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  1. Who said anything about win percentage? I wanted to look at the W-L record to talk about their number of losses. Accordingly, Zach is doubly worse than Flacco as starter of the Jets. Therefore, the rest of the offensive players’ development would be better with Flacco. Thanks for providing the numbers to prove my point.
  2. Oh good, the wambulance is here. Find one post of mine trashing any of the Jets QBs over the years. Use that search function. Cant help you if you don’t like dealing in facts, but keep your ******* jerkoffs to the privacy of your own room.
  3. Aren’t you always bragging about how you’re a physicist? You’re quite sensitive to be so logic based professionally. I don’t hate Zach. I wish he were better. If he turns out to be better, I’ll be ecstatic. I said as much in my post. But I’m not just a Zach fan, I’m a fan on the whole team. The entire point of my post is that the injury could have been a “blessing in disguise” because it would help allll of the other young guys on the team develop. Take a break from the numbers and try reading the words of the post that you’re going to bitch about.
  4. I’m with all of this, and to be fair I made my post before news came out that it’s a few weeks as opposed to the whole year. Everything I had ready prior to my post said it was the ACL.
  5. Rich coming from you. Elaborate on your frustrations with me, will you?
  6. I see, so the difference is just that last “s”.
  7. Yep. Despite how I felt, I wanted to see Zach get his games this year so we can get a real determination on him. If he does end up coming back from injury early, then that’ll happen. If he doesn’t, it just means the rest of the offensive skill players will get to play with a guy who can help them develop faster than maybe Zach would.
  8. I’ve never thought of W-L as a QB stat, but since you do, please do Zach’s so we can compare. Even in those 0-5 games, the offense functioned better than most of Zach’s games. The only Zach game where that’s not true is obviously the TB game.
  9. Well done. I forgot how good that ‘08 team was with Favre. If he didn’t get hurt…man. I do think that the roster was significantly upgraded in ‘09 and ‘10 though, and if we had found a way to keep him happy, we’d have at least gotten to a SB and very potentially won one.
  11. Let’s use our words please. Who is the idiot? JD for drafting Zach? Zach for getting hurt? Me for making this post? Or are you just mad at yourself and using this thread to vent?
  12. We just upgraded two of the most important positions via injury, and the board is acting like the season is dead. I wanted Mekhi and Zach to succeed. Even though I didn’t agree with the Zach pick, I wanted him to prove me wrong and throw TDs in Jans and Febs for the next 10 years. Maybe he still will. What I do know though, is that as of right now, both of them were liabilities more than they were assets. IMO JD has done a very good job with most of the rest of the roster. We have a team that can compete, and frankly I felt that Mekhi and Zach might have been holding us back. We now have a pro-bowler to play alongside AVT to help the run game and stabilize pass pro over a guy who we consistently would have wondered about giving effort or getting hurt or just living up to his hype. At QB, to be clear, I don’t think Flacco is anything great. However, I do believe he’ll bring stability and experience which will really help the development of the rest of the guys on O, and I think he’ll make fewer mistakes which will help the D. The net will be an overall positive for the team. And the extended time off watching and learning from a SB MVP from the sidelines might be just what Zach needs in terms of development to take the next step. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and let the season play out, and enjoy the ride. When was the last time we got to say that we have a legitimately talented roster with a probowl LT and a SB MVP QB?
  13. The guy's a scumbag and he should be banned for life. With that said, I'm very aware of the fact that my feelings have nothing to do with what will happen. Currently, I have the option of keeping him in my keeper 2QB league for a mere 13th round pick. It would be like winning a smallish lottery for my fantasy team if he were to stay at 6 games, but if they move it to 12 or more, then I would have to look elsewhere for my keeper and I don't have very good options. So either way, I need this damn situation to be clarified in the next two weeks cuz that's when keepers need to be in by.
  14. Now I'm actually more excited than I was with Mekhi. He was always going to be an injury concern, and he was coming off of a year off, and while he showed flashes of dominance in the run game his rookie year, it was inconsistent. Brown was a pro-bowler last year, blocking in front of Geno Smith at QB. Today, regardless of Mekhi's circumstances, the offense and the team is upgraded.
  15. Adding context to the AV, it’s Ed Reed. Accounting for my blind fandom and the fact that he’s my favorite defensive player ever, it’s not particularly close.
  16. That Breece Hall for OROTY bet I placed a few months ago took a bit of a hit, but other than that no real change. This isn't a 4x all-pro we're losing. Yes, it's frustrating to waste potential and a high draft pick, but both of those are meaningless on the field in 2023. The last time he showed flashes of brilliance was 2 calendar years ago, and even then it wasn't consistent. The OL was fine in the second half last year without Mekhi. Most importantly for the team: his absence isn't going to affect Zach in any substantial way. They've never played a full game together, and I don't really recall Mekhi being significantly better than replacement in pass pro. The run game is the only place we'll miss him, and again, the replacement will do enough to compensate. Thinking back over the last few weeks about the things that I was making myself excited for, Mekhi wasn't really a factor in any of it, so really - I'm feeling about the same.
  17. You might not believe me given how vocal I've been about not liking Zach for so long, but I assure you that nothing would make me happier as a Jets fan.
  18. I would jump the moon for him to be a top 5 QB, but realistically I'd be ecstatic with even just top half QB. I want the fundamental errors gone this season. That means no dirting swings and screens, no silly sacks, no self-inflicted INTs. If a good read and good throw is batted in the air and INT'd, or the defense just straight up fools him into an INT - that's acceptable. However, if he throws any more INTs like he did in the scrimmage where it's clearly bracket coverage from the snap and the LB is draped over the WR through the entire route, I'm going to lose my ******* mind. In Lafleur's scheme with JD's personnel, I'm not expecting Zach to carry the load. It's built to be run-heavy. It'll be mostly short passes with a few shots sprinkled throughout each game; somewhere around 20-25 dropbacks. This offense organically generates low-impact QB play - meaning lower TDs but also lower INTs. So at the end of this year, I'm not expecting 30 TDs, but I am definitely expecting single digit INTs, 63%+ comp, and lots of YACs generated by quick decisions and good ball placement. And I want him to use his legs a lot more.
  19. I don't think I've agreed with any of your Zach takes since like November of 2020, but this one time on your second point, I agree. "Staring down receivers" doesn't apply in the short passing game, and that's exactly what LaFleur is looking to implement. Granted it's a scrimmage, and I guess I don't really know what I was expecting. However, after watching, I know that I was expecting more. He still doesn't look anywhere near the FQB you and so many others promised he'd be - even in a grab-ass practice setting.
  20. Didn't even know we had cheerleaders. No wonder I've never cheered, I was never led!
  21. I'm itching for some actual video footage of all the tweets we keep reading about. Hopefully we get some today.
  22. I just want one day where Zach completes every throw within 5 yards. Let’s start with those baby steps. Love the 80 yard bombs and the frozen ropes 20 yards down the sideline, but if we’re going to continue to follow those up with screen/swing passes in the dirt, we’re going nowhere.
  23. The first two completely contradict the third tweet. Year 1 was Wilson flashing his off-script abilities while being extremely poor with pocket presence, staying on script/taking what the D is giving, and throwing the football accurately and consistently. Bouncing a swing/screen pass to a RB is definitely not what I want to see in year 2. Hell, I didn't want to see it year 1.
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