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  1. It's not solely up to Rodgers. It takes ownership, management, and the player all being on the same page to set up a fake company and funnel money to the star to circumvent the salary cap.
  2. greenwichjetfan

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    Yaas welcome to the club!
  3. greenwichjetfan

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    Yea I guess I should have clarified. I was talking about John.
  4. You’ve got spoot on your face. It’s William’s!
  5. greenwichjetfan

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    I don’t like McCarthy, but if it’s between him and Harbaugh in our current situation, I’m taking McCarthy every time.
  6. Two of Sam’s best games as a pro came in prime time. That counts for something.
  7. Simply based on his track record and posting history, I have severe concerns about anyone who refers to what he brings to the table as “smart” and “good”, but I digress. This is not a game day thread. It’s a Jets/Texans thread. And him knowing that while continuing to pull this sh*t constitutes trolling. It is what it is. He’s been going on about something or another for years and I just silently do my best to navigate around it, but once again, this is a Jets/Texans thread. Has been since the opening post. You’d think a mod would have taken notice to the title.
  8. How is this crap not bannable? It’s bad enough he’s posting 1000x in multiple threads on a Jets forum about openly rooting for the browns and buying browns jerseys while not watching the Jets in months, but now he’s taking over a Jets/Texans thread with browns play by play commentary. This is ******* absurd.
  9. greenwichjetfan

    Todd vs Rex

    Two too*
  10. greenwichjetfan

    This play was absurd

    Ok good, so it wasn’t just me. That looked like Aaron Rogers in green and white.
  11. greenwichjetfan

    Best of 2018

    Are these the nominees or are these the RJF winners?
  12. greenwichjetfan

    Whats your favorite memory as a Jets fan?

    Going up to Foxboro after the 45-3 game and destroying the 14-2 #1 seed in front of their scumbag fans. Week 1 this year is definitely my favorite non-playoff-weighted memory. Sam comes in as our new hope...and delivers.
  13. greenwichjetfan

    Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football

    Gordon didn’t play, Williams was considered a bust last year, Allen was injured after contributing nothing early in the game. Rivers, while a stats wizard, has never been able to “be the tide that raises all boats”, but it seems like for the first time in a very long time, they’re actually realizing their potential. Coincidentally, it coincides with a no-nonsense coach who is pushing all the right buttons and is willing to take game flow/momentum into decisions: Going for 2 to win it when he knows that they’ve scored 13 points in less than 4 mins and are moving the ball at will while the most electric offense is sitting on the bench. Don’t want to give them a chance to beat you in OT? Beat them in regulation. That was a great call. I agree the Chargers are significantly more talented than the Jets. My post was simply posting a fact. We had him, now we don’t, and while he’s the HC of an 11-3 team which is finally showing signs of reaching their potential, we’re here waiting with bated breath to see our HC and GM fired on the very first day of the offseason.
  14. greenwichjetfan

    Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football

    Fantastic game. we had Anthony Lynn, and let him go. 🥺

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