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  1. I moved from NY/NJ to Arizona 20 years ago. The Cardinals are my NFC team. Will root for them almost all the time unless they're playing the Jets of course.
  2. Whoa! That sounds like a swipe at Rex Ryan. And...you take a swipe at one of ours, T0m, we're going to take a swipe at two of yours!!
  3. Same sentiments here. I could make a 10 minute argument FOR Gase and a 10 minute argument AGAINST Gase. What I will say though is that last year's excuses are no longer acceptable (poor roster, injuries, players that don't fit his system, Mono, etc.). The roster is now significantly more aligned to the types of guys he wants. And, even if this roster is still just below average, the Jets have largely purged guys that don't fit. I don't know if the Jets will win more than 8 games given a schedule that includes both Super Bowl teams, games on the road vs. the Rams, Seahawks, etc. but I expect them to look significantly better....and if they don't then we're looking for a new HC come 2021.
  4. Ha! I never shy away from playing Devil's Advocate so I'll give it a shot here.... So, we now have 3 starting caliber Safeties and 0 impact Edge Rushers! Thanks Macc!!!!
  5. If Perine's floor is being as good as Bilal Powell then we're in a good shape. When Powell was healthy he was a very solid #2. I think this 2020 season will be used to determine if Perine is simply a depth / change-of-pace type RB or if he shows signs he can really carry the mail as a RB1. Not having to use significant $$ in FA or a Day 2 Draft pick on RB next year would be great.
  6. If they are better than 20th in the league on Offense then given the makeup of the division and the Defense run by Gregg Williams I'd think the Jets win 9 or more games.
  7. I'm not sure if it's right or legal either, but these cities have been telling people they're not allowed outside or to gather in groups for the past 3 months because of a virus. Civil liberties are being squashed all over the place. And now, it looks like if mayors and governors didn't do a good enough job destroying small businesses by shutting them down since March the rioters are going to finish the job. America is a train wreck right now.
  8. I'm seeing lots of support for protests and the prosecution of the officers involved. In fact, it seemed to be one of the few recent instances where our political leaders were in unison about how wrong the officers were. I'm not seeing people say that looting and burning buildings down is a good idea. In fact, I'm seeing the opposite. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/05/31/protester-calls-out-looting-follow-death-of-george-floyd-sot-vpx.cnn
  9. Are you kidding me? His community, the place where his family lives and people of color are EXACTLY the ones being hurt by both racist cops and now riots. I'm not going to justify your intimation that I don't care about the victim (and he's not the only one btw) by searching this thread for your condolences to his family. This isn't about comparatives. It's about the fact that yet another black man is dead and now the communities that are mostly being torched tonight are downtown areas where a significant number of the businesses are owned, operated or worked by minorities. My message was a simple one. A small percentage of a group is casting a cloud on the entirety. And, the LAPD has been a sh*tshow for decades. Believe, I've seen it first hand.
  10. No doubt that those who stand by and do nothing are part of the problem. But watching a black cop in LA get spit on during a protest because a cop 1,500 miles away murdered someone doesn't really sit well with me.
  11. To me, the fringes have always been the problem. That small percentage of bad apples that destroy the reputations and confidence we have in the others. I won't debate the percentages but the vast majority of cops are good, fair people out trying to do the right thing and putting their lives on the line to protect the community. But x% are bad apples and a percentage of those are horrible apples (criminals themselves). It's like any walk of life....a certain percentage are just bad. Same thing with protesters. Majority are peaceful demonstrators with justifiable reasons for being angry. Marching, chanting, holding signs and exercising the rights that make our country great (doing things that can't be done in China for example). But there's that small percentage of agitators, thugs, bad apples who don't give a crap about the cause and use situations like this to destroy property, steal, loot, etc. It's disgusting and they ultimately harm the very communities and small business owners that they were seemingly protesting to protect. Again, it's the fringes....that 2%, 5% or whatever that gives the good guys a bad name. It's like politics....lop off the far, far deranged Right and the far, far deranged Left and I can usually have a coherent conversation and debate with the 80-90% of people leftover. Just my personal opinion. If only we, as a society were smart enough to band together and fight the real enemy.....the murder hornets!
  12. Interesting. He'll have a lot of competition. This forum turns on players quickly.
  13. No D'Brick. Sanchez ahead of Mangold. Sanchez ahead of Jamal. lol Do they do this for coaches? 1. Weeb Ewbank 2. Bruce Coslett 3. Rex Ryan 4. Rich Kotite 5. Herm Edwards
  14. This might mean the WAR is pretty much useless.
  15. But it's close. I remember Barry breaking 2,000 yards against the Jets. Maybe the Jets are closer to the Cardinals historically?

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