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  1. - Rosen (because the goal is to get a potential top 7 FQB) - Allen (Don’t like him and would probably take Baker over him, but at #3 overall and 3 second rounders later, I’m looking for more than a glorified Jeff Garcia. Go big or go home) - Rosen (because he’s clearly the best prospect) - Baker (Allen will be the popular choice here, but he’ll probably go to a team that lets him sit for a year and ease his way into the game. Therefore, he might be on his last legs by year 4, but he’ll still be starting. Baker, OTOH, will either carve out a ‘nice’ career for himself or he’ll be a 1st year starter who decombusts by year 3 (ala the Sanchez). My money is on Baker - Week’s 8-12. Bowles is giving at least half of the season to McCown/Teddy. Tbh, regardless of which QB we draft, I’m not diametrically opposed to this either. - [unfortunately] Neither. I don’t know why, but I just know ‘neither’ is the answer here.
  2. Where and who will you be watching the Draft with?

    That’s haunting. Sorry for your loss.
  3. Where and who will you be watching the Draft with?

    Same. Kinda hoping there’s open access between the giants and jets fans, given our draft slots. Could be fun...until the giants take Rosen, or even worse: Rosen’s still on the board and we pick the wrong Josh. Being a vegetarian for going on a full decade this year, I can safely say that gluten free and vegans are the bane of my existence. “No sir, nothing that used to have a face, but hell ******* yes I want parmesan cheese on my gluten-filled pasta!”
  4. Best Place to Sit in MetLife

    Mezz (or at worst 1st row of 300s) between the 45s. Value per ticket isn’t great considering you can get tickets between the 35s to 45s much for much less, but it sounds like this is a one time thing for you so ball out. I’ve been all over the stadium in all the games I’ve been to, and this is the best for fans of the game who want to see plays develop or who like to try to get a presnap read. Plus, it’s just more fun...you can actually stand up and make noise on defensive third downs without gramps behind you yelling to sit down. edit: I guess quality of eyesight matters here. For reference, I don’t wear glasses and can see clearly from 1st row 300s. Take that into consideration in case you need to sit closer or can afford to sit further (but I wouldn’t go any further purely from an enjoyment standpoint).
  5. Rosen Fans

    I want Rosen more than anyone, but comparing him to one of the GOATS is setting him up to fail. No one will ever be Peyton.
  6. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    Regardless of who you favor, this article is pointless unless they furnish the complete list of test takers and their percentiles. All this is saying is that according to the parameters of the test which was administered, Baker scored second highest. How can anyone glean what that means for his prospective NFL career without seeing other results or seeing the parameters of the test?
  7. Rosen Fans

    I want Rosen so bad that I’m legitimately scared about any other QB being available. I don’t know how I’ll react if he’s available and we take someone else. I’m really hoping that Darnold, Baker, Allen, Jax, Mason, Lauletta, Saquon, and Chubb are all off the board before we pick 3rd overall.
  8. Wow good looks. Definitely would have missed it. I really hope it can live up to its hype. 1st season was phenomenal, but as we saw with True Detective, anthology season 2 isn’t always a given. Need something to hold me over till GoT 2019.
  9. Schedule release tmrw

    As with most things: cheaters, I don’t get why this doesn’t get more attention in the press. Those dickheads seemingly always get the benefit of the doubt in terms of scheduling year in, year out.
  10. Beer Snob Thread (Craft beer)

    I figured there would be a beer thread on JN- not disappointed. I’m sure I’m late to the party, but over the past year and half, between my own bach and ones that I’ve organized for my friends, I’ve gone to Denver, Austin and Nashville. Portland and Milwaukee are up soon. Done a whole lot of craft breweries - some which are straight up garbage, but a lot of which are phenomenal. Anyway, I’m looking to retroactively backfill my beer experiences, so figured I’d post here. My current favorite is Jai Alai, but I tried this recently purely for cultural aesthetics, and it was pretty good.
  11. Draft Party at Metlife Stadium

    If that's the case, it'll be so juicy to watch with their fans as they pick Chubb and save Rosen for us.
  12. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    tl;dr Eli is a lock for the HoF. Whether you agree or disagree on his merits are of no consequence. I’m done here.
  13. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    You’re not understanding. No one gives a sh*t whether anyone on a message board thinks he deserves it. Terry Bradshaw is a mook who rode the steel curtain to 4 rings. Guess what? He’s in the hall. No matter how much time and energy you waste on these boards posting the same nonsense over and over (which btw, is mostly tl;dr for everyone), you will never convince the people that matter (the voters) that a 2 time SBMVP is not a lock for the hall, because you can’t luck your way into that. There’s a reason Eli is one of only 5 guys in the history of the world to have earned that accolade. He’s a lock for the hall the second he calls it quits, and no amount of Brady/Sanchez/Dungy loving, Peyton/Eli/Favre/Montana/Belichick bashing unc fanboy message board spewing is going to change that.
  14. Is the pig finally ripe?

    Did ”B)” autocorrect to ? Also, I hope Brady falls off a cliff - first on the field, then later, off the field.
  15. Josh Rosen: Ceiling/Floor

    I can’t take Matt Ryan at face value because he’s had some exceptional talent to work with, but as that erodes, he falters. Over the course of his career, he’s amassed some great statistics by throwing to at least Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, and Julio Jones - sometimes two or three of them on the same teams. He’s also had some highly effective help from the run game. Yet, he’s struggled to make the big plays to put his teams over the top, and we’ve seen years when there was attrition on the talent surrounding him or the talent was injured, and he hasn’t been able to be ‘the tide that raises all boats’. I get JiF’s point about us nutting over a QB like him on the Jets, but I’d also need assurances that we’re getting the same HoF or all-pro talents that he’s played with along with coaches like Kyle Shannahan. I’m hoping that we get Rosen, and I’m hoping he can be the type of QB that can overcome some of the issues that have plagued Matt Ryan’s career.