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  1. Villain’s vanity and need for attention, as all threads with him always deteriorate to.
  2. There is. OP posted in it too. It gets confusing when you just read the title and not the article. The other thread would have you believing 2019 Gase was really 2009 Rex.
  3. Gase didn't say anything. Mosley did. Folks are attributing Mosley's words in mid-april to Gase and calling them worthless, but folks are also super into their feelings about Gase saying those worthless words which were actually said by Mosley.
  4. greenwichjetfan

    Live vs TV

    This. I go to two games each year and my friends and I all make sure to plan those two games ahead of time. We generally have a tailgate of 15-30 people consisting of music, games, tons of food, tons to drink. Otherwise, I'm not doing that drive from fairfield county 8 times a year (in traffic and/or bad weather) for the right to pay ~500/person/game. My big screen UHDTV in a temp-controlled room with whatever food I want and no line at the bathroom are just fine for me. And as others have mentioned, generally when I go to a game, I'm basically just reacting to scores and big plays. Very hard to be fully engrossed in the nuances of the game, the way you would be in front of a TV with the ability to actually hear/see clearly what's going on. Edit: Also, redzone completely changed the game. Watching at home is that much more fun because I can set the computer/second TV to redzone all day long.
  5. greenwichjetfan

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    - Jets go to Foxboro after playing MNG in Cle (short week, back-to-back road games) - pats* come to MetLife after playing TNF at home (mini-bye, no travel for them the week prior to playing us) Otherwise, schedule doesn't look too bad. Would have liked to get the pats @ home week 3 or the Giants a little earlier in the year, but it is what it is.
  6. greenwichjetfan

    Free Agent OT Donald Penn

    ^This guy didn't watch The West Wing
  7. greenwichjetfan

    Hate the Cheetos thread

  8. greenwichjetfan

    Who else is hyped for Game of Thrones Tonight??

    Agree with everything here. The CGI stuff is already getting old, and I don't understand why people don't get that CGI doesn't age well. It's going to look corny and stupid in 5 years, so the less of it, the better. Focus on the characters and their stories - that's what brought the show to its heights.
  9. greenwichjetfan


    Yep, posted this in the other thread, but really enjoyed: Really enjoyed Sam's scenes. The guy is a very good actor. The entire Tormund scene was fun. Bronn: “that ******* family!” Tyrion: “because I have balls”
  10. greenwichjetfan


    Having the last 4 episodes be 80ish minutes each allowed them to do one final table-setting episode. Plus, after two years, I kinda expected last night's episode to be slower. What upsets me is that the final 5 episodes are going to feel very rushed. You can already tell that the things that made this show great are going to be traded in for scenes where there is a resolution. Exhibit A: Theon's story from jumping off the boat a coward to saving Yara. There was so much much that had to go on off-camera in order to make that leap, but it was all forsaken to get to the resolution. That said, maybe my expectation allowed me to at least enjoy some parts of last night's episode. Euron, however, is god awful.
  11. greenwichjetfan

    2014 The Draft that set up back 3 years!

    Imagine believing that that’s what’s being argued here. Also imagine being so sensitive to call any draft an “abject failure” when it lands any franchise their best QB prospect in 40 years. Here I’ll make it easier for you: that Mac’s tenure is almost a full on disaster doesn’t redeem Idzik. Idzik is the worst GM I’ve ever seen in the NFL. If it’ll help you feel better though, the current Arizona GM is shooting for his title.
  12. greenwichjetfan

    2014 The Draft that set up back 3 years!

    Imagine believing that one is better than the other and defending that one 4 years later on an internet message board
  13. greenwichjetfan

    2014 The Draft that set up back 3 years!

    Figures. Drafts a scrub box safety and glass-made CB after trading away the best CB in the nfl and before batting a .083 in the 2014 draft. Also thought Geno Smith was an NFL QB.
  14. greenwichjetfan

    Who else is hyped for Game of Thrones Tonight??

    Really enjoyed the very brief scene between Sam and Dany too. Edit; actually, the entire Tormund scene was fun too. And Bronn: “that ******* family!” Tyrion too: “because I have balls”
  15. greenwichjetfan

    Who else is hyped for Game of Thrones Tonight??

    For sojf, the fans are reek, and the Jets are Ramsay.

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