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  1. Just curious. Has anybody at JN grabbed the username Flacco2Calvin yet?
  2. We've needed something to look at other than the Jets playing on the field. But now that the team is getting better I think we can do okay without the Flight Crew. When they are brought back we'll know the team is getting ready to tank again.
  3. (cough) that ball was a bit behind Moore (cough)
  4. Not concerned. This team will be 60/40 run/pass anyway is my guess. They're not adding Pro Bowl linemen, better TEs and drafting a RB at the top of the 2nd to have Zach throw 35 passes a game IMO.
  5. Zach finished the day 8 for 8. But by tomorrow he'll be 9 for 9.
  6. Not since SamToRobbie have I been this high on somebody's username. Don't let me down this year, man.
  7. Meh. Debatable. But maybe since he made the Pro Bowl?
  8. He'll start a hedge fund.
  9. For quite a while there was a consensus that it can take 2-3 years for a WR to develop. I remember guys like Laverneous Coles not blossoming until his 3rd season, etc. Somehow, because of the early and quick success of guys like Justin Jefferson or Jamar Chase we've been conditioned to think if a guy isn't really good by the end of his first year he's probably a bust. I'm cautiously optimistic that Mims is simply a guy who needed some time, maybe more coaching than others, and who had a setback with that food poisoning last year. If he turns out to be the WR5 this year then that's a great thing. His size and speed are rare. If he absorbs the playbook, gets more consistent and can expand his route tree a bit then he'll be a really nice surprise this year. I'm rooting for this guy. He seems to be trying to do all the right things.
  10. jetstream23


    We were at the Draft this year and I can't tell you how elated I was when they announced that Trayvon Walker pick at #1. It immediately pushed all the guys I wanted down within reach of the Jets. Thank goodness some teams just goof things up. The Jets used to be one of those teams. Hoping that's changing now.
  11. Take him in your fantasy leagues. He'll probably last a while but could end up a WR2 in fantasy by the end of the season.
  12. I don't know, sounds like a great move to me. I'm not in the industry but I have to imagine that moving from Print to TV is a pretty big deal. Good for him. He's earned the opportunity. Think about guys like Cimini to ESPN, Ian Eagle and Bob Wischusen to places to like CBS and doing nationally televised games after doing print and radio. SNY seems like a good step for him. Might turn out to be just his first of several TV jobs.
  13. Ugh. The QB looking bad at camp today... EDIT: My bad. Saw Connor tweeting about high passes and INTs and just posted it.
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