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  1. On one hand: he was the whiz-kid out of SF who brought Favre back from a 4-12 season to a 13-3 season which ended in OT in the NFCCG in just 2 short years. He then went on to manage the transition to Aaron, and helped make/develop Aaron into one of the GOATs. On the other hand: his style, playcalling, and clock management have all left much to be desired over the last 4-5 years. There’s also the question of just how much value he added to the team once it became clear that Aaron is the most talented QB to ever play. Was he maximizing Aaron’s talent, or was he holding him back? Honestly I don’t know. I’m an all out fanboy of Aaron’s, and my longtime friends know that I was talking about Aaron being the best QB I’ve ever seen in college starting from his 3rd game at Cal. So maybe I’m biased, but I think McCarthy held the Packers back the last 5 years or so. However, there is definitely something to be said for McCarthy’s coaching job from ‘06-‘11. IF, and it’s a big if, but IF he decided after being fired to go back to his roots and recalibrate his coaching style and playcalling the way Andy Reid supposedly did after he was fired, then I’d be willing to take McCarthy on, because he’s proven what he can do with a potentially great QB.
  2. It's always free from behind the bushes!
  3. I signed up for Netflix and HBOGo back in August, and in the seven months since, I've managed to race through (in order from best to least best; not worst because they were all great): - Breaking Bad - True Detective - Game of Thrones - The Wire - Newsroom - House of Cards - Entourage - Hung So, what should I watch next? I'm looking forward to watching the shows below, but after just finishing Breaking Bad on Saturday and letting it digest, I don't know if I'm going to be able to enjoy them. Maybe you guys can shed some light on them: - How to make it in America - The West Wing - Dexter - Sopranos - Deadwood - Rome - Boardwalk Empire - Sherlock Any suggestions and discussions would be appreciated.
  4. greenwichjetfan

    Thursday Night Football Saints-Cowboys

    Been saying it since ‘09. Braylon coming here made life easier for the OL, and consequently, for Jones and Sanchez. Amari Cooper and Braylon Edwards are not world beaters, but they’re enough to even out the blocker:defender ratio in the box and give the RB just a little more room to operate. If you’ve got a back that can take advantage of it like Zeke, just that little bit goes a long way.
  5. He would instantly become the hottest trash in the illustrious head coaching history of this franchise, if that’s what you mean.
  6. If nothing else, McDaniels is definitely unstable.
  7. greenwichjetfan

    It won’t get better until we draft better

    Why don’t we just speak in-a-inglish
  8. Weren’t the Browns 1-5 in their next 6 games including losses to the raiders and buccs? That’s instantly better? Aaron Rodgers has earned it. Baker might be on his way, but not quite there yet.
  9. I love it too...for a defender. Love JA’s swag. Loved it on Bart Scott. Love it on anyone playing defense. I don’t love it on offense. I want my QB personality to be Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers’ privately jerkish persona is the exception, not the rule. Even then, I can’t ever recall him professionally being a prick. Baker fans want to hide behind Baker’s “swag” because “he’s got a chip on his shoulder” as the number 1 overall pick. Aaron Rodgers sat in a green room for 23 picks with every single camera on him before his name got called. Then he sat behind Favre for 3 years and then finally got a shot and proved himself to be one of the most talented QBs ever while wasting away behind McCarthy and co. If he comes off a little smug, he’s earned it.
  10. greenwichjetfan

    Does the QB mega contract limit success?

    Unreasonable to think it doesn’t. Brady getting paid under the table is a big deal. No GM is going to hit the majority of his picks over a long time horizon, and great coaching is simply about maximizing talent; but it generally can’t make up for lack of talent. So when most of your available resources go to paying one player, yes, of course it plays a big factor in limiting the overall success of the team.
  11. greenwichjetfan

    Jamal Adams, you sir, are legit.

    Being negative about one of the few bright spots on the team is cool! The team of usual suspects is more active in this thread than their aggregate JN activity all season. Figuresz.
  12. greenwichjetfan

    Jets Upset the Pats Thread!!

    Perfectly said.
  13. greenwichjetfan


    You know how I know that QB Rating is an accumulation score and not an effeciency or an impact driven score? From ESPN: “-- Goff threw for 413 yards and had a QB rating of 117.1, but Mahomes topped him with 478 yards and a 117.6 rating.”
  14. Please play on Sunday, Sam. Yoh need the reps, and I need a reason to not hate going to the game.
  15. Despite the conditions I have to trudge through to get to work this morning, all of a sudden it’s bright, sunny, and hummingbirds are singing sweet nothings.
  16. Oh good. There were a bunch of strangers on the internet worried sick about your disappearance from a message board! Agreed, Mac needs to go just as much as Bowles.
  17. greenwichjetfan

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Best game I’ve seen from my Huskies in 4 years. Defense was coached up and played with high energy like they actually ******* meant it. Fought for boards like they were collecting them. Hit shots when necessary. Outside of the surprise, crazy, frentic title run with Shabazz, haven’t seen that kind of basketball out of Storrs since Jimmy Calhoun was on the sideline.
  18. greenwichjetfan

    deGrom Wins Cy Young

    I’m a Yankees fan. Don’t believe me? Go back and check your thread about favorite baseball players. Or all of the threads about the Yankees postseasons the past few years. Baseball is a mutifaceted team game: pitch and defend to prevent runs, hit and/or walk to score runs. A pitcher pitches to prevent hits/walks which prevent runs. He doesn’t also bat 27 outs/game in order to score runs. The pitcher who prevented hits, walks, and HRs runs at a greater rate than any other pitcher is the best pitcher. Attempting to blame lack of run support on a guy who’s primary job has absolutely nothing to do with producing runs is hyper-disingenuous. And going back to our JI days, I know you know it. Degrom 100% deserved this.
  19. greenwichjetfan

    deGrom Wins Cy Young

    I guess my post had too much logic to garner a response from the fist?
  20. greenwichjetfan

    deGrom Wins Cy Young

    If you operate under the assumptions that: 1) how any pitcher performs on the mound is very separate from how his teammates perform at the plate 2) a pitcher's job is to not allow the other team to score runs so that his teammates don't have to work as hard at the plate to win games then, if pitcher A allows less runs, walks, HRs, and has a significantly better ERA than player B, then player A was the better pitcher.
  21. greenwichjetfan

    Want to be absolutely livid tonight? Look no further.

    I’m livid about Mehta’s use of “rationale”!
  22. greenwichjetfan

    John Harbaugh

    Gotta disagree. Obviously can’t say he’s a bad head coach since he has a good resume including a championship with aging superstars, but I’m looking for a guy who can either: a) move the needle all by himself like a Belichick or Reid or b) spearhead the development of Sam even if they haven’t proven themselves as a HC; like a Kyle Shannahan or Sean McVay John Harbaugh is unfortunately neither.
  23. greenwichjetfan

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    Villain in full meltdown mode.
  24. greenwichjetfan

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome


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