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  1. Not to throw fantasy football into the mix here, but I will anyway. I'm thinking about starting both Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory in two different fantasy leagues as WR/RB flex positions (essentially my 3rd RBs). Do you think either, both or none of them are a good option this week? I think we're going to try to pound the rock again, especially if Decker isn't 100%.
  2. iPhone 6 is now out....it's bigger......you know, in all the right places. So if size matters, take a look.
  3. I agree with this. The only people I ever saw have a tough time in the Hampur were those who just weren't genuine or took themselves too seriously. You can't be an uptight hardass and take things personally when you start a thread that can and should be laughed at. In fact, a thread started by Klecko is the perfect example..... http://www.jetsinsider.com/forums/threads/177579-The-friggin-game-isn-t-on-in-Jacksonville Not sure if putting that link there is a no-no. If so, I'm sure a mod can just edit it out. But that's the perfect example of the kinds of things that happen in the Hampur IMO.
  4. As someone with way too many posts in the Hampur I'll respectfully disagree with your point. The fact is that there was and is always room at the "lunch table" for anyone over there. It's an open group, anyone can post, but like most sub forums you end up with 20-30 high volume posters. What made the Hampur different was that no one took themselves too seriously, you couldn't have thin skin. It is self-deprecation, silly observations, and hijinks at it's finest and the reason it worked was because it was so different than the main JI board where too many people made proclamations and grandiose statements about the Jets or related topics that ended up going down in flames with bannings and hurt feelings. The Hampur grew because the tightwads posting on the main board often made life unbearable over there. I remember you from over there, Mike, and I wondered what happened to you. Glad to hear about the kid....that's actually a great reason to stop or slow down on posting. But the idea that the Hampur was exclusive and cliquey just doesn't ring true with me. At least not the way I see it. The fact that the JN culture seems to be a lot more open, joking, etc. on the main board is probably the reason that a "hampur" wasn't really needed here. The culture of the Hampur was almost anti - JI Landing Strip, in fact, the Hampur was a place to go to just shake your head when the inevitable "Fire Rex, Fire Idzik, move the Jets to LA" threads pop up and go to 20 pages during the 4th quarter of a game, or when someone spends weeks and months antagonizing half the fanbase simply because they sit in the upper deck at home games. There are some epic threads over there. Sure, a lot of them are littered with "inside jokes" or things you'd have to have spent a lot of time on the board to understand, but others are just plain straightforward and funny. Fish's funny/stupid/cool picture thread is the perfect example. It probably rivals just about anything on the web these days...over 21,000 posts, 2.4M views??? Just a fun place to visit when you need a laugh after a Jets loss.
  5. Is it just me or do these two statements somewhat contradict each other? I certainly hope they both play as well. But I'm not sure it's a good idea actually. I think we're in deep trouble if Decker can't play since our offense stalled completely after he left the game last week. But again, not sure I'd push him with a hammy injury to get back out there too soon. Isn't this an aggravation of an August injury?
  6. I may be one of the few who actually like our CBs (when they're healthy). I think Milliner can absolutely be a CB1 and a good one. The lightbulb went on for him at the end of last year and he was playing at a very high level. He needs to get back to 100% and then shake off the rust. Walls is a decent CB2. On a quality defense he should be a very good backup, but I don't have a ton of heartburn with him out there on the field. He doesn't have the physical tools of a Milliner or Allen, but his coverage technique is good and he's a solid tackler. Rex trusts him. Antonio Allen is showing he can really play CB. I'm trying not to get too excited but with his size, speed, tackling ability and football smarts I can't help but imagine that giving him more experience (a full 16 game season) at CB might actually make him a very, very good CB2. We need a healthy Milliner playing like he was in December 2013, and we need an Antonio Allen with some more experience at the CB position. I think those two guys could carry us this whole season.
  7. That's not what you called me at the Patriots game tailgate. Actually, I couldn't tell what you were calling me with that rag I stuffed in your mouth. And nice monocle. I know where you got it.
  8. I'm going. Haven't bought seats yet either but I'm looking on the Jets sideline Field Level. You definitely want a row higher than about 16 because you can get an obstructed view behind the sideline being that low. I've done Jets - Chargers games a few times. The 2009 playoff game was epic....great group of fans, 100+ person tailgate. I'll be there with a few local Jets fans and probably some fellas from JI (the good ones ). Let me know if you end up going, would be great to meet-up for a beer at tailgates.
  9. Can I have a hat? Good to see you VTN.
  10. Geno played well and would have put up 31 on the Packers if MM doesn't call that timeout. Geno is the least of our problems now. With Decker out we're back to the same pathetic WR situation we had last year.
  11. I would think this would be out a little more by now. Not sure how some Pats fans would know but a reporter wouldn't have wind of it yet and leak it around. If we don't hear anything significant in the next hour I'd probably chalk it up to some overzealousness about a slightly strained muscle.
  12. JB has a nice little sports journalism gig going for herself. I'm happy for her.
  13. I'll post it myself because I stand by all of it. I appreciate that you thought it was nice, but I thought it was fair and accurate. I'm sorry that you're no longer able to reply to posts over there, but that's largely of your own doing. I can absolutely move on, but moving on does not mean forgetting, and you've left a lot of overturned tables and spilled drinks in the rooms you've entered over the years. You might actually consider having your history at JI erased this morning a gift. Maybe Sooth did you a favor by closing the door to those messy rooms. There's an opportunity to start anew, be it here, at Scout, wherever. I'm willing to put my non-football conversation with you and about you to bed. You certainly don't need to take any advice from me, but you'd be smart to at least recognize that how you communicate with people often trumps what you communicate to them. That's why I said what I said in the last sentence.
  14. In all seriousness, I think he's a smart player but he's a big hitter, no doubt about it. It was very concerning when he went out with a concussion during what, his 2nd day of practice? Granted, it was on special teams and in a practice, and I haven't seen or heard anything else about him having a history of injuries or penalties related to head-hunting in college, etc. but it does bear watching. I'm sure he's getting coached correctly and his preseason play looks like he's all over the place and hitting, but we just have to wait and see. Eric Smith, a far less talented player, started to get a somewhat deserving reputation for illegal hits. Injuries and penalties are the concern, but again, I'm sure he's been coached on how to handle passes coming across the middle....and I can't wait to see it!
  15. Unfortunately, I think there's a decent chance it's Pryor.
  16. I didn't see that one. So he went from vowing to never go to a Jets game again if Rex was coach, to letting Rex pick out his wardrobe for the game? Can you do a bigger 180?
  17. You're obviously not talking about southside.
  18. Even the head coach who you repeatedly pounded the table and said should be fired? I'm surprised you took his call.
  19. mouthwide didn't work for you?
  20. possibly Or it could be the one where we he was going to wait on line for a shoe store to open so he could buy $120 Air Jordans or something.....but he also didn't have any money. Oh, and hellllooooooooo Tx.
  21. If you thought coming over here would alleviate your virginity problem then you are as off target as a Tajh Boyd pass at a stationary target.
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