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  1. A higher rate of injuries is to be expected. Lack of preparation and fitness are not. Other teams had more padded practices. Other teams put more effort into practice (based on comments from two players who have experience with other organizations). Other teams didn't take a day off for political purposes. Other teams didn't have players taking days off in the trainer's room for minor ailments. Effort and conditioning matter. Through two weeks, the Jets have been outclassed by their opponents in all facets of the game. Personally, I believe lack of preparation and fitness caused by questionable practice habits and effort levels have played a part. Apparently, at least two players on the Jets believe this to be true as well.
  2. Injuries and talent level are irrelevant. This is about effort and preparation. Is anyone really surprised? This was a shortened offseason with no preseason games. How did Gase and the Jets handle it? Soft practices (most reports I read had the players in shorts/shells), one meaningful scrimmage/simulation during the entire summer, and a day off for a political cause. Anyone watching the games can see the Jets players are not in game shape. They are missing routine tackles and taking terrible angles. This is what happens when there is no preseason and a significant percentage of your practices are in shorts and run at half speed. The players have to put in the effort. The coaches have to set the expectations and enforce the standard.
  3. A complete abomination in all respects. I turned off the game. Falcons @ Cowboys looks much more entertaining.
  4. The defense is horrendous. They cannot get off the field. Two weeks in a row now.
  5. My biggest concern is that I don't realistically see many, if any, quarterbacks fairing much better than Darnold has thus far. The Jets have drafted poorly for a full decade. The starters are weak, and the depth is even weaker. It's a very tough environment for a quarterback to be consistent and/or successful. The Jets are well on their way to ruining Darnold. If they draft a replacement, is he just going to be the next victim?
  6. He's had his share of very good games: rookie year against Indy and GB. He went punch for punch with two of the best quarterbacks in the league with a much weaker supporting cast. Last year against Dallas. I agree he needs to get much more consistent. But to write off his potential to be a franchise quarterback when analyzing what he has done with the team around him is premature. Like I said, I'm giving him the rest of the season to answer that question. If he falters and the Jets are in position to draft another franchise quarterback, they absolutely should do so. Yes, he's had his share of bad games too, last week being a prime example. He needs to be better, period. The fact that it happened in year 3 is very concerning.
  7. The drops and missed throws were happening at about an even rate. He absolutely has the ability to bounce back. He needs to do so.
  8. I wouldn't use QBR at all to determine good vs. bad games. You need an in-depth analysis of the tape, not just statistics. I don't know enough about DVOA to comment one way or the other.
  9. You are making the statement that 12 of 27 starts have been "bad" going strictly by an arbitrary measurement of QBR under 80. I disagree with that premise. That's my only point. He needs to play much better than he did in Week 1. There were plays to be made, and he missed them. He also made a number of very poor decisions.
  10. QBR under 80 seems rather arbitrary. It also takes more that just looking at a QBR number to determine a bad vs. good game. For example, there was a video posted recently with an in-depth analysis on Darnold's performance in the Week 13 CIN game last year. The conclusion was that Darnold actually played very well in the face of constant pressure and was let down by his teammates.
  11. I am a big supporter of Darnold, but his performance on Sunday was concerning to say the least. I'm giving him the rest of the season to prove that he is the guy to lead this franchise. If he fails to live up to expectations, the Jets absolutely need to be in the market of drafting a new franchise quarterback if in position to do so. The worst possible scenario would be an injury that takes him out for the rest of the season. The Jets will be left in limbo again.
  12. Ha, this auto-correct made me laugh. Sounds like a sex position.
  13. I voted season can't be over after 1 week, but realistically, things are looking rather bleak. 0-1 overall 0-1 in conference 0-1 in division
  14. Bowles was awful. If we are going down the "should've never fired" route, my vote goes toward the Mangini/Tannenbaum combo. Or if you want to go way back, Pete Carroll.
  15. I'm not sure how you can watch the modern offenses being run throughout the league, watch a Jets game as a comparison, and not come away thinking that an Adam Gase offense is extremely VANILLA. There is very little creativity and very little attempt to keep defenses off balance and guessing. The formations seem to give away the play (run vs. pass). There is very little, if any, motion pre-snap which gives the quarterback hints into man or zone coverage. There is very little, if any, hard snap counts to draw defenders offside or expose a potential blitzer. I just don't get it. This is fairly basic, fundamental stuff. I've been clamoring for an offensive minded head coach for years. We finally got one, but he doesn't seem to be doing the things I would expect an offensive guru to be doing.

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