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  1. The fact of the matter is this - The Jets traded up to one spot short of where they needed to be in order to guarantee getting one of the Top 2 QB prospects. IF Rosen and Darnold are both gone at 3 then the Jets have given up a lot in order to take a 50/50 crack at whether an inaccurate QB can defy the odds can be developed by the Jets organization OR if a 6' 3/8" (that's three-eighths) can become the most successful sub-6'1" QB in NFL history. I'm not criticizing the Jets for moving up but they've essentially done it for a much less than sure thing. I REALLY hope one of those Top 2 guys gets to 3 but it could come down to whether they want Captain Inaccurate or Shorty McShortenstein.
  2. Maybe Kevin and Robbie were just passengers while Sheldon Richardson was driving?
  3. Ha! Only 5 more weeks of everyone master-debating over the Quarterbacks!
  4. Don't underestimate the Jets ability to turn a horrific QB situation into a fantastic one....and back to a horrific one over the course of 3 years.
  5. I think that was the percentage of interviews he completed.
  6. My quick math tells me this board wants Rosen, then Darnold, then Mayfield....in that order.
  7. The replies are off to a good start!
  8. I'm scratching my head on this one. If the Giants want a QB why would they trade back to #4 to take a "project" when they can stay put at #2 and get at least the 2nd (possibly 1st) QB off the board?
  9. This is what really helps me with the weekend. I watch until the 3rd pick, then turn off the TV until Round 3.
  10. Of course not. I hope you understand that was a tongue-in-cheek prediction.
  11. To be fair, I recall you being graded at 5.8 as a prospective poster back in the day. And, we all saw how inaccurate that was!
  12. Teddy turns out to be a stellar, fully healed franchise QB. The Jets take Saquon Barkley at #3. The Jets, with the highest scoring offense in the league, win two consecutive Super Bowls led by these two guys as they franchise Teddy for the 2019 season! C'mon, everyone can see it coming!
  13. Believe me, I want the problem the Eagles have. Having two capable / exceptional starting QBs is a luxury very, very few teams have. The Jets have struggled for over a decade to roster just one player like that. If the Jets end up with a Teddy Bridgewater who looks like the 2015 version and a rookie (whoever that may be) who looks like he's a future franchise guy then we'll deal with that problem when we get there. The Jet can easily franchise Teddy while carrying another guy on a rookie contract and then decide to trade, extend, etc. Again, let's hope we have this problem in 12 months!
  14. Maybe it will help on 3rd and short?
  15. I don't think we can if Rosen and Darnold are gone by #3.
  16. Mayfield is 6' 3/8" though. I mean he barely gets over the 6' bar. FYI - I still want him over Allen.
  17. Interesting....and scary. "Day 3"..."fringe starter."
  18. Can he throw a bong 70 yards?
  19. I literally started to sweat as I read this. Sitting at #3 with the clock ticking down as the Jets look at a choice between Allen and Mayfield, I'm going to think of these words by Billick.
  20. That's the scariest part of all this. The Jets need the most developed / pro ready QB available at #3. If they need to teach and develop a QB prospect (even a physically gifted one like Allen) then my confidence in this working out longterm drops like a rock. In terms of pure readiness (guys who required the least development) I think it's Rosen, Mayfield, Darnold, then Allen.
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