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  1. The more I read into this, the more I get that hallow feeling that nothing majorly harmful for kraft* or the pats* will come of this. It’s the same feeling I’ve had about almost everything pats* related since Goodell’s gross (and devious) mishandling of Spygate.
  2. “Plus, everyone does it. You just happened to have a tape of Robert with a blind woman undergoing a stroke!”
  3. I'm so interested to see how Kraft's people are going to walk themselves back from the below once his tapes are released: "We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further."
  4. Would it surprise anyone if Beli’s benching of Wes was a directive from Kraft: “Joke about whatever you want, but you stay the hell away from sexual fetishes! That could have been any one of us who was outed like that!”
  5. (Just doing my part to keep this thread light)
  6. This one is pretty good, but I’d correct it to add “under the table”
  7. Oh, I got a good one: Spy-gate returns: the cameras have turned!
  8. greenwichjetfan

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    Wow. A review from 2015:
  9. greenwichjetfan

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    From yelp.com
  10. greenwichjetfan

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    Plus, like, everyone does it! It’s not even a big deal. Signed, spygate, deflategate, steroids, all other forms of cheating/bending rules/general masshole scumbaggery
  11. I signed up for Netflix and HBOGo back in August, and in the seven months since, I've managed to race through (in order from best to least best; not worst because they were all great): - Breaking Bad - True Detective - Game of Thrones - The Wire - Newsroom - House of Cards - Entourage - Hung So, what should I watch next? I'm looking forward to watching the shows below, but after just finishing Breaking Bad on Saturday and letting it digest, I don't know if I'm going to be able to enjoy them. Maybe you guys can shed some light on them: - How to make it in America - The West Wing - Dexter - Sopranos - Deadwood - Rome - Boardwalk Empire - Sherlock Any suggestions and discussions would be appreciated.
  12. greenwichjetfan

    Will Steelers Transition Tag Bell?

    Always a good time for this
  13. This and the 50 yard rainbow pass to Santana against the Chargers in the Wild Card game are literally the only two positive memories I have of PennyBoyWonder. If nothing else, Favre provided a reprieve from the disaster that Chad's Jets career turned into. That Chad was the weakest arm to ever start more than 10 games in the NFL and could still throw a perfect 50 yard pass is all you need to know about throwing distance vs. throwing velocity.
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    Agreed completely.
  15. greenwichjetfan


    Woww Christian just scored a TD and got obliterated. I’m sure people here will enjoy that.
  16. greenwichjetfan

    What should be done at Backup Quarterback?

    Peyton. God. Damn. Manning.
  17. greenwichjetfan

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    I obviously disagree. We paid him $380k for 7 games in which he clearly was a positive contributor both on and off the field. All that for $54k/game. Long term view? Ok I’ll listen if you say he was bad long term since he helped the Jets win out that season which screwed our draft position and extended Rex’s tenure. But strictly speaking to his on-field production vs. cost, he was nowhere near some of the worst FAs we’ve ever signed.
  18. greenwichjetfan

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    Not sure why you’re still struggling with embracing the simple concept. This is the Jets, afterall. The volume of signings that range from ‘best’ ==> ‘ambivilant’ is roughly 1/4th of the volume that range from ‘ambivilant’ ==> ‘worst’; thereby making it very easy to differentiate between ‘not good’ and ‘nowhere near the worst’.
  19. greenwichjetfan

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    No. In fact, I never said or implied that he was a good signing.
  20. greenwichjetfan

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    Thanks for all the value this post added to the discussion.
  21. greenwichjetfan

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    Ed was nowhere near the worst. He singlehandedly won Dee Milliner his only professional accolade the few weeks he played with him. Santonio & Revis are my two. Shoutout Spencer Long too, who would have easily topped the worst list if Bowles had continued to play him at C and he ended up getting Sam hurt.
  22. greenwichjetfan

    Jets Full Coaching Staff Announced

    I do like the toughness and experience of the staff, and admittedly, ESPN is even worse than tabloids, but the facts in this story are a bit disconcerting: —————————————————— http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25953879/jets-adam-gase-includes-ex-adversaries-joe-vitt-gregg-williams-staff Jets' Adam Gase includes ex-adversaries Joe Vitt, Gregg Williams on staff Adam Gase's new coaching staff with the New York Jets contains enough potential family drama for a reality TV show. The full staff, announced Friday by the Jets, includes longtime NFL assistant Joe Vitt, Gase's father-in-law, and Blake Williams, the son of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. This is where it gets interesting. Vitt and Gregg Williams were members of the New Orleans Saints' coaching staff implicated in the 2012 BountyGate scandal. In the bounty hearings, conducted by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Vitt accused Williams of lying in his testimony. Vitt also said the players didn't take Williams seriously because of his "false bravado" and "schtick." Williams wound up being suspended indefinitely (then reinstated 11 months later), while Vitt received a six-game ban. And now they're together on Gase's first staff. Gase saw plenty of his father-in-law last season. Gase coached the Miami Dolphins while Vitt worked in the front office as the team's director of player development. Despite having no background with Williams, Gase hired him on Jan. 15 because he wanted someone who could be the "head coach" of the defense. Williams, known for his aggressive scheme and edgy coaching style, went 5-3 last season as the interim coach of the Cleveland Browns. Enter Blake Williams, who served as the Browns' linebackers coach and called the defensive plays during the second half of the season. Initially, Gase balked at the idea of adding Blake, according to a person familiar with the situation. Gregg Williams, who once called his son "the best young coach I've ever had on my staff," became frustrated with Gase, the person said. Eventually, Gase came around, making Blake Williams a defensive assistant, not a position coach. Blake Williams, 34, has a reputation for rubbing people the wrong way. As a St. Louis Rams assistant, he upset people in the organization by screaming at a draft prospect in a scouting-combine interview, a source said. He also was reprimanded multiple times for sitting in the wrong seat on the team bus; he kept sitting in a seat reserved for a senior member of the staff. The Rams fired him after the 2013 season. Williams has only worked for NFL teams in which his father was on the staff. The Jets also announced the hiring of 16 other assistants, most notably former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter, who will coach the running backs.
  23. It's like a siren goes off or something.

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