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  1. 4000 yards, 30 tuddies, 6 ints, and 2 milfs -or- bust.
  2. Now that that's settled, looking forward to all of the HoFers we'll be picking over the next few years.
  3. Mims isn't in this pic, nor was he there. In fact, I came to this thread specifically to air my frustrations with Mims not being there. The insta-stories and posts are awesome. I'd never heard of Gozzer Ranch before but looks like a fun place to check out.
  4. The Boys is one of like 5 shows that I actually keep up with because the first two seasons were that good. However, while this season was much funnier than the first two, I was slightly disappointed in the overall season, and super disappointed with the season finale. To me, Soldier Boy being Homelander's father was obvious from early on in the season so I didn't think it was any big twist, and the way that the final episode played out was so lame. As of right now, it definitely seems like a money grab to just get a fourth season in, but who knows - it could just be setting up for an incredible 4th season.
  5. A big fat SMH. That's a permaban if I've ever seen one. You're also too kind, giving him back a single penny more than he gave you. At that point it's not about the money.
  6. Everything about him was a shtick. BMWs, PSLs, Gase. The only time I actually thought he was being genuine was his Leinart love affair - which he was also wrong about.
  7. A BWM is not a ticket into affluence. It's laughed at. It's middle class fancy at best. Anyone who brags about their money or possessions doesn't live amongst the affluent. They're outside, begging to get in the door.
  8. This. Pennington is on my top 5 least liked Jets ever, and it started back in the Oakland game in 2002. I was part of the ACM on JI when it all went down. As much as I hate it, it doesn't change the fact that Pennington was and still is one of the most popular Jets in franchise history for anyone under the age of 50.
  9. My favorite Jets: 1) Revis' first stint with the Jets. Ironically, I have him as my number 2 all-time most hated Jet for winning with the Pats and then the BS he pulled during his second stint here. Still, the feelings I had for his play from '07-'10 were indescribable. 2) Mangold 3) Brick 4) Leon Washington 5) Cotch Honorable mentions: Sheldon Richardson from the moment he was drafted till he won DPOY. Then he lost his damn mind.
  10. Aside from the two AFCCG runs in '09 & '10, we haven't ridden high for any moment of the Jets Fan part of my life. I can't wait for that moment to sh*t on other teams. I need this.
  11. Not reading through 195 posts to see if this has already been discussed, but Matt Rhule, amirite?!? Guy is desperate to keep his job at the expense of the rest of the team. He was always deficient at the x's and o's and relied heavily on personality and attitude, and it shows. He's been awful at just about everything from a gameplanning and coaching standpoint, and although he's been playing QB carousel for the past three years, he keeps doing it with the wrong QBs. Thankfully we got to avoid that disaster here.
  12. Haven't given this exercise any time yet but when I go through the posts, this list seems closest to one that I'd put together. The only item I'd address on mine is somehow getting Aaron Donald on here. Otherwise to me, this is a perfect list.
  13. Don't think I've ever seen this convention used before.
  14. That’s fair, but golf is an individual sport. Hank was the best goalie in the league for years but at any given point there are 11 other people on the ice influencing the game. Baseball; specifically a CF is even less of an individual impact on each game of their careers. If we’re talking Golf, Tennis, NBA, and to a large extent even QBs in the NFL - championships factor much heavier in the legacy discussions. Baseball, hockey - sure, but less impactful by multiple stndrd devs.
  15. Come on bud. Don't bring that here. You really want me to tell you that using your logic, you'd take Brad Johnson over Dan Marino? You've been long enough to know how this works.
  16. I'm a Yanks fan, but I'll take Griffey Jr. #1 every single time in an all-time draft.
  17. Pennington and Ryan are both overrated. One being considerably better than the other doesn't make him good overall. Ryan being the GOAT around here is more of an indictment of the sh*t we've had since Namath, than it is a feather in Ryan's cap.
  18. Matt Ryan is one of the most overrated QBs of this generation. He made a career out of putting up stats in the regular season while mostly playing from behind. In every season of his career, he’s played with at least one all-pro “weapinz” and in a few seasons, multiple. He played with a GOAT TE, an elite WR, and a handful of other really good receivers that were able to produce without Ryan as well either before or after their time playing with him. He consistently had good OLs, good rushing attacks, and at least for the first 10 years of his career he consistently had good defenses. Put it all together, and the guy has 0 rings and only 1 truly elite season to his name. His reputation amongst NFL fans and media is mind-boggling to me and has been since he was at BC. I’d say he is one of the more obvious examples of fantasy football skewing people’s perceptions of a player, because he really has never been good in big games or in big situations within games, despite having strong teams to work with for the majority of his career.
  19. Just caught the finale of Better Call Saul. Wow. I never felt that Howard deserved all the vitriol that he was getting from Saul and Kim. Of course it wasn't their fault what happened, and we kind of knew something had to happen to him given that it's a prequel, but man that was something. An amazing episode from beginning to end. The final 6 episodes are gearing up to be nuts.
  20. This is why the Morgan pick doesn't fit into the larger narrative. He was a 5th/6th rounder taken in the 4th when we already had a 3rd overall pick going into a do-or-die season who needed to be evaluated. Willis was considered best in class at various times leading up to the draft.
  21. Completely agree. Sam was the entrenched starter going into his consequential third year. There was no chance he wasn't going to start all 16 games if he were healthy - no matter how badly he may have bombed. If Morgan's entire purposes was simply to serve as the backup, it's a waste of a pick. Veteran backups are a dime a dozen - and wouldn't you know it, Joe Flacco was brought in as the veteran backup for not only that season, but the next two as well! Taking QBs unnecessarily because "hey ya never know" is a stupid strategy regardless of what transpired ex-post.
  22. Lol this thread is like the one after the bucs game where Zach Wilson and his 1 TD for 234 yards off of 57% completions was deemed “AWESOME!&!!&!!!”. Just overall bad takes.
  23. The bolded two items are opposites, yet they are being used to describe the same person just one sentence apart. I'm confused.
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