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  1. Isn't this what American culture is today, though? Everything is a night-or-day/black-or-white opinion expressed as an absolute statement that's setting itself up to be used as proof of being right in the future. There's no room for middle ground and no space to simply have an in-the-moment opinion. Specific to this board, it has become largely tiresome because of it.
  2. Agreed. Not looking it up now, but IIRC, both teams started out 9-1 or something like that, met on MNF, and the pats absolutely obliterated the Jets something like 45-3. That team was 14-2, I think Brady went on to win MVP that year. They were prohibitive favorites to win the SB that year. Also, keep in mind that at that point, the Jets were coming off an AFC championship game appearance with a 2nd year flawed-but-clutch-QB, they just avenged the prior year's loss to Peyton ******* Manning, and had the best defensive coach in the league. Meanwhile Brady hadn't won an SB in 5-6 years.
  3. Noodles are entirely different from eggshells. Eggshells contain eggs. That noodle contained ducks.
  4. I'd probably put 8's presidency there too. Although lifetime achievements wise, sure he's a net positive.
  5. My boss at the Greenwich Land Trust NGO that I worked for through high school was named Van. His success relative to the rest of us was disproportionately lacking. However, it is unfortunate that The Office came out right around the time he was hired, because he would have made a better Michael Scott than Carrell given that he wouldn't have had to act.
  6. It's unfortunate that no one caught this. To be fair to DW, if he ends up hating NY style pizza, I'd like him even more than I already do. Come up to CT - I can show you at least 5 places better than anything in the entire state of NY.
  7. JN - the point is not to not try for another Brady. The point is to make smart decisions to find the next Brady. Of course we all want to find the next Brady, but that doesn’t mean that we should spend every 6th rounder on a QB or that we should take every Michigan QB, etc. That’s why using Brady in an argument is goofy - it’s the rarest of rare instances and there is nothing for anyone to try to emulate. My entire point was and has consistently remained: For all the good JD has done so far, the usage of a 4th round draft pick on a project/back-up caliber QB (regardless of the QB’s name a
  8. If the premise is that the Jets needed a cheap backup QB, then it’s stupid to spend a 4th round pick on one when the roster needs serious help everywhere and cheap backup QBs are available every single offseason. For reference, see the two Jets backups who were ahead of Morgan on the depth chart. As per the no clue part: The Jets will either trade for or draft a better QB in the next few months. In the low likelihood that they don’t, Darnold will get all the QB1 reps. Using Tom Brady for any argument regarding the draft is entirely pointless and does nothing to help the argument. If
  9. Yes, I missed that point. Thank you. Now it’s even more of a stupid reason to blow a fourth round pick on a player who will never see game action for your team.
  10. Thats the point. The weird preseason and camp become moot points because even when the top 2 QBs went down more than halfway into the season, he couldn’t get himself on the field. And now, we won’t get to see him on the field because we’ll either draft a better QB or trade for a better QB. I’m not trashing the guy or the player. I’m trashing the pick.
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