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  1. Wait till the Knicks trade the 3 legged unicorn for Butler and then sign Irving and Durant.
  2. greenwichjetfan

    Speaking of classless...

    Actually when you put it like that....
  3. greenwichjetfan

    Sam Is Mic’d Up On Showtime Tonight

    "Lets gooo". "Lets gooo". Throws "bro" and "man" around in every sentence. Sounds just like my friends and I when we were right out of school. It's nuts how he's only 21 and you can hear it in his voice, and he's got that laid-back so-cal golden boy persona, but then he comes out with "Lets ******* go, we're going to get really ******* good at finishing games, let's put a ******* dagger in them", and then goes out and reads defenses, makes the right checks, and drops bombs on the defense. Also love the "Andrew Luck" move of congratulating the defender on a good tackle. Get in the defender's head. Liked the leadership of talking up/congratulating Jason Myers. He knows a that a good K will have a huge impact on winning vs. losing. Also love everything about Josh McCown being all over and around Darnold when he needs to be. Basically, for the first time ever, our QB situation is the t!ts.
  4. greenwichjetfan

    PFF studs and duds through week 6

    I was thinking. Whenever we want to pass, we should just line Sam up in shotgun 15 yards deep and have Hennessy snap it to him. This allows routes time to develop, it saves Sam from unnecessary hits, it mitigates our OL's pass blocking deficiencies, and most of all it eliminates Long's inability execute a standard goddamn snap. Plus, we all know Sam's got the throw power and accuracy. I mean, just look at his stats on balls 20+ yards down the field!
  5. My top 2 picks in fantasy this year have combined for 27 points so far this season. I’m completely exasperated. The reason I bring that up in this thread is because the guy responsible for the 27 points is Dalvin Cook (LeVeon is the other). Every week I’m pissed off at both of them. This week though, I’m rooting for a big fat goose egg. Welcome to the board. Don’t hurt Sam, we won’t hurt you!
  6. greenwichjetfan

    Speaking of classless...

    It’s kind of shocking. I actually thought this would be one of those circle-jerk threads where we all decided the fan was obviously wrong and everything associated with the pats is crap anyway, so screw ‘em. Nycdan is fighting the good fight, but I decided early on to sit this one out, based on how many people actually think defending the fan is the way to go here.
  7. greenwichjetfan

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Oh good call. I didn’t notice any of the signatures - was distracted by the shiny!
  8. greenwichjetfan

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    Awesome. Yes, that area is gorgeous. A former colleague lives in Ossining and does the commute to midtown daily, but it sounds much worse than it is. Truth be told, it’s only around 15 mins longer than mine. My wife and I toyed with that area right after we got married, but decided to stay put in Greenwich while we figure out our professional and family goals. A year and half later, nothing’s changed.
  9. That good juju better translate to Sam’s protection/health!
  10. He who retaliates is the only one in the wrong!
  11. greenwichjetfan

    Speaking of classless...

    Running around inside the boundaries that separate the fan from the player is not provocation. If Hill has crossed that physical barrier, now you’re talking. He didn’t.
  12. This was a fun watch. He’s growing up, and he seems genuine. Plus he blows the top off the D and loosens things up underneath and for the run game. Not much to hate as long as you’re experienced enough in life to understand that not everyone speaks the same way you might.
  13. greenwichjetfan

    Speaking of classless...

    I never understood what these bans meant anyway. Every single sporting event or concert that I’ve gone to, I’ve either bought someone else’s ticket on ticketmaster or stubhub or person to person and been reimbursed via cash/Venmo, or someone else has bought mine and I’ve reimbursed them via cash/Venmo. Either way, names haven’t been necessary to buy tickets since at least before 2008. How exactly are they stopping people from going to events? Is there a list of every single person that’s banned, and every security guard has to know the name and face of each individual prior to each event? Do they get quizzed? Are there cameras with facial recognition software that alert the guards? Is it the same kind of equipment we used to see Jack Bauer play around with in 24? So many questions.
  14. greenwichjetfan

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Created this gif from Sam’s latest Instastory. Helmets look metallic. Not sure how I feel. To be clear: Our all whites like this weekend against the Colts are the best uniform in sports. Absolutely beautiful.
  15. Sam is special. There’s no other way around it. He has more attempts than #s 18, 19, 20; and those guys haven’t even gone up against the caliber pass defenses (according to rankings) that Sam’s faced so far! Also interesting that Brees has only attempted 33 third down passes when the rest of the guys on there that have played every game are closer to around 50. Lastly, even at 76 attempts, Luck is 3rd in first down conversions. It’s a shame that guy has no help....he’s too good for that organization. Needs to follow Elway and Peyton and go win in Denver.
  16. greenwichjetfan

    Speaking of classless...

    The phrase "one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel" is completely irrelevant here. The entire barrel is rotten. Ban all pats fans from every stadium.
  17. greenwichjetfan

    Rishard Matthew works out for Sam's team

    lol. this thread delivers.
  18. greenwichjetfan

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    Is being close to the city a thing for yall? I don't know anything about it, but my cousin and her husband just bought a place in Weehawken and they love it. They're also in their early 30s so maybe it's different for you.
  19. greenwichjetfan

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    Whereabouts in northern westchester? I agree, the area is absolutely beautiful and there's lots of land. Close to NYC+sports. Taxes are deadly though - so I hear.
  20. This is fantastic. Also, although ints are never a good thing, the prevention of them is overblown. I’d rather have a guy go 3 td 1 int over 2 td 0 int every single game.
  21. Rewatched it. First play on the 4th Q. Sam goes naked bootleg, except as soon as he turns back around, he’s met by a defender with a full head of steam. Herndon’s responsibility. I love this guy and want him to grow and be an all-pro with Sam, but I find it odd that no one is talking about this. Absolutely unacceptable. Him completely blowing his blocking responsibility could have injured our FQB.
  22. greenwichjetfan


    When do you expect to begin providing JN with a running commentary about every movie you’ve laid eyes on, RJF?
  23. Will be curious to see if they even mention the Breeland play during any of tonight's broadcast, considering that the new rule potentially cost the Chiefs the game just as it's potentially cost the Packers a game this year.
  24. greenwichjetfan

    Do the Dolphins have a new QB?

    @jgb created a tannehill CBPOTY thread a couple of weeks ago and cited his reasons as "Tannehill is working with replacement level players and is single-handedly carrying this team to a 3-0 record." Then Tannehill got benched for Brock during a 2 game losing streak, and here comes Brock taking this rag-tag bunch of scrubs to a huge win in which he single-handedly beat up the #1 D for 31 points and a win.

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