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  1. I still don't understand why we didn't spend just $1-2M more to keep ASJ. The Jets still have plenty of Cap space and TE is a need. I would have found a way to retain that guy.
  2. I think this Draft is going Darnold then Rosen. It's almost like we're trying to make it too complicated and shoehorning a RB in there. Since 2017 this Draft was always going to be about Rosen and Darnold....and it still is. Allen and Mayfield, Barkley and Nelson....it's all noise in my opinion. Those are the two best QBs and they will be the first two guys taken in this Draft. The Jets had better be right about Mayfield or Allen at #3.
  3. I too would want an offensive player that can help our new QB. Either OLine or a TE/WR. There's a lot of consensus in this thread.
  4. I got the call. I had two seats in Section 246A, Row 9. I declined to move down to the lower level because I actually think my Mezz A corner seats are great. I did however inquire about moving within my area and I ended up with two seats in Row 6, both on the aisle, so that's an upgrade IMO. As for the lawsuit, I'd gladly take my $8,000 back if the Jets are no longer requiring people to pay that license fee to buy season tickets.
  5. I really don't want Allen at #3. That will be tough to stomach for me.
  6. Forget the QB, whoever he may be, that's taken at #3 overall. What about the fact that the Jets don't get on the clock again until Round 3.....that's all-of-a-sudden a VERY important pick IMO. We need to get an eventual starter of some sort there. OLB, OT, CB, etc What position do you want?
  7. Welcome! You can take a seat where the Tebow fans used to sit. It's still warm.
  8. Has any NFL team ever had two Quarterbacks named Josh at the same time?
  9. Or committed to trying to sell tickets to games next year. I'm not sure that a retread Teddy B. and Josh McCown Part Deux get butts in seats next year.
  10. Rosen Darnold Mayfield I'm only rating three because guess what, we got the 3rd pick now bitchezzz! I think Rosen is also the "safest" of the prospects while all 3 of Darnold, Mayfield, Allen have tremendous potential upside.
  11. The scenario for the other "quarterback needy" teams isn't a move up to grab one of the Top 2 or 3 QBs, it's how do they get in position get the 4th, 5th or 6th QB. That's the game for Buffalo, Miami, Arizona, etc. They're now potentially in competition for Lamar Jackson, Rudolph or whoever isn't Top 3 (likely Allen or Mayfield). If had to bet I'd say that Darnold, Rosen and Mayfield are all gone in the Top 5. After that the clamoring begins to get into the Top 10 for Allen, Jackson, etc. Chicago would be a nice trade partner for Buffalo at #8. Chicago has its QB (or they think they do) and the could accumulate picks by sliding just 4 spots.
  12. I follow you, but next year it's still a 2nd. So it's three 2nd round picks. I just hope next year's 2nd rounder is something like pick #64.
  13. "Wearing #3 huh? Maybe that means we should take you 3rd. Get me the Colts on the phone!"
  14. The Jets have to believe that 3 different QBs are worth the #3 pick. It's as simple as that. You don't make this move if you only love two QBs and then HOPE that both don't get taken in front of you. Some quick history. The year was 2003 and the Jets were drafting 13th and 22nd overall. They had big time needs at two positions, DT and WR. Chicago held the 4th overall pick and the Jets were targeting 3 different players (WR Andre Johnson, WR Charles Rogers and DT Dewayne Robertson). But the Jets wouldn't move up to #4 until they knew AT LEAST ONE of those guys would be there. Back in 2003 and the era of big-time money for top draft picks teams with the #1 overall pick were allowed to start negotiating contracts with potential draftees BEFORE the draft. A couple days prior to the NFL Draft Cincinnati, who was picking 1st, began negotiations with Carson Palmer and word got out that a deal had ultimately be reached between Palmer and the Bengals. This was the green light that pushed the Jets to trade up with Chicago (#13 and #22 for the #4). Palmer, Rogers and Johnson went with the first 3 picks and the Jets selected Robertson (who they thought was a potential Warren Sapp at the 3-technique spot and who had ran a 4.8 40-yard dash at the Combine which was stellar for a 300 lb man). As usual, the pick didn't work out in the long run as Robertson was playing with a degenerative knee condition, was ultimately traded and out of the NFL before age 30. Not sure why I just wrote all that. Maybe because my brain holds useless information from 2003 while I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday. But suffice to say that you don't move up to #3 unless you absolutely love 3 players. If the Jets think Rosen, Darnold and Mayfield are all worth the 3rd pick then they do this move. If Darnold and Rosen go 1 and 2, then the Jets pick Chubb at #3 get ready for all hell to break loose here! Go Jets!?!?!?
  15. Love the bold move. I do wish we were able to keep one of this year's 2's. I would have included a 3 this year and another pick in 2019. 2nd round this year is a great spot to add either OLine, RB or CB. But oh well, I won't complain. This is the move that we've been clamoring for.
  16. And Pryor....and Milliner...and Kyle “burnt toast” Wilson and it goes on and on. There’s been a pattern since before MaccBowles was here and it continuies today. I agree with you that it’s very unlikely we go DB at 6, but I absolutely would not be surprised.
  17. Hypothetically, if the Jets were picking in the Browns' spots this year, 1 and 4, who would you want to take? I think I'd go Rosen and either Barkley or Chubb.
  18. If the Jets don't like the options at 6 and their favorite QBs are already gone then should they look to trade down, maybe even significantly, and get a team's 2019 1st rounder in order to load up for another run at a QB?
  19. Forget the draft picks, look at their skill positions compared to the Jets outside of QB....Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry at WR, David Njoku drafted at TE last year, Duke Johnson (and possibly Barkley on the way)? On D how about Myles Garrett, Jabril Peppers, Ogbah, etc.? I like what the Browns have done recently. Their roster is slightly better than the Jets right now and that's before they end up drafting ahead of the Jets TWICE before the Jets even make their first pick.
  20. If I were forced to predict how this Draft goes I'd say Rosen #1, Darnold #2, Chubb #3, Barkley #4, Mayfield #5.....with the Jets looking at a decision between Quenton Nelson and Josh Allen.
  21. The other move I like is if the Jets, by not signing Cousins, and only marginally putting a dent in their free Cap space this year roll money over to next year for Free Agency. IF the Jets did something like trade this year's #6, a 2nd rounder, and next year's 1st rounder then having the $$$ to plug holes in FA next year will make up for the lost 2019 pick. My only challenge with your comments are in regard to Houston. I'm sure they'd love to have the #4 overall pick this year that went to Cleveland. But I agree, Watson seems worth it.
  22. THIS is the year to make the move and spend the picks. There are a few solid QBs and we're within striking distance at #6. I can't see it lining up better than it does right now. With our defensive improvements and Bridgewater starting I could see the Jets easily winning 6 or 7 games, drafting around 13th next year with maybe only 2 or 3 worthy QB prospects. I'll forgive Macc and the Jets if they make a bold move for a guy like Rosen or Darnold and it doesn't work out. I won't forgive them if they get leapfrogged by the Bills, Cardinals, etc. because they weren't willing to do something like throw in an extra 2019 3rd round pick and we have to watch Josh Rosen lead the Bills to division championships for the next decade as he takes the torch from Tom Brady in the AFC East.
  23. I'd buy a Ferrari so I could drive Todd Bowles out of town as fast as possible.
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