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  1. You just can't help yourself, can you Trolly? Starts troll thread. Says he'll stay out of it. Has about 25% of the posts in the thread. lol
  2. I like that! This is some really outside the box thinking! See what I did there? (He's never outside the box)
  3. No. But the fact that you had to ask shows just how weird the world is today and that this probably could happen and it would only be mildly surprising.
  4. Probably no middle ground. He'll either be loved or hated here in a year.
  5. Some actual teeth to this punishment! I'm thinking the Patriots behavior might actually change ...for a few months.
  6. Sure can. Not cheap but the ROI is certainly there in regards to the risk. Lloyds of London provides these kinds of policies all the time. He could essentially pay for a limited policy that protects him if he's injured and there's a gap between the value of his next contract and some reasonable number that consensus says he'd likely get (ex. $15-16M per year). He pays something like $200K (I really have no idea how much it costs) and if he never gets hurt his next contract will make that $200K seem like a one-night bar tab. But if he does get hurt, recovers, but has "diminished value" and can only secure something like a 2-year, $20M deal then Lloyds would pay the difference (the extra $5-6M per year that he lost out on). At least, this is my understanding of how these things tend to work.
  7. Joe Douglas knows the history of the Jets. A 6-year deal ensures that he will preside over at least 3 head coaches while he is here. There's even a mathematical chance that the Jets have one single GM on one contract while seeing 3 different Presidents run the United States of America. The irony being the Jets suddenly looking like a model of stability.
  8. I think he meant the 49ers were thinking of getting Adams as, "picking up a steamer."
  9. Haven't read the whole thread but isn't there some irony in Tom quoting a President who contracted Polio, a virus that spreads from person to person and ultimately lead to his death?
  10. I'm not sure "starter" really matters in a GW defense. See my post above.
  11. 2019 snap counts for the D Line. Notice no player hit 50% of the snaps (last column). Gregg Williams likes to rotate players. I think anyone who saw more than 1/3 of the snaps is considered valuable by GW. Shepherd saw increasing action at the end of the year after the Leo Williams trade. He and Fatukasi are the two guys I expect to see get a larger percentage of snaps. The big surprise? Kyle Phillips being on the field more than any other Defensive Lineman including good, trustworthy guys like McClendon and Anderson. Full Season.... Now, for Week 17 only..... In my opinion that Week 17 game was an evaluation. GW probably utilized the guys he thinks he may rely on most in 2020 to get a sense of what that would look like. In that regard, we're talking about QW, Shepherd, Phillips, and Fatukasi.
  12. But that's how the Jets work. They swing from one extreme to another like a pendulum. Herm Edwards and his BBQs, player loyalty and "Camp Herm" was too soft. Enter Mangini. Mangini was too tough, a tyrant, "it's a process", players don't talk to the media, etc. Enter Rex Ryan. All personality. "We're going to the Super Bowl," everyone loves playing for Rex, Hard Knocks. Enter Todd Bowles. No personality, never too high or too low. Rookie Head Coach, players comfortable, can't develop a QB. Enter Adam Gase. Married to his scheme, hard ass, do players like him? HC experience, Offense, "QB whisperer", etc.
  13. For the first time in a while it feels like there's some decent depth. Possibly with the exception of CB (where we do have a lot of young guys though) this is probably the most comfortable I've been with the second team guys. A few thoughts.... 1. We need to remember that there will be some scheme versatility here. I'm not going to try to predict if it's 80/20, 60/40, etc. but we will see some 4-3 during games and it will be more than just a play or two. In that regard, QW becomes a bigger weapon. I think he's a natural 3-technique in a 4-3 and lining him up next to a big NT body like Fatukasi would be fun. The challenge we run into a bit is with the outside rush and a lack of true 4-3 DEs who play down. Maybe I'm not giving them enough credit but Anderson (3-4 DE), Jenkins (OLB), Basham, etc. aren't perfect for that role. We might need to rely on Zuniga early on, even though he too is more of a versatile DLine guy and not a pure down DE in a 4-3. 2. If Jamal Adams is a Jet this season I wouldn't be surprised to see Adams, Maye and rookie Ashtyn Davis on the field at the same time a little more often than we think. This could be a VERY versatile Secondary and the addition of Desir while retaining Poole and having a fully healthy Bless Austin makes it easy to say that the 3rd level of the D could be the group that exceeds expectations. 3. On paper, this Defense is stacked with both proven players (Adams, Mosley, Maye, Williamson, etc.) and some really exciting new and relatively new guys like Quinnen Williams, Zuniga, Davis, Austin, Bryce Huff, etc. If things break right for the Jets (they never do!) and we simply get good health and an average progression of what you'd expect from rookies into their second year like Williams, Austin, etc. then Gregg Williams could make this group elite.
  14. Mahomes is at least standing for a principle. Even if I don't support it I understand it to a degree. Jamal is standing because he wants money two years before he's eligible to get it. He's saying Pay Me.
  15. This. The Jets are in charge. They can wait until a November trade deadline and then some team on the cusp of competing for a Super Bowl that sees Jamal putting them over the top will come calling. If the 4-5 Jets get a phone call from the 6-3 Cowboys or the 7-2 Packers who are "all in" on a Super Bowl this year then the price will be high for the player AND the Jets will have a much better idea of where the Draft picks being returned will sit (ex. later than 20th in those situations).
  16. Playing a game of Chicken with Jamal Adams about him asking for a trade, the Jets holding pat, Jamal holding out for training camp or even some games, etc. will almost definitely work out in the Jets favor. I don't see Jamal "winning" unless the Jets either sign him to a mutually agreeable contract (~$15M per year or thereabouts) or the Jets trading him for a big return. But in either of those cases....the Jets win too. Also, it's not like we're talking about a potential Super Bowl team in the Jets here. Jamal holding out hurts the chances of winning but in my opinion, it was much more effective when Revis was holding out from a team that was Super Bowl caliber. In that situation, losing a game or two because of not having a single dominant player could keep you out of the playoffs or out of a Bye. It just don't see that type of consequence with Jamal holding out. In fact, it could benefit the Jets by getting a better look at what a Maye / Davis combination could do. Just my two cents.
  17. Exactly. What are they going to say? "We're really trying to get rid of this guy. Offer us a Long Snapper and a 2023 4th Round pick and he's yours" ? All of this talk is simply to convey that the coaches want Adams and the price should be high to pry him out of Gregg Williams' hands. Probably sets up some classic good cop (coaches)/bad cop (GM) situations with potential trade partners.... Douglas to another GM: "I'm not saying that Jamal is unavailable but the coaches here love him and Gregg Williams is designing a defense around this guy. It will take a LOT for me to say yes and then have to break the news to this coaching staff that I just took away their best player."

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