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  1. DoubleDown

    Adam Gase Presser - Monday

    "Ready to get to work." "Excited to work with Darnold." "Disciplined, hard working team." Insert more cliches here. Anyone expecting some sort of deep reflection about his previous jobs will be very disappointed. He's a no nonsense guy. He's focusing on the future and trying to turn this team into a winner.
  2. He's a no nonsense guy from the offensive side of the ball. If he commits to building around Darnold and instills a culture of discipline on this team, good things can happen. I'm willing to give him a chance.
  3. Agree about the cause and effect, but how exactly is that not attractive for a new regime coming in and trying to build their own team from the ground up? It's an ideal scenario because the new regime isn't stuck with the previous regime's investments, relatively speaking of course. With lots of roster spots open, they can add their types of players for their system without the typical wait to unload unwanted players who don't fit that vision.
  4. Mac is the wildcard here. If he stays, it's going to be tough attracting a top coaching candidate due to his implied lame duck status. If he goes, I agree with the article that this is an attractive opportunity. People are selling the state of the team short. Young, blue chip QB is in place Top 5 draft pick Large amount of cap space Minimal number of players under contract Very few long term big money commitments One of the biggest markets in the country The next regime will be coming into an environment that is as "clean slate" as it gets in the NFL. They can really build the team from the ground up with their vision getting implemented from the onset.
  5. Quarterbacks are overrated. I say the Jets go Safety again.
  6. DoubleDown

    Hypotheitcal QB Question

    There are a few different hypothetical situations which have the potential to be debated for years. Kirk Cousins + 6th overall pick + 3 second round picks OR Rosen / Allen + 3 second round picks OR Sam Darnold Personally, I'm happy with Sam Darnold, and I truly believe he still has the ability to become a special player for the long term. But, the jury is still out. It's hard to deny that all those additional picks at this moment in time sure look nice. We can debate all we want, but the bottom line is the Jets have Darnold, and they need to go all in with him. The plan should be clear as day. Fire Mac and Bowles. Hire a football mind who knows how to build a team in the new NFL. Hire an offensive mind who knows how to design schemes for the new NFL. Invest heavily in offensive line and skill position players. Defense can and should mostly be an afterthought. Other than impact pass rusher, it's basically a lost cause.
  7. DoubleDown

    Realistic Discussion on Move to London

    The Jets are top third in the league in terms of revenue. It would be a very ballsy, high risk move for the both the Jets and the NFL to move a NY team to an unknown market on another continent. It's much more likely for it to be a low revenue team if it happens at all. I think the NFL likes the current arrangement in all honesty.
  8. DoubleDown

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    I think it's pretty simple. The jury is still out on Sam Darnold. Has he flashed the ability to be a special player? Absolutely. But he also leads the league in interceptions and three and outs. Are the poor results a product of the system and players around him? I sure hope so but it's too early to come to any definitive conclusion. In my opinion, Darnold has regressed since the preseason and first quarter of the season. No way to sugarcoat it, and it's not a good sign. The Jets are well on their way to ruining this kid. The Jets need to do everything in their power to develop Darnold and build a team around him. The focus needs to be OL OL OL and difference makers at the skill positions. And please bring in an offensive mind who knows what it takes to win in this era of football. Give this kid a chance to succeed and turn into something special. In my estimation, the potential is certainly there, but he's not trending in the right direction at this point. Let's see how he finishes out the season. Hopefully a lame duck HC doesn't drain everything out of this team.
  9. DoubleDown

    This is what we wanted, no?

    No, not what I wanted. Zero playoff appearances since 2011. 5-11 last two seasons, going on three. Completely inept on offense, leading the league in 3 and outs. RBs have nowhere to run. QBs have no time to throw. Running an archaic west coast offense. The Jets continue to play checkers while all the decent teams play chess. Worst talent on offense in the entire NFL. Two first round picks on offense in 10 years. Uninspired, undisciplined football. It's unacceptable in all ways. Clean house, bring in a fresh offensive mind, and build around Darnold. OL OL OL.
  10. DoubleDown

    Bowles' ineptitude - when did it happen?

    Agree with others. It was the loss to Buffalo in the final week of 2015. Terrible game plan, and then he has the audacity to name Fitz his starter the next season when he wasn't even under contract. Bowles first season I thought he was a breath of fresh air. The team seemed genuinely more disciplined and prepared compared to Rex's teams. In retrospect I think it was a complete fluke and largely lead by a stable of veterans. Bowles has been terrible for going on 3 full seasons now.
  11. In a free agency market, I can see both players getting similar contracts in the $6 - $8 million per year range. At that price, I'd pass on both honestly. One is a good talent but can't stay on the field. The other is one dimensional and has off the field problems. They are both replaceable. I'd rather spend $12 - $16 million on a single difference maker.
  12. If I remember correctly, Morton was fired because his personality clashed with Bowles and possibly others in the locker room. It had nothing to do with "passing too much." In fact, an internal promotion for Bates points to Bowles being content with the system in place last year. I criticized the hire of Bates when it happened, and nothing I've seen has changed my opinion. The west coast offense is an outdated concept that is destined to fail in today's NFL. The sooner we fire Bates and hire someone with a more modern approach to offense, the better.
  13. DoubleDown

    It won't matter.

    It makes a huge difference. Look at all the top offenses in the league. Which team has a head coach with a defensive background? Bill bellichick and that's about it.
  14. DoubleDown

    It won't matter.

    It's not hopeless. Clean house and bring in an offensive mind to build around Darnold. All it takes is ownership stepping up and prioritizing what it takes to win in the NFL in 2018. The Jets have not had an offensive minded head coach since Bruce Coslet. It's embarassing.

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