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  1. He is who we thought he'd be. A lesser version of Jeff Garcia. A lot of yall just didn't want to pay attention.
  2. Is this an endorsement of Saleh? Daboll has a 2 game win streak in his first two weeks with the Giants. After inheriting a team that Gettlemen screwed up royally. Saleh hasn't accomplished that in 20 games with a team that is routinely being talked about as talented and much upgraded. I'm not getting out the pitchforks for Saleh just yet, but I am starting to walk towards the closet.
  3. Pro Bowl weekend should be a lot of fun for true NFL fans. It should be the NFL's nod to us - after all the years of changing the game and marketing to lure any and every dollar they can get their hands on, they should make the pro bowl about the fans of the game. We have some of the best players of the league year all in one place. Lets settle some scores. Which QB throws the hardest? Which RB runs the fastest? Which WR runs the best routes? Which DE/OLB has the quickest time to the QB? Which CB has the best hands? Which DT/NT can hold up against the most blockers? Which ILB is the best tackler? etc. There are so many things the league could do without sacrificing player safety to make this a really fun weekend. They have boatloads of money to throw around. Incentivize the players to take it seriously. The NBA and MLB do it to an extent with their skills competitions/HR derby. The NFL has so much more to offer than either of those sports, but are too stuck in their ways to try to attempt it. The pro bowl game has been dead or stupid since as far back as I can remember (mid/late 90s).
  4. Agreed. I thought it might take him 6-8 games, and then he'd hit a rookie wall around week 14. Breece was the one I had penciled in as jumping out of the gate.
  5. To be fair, it would also be nice if the Jets prowess for the latter were as strong as their prowess for the former.
  6. Me personally, it's both and neither at the same time. Some of my favorite games in recent memory were high scoring shootouts. Some of my favorite games in distant memory (I'm 36 so I'd say between '94-'08) were defensive affairs. For me, it's about the quality of the play. Rules are what they are. They might suck today, they might have sucked a little less when we were younger, but despite what we think we remember about the good ole days, I assure you the rules probably sucked then too. Yes, there is a point to be made that the rules have shifted the gameplay and scoring. QBs don't need to be unicorns anymore, they can be good-to-great playing within the confines of good coaching on a good team. Freakish athleticism will beat strategy 10 times out of 10 (with the understanding that there is always a baseline for both). The point is to play within the constraints. After that, good football is good football. I remember being geeked for SNF and MNF in the late 90s/early 2000s anytime the Ravens, Steelers, or Jags played each other. It was must-see-TV because that was really high quality defense being played. Later when Rex came here and we had the best D in the league, it was so much fun watching him scheme up to stop some of the best passing attacks. The Legion of Boom were must see TV for a few years. Where it stops being a general statement about scoring is that while low scores can be a byproduct of great defense, they can and generally are also mutually exclusive of good defense. So while I'd love to sit there and watch a great defensive battle, I don't want to watch a low scoring game because the teams are les incompétent. Similarly, the Peyton-Brady matchups were some of my favorite games ever, because they featured elite QB play. The Bills Chiefs from last year, or Chiefs Rams from a few years ago, or the 49ers Saints playoff game back in the Kaep days were extreme offenses, but they were a ton of fun. Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Lamar Jackson are all still must see TV for me. Doesn't mean I'm not a football junkie or football purist. Again though, I can understand the criticism, because there are a ton of games over the last few years where the scores have become inflated because of really bad defensive play and referees, and those games are throwaway games despite the high scores.
  7. This is so odd that you get an upvote for creativity.
  8. I'm not making anyone better, pal. If I had that ability, Zach wouldn't be the worst QB in the league - when he actually plays. The facts are what they are. Choose to turn a blind eye to them when they don't fit your narrative. You have that right and have exercised it plenty over the years.
  9. Fair enough. Here's what I think: I think Fields seems lost because he has to learn two playbooks from two coaching staffs in two years, while playing with absolute garbage everywhere on the field. We've seem the same from Wilson when he was down players due to injury last year. I think you saw progress because LaFleur is a very good OC and the talent around Wilson started to play better as the season went on. What bothers me about Wilson is the fact that his progress was so limited. I would have liked to have seen him ball out a bit more, and the fact that he didn't is why I'm so super down on him. Well, that and the fact that he's either always got a hurt body part or hurt psyche. I did a whole analysis on this about a month ago, but his TD% even during that "good stretch to close the season" was absolutely abysmal. So sure: give him marks for progress in efficiency (throwing less passes which means less chances to be intercepted and throwing shorter passes which means higher completion percentage even after accounting for all of the swing/screen passes falling to the ground), but then we also have to take away marks for the fact that his productivity didn't increase at all despite better coaching/playcalling and better gamescripts because the Jets weren't being blown away
  10. It shouldn't have anything to do with Wilson, you're right. Yet, here you are sunshines and rainbows for two straight years about a player who is even worse than Fields, and that's where the two tie in.
  11. Even after losing to the defending 4 time mvp and a team thats gone to the NFCCG the past two years, Fields has a better record than Wilson while (1) playing in fewer games, (2) playing on less talented teams, and (3) under 2 entirely different coaching staffs. Meanwhile, Fields shouldn’t have even been drafted, but the excuses and baseless praise for Wilson is endless. Not suspect at all.
  12. Yet Fields won the same amount of games on a team who fired their entire coaching staff and an offense completely devoid of talent. And now he’s playing on somehow a worse offense. If you want to count injuries against Fields, have a gander at Wilson.
  13. Bump. Curious to see what happens next between Hal and JGB.
  14. I’ve really liked every episode so far. Like, old school GOT feels. Wife was saying that they’re going to fast forward the story and that by next weeks episode, they’re going to be much older. Curious how that’ll play out.
  15. This, and also ignoring the absolute garbage that Fields is working with while Zach is playing on a much hyped, highly touted (in terms of draft picks and FAs) offense.
  16. This is nothing new. Zachologists were blaming LaFleur for the first six games last year too. Mike White quickly shut them up.
  17. The Brian Flores lawsuit ****ed giselle up, lol. **** tom brady*
  18. Agreed. It's crazy how many Jets fans are blind to how objectively terrible Wilson has been.
  19. As I said - feel free to ignore actual things that happened. 6.9 vs 6.1 might not mean much to someone who doesn’t want to see it. But I see that Zach earned that 6.1 playing with a better offense than Fields earned his 6.9. I also see that Zach was worse than every single QB in the league last year except Mr. Generational. Fields’ 6.9 is closer to Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Tom Brady than it is to Zach and Trevor. Last week, he was down 10 in a monsoon against a solid 49ers team in the second half, and he threw 2 TDs to win the game. Zach was hiding behind an injury. Again, actual things that happened.
  20. Fields was better than Zach by Y/A last year while playing more games on a worse offense. This year, Fields led a CFB win after being down 10 to a solid team. Zach Wilson is either injured again or pretending to be injured again. There’s nothing wrong with liking Wilson, but you are largely ignoring actual things that have happened.
  21. No, but I can see how not reading the posts you’re quoting would cause you to arrive at that misconception.
  22. Herbert playing tonight. Just thinking about how we had a chance to take a similarly gifted QB who fell due to over analysis, but instead took one who had a worse season and can't stay on the field.
  23. He's faking it cuz he's bigly mad about playing with Geno.
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