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  1. So Wilson is the one trying to break from the overwhelming standard. Thanks.
  2. I'm sure this was asked and answered at some point, but what exactly is the standard for contracts of first round picks? Do contracts contain offset language by default and Wilson wants it removed? OR Do contracts not contain offset language by default and Douglas wants to add it? What percentage of signed contracts for first rounders contain offset language?
  3. If Lawson, Williams, and Mosley stay healthy, this is going to be a fun defense to watch.
  4. I liked Mims coming out of college last year, but he has a ton to prove. Making a claim that he is "excellent" at anything at this point is pretty laughable. Whether people want to admit it or not, he's much closer to "bust" than "star" at this point. I'm still hopeful he can turn things around.
  5. The Jets are going with a committee approach this season. Michael Carter, Tevin Coleman, La'Mical Perine, and Ty Johnson are all going to get snaps and touches in this offense. I like Carter, but unless forced by injury, he is simply not going to see the volume necessary to be a "beast," at least not this season.
  6. I'm optimistic, but he has to show me on the field. So far, he has checked all the boxes.
  7. Wilson is going to come into the season much more prepared and dialed in than people are expecting. He'll have a few duds like all rookies do, but with an extra game this season, I'm going with 29 passing TDs.
  8. Personally, I think Eli Moore is the true breakout candidate in this offense.
  9. Happy to help. Wishing the best for Lauren, Phil, and family.
  10. If I had to bet, I would say it will be a throwaway game. Coaches will not want to risk injuries to starters.
  11. Hiring Mike MacCaggnan is the single worst move the Jets have made in a long time. He was horrendous in all aspects and set this team back for nearly a decade.
  12. Mims may not even crack the starting lineup, let alone elicit comparisons to DK Metcalf from national talking heads. Personally, I wouldn't find Wilson "exploding" onto the scene all that surprising. I can easily see him having a Baker Mayfield type of rookie season. For a NY team, that will get a ton of positive national coverage.
  13. I've always liked the idea of joint training camp sessions. I think it raises the level of intensity and competition. Just please no injuries.
  14. Zach Wilson checks alot of boxes. I can't help but feel hopeful about what he will bring to this team. I'm cautiously optimistic this all translates to success on gameday.
  15. That's a very generous grade. Pretty much every pick still has a ton to prove. Becton is the only player who somewhat established himself, and even he has some questions about durability.
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