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  1. If only Brady could catch.....

    There it is! What's wrong, ape can't count past three? To be fair though, I did get bored of you a couple of days ago and tried to play nice, only to have your sensitive soul bleed all over another thread. So I had to come back to make fun of you for it and now I've got you fumbling and chasing that last word.
  2. If only Brady could catch.....

    This ape. Lol. - tries to make an obtuse point which is inherently stupid and in the wrong thread to begin with. - claims he doesn't care about the outcome of a play in a sport where the outcome is the only thing that matters. - claims that an all time great player shouldn't be asked to catch wide open routine passes. - claims that the call was a failure from the start because anything other than Brady throwing the ball is a failure. I guess all those successful TB 4th and 1 QB sneaks are failures too, especially since the outcome doesn't matter to the ape. - whines about me in a completely different thread in which I upvoted him and said I agreed with him. - needs to get that last word. Has and will continue to resort to desperate measures such as playing internet psychologist, claiming he won internet arguments by typing out that he's dropping mics, dismiss and deflect tactics, and this weird thing he does where he pretends he's above it and is playing some weird one person internet forum game with himself where he's winning and laughing and getting posters to "bite". - keeps posting about rakes in a thread about the outcome of a football play. - will respond to this with something dismissive or something about a rake because he's got nothing else and I've got him dancing for me whenever I'd like.
  3. Patsferential treatment

    There's the junk we all know. Insults, something about how you have some devine football knowledge that the rest of us don't have, and claims of perception vs. reality. Meanwhile, in the real world, this thread was never about whether the call was correct. Never. Go back and read any of my posts. I even said right from the start that had the play been reviewed, it would stay patriots ball. It was and still is about the fact that the ref blew the play dead after the ball was on the ground- which is consistent with the way the refs have treated the pats over the past 18 years.
  4. Patsferential treatment

    More power to ya buddy. You telling me to move on after I call out your stupidity is the same thing. See how it works now?
  5. If only Brady could catch.....

    Um. That’s trolling 101 right there.
  6. If only Brady could catch.....

    My point in that thread was that we agreed on something, bright eyes. What you inferred was not my point. I said something brilliant, it bounced off of your cro-mag forehead, you spazzed out and brought up your butthurt from this thread, I came back here and made fun of you, and now you’re desperately seeking approval from on-lookers as you try and save face. So good that you keep chasing that last word. Dance for me.
  7. Patsferential treatment

    Come to my thread to tell me to move along when I have like 15 "likes" on the thread and countless people agreeing with me. Easy solution since you both have such issues with it: stay out of the thread.
  8. Patsferential treatment

    So the ref was wrong. Exactly. That's the point of this entire thread. Based on when the ref wrongly blew the whistle, that should have been a fumble.
  9. Patsferential treatment

    Forward progress being stopped is a subjective call by the referees. That's why it's not eligible for review. Therefore, forward progress is not stopped when you or I decide, it's when the referee blows the whistle. In this case, the referee didn't blow the whistle until he clearly saw the ball on the ground and in the field of play.
  10. If only Brady could catch.....

    Yea, nothing about this response suggests you undeerstood my point. Isn't it? Quick Q: how many more threads can I expect you to bring this up in?
  11. Patsferential treatment

    This thread is the reason for Vernon Gholsten and Christian Hackenberg? The other pats thread is the reason for idzik? Which pats thread must we delete to get rid of bowles?
  12. Patsferential treatment

    As a franchise, we will never prosper until the fans stop discussing fan things on an internet fan forum?
  13. If only Brady could catch.....

    Lolololol: Completely different thread. I tell you I agree with you. You bring it back to this...in that other thread. So good. I cut you deep. So sensitive.
  14. If only Brady could catch.....

    And there it is! It's got it all! The ape's never-ending quest for that elusive last word, the deliberately dishonest self-claims of winning internet arguments, the being above it all, and the internet microphone drop! Thanks for playing!
  15. If only Brady could catch.....

    So good.