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  1. I'm not sure why people would be celebrating this development if true. The more friction between the Jets and Adams, the lower the Jets leverage in getting maximum compensation in a trade. Last thing the Jets need is to trade away their best player, an all-pro going into his prime, for less than he would otherwise fetch. Bottom line, the Jets control Adams' rights for three more seasons. Joe's asking price should be two first rounders, and he needs to stick to it.
  2. Context matters. What Darnold has done in two years behind this offensive line is nothing less than impressive. Most quarterbacks would have crumbled and been ruined by now. He isn't setting the world on fire, but he has managed to hold his own. Things will only get better as Joe Douglas builds an NFL worthy roster around him. Since drafting Darnold, the Jets are 0-6 when is out of the lineup. They are 11-15 when he starts. Enough said.
  3. It's the opinion of three writers at complex.com. Honestly, who cares? The new uniforms are fine. Modern, clean, and not over the top. In the age of Nike redesigns, it could have been much worse. The worst part is the logo. It's lazy and unimaginative. They should have found a way to work a jet into the logo, not the old, boring, generic football with block letters over it.
  4. I would prefer OT, but if we have to go WR, Lamb is my top choice.
  5. It's impossible to say, but some people have Wirfs ranked as the #3 or #4 OT. We'll just need to see how things shake out.
  6. Wirfs Athletic freak, ideal size, beast in both pass protection and run blocking. Very high ceiling and floor. You can't go wrong with an OT from Iowa. He'll be a cornerstone of the OL for the next 12 years.
  7. I had to click on the article to see how he actually "threw shade" at the Jets. Here is the full text for those who are interested. “What we are talking about is the greatest trade in the history of the world,” Tebow said. “There have been some really big trades. The Red Sox traded Babe Ruth for $100,000. How’s that for a trade? Wayne Gretzky was traded for a couple of scrubs. How’s that for a trade? I got traded to the Jets. How’s that for a trade? That didn’t workout for anybody. When’s the last time a Jets trade worked out?” To answer his question, I'm going to say Thomas Jones in 2007. You can make an argument for Brandon Marshall in 2015, Santonio Holmes in 2010, or Brett Favre in 2008.
  8. Joe Douglas' first pick as a GM. Don't overthink it. Don't get cute. Take the blue chip prospect at a high value position and a position of need: OT or WR. It's a no brainer.
  9. Build around Darnold at all costs. The real question is #4 OT vs. #1 WR. Honestly, I'm torn. End of the day I think Douglas sticks to his roots and takes the OT.
  10. Count me in. Lamb is the #1 WR on my board as well. In my opinion, he's the most complete WR in the draft, and he has the clear makings of a #1 WR at the next level. I love the physicality, strong hands, tackle breaking ability, and knack for making contested catches and the big play. He was the focal point of his offense, the defenses he faced knew it, and they couldn't do anything to stop him. So many people are citing an average 40 time, but his time is faster than players such as DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, and Davante Adams. Pure speed is not his game, but it's not the main factor in what determines a #1 WR. I'm a big fan of Jeudy as well, but if I had to choose between physicality vs. finesse in a #1 WR, I'm going with physicality. Don't get me wrong, I would be ecstatic with either player. Ruggs is being overrated by many people, and I don't think he should be in the conversation as the top WR. If it wasn't for his combine 40 time, he wouldn't be in the discussion as a 1st round pick in my opinion. He disappears for long stretches, and he was an afterthought in Alabama's offense. The production just isn't there. These are huge red flags to me. Can he be a difference maker at the next level? Sure, but I see him more as a big play specialist instead of a #1 WR and focal point of an offense.
  11. Read Joe Douglas' quotes. At no point did he claim to be cash poor. What a garbage headline. I think the Jets situation was pretty clear. There were/are a large number of open roster spots. There were/are a large number of players that could/should be replaced. The Jets had a good amount of cap space, but given the state of the roster, they were not in a position to make big splash signings. Also, given the number of 1 year contracts, this is going to be the case again next year. It's time to start drafting well. This is how good teams are built. The depth on this team has been horrendous. The goal of free agency this year was to try to get the depth players replaced while also taking some shots on starting potential at a reasonable price.
  12. At the end of the day for the team in its current state, if I had to choose between a blue chip OT prospect vs. a blue chip WR prospect, I would go with the OT. Darnold must be protected at all costs! Receivers are an easier position to fill than tackles in my opinion. Bottom line, the team has 4 picks in the first three rounds, and nothing would make me happier than 2 OL and 2 WR with those four picks. The order doesn't particularly matter to me. Just pick quality players that are going to bring this offense to a respectable level over the next few years. It's time this team starts to actually hit on its picks.
  13. Ultimately, I think Douglas is going to stick to his roots and select one of the top tackles. He has made it clear that OL is the top priority of this team, and I personally think that evaluation is right on the money. With that said, it all comes down to who is available at #11. It's certainly possible that Douglas has some of the top WRs ranked higher than some of the top OTs. The fans tend to lump four of the top tackles and three of the top receivers together, but many of the GMs likely have different grades on each one of them. Wirfs is my top choice at tackle. Lamb is my top choice at receiver. I'd be ecstatic with either, but at the same time, I'd be perfectly happy with any of the top 4 tackles and top 3 receivers. My only request is NO DEFENSE!
  14. In all honesty, the offense is looking weak at the moment. It is essential that Douglas uses this draft to build around Darnold. He needs to use high draft picks on OL, WR, and RB. This can be a middle of the road offense this season if he can put together an offensive line that can actually open some running lanes and hold a block for longer than 2 seconds, add a legitimate target on the outside for Darnold, and draft Bell's eventual replacement with home run ability and a fresh set of legs.

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