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  1. “That’s a nice grip you got there Josh! Is this the same hand you throw the football with?”
  2. Similar player, younger, signed for slightly less money. This is a net positive for Jets.
  3. How about this pic from Josh Rosen’s pro day....
  4. Good move. The Jets declined to exercise an option for 2018 allowing Ben to test the FA market. He came back to the Jets presumably at a lower cost. Sounds good for both sides. A good, not great offensive tackle. Trustworthy and he can backup both the left and right side. The offensive line, on paper at least seems decent without any further additions. I would prefer better than decent though.
  5. If we are sitting at 6 and the best two options available are Allen and Nelson I might actually prefer Nelson.
  6. Of course, but the Jets gamesmanship here is to give the illusion of not being QB-desparate at #6. Two one-year deals don't really do that IMO, but what do I know...
  7. I understand the incentive-laden deal. Smart move for the Jets and I like seeing Teddy essentially betting on himself. But why wouldn't the Jets include a team option for 2019? Even if it were priced high (say $15M guaranteed) it would give the Jets some element of control if Teddy does return to his 100% self and looks like a franchise guy for the Jets. Otherwise, their only option would seem to be a franchise tag.
  8. Not sure if this was posted yet but McCown was at a Texas Chik-Fil-A when he paused to electronically sign his $10M contract.
  9. Lehigh alum here. Congrats to him! Wise choice.
  10. Is the Long deal finalized?
  11. Does Miami have a FA plan at Center that allows them to let Pouncey walk?
  12. Yeah, Bridgewater and Eifert could be an amazing tandem....on the weekly Injury Report.
  13. Yeah, they'd only give up like 9 points per game.......so we'd lose all our games 10 - 9. I love the Badger but this team continues to invest on D without anything to show for it. Signing Revis, drafting Mauldin, Jenkins, Leo, Darron Lee, Adams, and Maye. Now we sign Trumaine Johnson and Bowles STILL needs Mathieu to make his D work?
  14. As much as I like Honey Badger I can't see how it would be sustainable to have contracts like his, Trumaine Johnson, whoever is CB2, and then eventually needing to re-sign BOTH Adams and Maye. We'd have a ton of money tied up in the Secondary while giving those guys a nice view from the back of RBs gauging us for 5 yards per carry.
  15. I don't believe you. Post a picture of yourself hopping with the NFL Network on in the background.
  16. Gun shy is the perfect description of him. He tries to make safe bets ala signing "known quantities" like Revis, etc. And, when he takes a QB in Round 2 or 4 he can always say, "Well, it was never a sure thing and these guys are projects." Everyone knows there's no guarantee taking a QB after Round 1. But, could you imagine if the Jets were at #1 or #2 this year. That would be EVEN more stressful for Macc because he'd actually have to choose between the QBs. At this point, his built in excuse if the guy he gets doesn't work out will be, "Well, we really wanted the QBs who were taken at #1, #3 and #5, but they were gone so we got our 4th guy." The pressure to choose between the 4/5 QBs would have had Macc drinking 37 Starbucks a day!
  17. He spent his first few years trying to get a Russell Wilson or Derek Carr outside Round 1 and ended up with Petty and Hack. Complete misfires and those were the perfect picks to use on guys who would likely be a starting OG or one of our Safeties now (imagine not needing to use BOTH top picks last year on S and taking someone like Dalvin Cook in Round 2). In any case, Macc needs to swing for the fences now. This is his last at-bat unless he hits a HR.
  18. The Holy Grail of good luck for the Jets would be ending up with an Eagles type situation where not one, but TWO QBs, turn out to be capable starters or even more. Watching Wentz go down and then Foles win the Super Bowl is painful to a team that hasn't been able to find one decent starting QB in years. But imagine a scenario where the Jets draft one of the Top 4 (say a Rosen or Mayfield) and he turns out to be a franchise type guy. Maybe not an elite QB but a Top 10ish guy like Russell Wilson. And, what if Bridgewater stays healthy and returns to form? I don't know if there's any control over Teddy B. beyond 2018 but the franchise tag exists for a reason. All I'm saying is that instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong how about we consider the slight possibility of things going right.
  19. Agreed. If Macc wants to save face he has to get a QB in Round 1. And, if they really want to juice the fanbase and get ownership excited about filling the stadium they would sign Honey Badger and draft Mayfield. I'm not saying that guarantees success on the field or that Baker is the answer but it would certainly infuse life into a team that has had zero identity for 3 years.
  20. hmmm...seems pretty easy. Just draft a guy like Russell Wilson in Round 3.
  21. Bingo! (Not to be confused with Mingo.) If ownership is supportive and possibly even pushing to get one of these QBs then Macc probably has the green light to go up as high as he thinks is necessary. I could see the Jets sending a 1, 2 and a 1 next year to the Giants to move up to #2. And when everyone goes batsh!t crazy over giving up a #1 next year I'll just suggest we think of it as having traded a previous #1 like Pryor, Quinton Coples or Vernon Gholston in order to move up.
  22. This. The paranoia here is crazy. It's only because the Jets are so QB-starved that everyone is thinking of the worst case scenario. Although, the Jets are absolutely stellar at turning worst case scenarios into reality. So there's that.
  23. The Jets cost themselves the future by being pretty bad instead of truly horrible. Only in Jetland!
  24. Hey man, all good. I've been staying away from message boards for a while but this offseason has really drawn me back in.
  25. Bowles would play 3 CBs and 4 Safeties every down if he could.
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