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  1. It might be, or it might not be. You're under the assumption that like you, the Bucs feel Jameis sucks on and off the field. I'm just telling you I disagree completely with you, and that even if the Bucs felt that way, they'd take a king's ransom from some other team and move back- still making Jameis the #1 pick. The reason: because all opinions aside, on the field, he's been the best and most productive player in this draft; and he happens to play the most important position.
  2. Yes, his on field and off field issues are the reason he's an almost consensus #1 overall pick this year.
  3. If the Bucs are operating under the assumption that Jameis is 100% bust, then yes it'd be stupid of them to forgo Leonard Williams. Problem is, no one is assuming that because for whatever off the field issues Jameis has had, his on field production and ability is second to no one in this draft.
  4. Yea, cuz Cleveland's decision making and handling of the draft are so on point. If you're Belly, you call and sell them on it. Period. If they don't take it, oh well.
  5. Or they may decide that when you have the opportunity to take a QB with Jameis' potential without having to give up assets, you take it. A QB breathes much more life into a franchise and team than does a LB- even with Leanoard's potential.
  6. 1) I hope for our sake this happens. Push a baller down to us at 6. 2) There's no way this will happen unless Cleveland throws in next year's second (at least) or first (on par). 3) If I'm Belly, I'm calling up Cleveland and asking for that #12 pick for Jimmy G straight up. If the Brownies are stupid enough to consider giving up this haul for a 2 year project who at best might become a top-half (not top 10 or top 5) QB, then you gotta sell them on giving up much less for Jimmy. Don't forget, Jimmy would probably be the second best prospect behind Jameis if he were still in college, and Belly can sell the Browns on Jimmy having learned and polished his game from Brady and that coaching staff, and being able to come in and hit the ground running.
  7. I'm fully aware of Leonard's current talent level and potential, as well as what people are saying about the two prospects. I just think it's ludicrous that the Bucs don't take Winston. Compare Jameis to Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell; hell compare him to me for all I care. Opinions don't shape careers on the field.
  8. Is this seriously what you think, or are you just being different?
  9. He ain't as good as the other two, but he's certainly better than 15 other starting QBs. A top 15 QB could very well be all we need with the defense that we look to put out there and the weapons that the QB will have surrounding him at his disposal. Regarding the long teeth of the other two, I don't really care. They still have two years of top tier QB play in them...we have a roster and team built for contention for the next two years. After 2017, most of our guys are coming off the books and/or will be too old to contribute at a high level. The time is now with our roster. We have the talent to compete, but we need a QB to win. If forgoing a decade of playoff appearances is the cost for the potential to win a super bowl in the next two years, then **** it. Give me the Super Bowl by 2017 every time.
  10. If we're getting Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, or Kaep (not in the other two's league, but still), then trade Wilk and #6 and book your flights to SF. If we're not getting one of those three or another proven QB in return, then tell the inquiring teams to shove it. Plain and simple.
  11. DGB will not be there at 37. No way, no how. He's too beast.
  12. He didn't gel with any of the Boston teams either unless he had KG there ready to kick his ass if he stepped out of line. He's just not a good teammate, and if his on-ball defense and shooting were even average, it might make up for it. But they don't.
  13. **** Rondo. He's the last guy I want on this team. LaMarcus is a manimal, but you're right in that he wouldn't fit here.
  14. What subversive jedi mind trick is it that there is more text on the Raiders than there is the Jets in the "New York Jets 2015 Predictions" thread?
  15. Calling you the third derivative of position is not a personal attack, ya maroon.
  16. Can we just use the other thread which already says "Beware Spoilers"? That way there's less clutter on the boards with new threads for different shows, and we can generate more discussion on a variety of shows all at once. Just a thought.
  17. I'd like to have a place where we can discuss TV shows as they air- including 'spoilers'. This thread seems like a good place. GoT: Fantastic plot driven episode. It really started setting up the dramatic plot lines that feel like they're coming on. Killing the freed slave for his murder of a man awaiting a trial was a bad idea from the start, and Daenerys' lack of leadership/inability to assess a macro situation is really on display here. It'll be interesting to see what Tyrion and Varys make of her (besides obviously falling in love with her beauty and compassionate liberal ruling agenda) after this incident. Jon Snow turning down Jon Stark and becoming Lord Commander of the Night's Watch was an interesting turn. I've always held to the belief that Jon or Arya would somehow eventually end up in the iron chair at King's Landing, so I'm not sure where this is going, Arya's still a badass, and I love all of her storylines- latest one included. I'm eager to see what Jaqen H'ghar and the House of Black and White are all about. There's a bunch more, but I only watched the episode once late last night and have been at work all day, so I'll probably find more interesting stuff after I rewatch it tonight.
  18. 1) LOL. 2) He's tryna compensate for "missing his flight" with Rachel Menken by doin the faintly resembling "greasy spoon employee" in the back of a diner. Side note: Bangin a chick up against a brick wall cannot be pleasant for the chick's back.
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