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  1. The more I read into this, the more I get that hallow feeling that nothing majorly harmful for kraft* or the pats* will come of this. It’s the same feeling I’ve had about almost everything pats* related since Goodell’s gross (and devious) mishandling of Spygate.
  2. “Plus, everyone does it. You just happened to have a tape of Robert with a blind woman undergoing a stroke!”
  3. I'm so interested to see how Kraft's people are going to walk themselves back from the below once his tapes are released: "We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further."
  4. Would it surprise anyone if Beli’s benching of Wes was a directive from Kraft: “Joke about whatever you want, but you stay the hell away from sexual fetishes! That could have been any one of us who was outed like that!”
  5. (Just doing my part to keep this thread light)
  6. This one is pretty good, but I’d correct it to add “under the table”
  7. Oh, I got a good one: Spy-gate returns: the cameras have turned!
  8. greenwichjetfan

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    Wow. A review from 2015:
  9. greenwichjetfan

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    From yelp.com
  10. greenwichjetfan

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    Plus, like, everyone does it! It’s not even a big deal. Signed, spygate, deflategate, steroids, all other forms of cheating/bending rules/general masshole scumbaggery
  11. greenwichjetfan

    Will Steelers Transition Tag Bell?

    Always a good time for this
  12. This and the 50 yard rainbow pass to Santana against the Chargers in the Wild Card game are literally the only two positive memories I have of PennyBoyWonder. If nothing else, Favre provided a reprieve from the disaster that Chad's Jets career turned into. That Chad was the weakest arm to ever start more than 10 games in the NFL and could still throw a perfect 50 yard pass is all you need to know about throwing distance vs. throwing velocity.
  13. greenwichjetfan


    Agreed completely.

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