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  1. Dude, you have a lot of posts in this thread defending Tom Brady - and you don't even know anything about Alex Guerrero? The guy has been linked to Brady since the early 2010's. There's so much information out there about this guy, his relationship with brady, and even how he was at the center of the brady belichik breakup. If you don't know Alex Guerrero, then no offense but you have absolutely no qualifications to be talking about brady at all. Brady, and his buddy Alex Guerrero - are A1 scumbags. Google it and read for yourself.
  2. Surprised you have Klecko #1. I would have thought for sure it'd be GJH. Or am I misremembering and he was never a mod?
  3. This. I've gone above and beyond to call this one of the best assembled Jets teams of my lifetime. I have actual love for Breece and Kwon and Sauce. I've admitted I was wrong about JD after his initial draft. Yet, I've been labeled a hater because I feel like Zach isn't progressing the way he should be and my concern is that over the long run, it's going to hold back this awesome team. Really makes you think about who the Jets fans are and who the Zach fanboys are.
  4. So posts like this, or Joe Willy calling anyone who raises any concerns about the Jets "diseased" are completely ok? But calling out Zach's inability to throw an accurate ball consistently, and using GIFs of actual plays and statistics readily found on various websites to back it up - is considered a hater/uneducated/ignorant? Your true colors are showing again - just as they were leading up to the draft. You pretend you want real, reasonable discussions, but the above is essentially rinsed and repeated anytime you come across any post that deviates from any version of "all hail zach".
  5. Names? Some of us actually do want the Jets to do well and are worried that Zach will eventually limit that potential based on what we’ve seen over a 16 game stretch. I’ve been here every week enjoying the wins while pointing out that Zach’s ball placement is a very big issue that hasn’t been corrected. His teammates making adjustments and bailing him out the last few weeks is not a sustainable strategy. He needs to prove that he’s the FQB that the proverbial “you all” have been telling us he already is. To date, he’s 0-16 in that department, whereas other young QBs have taken the field over the last few years and proven very quickly that they can ball even when their team loses. As I’ve said many times - I will be ecstatic if Zach becomes a top 10 QB in the league for us. I just haven’t seen any evidence at all to support that narrative, and I will continue to point it out to balance the forum.
  6. What's that? I'm looking for a good political forum to waste company time on.
  7. Fun facts: Zach Wilson has never had a rating of 100 or better, never had 300 yards or better, and has never thrown 70% or better. He was the 2nd overall pick. We literally have folks on here every day telling us that Zach was a project who needed time to develop and is making great progress. Meanwhile, Bailey - even playing as he's playing, might not even hold on to his starting job.
  8. Good for him. He'll get to be more effective as the weak HR hitter that takes the top off defenses there once Hopkins comes back. He'll be seeing CB3s on a regular basis cuz of Hollywood. This is his chance to thrive on limited opportunities.
  9. If we applied this same logic to Zach Wilson, it would be akin to Zach being in the HoF. 99% bad, 1% good does not get statues. They get fired and are never to be seen or heard from again. There's a reason Gase can't get back in the NFL. Now, how much did T0m actually pay you to post this?
  10. Revisionist history it is then. With a downvote to boot! Enjoy the view from behind the green googles!
  11. Agreed. I think JD just doesn't want people confusing Breece with Bryce. Breece is adding to the legend of JD as GM, while Bryce is subtracting from it. Can't have that!
  12. Misremembering at best, revisionist history at worst. You can go back and look it up. We had people all over the boards telling us he was better than the generational Trevor Lawrence, and that he was the most polished and pro-ready QB in the draft. That's why he went #2 overall. #2 overalls aren't projects.
  13. Of course, lol. I was being a dick for emphasis' sake. The point being that Zach has been bad despite great coaching which is getting the ball into his great teammates hands and letting them get wins for the team. Coaches can't be MVPs.
  14. Great post. This is my single biggest issue with Zach, and it's one that I've been harping on for a few weeks now. Despite his progress in limiting turnovers and not doing anything to mess up the wins, his ball placement is just simply bad. There's no two ways about it. Your post is mostly about the incompletions, but like your bonus point, how many times over the last three weeks have we seen critical plays that were actually completed despite bad throws? Our skill guys are so good that they're making great adjustments on balls that should be falling incomplete or be ints and converting them to give Zach's stats credit. At least two critical ones last week which I've posted way too much about already so I won't do it again yesterday the long Corey Davis pass yesterday where he had his man beat by 2-3 yards and a better throw would have been a walk-in TD. The bonus play you have up there is another big one that I was bitching about to my brother. A better throw would have resulted in converting a 3rd down and keeping the drive alive. Instead, they put the D back on the field. Again, I'm not trying to be negative because this is the most excited I've been about the Jets in over a decade, but the facts are what they are: ZW continues to prove over and over again that he's not anywhere near the FQB yet that his fanboys keep telling us he is.
  15. I picked him in all three of my leagues, probably a bit too early. First time I've actively seeked out a Jet in fantasy. One of my leagues is a keeper league, but we're not allowed to keep anyone from the first 4 rounds. I had the 1st overall in a snake format, which means that I picked 12th in the 4th round and 1st in the 5th. I was able to snag him with the 1st pick in the 5th, so next year, I'll get to keep a potential top 5 RB for just my 5th round pick.
  16. LaFleur is the MVP of this season so far. That we have been putting up points despite Zach's play has been incredible to watch, and it's a good omen for our offense going forward. Hopefully Zach takes next steps soon and shows he can be a FQB.
  17. This is the second week in a row where I will complain about Zach despite a double digit win. The guy just isn’t very good with ball placement, and his inability to take over games despite all of the opportunities just screams game manager. He hasn’t shown that he’s a FQB yet, and I was really hoping that by this point he would have.
  18. Whoever saleh is paying to do the one job of notifying him to challenge should be fired. That was clear as say. If they overturned the Sauce TD for a blade of grass, that would have been incomplete too.
  19. What exactly is the issue here? Nothing he said is incorrect or newsworthy. He's not the most articulate person, but calling him stupid or dumb is ****ed up and probably based on other factors. If you follow him on social media or listen to him and are able to get past his inability to articulate his thoughts in a fashion that agrees with your sensibilities, you would clearly see that he is an intelligible person who has made mistakes in the public eye and comes from a very difficult past, but is doing his best to rise above it.
  20. I'm more upset that we can't complete the quadfecta of the top 4 draft picks all winning rookie of the week. Guess one of the others will have to win it and hold it for JJ next week.
  21. I've posted this before a few times - credit to whoever initially posted it because it's not my work. But this is what blew me away and had me loving him even before the draft. I couldn't for the life of me understand anyone that was upset with the pick. If you have a chance to add a star collegiate RB who also profiles as one of the most atheletic RBs to come out - and you only have to give up a second round pick, why would anyone complain? The below chart along with having ZW at QB and a revamped OL was all I needed to place a futures bet in the offseason for Breece to win OROTY. To my great delight, despite the issues at OL, Breece is still on pace for it. I just fear that those two yards that cost him two TDs this past week might come back to haunt him when looking at aggregate stats at the end of the season.
  22. Meh - we're getting better as a fan base. I remember when Zach Wilson was being compared to Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes before he took a single snap in the NFL! Breece actually looking like one of our best draft picks in over a decade warrants a little enthusiasm!
  23. I was born after Earl's time in the NFL, but athletically, Breece is in the same category as Adrian Peterson. That's nuts, because AP is probably the best old school RB I've ever watched (guys like Marshall Faulk and LT were absolutely nasty, but they fall in the new school of receiving backs).
  24. As long as he exposes all of Kraft and Belichick's secrets about the videotaping and how goodell covered it up, and the paying brady under the table all those years, and the Alex Guerrero "supplements" - I'm all for it.
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