping the guy only plays a couple games. The experience is what matters and he played a full season last year as a starter. My guess is that Brown isn't the only guy on JD's list. He probably has a short-list of targets that he might expect to be cut from other teams as well. Seems almost inevitable that SOMEONE will be brought in over the next few weeks, but the sooner the better.
  12. Two questions: 1. Are your vibes.... a. Positive b. Negative 2. Do they come with other vibes? a. Yes, sometimes they do b. No, it's Only those vibes
  13. We don't know much about football here, but if you need expert medical or legal advice you're in the right place @NewGuyJet.
  14. There's a chance this defense takes a big step forward. The talent on the field this year will be night-and-day different from last season, as much as 50% different in the starting lineup. Last year's group had a notable ceiling simply because of the lack of talent on the D. Carl Lawson is back, Jordan Whitehead at S looking good, Kwon Alexander upgrading a subpar LB group, DJ Reed at CB, and 1st round talents in Sauce Gardner and Jermaine Johnson. On paper, huge potential for this group if they can figure out how to play together well. And this doesn't include some other good players like Quinnen, JFM, etc.
  15. Just curious. Has anybody at JN grabbed the username Flacco2Calvin yet?
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