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  1. I hated Adam Gase even before we hired him. I had no hope for him through his two years. So the fact that I'm simply just looking forward to Jets football this year is a very nice change from the last two years where I was almost afraid to watch or follow the team.
  2. My two favorite sports teams are the Jets and the UConn Huskies. The Knicks slot in third. Kemba is amongst my favorite all time athletes for what he meant to UConn and the run that he put on his shoulders in '11. Don't care about being practical or realistic about his age or what impact he'll have on the team. I'm straight fanboying right now. To have him back on my team and back in MSG is going to be unbelievable. Can't wait to go to a game with my UConn Kemba jersey.
  3. Completely agree. The hope is that what’s in his head translates to the field. Otherwise he’s nothing more than a great candidate for a QB coach.
  4. How many passing yards/TDs/wins do these amazeball pressers count for? Is there a ratio I can find online?
  5. I remember a time during the first TC when I said I was more worried about Mims running with the 2s than I was about Zach not being here. Wasn’t well received. I loved the Mims pick. I’m rooting for him hard. But I’m not gonna put blinders on or try to excuse any of what we’re seeing transpire. The guy has WR1 talent yet dropped all the way to us in round 2. No amount of reasoning can explain to me why he’s running with the 3s right now other than work ethic. That’s absolutely something to be worried about.
  6. Yep, that’s the one. Really liked his catch radius and felt like he was a more advanced route runner than a lot of other non-1st round guys coming into the league. Sounds like he’s lost all of his burst though, so the transition to TE to stay in the league makes sense - however unfruitful it may be (although Tebow just caught a TD from Lawrence yesterday!) Lolol vtf. Man he was a fun guy to post with. Everything he posted was an expert well reasoned well researched post - in his own mind. Still waiting for just one of his QB love affairs to hit. Also, the moon is made of cheese - or somet
  7. Because he sounds great on the podium after being awful on the field? Yep - definitely our guy. Have had a number of those!
  8. We learned everything we needed last year when he couldn’t break QB3 despite being hand chosen by JD and also didn’t see a single live snap despite injuries to all of our QBs. At this point, anything we see is simply further confirmation of what we already know.
  9. Loved him when he was coming out. Had a few good seasons with the Eagles iirc. Related to Jerry Rice too. Have no hopes of him being anything more than a camp body at this point.
  10. yes, that's exactly my point. He hasn't done enough to earn it yet.
  11. I'm more concerned about MIMs on second team than I am about Zach not being here.
  12. I think Andy Reid is one of the better - and maybe more importantly - more influential coaches ever. I don't think he'll ever get to all time wins, but I also don't think that record alone is an arbiter for best coach ever. Shula doing it in 14 game seasons is incredibly impressive, but I can rattle off 5 coaches that I would take over him in a heartbeat.
  13. Lol. That's Payton - like Sean Payton. Only 1 Peyton. And yes, many folks to diverge with my thinking of him. FTR I think Barry Sanders is the best RB I've ever seen. I'm a bit too young for some of the older players, but based on everything I've read and all the highlights I've tried to consume, I think I'd have loved Dickerson in his prime.
  14. My head is spinning. What are lizard persons and are they all from house slytherin? Did a human really mate with a lizard back in history and create a lizard person gene? Is this article from The Onion?
  15. Rice and Peyton. I loved Montana. I think Steve Young is one of the most underrated HoFers in the league by popular vote. All of that being said, it's impossible to disentangle Walsh's impact on the two QBs. The same might be said of Rice, but IMO it's entirely unwarranted. I forget the exact number but there were more than two dozen WRs to catch passes from those two QBs in Walsh's system before the rest of the league caught up, and none of them were able to do what Rice did. Rice also did it consistently and for much longer. When it was all said and done, he owned every single receiving
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