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  1. We really are the most schizophrenic fanbase on the planet. Just wait until we beat the Ravens and lose to the Browns. "We're going to the Super Bowl!" "The Jets should relocate to San Diego!"
  2. We've moved on from Becton's weight as a concern but just wait until the first practice tweet saying that Zach threw a dirtball on a swing pass to Breece Hall....
  3. I think there's also a continuity factor involved. Zach may have a comfort level knowing how George Fant operates on his blindside and will continue to be there. Lots of people are saying, "Moving Becton to the right side could be a tough transition." I don't think so because as I mentioned above, he's played RT quite a bit in college. But we also can't ignore that for almost every pro game Zach Wilson has played his LT has been Fant. So let's not ignore the fact that moving Fant over to the right would be a transition as well even though Fant has played a lot of RT.
  4. At Louisville, Becton started 10 games at right tackle as a freshman. In 12 games as a sophomore he did 2 more at RT and then 10 at left tackle. I think Becton will be okay.
  5. Fant and Tomlinson on the left..... Becton and AVT on the right. This should be really interesting to watch.
  6. Love this news. Let's extend Fant please. Having Mitchell develop as a rookie, knowing that AVT can play LT in a pinch... a pretty optimistic situation for the OT group as a whole.
  7. I don't think losing around 5 pounds per week is out of the question at his size. That could easily mean a total of 25-35 lbs over that time. He'll probably lose another 10 during Training Camp. What do we think is the ideal weight for him? And, what's the highest we'd want to see him at? Can't imagine anything over 370 would be great for playing 4 full quarters of football.
  8. Becton being off the PUP list for the start of camp is not a big deal. If he was still on the PUP it would be a big deal because it would mean he's still too big of a deal to play.
  9. How can you not trust Tyreek Hill's judgement? When a serial abuser chooses Tua over guys like Zach Wilson and Patrick Mahomes I'm sure he knows what he's doing and isn't just picking the highest $$ offer from a state with no income tax. lol
  10. As part of his contract extension Braxton Berrios must maintain a distance of 10-feet from Zach Wilson in all social situations outside the facility.
  11. So Kyler Murray has an interesting addendum in his contract requiring him to watch film independently each week. Obviously being done because of his reportedly bad film and study habits, this is an interesting clause for a team to include in an effort to mitigate a risk with a player and get something they think is important. If you were the Jets, what one clause would you add in any player's contract? Pick a player, write some contract language. (I can already guess what will be first. )
  12. Piling? I'd sign up for a periodic drip of victories.... like 2 a month.
  13. Seems about right. Not much different than a McDermott or Edoga. Guys you'd be okay seeing play a couple quarters or maybe filling in for one game throughout the season but not the type of guys you'd want starting a bunch of games like a Morgan Moses.
  14. Same here. I like Saleh, I think his future is bright but he's still unproven with no track record of success yet. Payton is an excellent coach who has had success at the highest level. It wouldn't be a hard decision IMO.
  15. That's been the Jimmy G formula for years now. Run the ball well and get opportunities in the passing game with studs like Kittle and Deebo. If the Jets rushing attack is better (it should be) and their weapons are better (they seem to be) then there's no reason Zach won't have every opportunity to take a solid step forward in Year 2. We're now at the point where his success will mostly be up to him IMO. That wasn't as much the case last year as a rookie, but the Jets have done a good job of putting him in a better position to succeed this year. Better skill guys + no more rookie-itis + 2nd year for everyone in the system should lead to meaningful improvement (knock on wood!)
  16. Drafting AVT and Michael Carter was big last year. Signing Laken Tomlinson and drafting Breece Hall were really big this year. But I think the single biggest asset to the running game this year will simply be that it's Year 2 in the system. This wide/outside ZB scheme notoriously takes a while to install and get comfortable with. It's based on timing, footwork, having OLinemen hit moving targets at the second level like linebackers, etc. Mike Shanahan is the real architect of this thing in my opinion. It turned Terrell Davis (a very good but not great RB IMO) into a 2,000 yard per season stud. We saw the Broncos rotate no-name RBs thru their system for 4-5 years and all those guys were gaining 1,000 yards a season. It's the system and I'm really excited to see how it looks in Year 2 here. I think the 2023 season is where it could really flourish and give the Jets a Top 10 rushing attack in the NFL.
  17. But do you blame Saleh? All kidding aside, I'll say that I agree with one major part of your original post - The improvement/competence/success of the D is squarely on Robert Saleh as he heads into Year 2 with this defensive system. He's a defensive guy, the D has sucked, and it's up to him to improve it. Ulbrich is the DC but this D is Saleh's baby! With that said, the team-building priority for JD and this front office has 100% been on the offense up until now. It's been that way since 2020, with what seems like 80% of the Draft pick and FA $$ resources being thrown at getting a QB, upgrading every single spot on the OLine, getting new WRs, new TEs and new RBs. EVERYTHING on offense in new... like every single thing. I strongly believe that JD has told Saleh to be a bit patient, that the Jets have a history of royally screwing up rookie QB development, and that he is doing everything he can to change that. It seems the only real significant bone thrown to Saleh prior to this 2022 Draft was the Carl Lawson signing (a guy who has played zero snaps for the Jets). In the 2021 Draft the Jets went offense, offense, offense, offense with the first 4 picks and then on Day 3 JD took a shot at some developmental S/LB hybrids and CB prospects. This year the Jets put both $$$ and Draft picks into the Secondary and the Edge position (Sauce, JJ). LB seems like the last major area for a serious upgrade. That will have to be after this season though.
  18. Your wife will be fine. We know Zach can’t hit the target.
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