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  1. Why not make the whole season something like MadMax/Thunderdome ? Every team gets a 3 game schedule. One game against each Division opponent. At the end the 3-0 teams get Byes, The 2-1 teams host the 1-2 teams in a 1st Round playoff. The 0-3 teams never play another game. It's single elimination after that. The math may not work perfectly and we could get odd numbers of teams, but we could even out the teams using tiebreakers like point differential, etc. Shorter season and It would be the most intense season ever, every game super critical. Essentially an NCAA style tournament after you get through those first three games. And, the intensity of those first 3 Division games would be great. A 1-1 Jets team playing an 0-2 NE team with the chance to eliminate them....sign me up!
  2. People say you need the dreaded "change of scenery"! lol Off to Detroit you go for a conditional 7th rounder.
  3. Is Beachum still available or did he sign somewhere? I had always thought the plan at LT should be to try to bring back Beachum on a 1 year deal while drafting a rookie like Becton, Thomas, etc. It would be like the Josh McCown to Sam Darnold transition.
  4. When does @Trolly McTrollface request a trade?
  5. Fair assessment, although I partially disagree. I don't think Sam is a passenger on the bus who can only go as far as some superior talent around him takes him. I think he has the ability to make guys around him a little better, to create something out of nothing when plays break down, etc. Mark Sanchez was a passenger on the bus. Sam Darnold can be a bus driver. I'm just hoping that with Joe D at the helm we finally have some gas in the bus.
  6. With individual sports like tennis and golf having players affected it's almost inconceivable that sports involving teams of 25 -53 players + coaches and staffs will be able to get through a season. As a country, we haven't been able to resolve things on a month to month basis with lockdowns, reopenings, etc. How on earth is a league going to string together 4 months of continuous play? Even a limited spread of infection amongst something like 7 or 8 guys could doom a team. Imagine a team's whole linebacking corps getting sick and missing 2-4 weeks. I'm hopeful but very pessimistic about the chances of everything working out as planned.
  7. Beat you to it! Be careful, @Losmeister might accuse you of not reading it and your use of the word inflammatory.
  8. Booo! I read the whole thing. Did you read the title? That's the definition of an attention-grabbing hit piece. Is his talent salvageable?.... I mean really, is that even a fair question? It's like asking whether its possible Cam Newton is the starter this year for NE? OF COURSE its possible. OF COURSE Darnold can possibly be salvaged.
  9. LOL.... If Dr. Frankenstein were to ever cobble together the parts to construct the perfect anti-Jets person this sounds like it.
  10. I have a different approach. Keep him and let him play on his currently cheap deal. And, if he wants to do things like b!tch, whine, holdout, not play well, etc. then he's mostly hurting himself and burning away 2 prime years of his career. If Jamal WERE smart he'd voice his displeasure privately to the organization and try to get a new deal. And, if he doesn't then play his ass off for eventual free agency. If he's concerned about an injury then just take out a policy against things like diminished value, career-ending injury, etc. for the next 1-2 years. The price of the policy will pale in comparison to what he'll eventually make.
  11. @Barry McCockinner for Head Coach!
  12. There's never harm in talking. It's what good GMs do. They keep options open. And, they also answer phone calls, Jamal. It's their job.
  13. I expected you to participate here but I half expected you'd focus on the screen itself and try to rekindle the Plasma/LCD/OLED debate.
  14. Pretty painful but '98 crushed me. The Jets had that lead in Denver in the 3rd Quarter. Easy Ed McCaffrey gets loose on a 3rd and long....a couple plays later Terrell Davis is in the end zone. A kickoff hangs in the Mile High wind and Denver takes over again and scores. It was all over in the blink of an eye. The biggest problem with that year vs. 2010 and 2011 AFCCG losses is that I GUARANTEE the Jets would have won the Super Bowl. We had already beaten the Falcons earlier that season. The Jets would have won that Super Bowl something like 27 - 10.

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