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  1. Wow that was quite the nugget. I didn’t believe it and went to PFR to check all of his game logs. Kind of incredible. I’d be curious to see if any other SB champ in the last 20 years have never logged a 400 yard game. I’d bet not.
  2. Lol I 100% thought this was about the buttfumble with the 10 year anniversary. How do I feel about Elijah? Same as I always have. Immense talent that isn’t producing on the field and must start soon otherwise we need to cut bait. And he was right about ZW.
  3. I saw this clip on an insta meme account and it triggered arguments I had on this board with you Fido, so I took screenshots and now have to post it It’s all good man. We’ve all been wrong. For instance, after the final 4 games of Darnold’s rookie year, I thought he was it. The chosen one. Clearly that’s not the case, and maybe it’s true that Darnold got a dealt a sh*t hand here and it ruined his fundamentals and confidence and completely changed his career trajectory and led him to bust. Either way, I was 100% for moving on and drafting Fields after the first few weeks of year 3. Hopefully Zach is behind us, and White can at least provide a high floor to allow the rest of the offense to develop, and we try again this offseason.
  4. Which puts us right on track for Arch in 2027 after he redshirts next season!
  5. Not sure how I missed this thread over the last two weeks, but I'm sure glad I did. I'd have accumulated a lot of downvotes over two weeks from anyone who was high on Zach or ready to give/take lumps. The Bills game was a step forward in that he didn't **** anything up against a really good opponent, but he still didn't show that he was anything near a FQB. And now here we are, two steps back, arguing about whether his teammates are even allowed to be mad at him for being awful and not taking accountability.
  6. Winning a SB is the end goal, but as a fan, I'm not being remunerated for it like a player or coach. It doesn't add any tangible value to my life or my family's lives. I'm here for the journey. I'm here to be a fan of the players and the team and to talk about them with my friends or on here with you strangers. That's why even though the Jets haven't been to the super bowl in my lifetime or been to the playoffs in over a decade, I'm still here. If only winning a SB mattered, I'd have jumped ship years ago. Instead, while I'm upset that we didn't win in '09 or '10, I still have a lot of love for those seasons. The 2015 Jets pats game where we beat them in week 15 and knocked them out of home field advantage in the playoffs (thereby allowing the AFCCG to be played in Denver where the pats can't cheat as effectively) is one of my favorite wins. I love rooting for guys like Jerricho and Mangold, and more recently Breece and Sauce and Mann. I also love hating the pats and brady. That's why I'm here on the forums, that's why I rock Jets gear and watch their games. Winning a SB with brady does nothing for me. I would hate every minute of that journey.
  7. You clearly don't have any pats friends or fans. They don't get burned. They just move the goal posts. They're never wrong and they always win. If that scumbag were to win a SB with the Jets, pats fans would revel in it. They'd forget that they're supposed to hate us, and instead make it about how we needed brady to save us. **** him and **** them.
  8. Our specials have been awesome this year, that last play excluded. If we had a QB that wasn't worse than the worst starting QBs in the league, the specials wouldn't even have been in that situation.
  9. I'm old enough to remember when he wasn't a captain at BYU and some of us saw that as a red flag and were lambasted for it.
  10. I've lived through Pennyboywonder, Sanchize, GlassJawGeno, The Hack, Darnold, and Zach. Zach is clearly the worst of them all and I would like nothing more than to be rid of him. Still, I'm here every day, and love rooting for the Jets. All of that being said, if brady ever laced up for this team, I would never ever forgive them for it.
  11. I vaguely remember a time during the Rex era where they had to move the Bills home game to Det, and we ended up losing big despite being the better team on paper. I think Det is the Bills contingency.
  12. **** Bill Belichick. **** Robert Kraft. **** the patriots as a team, franchise, and as a mother****ing fanbase. And if you wanna be down with the cheaters, then **** you too. Mac Jones? **** you too! All you mother****ers, **** you too! [take money]
  13. I just went through a few posts on the first page and stopped. It's frightening how much misinformation there is about player deals despite it all being out there on the internet. And the amount of likes that those posts are getting are just individual confirmations that people will just blindly follow anything. For all the posts using GB as an example, you're 100% wrong. Davante Adams himself has admitted that GB offered him more money. Him not being there had nothing to do with them paying Aaron Rodgers.
  14. The Packers didn't lose Davante because of money issues. They offered him more than the Raiders. They lost him because (1) He was a Raiders fan growing up and always dreamt of playing for them, (2) his best friend and college QB happens to be the Raiders QB. https://www.si.com/nfl/2022/06/10/davante-adams-confirms-packers-offered-bigger-contract-than-raiders Also, Brady has been getting paid under the table for his whole career and was married to a superstar wife. He had no problem not maximizing his on-the-table money. Most players don't enjoy those same benefits.
  15. Hey! Me too! I was probably the first in the draft forums to talk about how Trevor is not the generational talent they all want him to be, that Zach has tremendous flaws and should not be on our radar, and that if we want to go QB with #2 overall, it should be Justin. I feel like @JiFapono is the only one that remembers.
  16. I'm old enough to remember when all Jets rookies needed to suck for at least 3 years before we could properly assess their value.
  17. I was young when the song came out...like 7 or 8. For a long time, I thought that the dolphins made him cry because he was just a measly blowfish getting bullied by the bigger stronger meaner dolphins. True story.
  18. So - you spent a bunch of words on conflating statements just to end up saying exactly what I said: Glad we're on the same page.
  19. You're arguing on behalf of relative value. The thread/post is asking about absolute value. As of now, Sauce definitely belongs in the conversation.
  20. Love Sauce, but Breece was just getting started man. He was a lock for OROY, and would have been in consideration for an All Pro as a rookie. He also would have been the entire offensive identity for the Jets. That would have been hard to beat. I'm still not over the Breece injury. I don't think I ever will be. He was the best thing about this team since 2010, and he single handedly pulled me back into just simply being an innocent fan of the team again.
  21. This has been my stance for most of my life (most of my life unfortunately coinciding with Brady's entire career). So many reasons as to why - the biggest being what he was able to do with pretty bad teams and coaches. Still, for the simplistic crowd, here's a fun fact that everyone seems to forget/not know: Peyton is 3-2 all time against brady and beli in the playoffs. The only 2 times brady ever beat peyton in the playoffs were when beli's videotaping was at its peak and completely unchecked by the league.
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