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  1. Jets being Jets. S and S in 2017, OG in 2018, TE in 2019?
  2. Cousins at QB with Nelson at OG.....and a RB taken at the top of Round 2? That's a recipe to jumpstart an offense that's been mediocre for years!
  3. I just want to be able to bring a sign to the game that says, "Jets have a Chubb(y)!"
  4. Well, that's just awesome. One of the worst situations for the Jets QB hopes is a team NOT above them in the Draft order obtaining the best Free Agent QB in Cousins. It would still leave Cleveland, Denver, etc. with QB needs and create a real bidding war to move up towards the top of the Draft. On the flip side, not throwing a gazillion dollars at Cousins would allow the Jets to fix multiple other roster issues in FA with some good talent. I'm preparing myself for something like a McCown / Mayfield / Hackenberg QB depth chart in 2018. Meh.
  5. I don't see Rudolph lasting past Arizona at #15 unless they truly like Lamar Jackson better....which is being debated out here in Phoenix. Local sports talk thinks it will come down to one of those two if the Cardinals do not trade up. I actually expect 6 QBs to go in Round 1. Wouldn't be surprised if New Orleans or Pittsburgh use their late 1st Round picks (27 and 28 respectively) to put young QBs behind Roethlisberger and Brees. Jackson, Rudolph and Falk could all get consideration before Day 1 is done. Just look at last year with many of the QBs going 5 to 10 spots higher than most people had them valued (Trubisky at #2? Mahomes at #10? etc.). Even if people are putting a 2nd round grade on Rudolph I wouldn't be shocked if he sneaks into the 1st Round. Never know.
  6. THIS. Each of those three guys have question marks. Wake is older. Suh is a head case. Quinn benefitted from Aaron Donald and a killer DC (Wade Phillips). AND, I think the Dolphins have something like 30% of their entire Salary Cap spent on those 3 players.
  7. If the Jets don't land Cousins and end up signing a JAG / Hold The Fort kind of QB (Keenum, McCown, Dalton, etc.) then there's no doubt in my mind that they will find a way to land one of these 4 (Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Mayfield). And, dangerous to say this, but I don't think Mayfield spending a year behind McCown would be a bad thing.
  8. What a colossal waste of valuable draft picks. A blindfolded Mike Tyson throwing darts at a list of Draft prospects would have given us better results!
  9. IMO, the absolute perfect scenario would be if the Jets landed Cousins and completely took QB need off their Draft Board at #6. There's almost no doubt that 3 QBs are going in the Top 5...that could push a top non-QB talent like Barkley or Chubb down to the Jets. #WishfulThinking
  10. If we get Mayfield then I certainly hope you're right about him. And, RIP to your left nut.
  11. Question - Is Nelson a fit in Jeremy Bates' expected zone blocking scheme. I'm already hearing that Carpenter is miscast and in the Bates offense. I like Nelson a ton, but he would need to be a fit here. Asking because I simply don't know.
  12. THIS! If you like a QB at #12 but not at #6 then you really don't like the QB. Either you think a guy can become your franchise QB and lead your offense or you don't! And, if you have some doubts then don't take him in the 1st round at all. JMHO.
  13. Yes, the Jets will trade up to #3 ....and still take Mayfield.
  14. That is absolutely 100% the most likely of the worst case scenarios out there. There are several very bad scenarios....but you nailed the worst one that is the most likely to come true. Get ready for, "Case Keenum is a playoff winning QB and Jeremy Bates will take him to the next level." Ugh.
  15. I think he will turn out good. He’ll be the master of our balanced offensive attack. Master Bates, if you will. The offense will play with(in) itself, likely relying on a single back formation most of the time. He might just turn this offense around singlehandedly.
  16. Lots of guys who were previously considered back ups or below average starters, as well as recent first round picks are setting up for huge pay days. Winston, Mariota, Keenum, Foles, Bortles, Wentz and Goff, etc.
  17. Forgot my password in 2016. Just remembered it recently.
  18. Why do I feel like I’ve seen this movie 1,000 times.
  19. Brady is going to try to nickel and dime his way down the field for the whole rest of the game.
  20. Lots of celebs are Jets fans. Obviously, God isn’t though.
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