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  1. This is the second week in a row where I will complain about Zach despite a double digit win. The guy just isn’t very good with ball placement, and his inability to take over games despite all of the opportunities just screams game manager. He hasn’t shown that he’s a FQB yet, and I was really hoping that by this point he would have.

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  2. What exactly is the issue here? Nothing he said is incorrect or newsworthy. He's not the most articulate person, but calling him stupid or dumb is ****ed up and probably based on other factors. If you follow him on social media or listen to him and are able to get past his inability to articulate his thoughts in a fashion that agrees with your sensibilities, you would clearly see that he is an intelligible person who has made mistakes in the public eye and comes from a very difficult past, but is doing his best to rise above it. 

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  3. 16 hours ago, nycdan said:

    I think AP is a much better stretch comp for Breece right now.  Earl was a unique cat - almost unprecedented blend of raw power, speed and toughness.  I don't think we've seen anyone like him since.  Breece is fast, and has some power, and maybe a bit more wiggle, but he's not a Mack Truck like Earl was.  

    I've posted this before a few times - credit to whoever initially posted it because it's not my work. But this is what blew me away and had me loving him even before the draft. I couldn't for the life of me understand anyone that was upset with the pick. If you have a chance to add a  star collegiate RB who also profiles as one of the most atheletic RBs to come out - and you only have to give up a second round pick, why would anyone complain?

    The below chart along with having ZW at QB and a revamped OL was all I needed to place a futures bet in the offseason for Breece to win OROTY. To my great delight, despite the issues at OL, Breece is still on pace for it. I just fear that those two yards that cost him two TDs this past week might come back to haunt him when looking at aggregate stats at the end of the season. 


  4. 16 hours ago, Jetpain said:

    Comparing a rookie 5 games into his career to some of the all time greats at the position??  We can only hope, but maybe a little more brake and not so much kool aid this soon

    Meh - we're getting better as a fan base. I remember when Zach Wilson was being compared to Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes before he took a single snap in the NFL! Breece actually looking like one of our best draft picks in over a decade warrants a little enthusiasm!

  5. I really thought Uzomah and Conklin were going to bring back the two star TE offenses of the past. For the season, Uzomah has 3 catches for 17 whole yards, and although Conklin showed signs of turning it around prior to getting hurt, he started out the season terribly. Fumbles, drops, and whiffed blocks. 


    I was also wrong about Garrett. Thought he'd take longer to make an impact. The guy is a route running freak of nature. I could watch him tear up grass all freaking day. He's seemingly open every single play - will be nice to have once we open it up and let Zach try to get it to him more.


    I was also wrong about Sauce. His play to date has been off-the-charts. I really thought he was going to have his fair share of rookie issues including but not limited to tons of PI/D Holdings calls and blown coverages. I am so happy to be so wrong.


    Everything else has been trending close to expectations. Zach hasn't done anything to make me think he's our FQB for the next decade, but despite that, on paper, we're a talented but inexperienced team so we are going to lose games and we're going to win games. Having three games against backup QBs helps a young team like this get valuable realtime experience and build confidence. The few things I absolutely nailed: I was super ******* right about Breece being a ******* stud!!!! However, I was also right about Mosley being bad. Thank the FA heavens for Kwon!


    The thing I most want to be wrong about is Zach. I'm hoping this game against Rodgers helps with that.

  6. 1 hour ago, FidelioJet said:

    All I've continued to say is he started from a relatively low place and has shown more than substantial growth. 


    More spin. I could swear the way you were posting all over the boards predraft that you thought he would be god's gift to the Jets. Now all of a sudden he started from a relatively low place? Dude was the 2nd overall pick in the draft and you and a few others had him as the best QB in a draft that featured a "generational" trevor lawrence. He's playing on two of the most talented and well constructed Jets teams of the past 12 years. lolz

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  7. 3 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    Produce it?

    He threw 5 passes or so in a pre-season --- are you really trying to compare that to a 79 yard pass to the 1 yard line in a regular season division game?


    Who has the agenda?

    I'm not doing homework for something you know is true. I'm simply calling you on your bs. If you want to take passes away, don't complain when someone else does it. If you want to only discuss facts as they've occurred, keep that same energy even when it doesn't fit your agenda. I don't actually care either way.

    I definitely have an agenda: to discuss the Jets as they are - whether good or bad. I'm not changing anything to fit a specific narrative. Your agenda for 2 years has been to spin everything in favor of Zach. For example:

    2 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    Sometimes I wonder if some of you actually watch the NFL.....I really do.

    QB's don't have 4 monster quarters in 90% of games - they're up and down through games (otherwise you would see a lot of 500 yard games). Zach played solid football against Pittsburg and delivered big time when it mattered most.  That's what good QB's do.  That's how most of them win games.

    NY Jets offense puts up 40 point against Miami - and it's eh! he wasn't good.  Zach did what was necessary to win the game, played within the system and took what was there...look at all the RPO's they ran.  

    Give me a break.  The growth Zach has shown between the first quarter of last year and the first 2 games this year is truly impressive.  If you don't see that I honestly and respectfully don't think we should argue it anymore.


    1) Didn't address anything else I posted but cut out the part that allowed you to type what you wanted.

    2) No one's asking for 4 monster quarters. And the issue here is that Zach is not yet a historically good NFL QB. He is still on trial. So he doesn't get the benefit of a bad 3 quarters that you might allocate to a Kirk Cousins type of good QB, and he certainly doesn't get any of the benefits of doubt that any of the better-than-good, great, or elite QBs get. He needs to show far more than what he has over his career in order to get those.

    3) Yes, if you want to take a concentrated approach and look at Zach in a vacuum, his growth has been impressive on a linear scale. However, when you look at him relative to other young QBs who you seem to want to group him with, you'll see that he's moving along at a snails pace. Look at the young FQBs over the last 5 years, and pick out just 1 of Zach's games where he looked as good as any of the others. Just one. 

    4) I'd like you to address the part about his ball placement issues on short and swing passes. Because Garrett and Breece converted bad throws into points at a very critical part of the game which otherwise would have fallen incomplete and probably led to a loss if we were relying strictly on the ball being delivered accurately. 

  8. On 10/10/2022 at 2:38 PM, FidelioJet said:


    You don't take away plays in stats-just silly.  QB's have big plays - that's how the numbers work..

    Funny how that works. There are posts on this forum from a few months ago where you were taking plays away from Zach's preseason game. So I guess it's really about whether it fits the narrative?

    For the record, I'm seeing progress, but it's slow. The 4Q against the Steelers was great. The first 3Q were not. This past Sunday was absolutely nothing to write home about. He managed the game, made the short throws to open receivers, and didn't have any TOs, so I'll call it progress - but I'm still having a hard time seeing a FQB back there. And even in the big win, there were two critical plays in Sundays game were we were able to convert by back to back great adjustments by Garrett and Breece, but the ball placement was just awful by Zach. Those would have been drive stallers, and at that point in the game, probably would have resulted in a loss.

    I'm hoping this week against Rodgers, he shows it. I want be a fanboy who agrees with your takes on Zach. I really do. It would be the best thing for all of us. 

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  9. I know I’ll get killed for this, but I’m happy with the Jets today so it’s a good day for constructive criticism - I really hope Zach can fix his ball placement issues. On the 3rd down to Garrett as well as Breece’s big play, the throws could have been better. If it weren’t for the two best players on the team making good adjustments, those are drive stallers.

    ok, kill me.

    Also - LETS F’NG GO ON THAT FUMBLE!! Really would have loved to see big Q score there 😆 

  10. 6 hours ago, jgb said:

    Anyone gleeful about the dissolution of a marriage when there are kids involved because one of the parties played for a different sports ball team than you like needs to reassess their outlook on life.

    I’ve reassessed. My final verdict: **** tom brady. Maybe the cheating scumbag should have thought about his kids before ******* up his marriage for to play another year of sports. Or maybe he should have thought about his first kid before he dumped his baby’s mother.

    If you think fans’ feelings on a messageboard are the real issues here, you need to reassess your outlook on life. Or stop virtue signaling on behalf of truly despicable human beings like tom brady. 

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  11. On 10/6/2022 at 12:48 PM, JiFapono said:

    First off, JT is by far the best at this.  I dont think anyone even comes close to his break downs.  Something that really stood out as I was watching this was that they were all from shotgun.  So I looked at his splits, he only took 5 snaps from under center vs. the Steelers.  Just seems to be you're really limiting the playbook and hurting the run game by giving so few looks from under center.

    Not giving an opinion either way on this because I really haven’t looked at any data yet, but I seem to recall Peyton playing almost exclusive from the gun during his time in Denver.

    I believe RG3 also played the majority of his rookie year out from under center. 

    Now, I’m certainly not comparing Zach to a GOAT or to one of the best rookies ever, but it does sort of appease the worries that an offense can’t be potent on the ground if a QB doesn’t play under center.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, batman10023 said:

    crazy to think we could have 2 rookie of the year players

    Even crazier to think that we could have 3! By the end of the season, I wouldn't be surprised if Breece is up there with Garrett for OROY consideration. I put money on him for OROY at the beginning of the year. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, JiFapono said:

    Wouldnt be surprised to learn in this book that HGH wasnt the only thing getting pumped up Brady bung hole.  There is a reason he cant get away from that locker room life.  He keeps getting older, they stay the same age and I really cant blame him, so many hotties in the league. 


    You're the spike to my bump and set.

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