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  1. The reason Brady has been ub3rl33t all these years is because of being able to see the play pre-snap, patience (taking what the defense will give him in the form of checkdowns and swing passes his entire career), and consistently playing on strong to great teams year in and year out. Morgan being able to throw the ball has absolutely nothing to do with Brady. For some of the good that JD has done, this is one of his most glaring mistakes. It was a mind-numbingly stupid pick when JD made it, it got worse as the season went on when Morgan couldn't even beat out 78 year old Flacco and whoeve
  2. Technically seeing ghosts makes you elite, doe. See the Russell Wilson article from the athletic.
  3. Wtf. I could have sworn the May one was supposed to be the last and final one. I know I read that multiple times. either way, yes I see that it’s going to occur again in 2024. Good to know.
  4. Will be interesting to see how this curve will look without investor sentiment. I think a ton of people who understood the significance of the halvings got back in early on knowing it'd shoot up again. With no more halving events, I'm not sure it'll get another shot of adrenaline like that again. At this point, it's all about how it works in the real world.
  5. What if. Seattle will trade us Wilson for just the return of next year's Seattle pick, BUT - you have to be best friends with Jamal for 2 full weeks? You doing it?
  6. @Jetsfan80 can help you see. He's on record saying that it was a good pick because JD drafted Morgan to be the FQB.
  7. Yesss. Trade him anywhere. Don't care. Let's see that 1st rounder next year shoot up the boards!
  8. The Glen that he listed is a topnotch winner. One of my absolute favorites. I'm excited to find and try the Auchentoshan. I've never even heard of it, but Fish's description sounds great.
  9. Great response Fish. I'm one of the guys who can't do peat at all. I've tried it probably 15-20 times over the years, and every once in a while I'll go try again just to see if the palate has changed over the years. As of now, it's still a hard no. On the other hand, my cousin is exactly as you've described. He once tried a Lagavulin 16 at a wedding, and I swear he hasn't had a non smokey drink since. It's excruciating having dinner at his place while trying to sip one of his whiskeys. I usually just try a glass, remember that I really don't like it, and then whip out a juicy west coast I
  10. I wish I could give this a blue heart, POTW, and upvote.
  11. Been feeling the same for quite some time now but haven’t had the courage to post it. I’ve been on record for months that I don’t believe TL is a generational QB, and also that I love Fields and think he has the higher ceiling. We’ve seen this just recently when Sam was the surefire #1 pick for two whole years, except that after the great freshman year, he struggled and the evaluators picked up on it pre-draft, and next thing you know, Baker jumps him as the top pick. See above. We all thought Macc had the winning powerball ticket in ‘18.
  12. Fascinating how you readily oscillate between first round picks being valuable or not valuable based on the narrative you want to push. I guess the first round picks are only valuable to other teams now?
  13. Imagine “having to make peace” with taking a great QB prospect who has the ceiling of a top 5 QB in the league.
  14. If so, I'd commend him for it. Takes a lot of confidence and self-belief to stick to your valuation when you're faced with something as tempting as Watson for an additional pick. I hope we get Watson for a fair value.
  15. I posited this in a post yesterday. I'd be thrilled if taking on some of the bloated contracts would lower the price for Deshaun. I think - if we allow that public perception plays a role in the decision making - that Houston wouldn't afford us that luxury. The media would slam them and it would look awful to the general public. Something like: "Texans give up two high priced stars (one of whom the had to trade away Hopkins for) PLUS Deshaun for some draft picks and the 32nd ranked QB in the league last year!"
  16. Wow. I was wrong. That’s actually not terrible depending on which 1st round pick you’re talking about in ‘22. I think this years 1.02, 1.23, 3.30 (the JA pick), and a conditional 2 next year that can become 1 given playing time and playoffs would be my limit. I think it would get it done too.
  17. Lol. Like how Rex built up Mangini’s team to two AFCCG appearances?
  18. Lol that's not his (or his followers') bag. He's still asking for people to apologize to Eric Mangini and Adam Gase for saying mean things about them on the internet.
  19. It brings me immense joy to know that I was on the right side of history, and that Shane once again proved how bad he is at evaluating GMs/HCs (see Mangini, Idzik, Gase).
  20. Thanks. My comments in red above. Separately, I never said the '21 Jets will be the '20 Jets part 2. I'm saying that most of what you've put above is fair, but it's all separate from the Deshaun deal. The Jets will be better no matter what. It's hard not to go up from 2 wins and the worst HC in Jets history. I was simply refuting the comments all over the board that Deshaun could come to this team and his mere presence would make the current Jets roster better. It's been stated multiple times, and it's incorrect. Lastly, I think I am a little biased because I love Fields. I thi
  21. Completely agree. On the flipside though, it's also absurd to think that the same QB can come to an even worse roster and "be the tide that lifts all boats". Again, I'm all for trading for Watson for the right price. I love him as a player and as a person. He's the exact kind of person you want to lead your franchise for the next decade. But some of these logic pfails and absurd comments about his price should be addressed.
  22. Peyton, Montana, Namath, Brady, Favre, J Rice, R Moss, L Tomlinson, etc etc etc.....all should be irrelevant because a franchise dumped them/shipped them!!
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