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  1. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Get rid of negative rep. Keep upvote only. Solves alot of problems and still allows good posters/posts to get the recognition they deserve. Just my $0.02.
  2. If it wasn't for his name and draft position, Leonard Williams would be a rotational backup defensive lineman trending toward being out of the league in the next couple of years.
  3. I preferred Mike McCarthy over Adam Gase in January. Nothing has changed my mind since then.
  4. While Jets fans are busy discussing their #bestplayerinthedraft DT whiffing badly on a sack and being largely invisible for most of the game yesterday, Josh Allen has 3 sacks and multiple tackles for loss in 5 games to start his career in Jacksonville. Thanks Mac! Didn't see this one coming at all.
  5. This isn't an either/or situation. The truth is you need both. In my opinion, this is the order of importance of position groups/roles in today's NFL: 1) Quarterback 2) Offensive Line 3) Pass Rushers 4) Skill Positions I don't have an issue with adding players such as Bell and Crowder on offense, but if the offensive line is not performing at an adequate level, the entire offense becomes paralyzed. What we have witnessed so far this season is a disgrace. This may be the worst offensive line I have seen in my lifetime.
  6. In all honesty, I'd rather see Wildcat than the conservative and predictable garbage they have been running the past few weeks: Bell up the middle twice then Falk sack or incomplete pass on third and long. At least with the Wildcat they have a chance of keeping the defense off balance and maybe breaking a few long plays. The talent on offense is really bad right now. They might as well throw in some wrinkles, try some trick plays, and hope to get a little lucky. It's better than the lay down and die strategy they have been running thus far.
  7. This board definitely needs another Jamal Adams thread. I'm seeing a ton of fresh, new takes on the player, his positional value, his use of media, and his level of play on the field. /sarcasm Can we please just create a "The Jamal Adams and his Mouth Thread", make it a sticky, and call it a day?
  8. I still believe in Darnold, but let's see how the rest of the season plays out. He'll be back in the next few weeks, and his performance for the rest of the season will be telling. Darnold has all the talent in the world, but if he can't prove he can stay on the field, then it's worth exploring other options. Bottom line, he has missed 5 of 19 games so far in his career. If he doesn't show signs of being the long term solution at QB by the end of this season, and the Jets are in position to draft another potential franchise QB, they absolutely should pull the trigger. I love Darnold and his potential, but he hasn't proven a damn thing yet.
  9. The line has been awful for going on 5 years. Bottom 5 in the NFL for half a decade, and it should have been obvious to anyone paying attention. After D'Brick retired and Mangold started declining, it's been all downhill. At the very least, the Jets attempted to fortify this unit by trading for Osemele, bringing Kalil out of retirement, and drafting Edoga. It hasn't worked out, but at the very least, it's more effort than they put in the past few years. Can scheme be blamed on some of the breakdowns this season? Sure, but the bottom line is each and every starter on the OL is below average. They simply can't hold their blocks long enough for plays to develop, both in the passing game and running game. It's also impossible to tell how much is "scheme" and how much is bad/inexperienced QBs not calling the right protections at the line of scrimmage.
  10. It's obviously very early, but so far I am not impressed with Douglas. Signing Kalil, signing Vedvik, and trading for Demariyus Thomas have all been bad moves. I realize he doesn't have much to work with based on the timing of his hire, but all of these moves are proving to be horrendous. Kalil looks like he's done. How much effort went into seeing what he has left in the tank? Pre-signing work out, tape from last year? Vedvik was a complete and utter disaster all preseason, and his poor kicking cost the Jets a win in Week 1. Almost everyone on this board called this a bad move. How does a professional GM not see it? If DT had anything left in the tank, no way the Pats trade him to us. He was done 2 years ago, and he is a complete waste of a 6th round pick. I'd rather take a shot on a young unproven player like Burnett who would not have cost the Jets any picks. So far, no good. He definitely hasn't earned my trust yet, and this is judging strictly on the moves he has made personally. By the way, I had the same concerns with Mac his first year (called the bad moves of signing a washed up Revis to a record contract, and signing a slow, past his prime Harris to a monster deal).
  11. The Jets already "sent a message" by trading Darron Lee and cutting Jordan Leggett. It hasn't done much. Leonard Williams is a JAG but provides decent depth. He's making too much money, but what's done is done. Cutting him for nothing with nobody on the roster to replace him would not be a good move. It's his last season here.
  12. This isn't anything new. They have been a bottom 5 unit for years. Every single player on the line is below average.
  13. Agreed in the context of a full roster. The depth is putrid. However, in terms of starters, there are some high quality pieces. Darnold, Bell, Crowder, Herndon, Mosely, and Adams are all high talent pieces. The drop off from there is huge though. The only chance the Jets had at the playoffs this year was staying relatively healthy and Darnold growing into a top 10 QB. That dream is pretty much dead already.
  14. The Jets are closer to a #1 overall pick team than a playoff team. The OL has been horribly neglected for years and it continues to show. How about we focus on playing a full game? How about we focus on getting 1 win? The Jets are bottom half of the league in terms of talent, and they are banged up to boot. Playoff talk right now is just crazy talk.
  15. It's Week 2 and the season is already over. Darnold out for who knows how long. Enunwa done forever. Bell and Mosely banged up. They can't even figure out how to get a professional kicker on the roster. You seriously can't make this sh*t up. Only the Jets.

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