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  1. Keepin it 💯 The part bolded is where I feel like a guy like McCarthy would have been better here. I’m not saying McCarthy is some great coach, and I certainly recognize the stagnant nature of his innovation and schemes in his final years in GB. Still, he has a proven history of transforming a guy with similar (albiet, more refined) traits into a great QB through 1000 hours of mental and physical reps. The articles about his QB school had me giddy thinking about how he’d work with Sam. Instead we ended up with a guy who rode Peyton to paydays and doesn’t have a single QB or offense to point to and say, “I did that”. If anything, the best thing to say about him is that QBs/offense get better when he leaves. So we’ve got that going for us!
  2. Ingram 2nd in DYAR and being a true threat on all the option reads helps too.
  3. Nah, it’s clear you’re here for a reason. Carry on with your blind self.
  4. Shane’s narrative of blaming Gase for Macs failure is absurd. Don’t fall for it. Most people realize that he had a history as a HC and OC before he was saddled with Mac’s roster and it was all bad except for the Peyton years. I get that he’s not going anywhere, and I get that it’s best to keep Sam in the same offense for once. However, I disagree that firing him 11 months in would seem short-sighted. He’s a proven loser who doesn’t enhance a QB or an offense’s effectiveness. Sam will be on the 3rd (and for all intents and purposes, “show me”) yr of his rookie deal next year. If Gase is absolved for any blame because of “Mac’s roster”, then when Douglass improves the roster and the jets get a few more wins next year but Gase continues to do Gase things, will it then be prudent to move on from him while Sam goes into the fourth year of his rookie deal with a new coach? Or will we then be saddled with the same Gase who is a proven loser just because Sam and Douglass are dragging him to competency? I’d say it’s better the Johnsons admit they were wrong, pull the plug on this experiment, and go get someone who isn’t a proven loser to work with Sam and Douglass over the next two years of Sam’s deal to see if we have our FQB or if we need to draft another one in ‘21 and groom him while Sam plays out his 5th year here.
  5. I’m one of Lamar Jackson’s biggest fans. I targeted him in all three of my fantasy leagues at the beginning of the year and got him in 2 and am currently the heavy favorite to win it all in both. After week 3 I put money down that he’d be MVP even when Deshaun, Russell, and Aaron were well ahead of him in terms of odds. I’m prefacing with all of this just to show that there’s no hidden agenda when I say this: that narrative that you and 14ingreen have been pushing all week and especially since last night is flawed. The ravens were a stacked team even at 4-5 and Harbaugh was still a top 3 HC at the time....Joe Flacco just sucked the life out of that team. LJ is pure fire, one of my favorite guys in the league especially with how much he’s personally benefitting me, but you gotta stop acting like he isn’t in the perfect situation with tons of talent around him, playing for one of the best HCs in the game and being coordinated by the perfect OC who has prior experience with how to optimally utilize a guy with his unique and amazing skill set.
  6. I mentioned this 3 times in the game thread while the game was still in reach. Standard Gase. If you look up his charts from Miami, you’d know to expect a run up the A gap on a large percentage of second downs. It’s a good thing opposing defenses can’t track patterns like us fans though.
  7. Chalk up another blowout loss on Gase’s resume. Total HC record: 28-34; 26 of the 34 losses by double-digits. People here will tell us that all of them can be contextualized using Mac’s roster and/or a “ginger boogie boarder”.
  8. The ravens are quietly having an absolutely awful game on STs. You can bet Belichick is taking notice for the playoffs.
  9. Anyone tracking the percentage of 2nd downs that bell has run up the gut?
  10. 1st down: play-action 2nd down: run up the guy with leveon 3rd down: hope Sam can bail you out Repeat, repeat, repeat. Offensive genius.
  11. What in tha... He’s not a division rival nor has he ever even played against the Jets or prevented the Jets from reaching anything of significance. For brady, I get it. Why the hate on LJ though?

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