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  1. Don't you work on Broadway? Fairly certain Zach Wilson isn't the cause of this.
  2. You must be new here. He's been pulling the same sh*t for the last three months in every.single.thread. This is the one thread he doesn't need to be in, yet here he is. And he was doing it even before the SF trade, and even before the Jets were the presumed favorite. All because of his absolutist takes on Zach. I don't even hate zach wilson, I hate the idea of him because of fidelio and his brethren.
  3. God, I hope Jax takes Wilson. And not because I want Trevor.
  5. Thanks for confirming that I didn't diminish Wilson in my initial post.
  6. I was with you on this and was hoping that would be a scenario available to JD, but then I looked up SF’s draft cupboard, and - well...bare doesn’t begin to describe it.
  7. Hey guys first time long time. Have a quick one for ya: How many TD passed did Zach Wilson throw against the greatest QB prospect of all time in the national championship play-in game?
  8. Look guys, all I'm saying is that even if we do end up picking Wilson, it's not all bad. When the new GM is looking at the state of the roster in 2024 knowing that he's in need of "his" QB, it'll be perfect that Wilson's rookie contract will come to an end right in time for Arch Over For Arch!
  9. **** it. I'm going for it. Jets trade with Falcons to move down 2 spots. Get back this year's 1st and 2nd, and next two years 1sts. Falcons are going for it all with Ryan still capable of a few more years on a very team-unfriendly contract. They take Sewell to protect Ryan. 9ers take Brigham Young reincarnate. Jets take Fields and then follow it up with hitting on every premium pick over the next three years. Win games every January and a few Februarys for the next decade. A guy can dream.
  10. Ok, but where did I diminished Wilson?
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