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  1. Maybe you are right, or maybe you are jumping to conclusions. I'm still not convinced that Watson is even on the trade block. I'm also not convinced that "half the league" is going to be in the running and making offers for Watson. Like I said, if Houston wants #2 overall, go ahead and offer it up. But that should be all that's offered. Not #2 plus multiple other first rounders. Take a look at what other teams have given up to trade up to #2 and #3 overall in recent years. This board has gone crazy over Watson. This "at all costs" attitude is going to ruin the Jets. I am confident Joe Douglas is not going to be this foolish with the resources he has in his hands. He knows this team has many holes and needs an influx of young talent at multiple spots. He has preached building through the draft and he's in position to actually do so.
  2. Most people are underestimating exactly how much #2 overall pick is worth. It has enormous value.
  3. I'm definitely open to sending two first round picks for Watson if it doesn't involve the #2 overall pick this year.
  4. And they are in a position where that "valuable asset" is disgruntled and wants out. They are also in a position where they are in the red in terms of salary cap space and said asset's cap number is about to go up substantially.
  5. I would support trading down and accumulating picks, but I voted for taking Wilson at #2 because I feel like that is the more likely scenario that comes to fruition. I am against trading anything more than #2 overall for Watson. This pick is essentially worth two #1s in and of itself. If Houston wants multiple first round picks, they can go ahead and take the Seattle picks. They are not the team that has the leverage in this situation. Watson is unhappy, and the team is in cap hell. This team has so many holes. It needs a large and wide ranging infusion of young, high end talent in the worst way. Trading three first round picks including #2 overall is going to damn his team to mediocrity for the foreseeable future. The much sounder strategy for a team in the Jets position is to draft a young quarterback on a rookie contract and use all of their high end assets (premium picks and salary cap space) to build around him. The Jets have the ammo necessary to build a strong and complete TEAM over the next two years. Please don't trade most of it away for one player. We'll be in the same spot in three years wanting everyone fired because the team is trash.
  6. "It's like comparing a flashlight to a star, flashlights only last so long, and a star is in the sky, forever." - Keyshawn Johnson
  7. "It's not your right. It's a privilege." - Chad Pennington
  8. Most mocks have Wilson going in the top 5, and this mock has him going #2. Yet 80% of the board wants nothing to do with him. He's even been called undraftable by some. If that is not underrated, then what is? Perhaps my perception is off, but this is what I have gathered in the past few weeks from various threads. The same can be said of Ja'Marr Chase. I started a thread a couple weeks ago that he should be part of the conversation at #2 and was down voted and ridiculed. He is regularly being mocked in the top 5.
  9. It's just not true. I distinctly remember articles saying Wilson is a dark horse for the Heisman over the summer. He started rising and was viewed as a potential first round pick after going 18/18 with 317 yards and 4 touchdowns in his bowl game in 2019. Regardless, it really doesn't matter. College players rise and fall very quickly and in the span of one year all the time. Look at our very own Q Williams who went from rotational college player to #3 overall pick in one year. Judge him on his skills which actually translate very well to the NFL. He's goes through progressions. He's aggressive in his decision making but still takes care of the football. His release is top notch. He takes snaps from under center. He's decently mobile. There is alot to like, and people like Daniel Jeremiah see it too.
  10. Sam Darnold is the guy... until he's not. Don't expect this message to change until the Jets have a new franchise quarterback on the roster. It's going to come down to the Jets evaluation of the quarterbacks in this draft. Watson is an expensive pipe dream. I just can't see Douglas mortgaging the future on one player when the team needs half the roster turned over. Multiple premium picks and lots of cap space are two of the very few things the team has going for it. Trade downs and accumulating more picks is much more likely then a mega trade for Watson.
  11. Zach Wilson and Ja'Marr Chase are very underrated on this board. Etienne at #23 is not my favorite pick, but I would be on board. The Jets need playmakers and that includes a #1 RB.
  12. My feeling is the Texans will demand at least #2 overall, 2021 2nd rounder, 2022 1st rounder, and 2023 1st rounder. That is a ton of draft capital, and it significantly lowers the Jets ability to fill their pipeline with young premium talent. This doesn't even take into account the cap hits which reduce your ability to sign quality free agents as well. This is a team that needs a starting quarterback, three new WRs including a #1, two new starters on the OL, a #1 RB, and possibly a #1 TE. And this is just on the offensive side of the ball. People seem to be ignoring the repercussions of a mega trade for one player. Can it be executed successfully? Sure, but it makes the rebuild much tougher in the sense that you don't have much of a margin for error with your remaining resources. I am higher on Wilson than most of this board, but it's not crazy to think that in 5 years: Wilson + two 1st round picks + one 2nd round pick + $100m in cap space > Deshaun Watson
  13. As I said in my original post, it decreases the margin for error. The team would need to hit on a larger percentage of draft picks and free agent signings. In 2021 alone, you lose one or two premium draft picks and $15m in cap space. In future years, more premium draft picks are gone and the cap hit goes up substantially. It's going to come down to what compensation is given up. If it is within reason you can certainly make it work. But some people seem to have the attitude of "at all costs" which makes no sense for a Jets team in its current state.
  14. Typically yes, but in the context of trading multiple premium picks for Watson, they WILL need to hit on quality starters with mid round picks.
  15. The Jets have 57 players under contract in 2021 with about 25 of those players practice squad quality or lower. They literally have holes all over the roster. They are going to have to draft and sign a large number of players just to field a complete team.

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