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  1. I hate Gase (have since before we even hired him - you can check the records). I don’t believe he’s a good coach. If you’re looking at the Jets coaching history, something tells me you can look up Gase’s history too. My stance is fully supported by 5 years of data. I also believe Sam has shown enough to become the FQB here for another 2 contracts. He hasn’t put it together yet and there’s a long way to go, but there’s enough there to merit hope. All that said, if the Jets win 5 games next year, both need to go or we riot.
  2. I actually agree with you. Was happy with the way he handled it. Hopefully he continues to be on the front lines and leading the franchise towards the right side of history.
  3. This comes from a good place so I have no issue with it, but practically, the problem here are the uneducated, unfit parents with many issues including racist thoughts/tendencies.
  4. IBTL. As wrong as all of your posts related to football on the field are, this one takes the cake. As such, it's something I've suspected from your posts for a long time anyway.
  5. Nick Bosa gearing up for a career game on 11/15!
  6. After today, Boston fans would roll out the red carpet to embrace him.
  7. Holy ! Everytime he breaks up a pass, he needs to say: ”🤷🏽‍♂️ Did I do that?? 🤷🏽‍♂️“
  8. No you weren’t. You needed this thread so you could post this.
  9. Great post. Obviously greatness is innate, but getting there requires coaching, nurturing and developing the natural talent. If you include behavioral sciences, there's even more that goes into greatness. Unless of course, the belief is that Peyton Manning and Patrick Mahommes were/will be there same world beaters in their prime as the were at 15, 18, 21 years of age due simply to a supernatural gift imparted on them either at conception or birth.
  10. This is like when you spent all of last offseason talking about how Baker won OROY (hint, he didn’t). If the first sentence were true, I’d agree with the second sentence. Unless “just a couple of months” is slang for 17 months. edit: and before we wash away how little time 17 months is because it doesn’t fit the narrative, let’s remember that these are very young people we’re talking about. Growth and learning a job in the real world is amongst the highest it will ever be on an age chart - for any industry; especially for a specialized profession like quarterbacking. It’s two full off seasons of learning how to play the position, and a full season of reps to grow from. LJax has proven he’s creme of the crop. Allen has proven he’s a good player but a sub-par passer. Sam has proven that he’s not a bust, but he hasn’t yet proven that he’s a FQB. This is where we stand. Age in this case isn’t an excuse or a reason for any of the three; but as a proxy for experience, it’s a very valid part of the analysis.
  11. Generally speaking I understand that, but I assure you I’ve never searched anything even resembling “dimwitted oompah loompah’s birthday”. And it only happened on that day which is why I posted about it. Otherwise it’s been the standard ads that I’ve gotten used to seeing across various platforms which actually are relevant to my search histories. Either way, I don’t really care. Just something I noticed and figured you might want to know about.

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