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  1. So many comments out there about how this was one of the greatest games ever. Yeah, I'm going to nope the hell out of that one. Maybe I'm in the minority, but defense matters. Maybe I'm in the minority, but tactical coaching decisions matter. This was a very sloppy game at the end. It may have been superficially entertaining, but this was not a great football game at all. This was watered down, arena football.
  2. Kicking for the touchback, and then proceeding to give HUGE cushions to the receivers when KC had all their timeouts was just plain dumb. The coaching in those final 13 seconds was mindboggling.
  3. Took a "shot" is a bit of a stretch. He's saying a one-and-done team (Dallas) is essentially the same as a non-playoff team (Jacksonville and NYJ). Given that the Jets have the longest running playoff drought in the NFL at the moment, I'd say that's a fair team to reference.
  4. Sounds reasonable. The more teams with the #1 overall pick, the better.
  5. I admit that this is completely subjective, but Zach Wilson played better toward the end of the season based on nothing but the eye test. He looked much more comfortable out there. Prior to his injury, you could visibly see that his mind was racing out on the field. The erratic play decreased in the final stretch of games. His ball placement improved. He was consistently throwing high, low, and behind his receivers in the first 2/3 of the season. The location of his passes was noticeable better in the last few games. Execution of short passes improved. He went through
  6. "Do better" is pretty subjective. In any case, 4 INTs would be a big step back, and I hope it doesn't happen.
  7. He's a good stopgap, but not a long term solution. He would be a liability if/when the Jets are playing meaningful games in December and January. All of his 40+ yard FGs are line drives. Sooner or later, teams will catch on and bring pressure up the middle to block those kicks. Bottom line, a good NFL kicker needs to be able to hit a 50 or 55 yard FG in cold weather.
  8. I would have liked to see at least one or two fades thrown to Mims in the end zone. He has the size and catch radius to pull it off. If there is one thing he could add to the offense, this would be it. For whatever reason, the Jets are one of the few teams that doesn't seem to have this play in their playbook. I don't recall them running one all season. It's strange.
  9. Cameron Clark, Alex Lewis, and Dan Feeney were all supposed to be competing for that spot. Clark had a bad injury, Lewis went AWOL, and Feeney lost out on the job. I think Douglas took the right approach. He just didn't find the right guy (Laurent Duvernay-Tardif) until later in the year.
  10. Washington Generals should have been the pick. Out of the remaining choices, I would go with Washington Defenders.
  11. I would say that's a fair price for a #3 or #4 WR with above average special teams contributions. Maybe I'm off?
  12. Not sure about that. For reference, Corey Davis signed a 3 year, $37.5m contract in 2021, and he was one of the more sought after free agent WRs. Three years averaging $8m per year would put him on par with someone like Jameson Crowder. It would also be significantly more than players like Sammy Watkins and Cordarelle Patterson received recently.
  13. 3 years, $24m, $15m guaranteed Get it done Tanny.
  14. I tested positive 5 days ago. Symptoms have been mild, but it's a bummer that I've had to spend my Christmas holiday quarantined at home. Omicron is spreading like wildfire. I know many people that have tested positive within the past week. Stay safe out there.
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