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  1. The usual candidates killing CJ because of knees and the Jets PR videos is one thing. But then to turn it around and directly or indirectly give credit to Woody as a better owner is absolutely ******* twisted. I mean, I’d expect fake news from that crowd, but damn.
  2. He has two years of being a loser owner, and has now secured well respected and highly sought after candidates at GM and HC. Hess and Woody each have more years as loser owners. Not sure what equation you’re calculating to get to your end result.
  3. Goofing on him once in a while to troll the rare Nicos is very different from the nonstop rage posting in every thread that some are consumed with.
  4. Well seeing as to Lawrence isn’t really anything to write home about and Deshaun is a top 5 QB, I guess I can see why this would be a debate.
  5. Methinks your camaraderie disallows honest. I’m done with Darnold too, but that’s the thing: I’m done with him. I’m not anti-him. There are posters who go out of their way to absolutely trash him, make fun of serious diseases, start threads rooting for him to be bad, and have rageposted for months and years about how he will never be good. People did similarly things for each of the QBs listed here. Those people can claim they’re rooting for them, but they’re simply being disingenuous on a message board. I was over Pennington by ‘05, hated the Sanchez pick, hated the geno pick, and wanted someone else when Darnold was picked. Its all on record here and on JI. I got buttfumbled to oblivion on draft day because of the thread I started where I simply asked posters to sell me on Darnold cuz I wanted Rosen (yikes- talk about being wrong). Still, I rooted for all of them and genuinely hoped they’d succeed, and was stoked when I thought I was finally proven wrong near the end of 2018. My self worth has never been tied to being validated on online forums. Then you’ve got others who need their stances to be right on message boards because they tie intelligence into their fandom as some sort of weird self validation:
  6. No need to imagine. Happens every single day by many of the same people who claim it doesn’t happen.
  7. Not true. He practically hand-delivered the Steelers to the AFCCG in ‘05 - which is as close to a Super Bowl as you can get!
  8. I was anti-chad starting in '05 and anti sanchez and geno from before the draft, but wtf does that have to do with being smart? Congrats on all the wisdom I guess. I wish I were wrong about any and all of them.
  9. GOAT****** (one for each SB he won by cheating) vs BOAT
  10. This is entirely false. If anything, it would make massholes even happier and more unbearable. Most of them became buccs fans the minute Belichick signed a black QB, and the rest switched over around week 14.

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