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  1. stfu. you and your ilk deserve adam gase's failures for the rest of your lives.
  2. I spent about 1.5 hours on Sunday evening putting together an entire post with tons of data showcasing why Gase is awful and why we should have known it based on his time with Miami (guess what, all of the down splits, situational splits, and general offensive production rates during his time with the Jets are fully in line with his Miami tenure....it's ******* pathetic). The other damning aspect I looked at was the difference in production between players' time with Gase and without. Lastly, I looked at how convenient it was that Gase always had a built in excuse because his teams always happened to be hit with the injury bug - and how a coach actually has a lot of influence on conditioning injuries. However, I ultimately decided not to post it because everyone is out for Sam's blood because it's the easiest mouth-breathing take available, and I've already eaten so many buttfumbles and thumbdowns since Dec 2018 when it was even rumored that we'd be hiring Gase (a proven loser) over Kliff, Rhule (both first time coaches; i.e., unknowns) or McCarthy (SB winner). I didn't want Sam in the draft, but after we picked him I did a ton of digging and started to like him. His progression in his rookie year with Bates was solid to the point where I was finally excited for a drafted Jets QB for the first time in my life. Then we hire Gase and already I was upset. Still, I thought, only 1 HC in NFL history has ever won a Lombardy trophy at his HC job, and maybe the Miami failure was just what Gase needed. Unfortunately, right out of the gate, it was obvious that Gase sucked. Sam's regression in year 2 until he had to make Gase change up his playbook was tangible. The combination of an extraordinarily easy final 8 games and his talk with Gase is what led his final year 2 numbers to look respectable, but from a purely developmental standpoint, it was marginal at best. He was still being put in positions where he'd have trouble deciphering the defense pre-snap and was still generally a 1 read QB until the play broke down, in which case he was terrific. Gase doesn't make anything easy for a young athlete playing QB; his offenses are designed for a Peyton/Matt Ryan/Phillip Rivers type. Going into last year and this year, I didn't care what our record would be. I didn't care what the surrounding circumstances were. I wanted to see development. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened. We're at a point now where I'm essentially writing off his 3rd year after just the first game, because it's headed by Gase. We'll have Darnold on his rookie deal for 1 more year, and then will have to pay him a boatload of money for either his 5th year or an extension - and unfortunately, I have no idea what to expect out of him. Is he so far broken that he can't be fixed with another OC/HC? Or is his natural talent still so strong and he so young that this would just be a blip in the road and a real OC/HC would actually make a material difference - a la Harbough for Alex Smith? I have no idea, and it's such a remarkably sh*tty circumstance we're in all because we decided to hire the only proven loser available when we had other guys clamoring for the job specifically because of Darnold. I'm at the point now where I genuinely hope they sit Sam, go 0-16 so they can draft Lawrence without having to give up any additional picks, fire Gase and the entire offensive coaching staff, and start over. Hopefully Douglas uses all of next year's picks on offense, and Trevor and Sam can fight it out in camp. I don't know what else to say. Even more than being upset about the all-world combination of Idzik and Macc running player personnel over the past 8 years, I'm so exhausted from being upset about the way they've handled the development of the first viable potential FQB we've had in my 34 year lifetime.
  3. Parcells, idzik, mangini, gase. Wanted to draft lienart and compared mahomes to geno. If T0m is indeed a real person and not just a troll bot, I'm about to start a gofundme to get this guy some round-the-clock help just for basic living.
  4. Can’t wait for @T0mShane and @SAR I to expound upon Chris Johnson’s prescient takes.
  5. No one’s saying he does it purposefully. Everyone’s saying that he doesn’t realize he’s calling the bad plays that don’t work, and everyone’s saying that it’s been like this every time he’s had that responsibility and didn’t have Peyton to make it work.
  6. You big picture jabronis claim the Bills didn’t make the playoffs last year, the Jets *full season record* last year was 6-2, and that leasing a bmw is high class, when it’s barely middle class trashy. So of course you’ve been wrong about Gase since day 1.
  7. To be fair, this was as easy as picking Peyton over Leaf. The only maroons who got it wrong are the ones still defending the guy...Shane and Sar
  8. @Lupz27 right about Mahomes, Trubisky, Lynch, Hack, and Baker all in that thread from ‘07. Pretty impressive.
  9. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking for a QB in that draft, but I really liked Drew Lock coming out, and I absolutely love what Denver is doing for him. That’s how you support your young QB who you’re hoping will become your FQB for the next decade: draft players to support him, sign players to support him, and get rid of the OC/HC that wasn’t working and get the best one available.
  10. Unfortunately, I think a real OC/HC needs to break out the red, yellow green colored wristbands for Gase.
  11. The first mistake here is intimating a supposed lack of competitive drive, and then assigning it as a rule for why he's failing. Hint: Lack of competitive drive does not allow for a guy to switch from LB to QB halfway through high school, select to go to a university and beat out the 5 star recruit starter considered the best prospect in his class, lead them to a win from down 14 in the rose bowl, get drafted 3rd overall, come to an organization drowning in ineptness from Macc to Bowles to Gase to the owners, and still have him suit up every week trying to win. Lack of competitive drive would have turned 1-7 last year to 1-15. Again, just say you're done with him because like me, you feel betrayed that he hasn't lived up to what he was supposed to be. It's a perfectly fine take. Saying that his personality or lack of fire are why he's failing is terribly misguided as it discounts his sh*tty play on the field as well as all of the bullsh*t he's surrounded by
  12. Gase has sucked without Darnold. Darnold was better without Gase. Not rocket science here.
  13. How on earth are you equating your warped read of Darnold's body language to his lack of wins, while simultaneously praising Jamal for "hating to lose" when he literally had double the losses to wins with the Jets (16-32 record here)? You know who else never ran for a 1st down, never got heated about anything, was completely flat, and never looked like he hated to lose? Eli Manning. He won two super bowls against the greatest HC/QB combo ever. Just say you're done with Darnold. That's a perfectly fine take given that he hasn't given us much to believe in. But trashing his personality or competitive fire is plain stupid.

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