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  1. I agree that golf should not be categorized as a sport, but your qualification seems off. Basketball and football are two of the sportiest sports in the world, yet neither require a ball to be hit.
  2. Well I was only partially right. He didn’t even come close to Ken’s streak. Ken’s trivia knowledge was unparalleled, and was the closest thing we’ll see to the Watson in human form. However, as I mentioned before, James was the better player because he maximized his earnings and basically beat people just by getting so far on top of them so early that there wasn’t much room for them to catch up. I suspect his big bets on daily doubles will have been his downfall too. Will find out tonight.
  3. JA? I’m a big fan of his despite how stupid picking him was, but I’m willing to give you that, because I don’t see the game changing plays I’d like to see out of my All-Pro safety. Hopefully that changes and he becomes the player we all want him to be, but I’m also not going to direct my despair at said All-Pro player just because the GM who picked him was a colossal pfail. I’ll leave that for the guys who require the attention they receive from trolling.
  4. Either you're choosing not to read my posts, or are deliberately skipping my points just to re-post things I've already agreed on. Either way, have fun. Also, I have no idea who Pete Gas is and don't care to look him up.
  5. Although I find it ridiculous that I’d have to spoon feed the logic behind why “forget the stats” is an awful way to argue a point, let’s go ahead and play your game. Forget the stats. No numbers, cool? If he was plopped into starting QB role for the 2017 Jets, I agree he’d still be valuable and we’d still say we’re set at QB for the next 10 years, but would you be calling him a first ballot HoFer with only 16 games under his belt? Would he have won the MVP? No. That was my entire point. Situation matters, and your consistent hyperbole diminishes that fact for both Sam and for Mahomes.
  6. Can I get some background on the 'Laveranues swimming with dolphins' avatar? I'm truly lost here.
  7. My post a little bit after the one you quoted fully details my position, but in summary: I agree. I was simply going against Matt's hyperbole of: Mahomes would be Mahomes on the Jets in year 1." The fact remains, he would not have been the Mahomes we've come to know, slinging 50tds and 5k yards with his left hand doing backflips in his first 16 games. That obviously doesn't mean he wouldn't be valuable or that he "would have been outta the league in 3 years" as he sarcastically stated, it just means that his situation had more to do with him being SuperMahomes than just his talent alone. Regarding the whole Mac/safety situation, I'll point you to my post in 80's thread from yesterday (in which he's been curiously absent despite all of the activity):
  8. I think coaching and surrounding the QB with talent plays a big part in QB play. The only three QBs I'd ever say are truly system-proof are Marino, Elway, and Peyton. Even GodMode Aaron Rodgers was affected by coaching, and we'll get to see just much impact coaching has on even his game this coming season. So no, I don't believe Mahomes would be great in any situation. That's not to say that he wouldn't get there or that he's not talented - it's just to say that Mahomes benefited greatly from his situation. All reports say he was raw coming out of college, and QBs in general from his conference struggle in the NFL. So getting to sit and absorb the game for a year while preparing and learning a stable system from one of the great QB coaches in the league is a huge benefit, and greatly aided him to be god mode in his second year (first year starting). If he were drafted to the Jets and started from day 1, I'm not saying he'd be out of the league in three years, I'm saying that much like you believe Darnold still has a lot to prove, we'd be saying that Mahomes still has alot to prove, as opposed to claiming he's a first ballot HoFer after his first 16 games in the league. In general, I'm more reserved in passing judgement - good or bad. Mahomes was otherworldly, and incredibly fun to watch, but I'm very curious to see how his 2nd year will go without Hill and Hunt. Also, just as Darnold has a lot to prove, Mahomes also still has to prove that he can replicate his success when the talent deteriorates. I think he'll prove that he's up to the task, but it's by no stretch a foregone conclusion as you would have us believe.
  9. Are you intending the bolded part to be sarcastic? Mahomes would have thrown for 5k yards & 50 tds on the 2018 Jets?
  10. Great posts. Another thing to add is that given the history of Mac's picks, what makes you believe that he would have done anything with the three 2nd round picks?
  11. Dude you and I are almost always on the same page, but this thread is like a Mac draft pick: it's got the right intention but it doesn't deliver. Your point about Adams being a bad pick is well received by mostly everyone. (1) It was a stupid pick. (2) The reason it was stupid is because of the opportunity cost of picking a young potential franchise QB. (3) The reason we were all pissed about it is because it was yet another datapoint in the vast database that is: "reasons Mac is a pfail". However, (1) even with it being a stupid pick, it's still resulted in a player who is an emerging star in the league, and honestly, one of the few really fun parts of the team. (2) While it was almost unforgivable to pass on Watson for the entire 2017 season in favor of Adams, we now have Sam Darnold (albeit down quite a few 2nd round picks, but again, that fault lies with Mac; not Jamal or Sam. (3) Most importantly, Mac is already gone!
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