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  1. On 11/5/2022 at 8:21 AM, SoFlaJets said:

    I just have a feeling about this game, and it won't go away and the more I think about the more sure I FEEL about it.  I believe that Zach Wilson is about to come in to his own and play the best ball he has ever played yet and he will lead the Jets to victory and SHOCK THE FOOTBALL WORLD. It's just a hunch and I'm probably the only person who feels this way, but I swear I can almost see it in my minds eye. You guys watch.

    Well done!

  2. 1 hour ago, Dunnie said:

    Ooooor golden boy LaFleur doesn't know how to coach the position. emoji848.pngemoji848.pngemoji848.png

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    Nope. That’s definitely not it. Look at all the QBs who have taken snaps for the Jets over the last two years. What do the ones not named Zach Wilson all have in common: Positive production. Zach Wilson had almost net neutral production in 4 wins, and huge negative production in his one loss this year, as well as all the losses last year.

    The data points to you being wrong - unless of course you choose to turn a blind eye. You definitely have a right to continue to do so if you’d like!

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    QB #1:

    18 NFL starts - 9 and 9 record in started games - 412 for 635 (64.9%), 4,366 Yards Passing, 25 TD, 20 INT, 84.8 QB Rating, Sacked 45 times for -334 Yards, 77 rushes for 401 Yards and 2 TD's.

    QB #2:

    18 NFL starts - 7 and 11 record in started games - 291 for 525 (55.4%), 3,382 Yards Passing, 12 TD, 16 INT, 70.0 QB Rating,  Sacked 54 times for -443 Yards, 45 rushes for 229 Yards and 5 TD's.


    QB1 looks a little like Baker, but I don't remember him having anywhere near a 5 ypc average. 

    QB2's record looks like Zach, but that completion % and QB rating look too high.

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  4. 1 hour ago, football guy said:

    I wrote that the team and people closer to the league then we are feel Zach has shown a ton of progress because of his play within the offense. You've heard the coaches say it. You've heard some of the top QB analysts out there say it. But for some reason I'm your target? Lol. 

    If I knew how to do studio-level screen recordings and had 5+ hours to breakdown game film and post a youtube video I would, but I have my own company and I have a life... posting breakdowns to "back up my claims" is not appealing to me. Discussing it is. The fact that I even take the time to respond to you is self-concerning in it of itself.

    I've made very reasonable statements, yet some of you are on here acting like I am predicting that Zach Wilson will be the best QB in the NFL. I never once said any such thing. I've spoken about his rare arm talent, which everyone sees. I've spoken about his athletic ability, which everyone sees. I've spoken about how he's performed within the structure of the offense, which everyone could see if they put in the time and effort to rewatch and split those plays like I do. I've spoken about the offensive strategy and the expectations out of him, and that's probably the only thing that I have access to that others don't... I know the game better than you do; I have more resources than you do. That's enough for me... I don't care what you think about me, I don't care about proving you or anyone else wrong; if your goal is to prove me "wrong" and hold me accountable for making statements about a player's career over ONE GAME have a it lol. But if you're going to be a troll and try to mock me in a vulnerable moment when the Jets lose a game to a team that I hate after the QB makes 5 horrific decisions to seal the game in their favor yeah I will be a prick over that... you're acting like a puss on a message board for it. 


    I've been against Zach Wilson since before we drafted him, and disagree with some of your posts. Still, I think you bring a lot to the board, and think you just need to ignore certain posters or troll them back with one liners. Putting this much time and effort into responding to them is doing you no favors and I assure you it's not going to change the way they interact with you.

    Keep giving us the insights - regardless of who agrees or disagrees with them.

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  5. On 10/24/2022 at 9:35 PM, AlexVanDyke said:

    How some of you “fans” made such snide and sarcastic comments and posts about our chances to beat the Pats. As if they were the 19 pats.  Are you guys just that stupid or do you like instigating?


    On 10/25/2022 at 10:40 AM, greenwichjetfan said:

    If the 2019 Pats were the last good Pats team, then what the **** have we been doing losing 12 straight to them including 2020-2021?

    Belichick eats up young QBs. He destroys bad young QBs. Guess which one Zach is.


    On 10/25/2022 at 10:49 AM, Irish Jet said:

    The same one Fields is tbh.

    Anyway, here's Wonderwall

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  6. HotD was awesome. Extremely refreshing. Didn't want anything to do with the GoT universe after the final few episodes of the original series, but HotD pulled me way back in. Maybe I'm misremembering or allowing my previous distaste to cloud my memory, but I can't remember GoT ever being as good as season 1 was. Maybe a few episodes here or there, but as a full season, I think HotD tops the others.

  7. 1 minute ago, BallinPB said:

    I've been watching Geno this year.  It's crazy to see how good he is playing.  He's not just playing good actually, he's playing on the level of Mahomes and Allen.  

    He could've easily had 300 yards with 4 TDS yesterday if it wasn't for key drops.  I mean Lockett was wide open for a walk-in 40 yard TD and he just dropped it.  

    Moreover, some of the passes Geno is making is elite level QB throws.  He's not waiting for the WR to break before he throws it perfectly to where it needs to be.  He's dropping dimes in tight coverage.  Throwing balls super well on the move.  

    He's also matured into a leader.  After that Lockett drop you saw Geno on the sideline giving him a pep talk.  Came back to him in the 4th for redemption TD pass.  

    The guy is playing lights out right now.  

    I selected him in both of my leagues because I had him as a deep sleeper QB. The reasoning was that it would allow me to use premium picks for other spots and I'd still be able to get at least average production from the QB position with Geno in the 12 - 15 rounds. 

    Never did I expect this type of play through the first 8 weeks though. He's giving me top 5 play on throwaway picks.

    You're right on about his play too. IRL, he's even better than his fantasy production would suggest. It's incredible to watch. 

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  8. 12 hours ago, Titan24 said:

    17-3 no chance 

    I'm old enough to remember when the pats were down 28-3 in the second half of a pretty big game and came back against the NFL MVP and a sure fire 1st ballot HoFer.

    Meanwhile, Zach can't even throw the ball away without giving it back to the other team, so...................

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  9. 12 hours ago, Titan24 said:

    That was the killer…….did not affect the pass…..was a bad play.   Saleh was livid.   That play  holds up the game is over. 

    that play holds without penalty….Zach hands it off all day and team is 6-2. 

    WTF? How many logic jumps are you affording yourself?

    How about: If Zach didn't throw an INT a few plays before, then JFM wouldn't have even been on the field to make the penalty? How about, instead of throwing the INT, if Zach acted like a FQB and took the ball and went down the field to score 7, the Jets would be sitting much prettier heading into the locker room at half, and the pats would have been more demoralized?

    The JFM penalty sucked, and it hurt - but he should have never been in position to make the penalty. He should have been on the bench along with the rest of the D watching Zach take the pats soul. But Zach is ******* hot garbage, so here we are.

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  10. 53 minutes ago, Scotty Wooty Doo Doo said:

    LaFluer is trash

    With Breece and AVT out for the season, LaFleur is probably the best thing left about this team.

    Think about it: We won 4 games in a row with the worst QB in the league. At some point, when he absolutely needs to have plays from his QB and can't hide him anymore, the QB needs to be able to step up and make a play. The QB throwing a back-breaking, game-losing INT at the end of the 2Q is on the QB. I promise you LaFleur did not call for Zach to throw the INT. 

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  11. 4 hours ago, HighPitch said:

    This post is fine but it has one major flaw. You were giving up on the guy way way way way too early. You could spinet anyway you like but you don’t draft the guy with your second pic of a draft and then give up on him with what?  Has it been a total of 16 starts so far? Sorry but that’s not how you play football and evaluate your guys. And please don’t try to make it sound like you’re some incredible visionary on this board that knew from day one that he was going to suck

    No, I was not giving up on him. I challenge you to find one post in my history where I said that. I have simply pointed out consistently that he needed to improve significantly, and that his “progress” or “development” was greatly exaggerated around here. I posted stats from websites and gifs from others to back my points up. I also expressed heartfelt feelings of hope that he would turn it around. But I got called diseased (amongst other things) and downvoted to oblivion. Look it up before you make a ridiculous post like this and assume so much.

    Doesn’t take a visionary to see that Zach has always been worse than his JN reputation.

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  12. 12 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    I thought this is what we wanted?

    I've been told the past month that wins and losses don't matter...only yardage and TD's?

    Is that not the case?

    2 TDs and 355 yards....

    I thought that's what was what's important...

    Has something changed?  Or just same ole...

    Let's find a way to attack Zach Wilson for everything and anything possible.

    Now include the INTs and then refresh.

    Anyone who ever questioned whether you had an agenda or posted in bad faith has their answer here.

    Just a disgusting post. Just like every single thing Zach Wilson has ever done on a football field. 

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