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  1. The Jets are supposedly pursuing Aaron Rodgers because they feel they have a window for the next 2-3 years. Trading away a talented weapon on a rookie contract to move up in the draft by less than one round kind of flies in the face of that argument. Not great. I think Joe Douglas got fleeced, but time will tell. Moore's value to the roster and his skill set were much more important than this trade up IMHO.
  2. Not a fan of the trade. Would have liked to see what Moore could do with Rodgers in Hackett's system. Now the Jets have another hole to fill (sorry, Hardman is not an adequate replacement).
  3. When was the last time a Jets team held up at OT for an entire season? Chances are that the hypothetical rookie OT drafted at #13 will play at some point. And when it's time for him to step in, there will be a legitimate talent protecting Aaron Rodgers, not an ungroomed late round project.
  4. Is it possible that the Packers are holding out on a trade until after June 1? Based on Rodgers current contract, it's a $24m swing in cap savings if they wait. Perhaps a deal is already in place, both teams are in a holding pattern, and the Packers are comfortable moving forward with no draft pick compensation in 2023 in exchange for cap relief?
  5. Ideally yes, but I think there is a scenario where that could happen and makes sense. Brown is only signed through 2023. Becton is injury prone. An OT is a clear long term need, but there are viable options on the roster to start Week 1 in 2023 while a rookie is groomed.
  6. This can happen at any point including now. I have and continue to say that the Jets have all the leverage in this situation. The media saying GB has leverage is all perception based and made up nonsense. The Jets having legit, tangible leverage is all based on finances and not debatable. My original point was that another team entering the mix is the biggest risk to the trade not being completed with the Jets, and I stand by that assessment.
  7. My guess is Brown will be penciled in at LT, Becton will be penciled in at RT, and any OT drafted in the first round would back up both positions while being groomed. Max Mitchell is likely part of the equation as well depending on how high an OT is drafted. I'd like to see at least two OL drafted this year. It doesn't necessarily need to be in the first round.
  8. I thought I read somewhere that Green Bay's cap implications are much better if Rodgers is traded after June 1. If that is the case, they could certainly decide they'd rather have a healthier cap vs. an extra pick this year.
  9. Operating under the assumption that Rodgers is being brought on board for a 2 year run, I am building up and focusing on OL OL OL. Becton is too much of a question mark, Brown is old and only on the roster for one more year, AVT is great but already has a major injury on his resume. The skill positions are plenty for Rodgers to work with. Give him time to throw and give him a strong running game which can punch it in from inside the 5 yard line, and good things WILL happen.
  10. Another team jumping into the mix is the biggest concern in my opinion. I don't think it's very likely given the financial costs, but it's not impossible, especially if there is a high profile injury to a quarterback in preseason/camp.
  11. Plenty of teams in the NFL share the same color scheme. Including the Jets current green and white.
  12. Unless it directly benefits the team financially (Woody writing a check, cap implications), why jump the gun? Injuries happen.
  13. #15 and Aaron Rodgers for #13? Yes please. I would be shocked if that happened. The Jets will need to throw in more compensation.
  14. In all fairness, black is much more representative of a "jet" than green. I know I'm in the vast minority, but I would actually support a new identity and a move away from green and white to a silver, black, and gray.
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