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  1. Not even remotely accurate. Of course they elevated each other and the results speak for themselves, but even without Brady and with a noodle arm QB like Mac Jones, he still won 10 games. He also had a lot of success without Brady in the games that Brady was hurt or suspended like all of '08, the beginning of '14, and the AFC championship game in '01. He's also the last browns HC to win a playoff game, and that was like 30 years ago. None of that is "very pedestrian". For reference, the last time the Jets won 10 games we had to buy all of the biggest free agents. Since then, we've changed the GM, changed the HC 2x, and drafted QBs in the top 3 overall 2x, and still haven't even managed to get to .500.
  2. Thanks for doing that. At least now we’re having an actual discussion. How many attempts did the other 4 have? To me, Madden ratings shouldn’t be about aggregate production, but rather a combination of efficiency and production since it’s rating their individual attributes. MC suffered from an attempts standpoint due to poor QB play and constantly playing from behind - but I suspect that his individual performances on a per attempt basis would be better than his aggregate production relative to his peers.
  3. I think I like him about on par as most people. I simply think Madden is slightly underrating him compared to his peers and his team. The fact that he’s not at least a top 10 Jets rated player is what drew me to post in this thread. Most people would probably have him as the number 1 or 2 offensive skill position guy last year, and on a team as bad as the 2021 Jets, that should be good enough to make it.
  4. Looking at the time stamps, you’d think I have my very own time machine!
  5. Lol what is the point of all this? What does 4-13 have to do with anything? Elijah is the most gifted and I'm excited to see him this year, but last year he was definitely not their best offensive player. MC is definitely a complimentary player, but complimentary players can also have good ratings. I already addressed Hall in my previous post. Zach can say whatever he wants to say but he was the worst starting QB in the league last year and his madden ratings should reflect that, just like MC's ratings should reflect how he did last year. That's my entire point. "Those types of players win divisions" is such a stupidly reductive statement. There were like 3 years in a row where the Saints didn't even get to .500 - are you saying that the likes of Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara should have been ranked in the low 70s because they didn't win their division? Go jerk off to someone else's posts and stop making things up about mine. I'm not all sunshine nor am I crying that anyone on the Jets should be a top player. I'm literally talking about one player, and saying his rating should be a modest 80 given how he performed relative to his peers last season and relative to the rest of the Jets.
  6. On last year's team, yes he was the best offensive skill player. And the Madden ratings are based on last year. The Jets would take Breece Hall because (i) he's more of an everydown back, (ii) because the RB position takes a lot of wear and tear so going by RBBC is a better philosophy, and (iii) because you should always look to upgrade every position no matter what. That Hall is a 76 on Madden without playing a single down in the NFL is irrelevant and points even more to the ridiculousness of the ratings.
  7. Regardless of circumstances, I'm flabbergasted that MC is not higher than a 78. Of all the RBs in the league that had as many attempts as him, he was 11th in Y/A. He also had the 15th most targets and converted them into the 7th best Y/T among RBs who had as many attempts. In no way am I saying that he's a superstar, but if he's good enough to be in the company of RBs who are mostly all in the 80s and 90s, and he brings great versatility, then he's gotta crack the top 10 of a scrub team like the Jets and should at least be an 80 himself.
  8. I typically don't care about uniforms or aesthetics unless it makes a tangible difference on the game (for example, wearing the all greens on the same day that the end zones are painted green can potentially give an advantage if used properly). That being said, that might be the best/coolest uniform I've ever seen in any sport. Wow.
  9. Well, if nothing else - at least Payton knows how to make small QBs good!
  10. This forum is the only place I've seen it used so frequently so I may as well ask here: how are we supposed to read "GFY"? Like, "Go **** Yourself", or "GFY"? For example, when I read "lol", I read it as "lol", not as "laughing out loud". I've always been curious.
  11. Admittedly I was too young to enjoy Lott even though I know allll about him. Elite Safeties are weird to rank. Over the last 20 years or so, FS and SS have become interchangeable not only by position, but even on a play-by-play basis. On top of that, with the modern sophisticated passing offenses and rule changes to limit a Safety's impact on the game, the responsibilities of the safeties have changed dramatically from just the late '90s to today. For example, Charles Woodson played the majority of his safety snaps at SS, but I read somewhere that he had more INTs as a FS (which makes sense given the differences in responsibilities). Rod Woodson was very good too, but similar to Charles, he made the switch to Safety later in his career and most of those snaps were at FS his responsibilities were more in line with a Polamalu type of hybrid SS. Meanwhile, Ronnie Lott played his entire career at S - the majority of which was at FS, but that was 30+ years ago. In today's NFL, he'd be a SS by every single measure. That's not a knock on Ronnie because I'd take his career and put it over any SS's career - it's simply to differentiate why I'd take Reed over Ronnie in a purely FS ranking if I had to. But anytime I build out my all time team, I always have Reed at FS and Lott at SS. All that being said, I get what you mean about voting from your heart. Ronnie deserves that from you. For me, not only is Ed Reed the greatest safety of all time, he's my favorite non-QB non-Jets player ever.
  12. It's a fun way of getting through the July part of the offseason. A few years ago, Paradis did an all time draft in July which was awesome. A few weeks ago I set out to do something tangential to this, but in no way was I going to put in this much work. I might still put it out over the next few weeks.
  13. Without giving it any real thought, my initial 5 would be Brown, Namath, LT, Vick (pre dogfighting), and Peyton.
  14. Ha. I initially read that too quickly and misplaced the comma to read it as "Well kumar, ..." and had flashbacks of my time as an Indian American kid in Greenwich, CT when Harold and Kumar came out. Yes, definitely a different sport. Candidly I don't pay any attention to baseball anymore even though as a kid it was my favorite sport - so I have no idea how the administration aspects of drafting and signing work. But for football, it's definitely a rarity. Funny that Rocker was drafted by the Mets when the only other time I can remember "baseball", "Rocker" and "Mets" being discussed in the same sentence was in a very different tone.
  15. I'm not sure why this is ever a thing to worry about or celebrate. To me, once a player is drafted, it's a foregone conclusion that they'll sign. When was the last time a big name player didn't sign his rookie contract? Was it Crabtree? And before that?
  16. Very. A bit on the sweeter side with notes of chocolate and caramel. Will probably switch out the ice for a drop of water and whiskey rocks next time. Either way - super smooth and packs a punch.
  17. 4000 yards, 30 tuddies, 6 ints, and 2 milfs -or- bust.
  18. Now that that's settled, looking forward to all of the HoFers we'll be picking over the next few years.
  19. Mims isn't in this pic, nor was he there. In fact, I came to this thread specifically to air my frustrations with Mims not being there. The insta-stories and posts are awesome. I'd never heard of Gozzer Ranch before but looks like a fun place to check out.
  20. The Boys is one of like 5 shows that I actually keep up with because the first two seasons were that good. However, while this season was much funnier than the first two, I was slightly disappointed in the overall season, and super disappointed with the season finale. To me, Soldier Boy being Homelander's father was obvious from early on in the season so I didn't think it was any big twist, and the way that the final episode played out was so lame. As of right now, it definitely seems like a money grab to just get a fourth season in, but who knows - it could just be setting up for an incredible 4th season.
  21. A big fat SMH. That's a permaban if I've ever seen one. You're also too kind, giving him back a single penny more than he gave you. At that point it's not about the money.
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