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  1. 🤨 Romo is the only reason not to mute the TV during NFL games. Additionally, it’s refreshing to finally hear someone who loves a Jets QB the way he does!
  2. Baker has gone into the past 5 consecutive games leading the league in total turnovers since he became the full time starter. Nuts!
  3. So...we’re on the same page. Anyway, to my original point to @fullblast, don’t put Baker’s turnovers on Odell.
  4. Q & Adams with two huge stops, and Sam makes Dallas pay. OK MACCATTACC!!! 😁
  5. Fairly certain that I read that somewhere during the offseason. Was it just leading the league in INTs since taking over the starting job, or was it total turnovers?
  6. Hopefully Sam can cover for Gase’s clear and proven ineptitude.
  7. Don’t put that on Odell. Baker was already leading the league in turnovers since he became a starter - well before Odell got there. He is what he was supposed to be. A plug and play starter with limited upside.
  8. Please contain your posts to Baker being overrated instead of how you want other posters to post. Am I doing this right?
  9. And as history has shown, this decision is non-reversible?
  10. He’ll somehow miraculously start putting weight back on at a rapid rate before his comeback though. Belichick will get credit for making him want to work extra hard. There will be no mention of PEDs or HGH.
  11. So your opinion is proactively absolving Baker from criticism for getting 2 coaches fired and the possibility of failing miserably with the coach that he wanted. How exceptionally on-brand for you.

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