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  1. Didn't even know we had cheerleaders. No wonder I've never cheered, I was never led!
  2. I'm itching for some actual video footage of all the tweets we keep reading about. Hopefully we get some today.
  3. I just want one day where Zach completes every throw within 5 yards. Let’s start with those baby steps. Love the 80 yard bombs and the frozen ropes 20 yards down the sideline, but if we’re going to continue to follow those up with screen/swing passes in the dirt, we’re going nowhere.
  4. The first two completely contradict the third tweet. Year 1 was Wilson flashing his off-script abilities while being extremely poor with pocket presence, staying on script/taking what the D is giving, and throwing the football accurately and consistently. Bouncing a swing/screen pass to a RB is definitely not what I want to see in year 2. Hell, I didn't want to see it year 1.
  5. Don't worry, it's definitely not the last surviving adherent of the Mangaseinidzik.
  6. And for godssakes, do whatever is necessary to draft Arch and have him sit and learn for a year while the veteran goes on the playoff run so that we might actually have one of those 10 year FQBs for once in my lifetime.
  7. Agreed - haven't been this excited about a Jets offense since The Flight Boys were on the outsides and we had TJ and LT running behind the best OL in football. Unfortunately for me in both cases, I feel that the QB doesn't belong. I also think that this year, the youth and inexperience is going to cost us a bunch of series'. My singular grievance with this year's O is that the WR group is on the smaller side of the league. Hoping that TEs can make up for it and provide Zach with the big targets he'll need. IMO, the best thing about this offense is the OC. I can honestly say that in all of my years watching Jets football, I have never been happier with an OC. I think this guy is the goods, and unfortunately I don't see him sticking around very long if Zach does in fact make the jump everyone is hoping for.
  8. I read the board daily. My 1.00338 rate of posts per day since I joined 14 years ago might not show it, but I do. Too many times per day, actually. I know because my wife has very little idea of what an online discussion forum is, but whenever she sees green and white on my phone, she reminds me that I'm "wasting time" on "that jets site", and I generally agree with her. The nice thing about having such a low posts/day rate is that one can easily go look up my posts and quickly determine where I stand without the noise of wasted posts. On record, I've vehemently disagreed with Jets brass about the drafting of many of our players going back to '06 - whether because I felt that they were simply bad players like Zach Wilson, or because I felt that there were better options at the position like in the case of Quinnen, or because I felt that the position didn't warrant a pick based on our roster and the outlook of the upcoming season like for Wilkerson. I sided with the ACM about Pennington, hated almost all of Macc's moves before it was cool to do so, and have also been critical of JD - though I really like the overall direction he's taking the team. I've rooted for losses in throwaway seasons even though the results don't favor that strategy - because objectively it's always better to have higher picks even if you don't trust the Jets to make the right pick. All of this is to say that by no means am I against any form of constructive discourse with opposing views. However: There is a faction of posters that have proven a strong inability to accept any non-positive posts, and will deride any poster or thread for sharing a non-positive viewpoint. Those guys ******* suck and need to go. Conversely, there is also a small group of posters who have made it their entirely JN identity to only be negative and filter it through the facade of "objectivity". Given the sh*tshow this team has put on for us year-over-year, I look forward to coming to the site in August and allowing others' optimism to infiltrate my objectivity. I like the feeling of putting the past in the past, looking forward, and blindly hoping for Zach to succeed even though objectively he was the worst QB in the league last year and I've hated every moment of him being tied to the Jets since well before he was even drafted. It reminds me of being a kid again and being excited for the team. So while I find myself agreeing with the football content in most of those objective posts, I also think this is a Jets fan forum where people come to be fans. While I hope that everyone continues to post in the non-positive wherever required, I also don't think that every shred of optimism requires 5-10 reminders from each of the same posters of this team's failures. I don't see the value in that. Still, I think overwhelmingly, the best thing any of us can do about it is simply grow up. It's an online forum with thousands of strangers from all different walks of life, histories, personalities, and outlooks. Remember that the post that's got you all hot and bothered has absolutely no impact on your life as soon as you close your browser (bump, set...). If that doesn't work, use the ignore feature. I've never needed to use it, but it sounds like the next logical step. And if all of that doesn't work, put the phone/keyboard away and go eat a goddamn snack.
  9. Calls out sick every week for 30 weeks in a row?! I'm more concerned about you or your firm's personnel policy at that point.
  10. Get this: I've been vegetarian for the entire run of triple D, and I've probably seen 80% of the episodes.
  11. This could have been written word for word before he was drafted and it would have rang just as true as it does today. He was always the best bet to have the most early success, and the fact that his thrwpwr was his singular limitation was the writing on the wall. Throw power can be increased over the years through targeted strength training, recalibrating throwing motion, and a healthy supply of HGH - all of which are SOP in the NFL. This isn't my father's NFL where arm strength stays the same through the course of one's career because they thought that bicep curls and beef was all the strength and nutrition a QB needed. He's the prototypical game manager, and for a team coached by Belichick, that's all you need to win. I wouldn't have wanted to draft him because the Jets are in an entirely different situation, but he's perfect for that team and that team is perfect for him. I have many posts predraft saying that I want no part of him but if the Pats end up with him, we're going to be in big trouble. Year 1, they already teamed up to win more games than we've won since since before either of my kids were born.
  12. I don't care about the 20 llbs of muscle. I'll leave that for Joe Willy. If Zach can emulate his birthday twin's success on the field, I'm all for the under-table pay structure to cheat the salary cap, the HGH, and the extra-curricular film study. Hell, I'll take it all for even 1/4th of the success.
  13. You guys are forgetting that what you saw last year was the real Mac Jones. This year, you'll see the Mac Jones after an entire Belichick offseason full of HGH, steroids, and illegally taped film study. Brady was also a "limited" QB in the beginning of his career, and after 20 years with Belichick, he's now stronger and faster than he's ever been at the age of 44.
  14. I’m pretty sure he had the same look when he was backing up Favre early in his career. Just without the fanfare. If he gets another MVP this year, he’ll tie Favre for the only backup back to back winners, and I believe he’ll tie Peyton for most ever. Long hurr don’t curr.
  15. I've been on Jets forums since '04 and have routinely been surprised at various things over the years. It shouldn't surprise me that there are people that would be actively against bringing in Sean ******* Payton to be the HC, yet here I sit, surprised.
  16. Not even remotely accurate. Of course they elevated each other and the results speak for themselves, but even without Brady and with a noodle arm QB like Mac Jones, he still won 10 games. He also had a lot of success without Brady in the games that Brady was hurt or suspended like all of '08, the beginning of '14, and the AFC championship game in '01. He's also the last browns HC to win a playoff game, and that was like 30 years ago. None of that is "very pedestrian". For reference, the last time the Jets won 10 games we had to buy all of the biggest free agents. Since then, we've changed the GM, changed the HC 2x, and drafted QBs in the top 3 overall 2x, and still haven't even managed to get to .500.
  17. Thanks for doing that. At least now we’re having an actual discussion. How many attempts did the other 4 have? To me, Madden ratings shouldn’t be about aggregate production, but rather a combination of efficiency and production since it’s rating their individual attributes. MC suffered from an attempts standpoint due to poor QB play and constantly playing from behind - but I suspect that his individual performances on a per attempt basis would be better than his aggregate production relative to his peers.
  18. I think I like him about on par as most people. I simply think Madden is slightly underrating him compared to his peers and his team. The fact that he’s not at least a top 10 Jets rated player is what drew me to post in this thread. Most people would probably have him as the number 1 or 2 offensive skill position guy last year, and on a team as bad as the 2021 Jets, that should be good enough to make it.
  19. Looking at the time stamps, you’d think I have my very own time machine!
  20. Lol what is the point of all this? What does 4-13 have to do with anything? Elijah is the most gifted and I'm excited to see him this year, but last year he was definitely not their best offensive player. MC is definitely a complimentary player, but complimentary players can also have good ratings. I already addressed Hall in my previous post. Zach can say whatever he wants to say but he was the worst starting QB in the league last year and his madden ratings should reflect that, just like MC's ratings should reflect how he did last year. That's my entire point. "Those types of players win divisions" is such a stupidly reductive statement. There were like 3 years in a row where the Saints didn't even get to .500 - are you saying that the likes of Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara should have been ranked in the low 70s because they didn't win their division? Go jerk off to someone else's posts and stop making things up about mine. I'm not all sunshine nor am I crying that anyone on the Jets should be a top player. I'm literally talking about one player, and saying his rating should be a modest 80 given how he performed relative to his peers last season and relative to the rest of the Jets.
  21. On last year's team, yes he was the best offensive skill player. And the Madden ratings are based on last year. The Jets would take Breece Hall because (i) he's more of an everydown back, (ii) because the RB position takes a lot of wear and tear so going by RBBC is a better philosophy, and (iii) because you should always look to upgrade every position no matter what. That Hall is a 76 on Madden without playing a single down in the NFL is irrelevant and points even more to the ridiculousness of the ratings.
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