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  1. Fun thread. AJ would definitely be number 1 on my list out of those 3. DK wouldn’t be on my list. so really: 1) AJ 2) Deebo 3) save the picks for the draft
  2. Lol Jets. It's so perfect that the current sh*t streak of 2 round 1 WRs over the last 25 years is directly related to taking an unspectacular Keyshawn Johnson 1st overall because Billy P didn't want to guarantee the #1 pick to HoF NFL Legend Peyton Manning.
  3. I feel confident about the Colts vote I just registered.
  4. LOL Baker so mad. I get what the colts are doing. They have a closing window and need to try everything to take advantage - similar to the Rams last year. I’ve just always felt that Ryan was/is overrated, and have had many arguments about this through the years at JI and JN. I’ve always felt that he was more of a game manager and that the falcons were trying to make him more than he was. Maybe a change of scenery, a great offensive coach, and a top 3 RB in the league will help him out.
  5. League average would be at 22ppg. Only two teams scored above 30ppg. The top 10 offenses all scored over 26.5ppg. The Jets were at 18ppg, and were the 28th ranked O. Those numbers are also inflated by the two highest scoring games of 2021 being started by QBs no longer on this team. I fully appreciate the idea of complimentary football. I agree that the best way to win games is to support the offense by fielding a strong defense. However, complimentary football can only be achieved if all facets are playing well. In our case, the O flat out sucks. If we were around 23ppg and it was clear that the O was good enough but the D was holding us back, I’d agree with you. Unfortunately that’s not the case. And, we’ve already sunken heavy resource into a QB on a rookie deal. We have 2 more years to find out if he’ll be worthy of an extension, play on a lame-duck contract, or need to be discarded. I’m ok with an Edge in Round 1, but the other 3 premium picks this year should go O. I know they won’t, but they should.
  6. There are reports that the Jets did inquire about the cost. If they were acting on their morals, they wouldn’t have done that. I also have all 3. 2 of them are old and practical enough to understand the situation and compartmentalize, and as my daughter grows, we’ll be sure to raise her the same way. Rooting for the players on a team isn’t the same as rooting for the individual.
  7. This ownership has brought in and hired convicted criminals. If we are to believe the rumors, they also inquired into bringing him in. Let’s not act as if ownership are stewards of morals and ethics. If Watson could have been had for a lower price, this FO would have jumped at it, just as any other QB needy FO would have. Inferring that I’m in the minority for putting it aside is disingenuous at best; stupid at worst. I know Deshaun is not innocent, and he’s a terrible person for it. That being said, I’m sure half of the ppl in all sports terrible in some form. We either don’t know about it (yet) or know that it doesn’t matter either way in the grand scheme. My feelingd didn’t stop him from doing d-bag things all these years, and won’t prevent him from doing d-bag things in the future. So if he’s gonna be allowed to play, I’d rather he play for my team since our current QB just wrapped up a worst-in-league campaign.
  8. Maybe the only starting QB that I would not take over Wilson.
  9. I loved Mims for like a full year before we drafted him, so the fact that we got him was like christmas to me. I'm not ready yet, but I'm very close. I want to give him one last training camp. At the end of the day, we know that it's between the ears. I'm willing to give him a third offseason to see if it's clicked for him.
  10. Quite the title. Sexton Berrios coming back is now a feather in Zach’s cap?
  11. 3rd year in the league, 2nd year in Saleh’s D. He’s got all the potential and showed flashes last year. Would love to see Ashtyn step into a solid starter’s role.
  12. '06 gave us D'Brick, Mangold, Brad Smith, Leon '07 gave us Revis and Harris As much as I love Alijah, Elijah, and MC - '21 gave us the 2021 worst QB in the league. Not comparable. Hopefully Wilson gets better.
  13. Rodgers just won back to back at ages 37 and 38. Brady's the first to do it and that's great, but his records won't last long and his longevity stats won't be unrivaled for very long. Between the rule changes, the protection of the QBs, medical technology advances, and HGH - there are going to be lots of instances of great QBs playing longer.
  14. To be clear, all of this can be pinned to bad ownership and leadership. Zach sucked last year. The tape, the numbers, the rankings all bear that out. Deshaun was a top 5 QB the last time he played in the NFL, and is still on the right side of 30. The Jets have the firepower to go get him and all it would cost them is the ability to select in the first round this year. They’d still have all the other picks, wouldn’t put future picks in jeopardy, and would still have all the cap space to build around him this year alone. Putting all of the off-field stuff to the side, your post is exactly what is wrong with this team and what has held us back for literally generations.
  15. Zach, #4, #10 to unload a player that Houston wants nothing to do with. No one else will be able to come close to matching that kind of firepower. Get it done Tanny JD!
  16. I'm good with parting with Zach Wilson, our #4, and our 1st rounder next year. Hell, throw in our 2nd this year too. Get Deshaun to NYJ!
  17. I'm a big no for Lockett - especially if it means giving up picks. He's bordering on old in WR years, and while he's always had ability, even with a borderline future HoFer throwing him the ball, he'd disappear in far too many games over the years. At their best, Diggs was a level above Lockett, and Hopkins was a full tier above them both. Both were younger when they got traded too. Not exactly apples to apples on the comps.
  18. I don't know Joe White Shoes. I'm not in the Seattle or NYJ front offices. I'm saying Noah Fant is an interesting player and it be a great get if we somehow ended up with him. I'll leave it to the folks who get paid to determine if that's a viable possibility.
  19. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw he was part of the trade. Would be a great get.
  20. Man, if we could sign Njoku and Cooper with all of the cap space we have, it'll do so much for this team and the rest of the offseason: Cooper is an elite route runner. This is huge for a young QB who needs to trust that his receivers are going to be where they should be. Cooper would instantly make the other WRs because he would automatically attract opposing CB1s. In cases of zone defense, Cooper can be moved around to take advantage. Having legit receiving threats such as Cooper, Njoku, and Moore makes the running game better because defenses aren't going to stack the box as frequently. These two signings would immediately and automatically open up the entire draft board. Screw it - go Edge on both #4 and #10 if it makes sense! This is why we've been cutting and carrying cap space for years. Moments like these. To help your young QB out. Don't get cheap, JD!
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