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  1. This is Joe Douglas' roster through and through. He has had two drafts with multiple premium picks and two full free agency periods with loads of cap space. The roster has been almost completely turned over since he was hired 2.5 years ago. His players are young and his coaches are inexperienced, but so far, the results are objectively bad. The Jets need to show improvement playing out the remainder of the season. If they continue to look like one of the worst teams in the league, Douglas' tenure as GM is going to end sooner rather than later. It's a results driven league.
  2. Becton is 100% starting at LT when healthy. I think the only question is whether Fant moves back to starting RT or Moses keeps his job there.
  3. The bye week came at a good time. Wilson, and frankly the entire team, needs to regroup and get back on track from a mental standpoint. I think Wilson is referring to his missed throws from the first five weeks (throws behind receivers, throws into the ground, etc.). He needs to stop overthinking it and just chuck the ball out there. Use his natural talents. Accuracy and ball placement have never really been big issues for him in the past.
  4. Neither of these plays are really all that concerning to me to be quite honest. In the first one, Cole is Wilson's third read, and the rush is in his face at the moment he turns his head to the left. He has no choice but to scramble outside the pocket to his right, by which time the safety is in position, and it's too late to make the throw. In the second one, Davis is open, and it could have been a huge play, but that is a very difficult throw for Wilson to make across his body while moving to the left. It would have been 40+ yards in the air and far from a gimme. It was third do
  5. The sample size is so small, it's pretty much irrelevant. I think we can all agree that if Mims gets more opportunities, these numbers will come down. With that said, it makes zero sense why Mims is not seeing the field. The players ahead of him are not getting the job done.
  6. The offense is clearly the weak link, but the defense has its issues as well. They just gave up 450 yards of offense to a Falcons team missing its top 2 WRs. They could not get off the field for the vast majority of the game. They got lucky with two fumbles or the Falcons may have hung 40 points on them. The Jets need to try new things on offense. I'd like to see more Jet sweeps and more slant patterns. Quick reads that get the ball out quickly. And please can be stop with the constant bunch formations.
  7. Fair enough, but the key is we need to see that type of development and improvement. I don't think many people will be complaining if the Jets can end the season looking competitive on a weekly basis and clearly trending up. I think the biggest problem is not the losses, but the manner in which they have happened.
  8. Fair enough, but keeping Darnold is the easier solution. He's already on the roster, and he's cheap. I agree the 2nd rounder is nice to have, but the development of Wilson is paramount to all. With Douglas' track record, what exactly are we going to get with that 2nd rounder anyway? The funny thing is Darnold and Wilson have very similar skill sets. So creating a system that Darnold can run and Wilson can learn for the future would be rather straightforward to execute.
  9. I would do what I advocated to do at the time. Draft Wilson at #2, keep Darnold for his final year (do not exercise his 5th year option), and start the year with Darnold. Let Wilson sit and learn until at least the bye week, if not the entire season. Week 1 was very damaging for Wilson. I don't think he has fully recovered yet. Many of the bad habits he formed after Week 1, which he wasn't showing in camp or preseason at all, are still happening (not stepping into throws, not trusting the pocket, not consistently going through progressions). Luckily the pass protection has stabilized
  10. I guess it depends on your definition of "truly competitive," but a recent example that comes to mind is the 2019 Arizona Cardinals with Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury. They didn't win a ton of games, but Murray had a solid rookie year, and you could certainly see the potential of that team and offense moving forward.
  11. I wouldn't go as far as saying he stinks, but he looks very ordinary thus far. Nothing special. I think he can be a solid NFL running back with good blocking in front of him. But he's not a guy that is going to create on his own, and he doesn't appear to have the breakaway speed to be a true gamechanger.
  12. At what point are we allowed to hold the team accountable? At what point does Joe Douglas and his hand picked Head Coach and roster need to start producing? Yes, they are young. Yes, they are inexperienced. Those two factors have not stopped others from fielding competitive teams in the past. They are excuses, and anybody who has rooted for this team for decades is sick of hearing them. Yes, let's be realistic and concede that this team is hopeless.
  13. For the What Happened question, how is "he's simply not that good" not an option?
  14. Joe Douglas' execution to date has been poor, but he gets until the end of the 2022 season. The Jets need to give him the time to fully execute his vision. You can't allow a GM to accumulate draft picks as his fundamental strategy and then fire him before he has a chance to make the picks. I am far from encouraged, but the Jets are stuck with Douglas through next season.
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