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  1. Would love a quality QB to go with all of the awesome OL and Weapinz picks the last few years. Might be able to find one tomorrow.
  2. Who’s ratings are those and how are they derived? What jumps out immediately is Saquan at #2 overall, while everyone else is late 1st or early/mid 2nd round. Just reinforces what some of us have been saying for years about a running back’s value proposition. Hopefully Breece lives up to the billing. I’m excited.
  3. Strong Herm Edwards vibes. Player coach through and through, great salesman, culture changer. These types are great in the beginning, but they typically have a ceiling and when they’re unable to break through the ceiling, their act gets old. That’s where I am with Hurley right now. Hurley is fine with the X’s and O’s. He generally has good strategies to start games. But he’s awful at in-game coaching - whether it’s adjusting on the fly, timeout management, or having a pulse on the game. In his years here, we’ve squandered too many big leads, lost too many close games, and generally underachieved far too often for there not to be a trend. The singular big game that UConn has won since he joined the program was this year against yall, and he was watching from the locker room as Kimani led us to the W. Needless to say, I’m over him.
  4. Pretty short offense too. Zack, Elijah, Braxton, Wilson. Not a critique, just an observation.
  5. Great tourney all the way around. Definitely surprised by Wright's retirement. Furious with Dan Hurley. For sake of argument, I'll say that I started following UConn as a legit fan in '96 around the time I turned 10. Between '96-'20, I had never seen UConn underachieve to the degree that we have under Hurley two years in a row. I'd seen many overachievements. The only obvious disappointment was the George Mason year. Last year with the first round exit, and this year losing to mother****ing NM State who only had 1 actual player playing.....just unacceptable. At least when the lady huskies lost in the championship game, they lost to the clearly better and healthier opponent. The worst part? The best mens coach is the highly sought after assistant who will leave for a HC job somewhere this year, and we'll be stuck with Hurley for years to come.
  6. I'd say if our draft picks turned into sure things, I'd definitely do it. However, looking at the history of the league, that doesn't seem to be the case. Our history specifically, is even worse than the collective league's history. So, no.
  7. They’ll need a cover now that he’s completed a full year of the HGH routine. Brady had TB12 as his cover, I guess Mac’s will be training with olympians.
  8. Deebo, AJ, and Terry are all not participating. Still hoping we can acquire either AJ or Terry.
  9. Hate the Raiders, but their fans have every single reason to be optimistic. A top 10 QB, top 2 WR, top 3 TE, top 7 RB, and a great offensive mind calling the shots. I wouldn't even begin to know how excited I'd be if the Jets ever put something like that together. The people hating on Carr probably are the same ones who think Zach Wilson is the next Patrick Mahomes. Meanwhile, I'd give up so much for Zach Wilson to become Derek Carr. Unfortunately, everything he's put on tape looks more like David Carr.
  10. 100%, true. Thoughts in my head since reading that about an hour ago: A stripper trying to perform on the pole with parts of multiple chickens popping out of multiple parts of her g-string The line outside of the strip club with people corralling multiple chickens waiting to get in Waitresses attempting to navigate through a packed strip club with humans and chickens The blended smell of stripper juices, perfume, and a chicken coop The nearby gas station which keeps reserves of chickens so that when guys want to go to the strip club and only have cattle, ox, or pig, they can stop and exchange them for chickens to be used in g-strings The velocity of stripper chickens
  11. I have an international economics degree and wrote my graduating paper on the impact of education and technology on developing economies. I've worked at 3 top hedge funds, and currently am the head of a global team for the largest CIB in the world. In all of my years of studying monetary policy or practicing it in the economy, never, ever have I come across a thought as glorious as this.
  12. Thanks. Including this year's draft, he's only given out one grade 5 or higher to Trevor Lawrence. With that perspective, this year's grades are less jarring.
  13. So, since I've never seen this before, for reference, is there a list somewhere that details his past projections? I get that this isn't a top-heavy draft and doesn't have any of the traditional blue-chip prospects. Still, without having the past projections as reference points, it's a little jarring to not see a single 5 or 6 graded player this year. Maybe that's the norm?
  14. Players take a look at what's going on in the real world, and everyone has or is leaving NYC for better weather, communities, taxes, cost of living, etc. On top of that, this franchise hasn't produced a SB birth in any current player's lives. Based on last season's QB play, the franchise isn't trending towards one anytime soon, either. On top of that, this GM has (rightly) been careful with his boss's money. Even the big money contracts he's given out have been good value. FAs/Sign and Trade candidates are looking for the Maccagnan type that will overpay. Add it all up, and this should not be news, it's business as usual. Frankly, I'm not upset. I don't want the Tyreek type of player anyways.
  15. #10, Penning. Yea, something very PTSD-y about all of that. Hard pass.
  16. Agreed with both. I"m a huge Hitchcock fan, and when viewing it through that lens, it was a disappointment - especially with the actors involved. That said, it wasn't a terrible way to spend 1.5 hours, and there were some amusing parts to it even if they weren't meant to be.
  17. I really hope JD stays away from him. He is not a good route runner, he doesn’t block, and there might be something off upstairs. Not worth the draft comp plus a new contract. It’s not that I’m against spending for good players. I would have loved to gotten and paid Amari or Adams or AJ Brown. It’s just that I don’t think Metcalf is as good as his reputation, and will only get worse on a team that doesn’t have a borderline HoF QB throwing to him.
  18. I mean - he single handedly made Noodle Arm a first round QB. There is no higher praise you can give a WR.
  19. That’s precisely my point. In a time when passing was difficult, he played on a team with a HoF QB and a coach that practically invented the modern day passing attack that every team runs. Put differently, Rice got to play in today’s wide open passing offense when no one else in the league was playing it or knew how to defend it. I’m not taking anything away from Rice or Owens. Both are incredible and are in my top 3 of all time. - I loved watching Owens play and I always made it a point to trade away my defense for him in Madden every year. - Rice was drafted a year before I was born, but he played on the same team as my hometown hero Steve Young, so I followed both of their careers intently from a young age and loved Rice even when he went to Oakland. Still, when you’re talking about the scariest receiver to defend, it goes to Moss and I don’t think it’s even close. Looking at overall stats doesn’t do Moss justice, because he took so many years and plays off - and that definitely is a huge mark against him. But so many ppl in this thread alone have commented about the fact that Rice and Owens gave 110% on the field every time while Moss didn’t. And even then, Moss is considered top 2 or 3 all time. Imagine if he had given it 100% every play?
  20. Randy Moss is the GOAT WR. Jerry put up better stats for longer, but he also played for a coach and on a team that was the actual embodiment of “playing chess when the rest of the league was playing checkers”. Megatron and TO are honorable mentions. Larry Fitz falls just outside of the top 5 because he simply wasn’t as physically gifted. When Randy wanted to be “on”, he was the best ever, and was nearly impossible to defend. He was also must see TV.
  21. Let’s see how much Bowles likes Brady’s incompletions now! Bowles deserves an opportunity to work with a legit franchise and have a legit team. Happy for him. But my “**** Brady” default settings ultimately means that I’ll have to root against Bowles this year. Unfortunate.
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