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  1. You know I’ve loved Lamar since day 1. I posted in the draft forum about him back in 2017 and 2018, I picked him to win the MVP his second year, and I’ve loved everything about him since. I would be ecstatic if we were able to get Lamar as a player. However, from a business perspective, it’s a lot. It’s not my money so I don’t care about paying him what he wants. However, where it hurts the team is the combination of the draft capital we’d have to give up and the cap space we’d have to allocate on a fully guaranteed $200m deal. Add to all of that the fact that the offense and the personnel would need to be changed to maximize his value and it’s a big ask to get any real return in year 1. And that’s all before we start taking into consideration the constant additional threat of injury due to his play style. I still struggle with it because the allure of having one of the best players in the world (when healthy) is so enticing, but I think the right move is to pass on him right now.
  2. I could live with this if it’s what happens. Personally, I still feel we have enough leverage to hold out for my suggestion while still appeasing GB by giving them picks in 3 straight drafts.
  3. This thread expanded 6 pages since I last looked on Saturday early morning. Busy weekend on the Aaron Rodgers front!
  4. I have UConn in my bracket too, and almost everyone else had Kansas or Alabama (a few had Houston, a few had Texas, and then stragglers like Purdue, Gonzaga, and Arizona (lol)). Anyway, my dumbass invited 3 of my UConn buddies to the pool and one of them filled out a bracket; also with UConn winning. Of the 43 entries, I’m currently second in max points at 1130, and my UConn buddy is first at 1140. Everyone else’s max points are sub 1k. If UConn pulls this off, I’m gonna miss out on 1st place on a pretty big pool by 10 points because I forwarded it to my buddy. smdh.
  5. Side note: bummed about the ladies. It’s been an uphill climb all season after losing Paige to a knee in the preseason. The team still showed out much of the year and took care of business where they could. Unfortunately just overmatched yesterday. Paige needs to get right this offseason. If she does, we’re gonna be dangerous next year. Missing our first final four since ‘07 could be exactly what we need to drive next season.
  6. 80 mins to go, but yes, color me impressed so far. With the rate at which high profile 1s and 2s are going down - for us to come out and stomp everyone everyone out is…unexpected. Hurley is making me eat my words every game, and it’s ******* delicious. UConn has 4 championships. Every other school still alive as of this morning has a combined 0. I think only Texas has even a finals appearance on their resume. Point being, the ball’s in our court. Although this is typically where Hurley takes his foot off the gas I think (hope) the squad is just too talented for Hurley to mess it up. We’ll see soon enough.
  7. Oh I know this game! 3 lies and a truth. You forgot the truth though.
  8. If Hurley ducks this up, I’m gonna lose my sh*t. The tourney is set up for us to take. Don’t have to play any 1 or 2 seeds. Immensely talented squad. C’mon boys. Don’t let me down.
  9. Florio taking a page out of my book. I've posted many of his points around these parts over the last few weeks.
  10. We moved here last June. Prior to that, I went to at least 1 home game at metlife every year since '08. Now that we'll only get them once every 8 years, there's no way I'm missing it. I'm positive it'll be Thanksgiving. Rodgers v the Cowboys. NFL is so skeevy they'll even try to tie in the "family" aspect of thanksgiving and liken it to Rodgers and McCarthy.
  11. If the trade is finalized, here are the four that I think have the best shot. NFL might throw in one more prime time game on a Saturday in December against the Dolphins for playoff seeding, but it would have to be subject to flex. - Jets Giants 9/11 opening week - Jets Cowboys Thanksgiving - Jets Chiefs as this might be the only time the NFL gets to pit Rodgers v Mahomes - Jets Bills as this will be the first time the NFL gets to pit Rodgers v Josh Allen since Allen's rookie year when he played RB
  12. Terrible ******* call on the “tie-up”. (1) Hardaway had sole possession. FAU didnt have anyone with their hand on the ball. How the **** is that a tie up? The red blew the whistle early. (2) Two different players on Memphis called timeout RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REFS.
  13. Im out two of my final 4 and one of my finalists. Still have Texas and UConn but damn 😅
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