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  1. Where's Borgoguy when you need him?
  2. Agree with this, and will leave it at that.
  3. There were rumors at the time that the reason Rodgers has turned his back on his family is because his family had racial issues with him dating a Japanese woman. He's probably a stuck-up hipster snob, but he does tons for charities, the community, and speaks on social issues. Would seem odd then that a person who is always talking about love and harmony and kindness would be the opposite to his own family unless there was a valid reason for it. To someone like him, maybe his family being racist towards his then-gf was enough. And maybe that is still some form of d-bag, but it's a different form. Either way, agreed that as fans, it shouldn't have anything to do with anything.
  4. It's honestly bonkers. The single best coach that we've had on either side of the ball since Rex Ryan, and fans want to blame him for Zach's inability to execute.
  5. Have you seen Zach's short game? I think LaFluer is doing what we all always want our coordinators to do - customize the gameplans to the players. Zach probably has a higher completion percentage 10 yards down the field than he does to his screen passes.
  6. It's the perfect defense for a Peyton Manning led offense. Time will tell if it will work for a Zach Wilson led offense. I know the numbers didn't work, but I really wish they kept Foley. He was fantastic against the run, and he's a fellow uconn husky!
  7. It's been so long since we've had to think about this that I don't actually remember - do the Jets get anything out of a cut player being picked up off waivers?
  8. That's quite a list. Nice to be upset about a few of them for once!
  9. I was very excited for him on our team when we drafted him. He's underwhelmed considerably. His kicks are either too short, or too long resulting in touchbacks. Can't have that.
  10. Here we have a perfect example of circular reasoning. LaFleur is the single best thing about the entire coaching staff. The reason he called the games the way he did in the beginning was because of Zach. The reason for the failures was because Zach couldn't execute. Unless you're arguing that LaFleur purposefully called plays with the expected result of failure. When Zach got hurt, as you pointed out, the gameplans changed and we got more aggressive. Then, when Zach came back, we went into shell mode again. The only difference between Zach's first 6 games and the rest of his games was his execution of the conservative play calling. That's why he didn't throw a single INT in the final 4 games, but also only threw 3 TDs across an average of 24 attempts per game. That's a TD percentage of 3. That means that if we were to remove all of the bad from Zach, and only look at those last 4 games which some around here have labeled "Awesome", the extrapolated numbers would place 28th in the league last year for TD%. So whoopty doo that he didn't throw any INTs, he also didn't throw much at all - and that was by design to limit his exposure.
  11. Ideally, agreed. Practically, it won’t. They’ll just look to last week and Deshaun Watson as to the reason why not. As it always does, the end result will hinge on how good the player is at the thing he/she is paid to do.
  12. **** tom brady. July and August on JN were a little bit better because of these threads. Thanks 80.
  13. I'm with you. Of all the shows that got killed for bad endings, I generally thought most of them were way overblown, and actually liked some of them. Seinfeld, Dexter, Sopranos, etc. I tend to be very lenient on the direction that the directors want to go in with their own show. That might be why I absolutely despised the final episodes of GOT and can't give them the same benefit. Maybe it was because these directors were just putting books to motion picture for the entire series, and then decided to go off on their own at the end and really f'd the whole thing up.
  14. Another PFF flaw. They categorized the great Jim Brown as a FB, and the infamous fraud brady* as a QB. Peyton and Rodgers are the best I've ever seen for entirely different reasons. Mahomes has a real shot, but I'd love to see him without Reid, Kelce, and Reek. One down, two to go. If I had to choose one QB for one game, it would be tough, but I'd ultimately go with Rodgers. Peyton is the ultimate grand master at calibrating the offense pre-snap to get to the perfect play, and then executing post snap. However, Rodgers is not that far behind. Meanwhile, the gap between Rodgers' athleticism vs. Peyton's is significantly in Rodgers' favor, enough so to tilt the overall decision.
  15. Do you even know what football is if you haven't watched youtube clips of the greatest fullback of all time!?! That reminds me, I've got to make sure youtube comes down to tape future all time great Breece Hall.
  16. I’m with you. I think we’re probably the same age, and I also only go with what I’ve watched on these types of historical polls. Mine is ADP, LDT, Lynch, Charles, Henry. Lesean was probably the most fun to watch though - dude was a real life madden rb.
  17. On one hand, I absolutely love what LaFluer is doing. I've loved it since his first day on the job - even through the first 6 games last year when everyone wanted to blame him instead of Zach for the offensive woes. That being said, if I'm Woody, and Zach proves he's not the guy this year, I'm doing everything I can to get Sean Payton in here on one condition: he needs to work with JD.
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