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  1. Will be curious to see if they even mention the Breeland play during any of tonight's broadcast, considering that the new rule potentially cost the Chiefs the game just as it's potentially cost the Packers a game this year.
  2. greenwichjetfan

    Do the Dolphins have a new QB?

    @jgb created a tannehill CBPOTY thread a couple of weeks ago and cited his reasons as "Tannehill is working with replacement level players and is single-handedly carrying this team to a 3-0 record." Then Tannehill got benched for Brock during a 2 game losing streak, and here comes Brock taking this rag-tag bunch of scrubs to a huge win in which he single-handedly beat up the #1 D for 31 points and a win.
  3. greenwichjetfan


  4. greenwichjetfan

    Game Day Pin Jets vs. Colts - October 14

    Similar to flair. It's how you express yourself.
  5. greenwichjetfan


    I see you've managed yet again (this time with JiF) to create an argument in your own mind, and then flail around to defend it...against no one. Not progress.
  6. greenwichjetfan


    Internet Message Boarding is tough with someone who creates arguments in their own minds. Chad'sTheMan has a habit of that. It's cool. The point was and still is: Mahomes is playing great, but it'd be interesting to see him without the coaching and surrounding talent he's enjoying in KC. BTW: You see Sam's completion % this week? Pretty pretty! Although he did have another of those pesky unsustainable 20+ yard TD throws yesterday.
  7. Being a Jets fan has become fun again because of Sam. Getting to watch him play on Sundays is obviously the grand prize. But then throughout the week we get little snippets and articles and statlines like this, and it's just so much fun. Great clip.
  8. After making this point in another thread, I'm now wondering if I'm misremembering: Didn't Herndon completely blow his protection responsibility on a Sam playaction and it got Sam obliterated? Maybe I have the wrong guy because no one else has brought this up, but if I'm right, that alone should drop the grade 2 degrees. That is unacceptable.
  9. greenwichjetfan

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    Ha. My wife wants to move out of here for weather and cost of living reasons, and into Tampa for family reasons. I've fortunately gotten her to open up to other ideas since (1) SFL weather is not for me, (2) FL lifestyle according to what I see and read is not for me, (3) she'll easily find work due to her profession, I won't due to mine. Then again, that's the case almost throughout the country for the two of us. Right now I love Texas and NC, and they're slightly better for my profession than FL, but still going to be tough. I'd be interested in whether we'll even move at all tbh. Regarding your situation: have you looked into parts of CT? It's far, ridiculously expensive, and the people generally suck...but at least property taxes are low!
  10. greenwichjetfan


    Fully agree. A guy who was nearly considered a bust in SF and then finally had a good season or two before being jettisoned in favor of Kaep, and Andy transformed him into a solid if not borderline strong QB statistically in KC. Can you imagine Sam in that system with those playmakers?
  11. This is a very real thing. He single handedly (literally with a single hand) saved a TD yesterday when he stripped the ball out of the Colts WR in the endzone before the WR fell to the ground. He's also responsible for fumbles in other games, and this is clearly something that was coached into him prior to joining the team as he was also doing this in the preseason (remember leonard williams recovering and rumbling down the field). It's odd how well Mo plays in games where Tru is out or injured. He's had great games in all three of the Jets wins, and they happen to coincide with games that Tru either didn't start or had to leave due to injury. I'm extremely down on Trumaine as a CB1 for us, and really hope that him coming back doesn't disrupt Mo's production. Chris had a good game, but I swear to god if he gives up another "blindside" hit (not really Sam's blindside but his back was turned), I don't want to see him again. We're lucky Sam's a healthy, thick, big guy. To completely whiff on his responsibility like that when Sam is in the middle of a playaction is unacceptable.
  12. Avery had himself a game too yesterday. Ironically, the guy I expected to see a lot yesterday didn’t show up at all: Henry Anderson.
  13. greenwichjetfan


    Mahomes is good, but I’d like to see him without Tyreek Hill. 4 times in the first half, he struggled when the field shrunk and he couldn’t simply chuck it downfield to a wide open Tyreek - resulting in 3 FGs and an endzone INT. He also missed a handful of routine throws including 2 or 3 would-be TDs. He struggled in the pocket all night long. None of this is to say he isn’t good or won’t be good. It’s just that it’s probably real nice to play with the surrounding talent and coaching that Mahomes has been getting since he got drafted. I didn’t think the chiefs even had a chance in this one. Everything was set up perfectly for the Pats to get a win in primetime and nationally proclaim that they’re still around. To my surprise, the chiefs gave them a good game, but I realllly wish they would have pulled through. Would have been nice to sit in 2nd place with the cheats this far into the season for once.
  14. greenwichjetfan


    Collinsworth chokes as he tries to call brady goat again on an unbiased national broadcast?
  15. greenwichjetfan


    Massholes. One of them sticking the middle finger in Tyreeks face as another throws his/her beer on him. Class.

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