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  1. The next Adam Thelin....

    I targeted Thielin in rounds 7-8 during my research, and ended up drafting him in the 9th, 9th, and 10th in my three leagues. I got some sh*t for it, but who's laughing now.
  2. Russell Wilson

    Ok cool, Doc. Please tell me what was ailing him then.
  3. Russell Wilson

    We got rid of Abe because he found a way to be 'injured' in every big game we ever had because he didn't want to risk actual injury before his big payday. Kudos to him for taking care of #1 and family, but I don't want that guy on my favorite team.
  4. Favre was the end of noodlearm a year prior.
  5. Sunday Games Thread

    We've actually seen that not be the case. Peyton went down, colts won 1 game all year. ARod goes down multiple times, the packers suck in his absence. Brady goes down or is suspended for cheating, the pats machine historically keeps rolling. The whole "very little from the run game" is by design. They prefer using quick swings to their RBs to get them in space and away from the big guys up front. When they do want to run the ball, they are generally effective as well. It's very much like Reid's eagles offenses with Westbrook in the early '00s. Numbers don't tell the whole story.
  6. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    You keep telling us you're a jets fan. Why in everything holy would you have anything to say to that when it has nothing to do with you, the jets, or unc*? Especially responding like a typical masshole fan would. I liked it better when you pretended to ignore me after I put you in your place.
  7. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    DERAILMENT ALERT: Typical Boston sports fans...all celebrating the celtics gift wrapped win last night as if it was not completely biased in favor of the Boston team. Just like the cheating pats which Goodell did not punished properly for spygate (the bigger and more consequential pats* cheating scandal). Anyway, carry on.
  8. An Introduction and Jet's Scheme Question

    This is one of the best threads on the entire forum. Please keep it up everyone!
  9. Last to post in this thread wins

    what's the prize here?
  10. The NFL has a big problem

    Or, watch a pats game. The wife and all of her friends and family are pats fans, so I've spent my fair share watching their games. Honest to god, even the most ridiculous of them have nothing to say to me when I watch games with them and call out the blatant bias. They used to try to argue back with reasoning, but they quickly realized that the bias is real and it's getting stronger and it's gotten to the point where they can't functionally argue- so they resort to the "hate us cuz you aint us" stuff. Non-calls on their OL is obviously the most prevalent with at least one/two egregious examples per game, but there are other little things too. - Sometimes the way the ball is spotted at critical moments when Brady quickly runs up and snaps the ball before the opposition has enough time to determine whether it's worth the risk of a challenge - sometimes the way Gronk lines up just slightly behind the LOS which should result in a penalty but doesn't, and it gives him that split second to burst into his block or explode off the line for a route - sometimes the fact that when edelman or amendola go in motion, they're angling towards the line of scrimmage before the snap which should result in illegal motion, but instead gives them an extra split second of burst on the defender - Then obviously, the big ones like the ASJ play, the picked up flag on Robbie Anderson, phantom penalties on the opposition to negate TDs (a completely bogus offensive penalty which even the commentators couldn't find negated a chargers TD against the pats in the 3Q which would have made it a one possession game....and instead the chargers had to punt) Don't get me wrong - belichick is an absolute genius for taking advantage of all of these things and maximizing his team's chances at winning, but the ref's bias is the reason he can do it. It's absurd.
  11. This is the issue with the Jets over the years. We need two people to do one competent person's job at the three most important positions on a football team. QB: Chad's football mind/decision making and passion with Vinny's right arm and body(excepting the achilles) Coach: Mangini's player evaluation+development with Rex's passion and risk taking capabilities GM: Idzik's general handling of FA with Macc's general handling of the draft (omitting the obvious failures of both)
  12. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    Goodell is no Avon Barksdale. YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW!
  13. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    Lets not forget that after the OTL report came out about brady* circumventing the salary cap and getting paid through his trainer's company (or whatever the hell the story is), it was immediately squashed and we have heard nothing about it since. Not even a single follow up.
  14. Frank already took the high road in the interview...now time to punch lebron in the mouth by ballin out tonight.