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  1. Same! Was able to nab him early in three leagues - put up a monster game for an RB3!
  2. I’ve stashed Watson on my bench in 3 leagues, so this would be great news for my fantasy teams.
  3. As someone who has tangentially supported the Bills since Allen‘s rookie year (loved him pre-draft and took him in a dynasty league), I agree. This defense doesn’t stand up with the defenses of the last two years, and while Allen is incredible, there’s only so much he’ll be able to do against playoff defenses when they take away Diggs. Too many strong teams in the AFC this year. When Allen’s career is done, he’ll look back at the WC loss a few years ago with remorse. They had a fantastic defense which didn’t require much from the offense that year, but Allen was just too raw. He wasn
  4. Phew, good thing we got those 4 mess games outta the way early. 13-4 here we come!!!
  5. Can't wait to watch UConn blow more games by outplaying the opponent but missing 28% of their FTs and averaging 13 TOs a game again. The only saving grace is I don't have to watch an immensely talented James Bouknight play every game like a heartless timid backup. He's the Hornets' problem now.
  6. Nice. Wow, it was like 8 years ago and I haven't thought about it or seen it since it happened. Must say a lot about my feelings towards Geno that I got almost all the details correct.
  7. A personal favorite of mine was the play against (IIRC) the Titans near the end zone where he tried a behind the back move with the ball as he was retreating backwards from the rush. I want to say he fumbled that play.
  8. LOL this was so good I laughed out loud at work (yes i'm back in office) and my colleague looked over and saw Yoda on my screen, and I had to explain it to her. She laughed as well.
  9. Lol awesome. You got me. Mostly because Andy is one of only a few well-known coaches that I would presume to be safe from this stuff. The guy seems like a genuinely good hearted individual.
  10. There it is. Was waiting for someone to hit us with this. Also add: Hack's experience.
  11. Fun fact: Bill Parcells doesn't have a single playoff win (maybe even appearance, I don't remember) without Belichick as his DC. He also wouldn't guarantee he'd select Peyton #1 overall, and treated Belichick so badly that Belichick would do anything to get out from under him. Think about that for a second. The Jets could have had Peyton Manning and Bill Belichick together for 15+ years. Yet, Jets fans want to celebrate the fat tuna.
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