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  1. "Deserve" is a strong word. For the part part, these players have performed up to expectations. I don't see anyone on the list that has blown past expectations and should be signed at all costs. They are all replaceable, and they all continue to have question marks. 1. Claiborne - Injury concerns haven't disappeared after only 10 games. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out. 2. Davis - By all accounts, a good leader. I'd like to see him continue in his progression. He had some shaky performances early in the season. I'm not a huge fan of giving a big contract to a thumper in the middle, especially one who has some mileage on him already. It's a young man's game. 3. ASJ - Seems to have cleaned up his life, but a troubled past can't be completely discounted so quickly. A relapse is possible (especially after a big contract), and he's one strike away from a lengthy suspension. He has shown some flashes of being a terrific player, but he's also had his fair share of drive crippling penalties. 4. Catanzaro - A "stud" by going 16/20? That's a stretch. Those numbers are average, just enough to keep a job in today's NFL. 5. Ealy - He's done well, but battled passes at the line can be a very streaky, fluky type of stat. I'm not a huge fan of giving yet another run stuffing DE a big contract. He's a decent role player, that's about it.
  2. Jets fans need to accept reality. McCown is the starting quarterback until the Jets are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs or he goes down due to injury. The organization views Petty as nothing more than backup quarterback material. Hackenberg is not ready. All the wishful thinking in the world is not going to change the mindset of the man making this decision. He's not about to throw away a season of progress and exceeded expectations to risk it all by making an uncharacteristic aggressive move. This season is truly shaping up to be a worst case scenario for the Jets. No playoffs, no front office changes, no answers at quarterback, and a mediocre pick in the middle of the round. At least some of the young players are showing promise and development, but it's tough to say at this juncture whether it's enough progress from enough players or more of a smoke and mirrors situation. I've been fooled before.
  3. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    This is what fans complain about? Obviously you want players to show some composure, but the game was over. He probably thought the ball was intercepted. We're going to call for one of the better young players on the roster to be cut for a meaningless penalty? At least he shows more fire than his head coach, who does nothing but stand on the sidelines with a dumb grin on his face all game long.
  4. I'm all for giving Petty a shot, but this doesn't make any sense. Perhaps the team views him as a young, cheap, capable backup with the potential to continue developing? He certainly has a role to play on the roster until a potential replacement is put in place.
  5. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    I'm rooting for meaningful progress, which in the current situation is evaluation and experience of the young players and demonstrated competence by the coaching staff. We are pretty much in a worst case scenario with Bowles making inexplicable tactical mistakes during games and McCown starting, handing the ball off to Forte, and throwing passes to Kerley while the team goes .500.
  6. The generation that accounted for the biggest boost in popularity and ratings is growing up and starting families. Priorities change. Fantasy football has turned the casual fan into a fan of individual players, not a fan of a specific team. Why dedicate yourself to a team and sit through 3 hours of commercial filled games when you can watch the Redzone channel or check your smart phone for a quick update on your fantasy league scores? It's too easy to turn a game off and get the information you really care about through alternative means.
  7. nfl week 1 ratings

    There is definitely a fantasy football effect here. What started out as a ratings boost is now backfiring. The casual fan is more interested in watching Redzone instead of rooting for a specific team and watching a specific game. It's very easy to check a fantasy football app on a smartphone for a quick update instead of sitting through a 3 hour commercial filled game. The generation largely responsible for the big jump in ratings the past two decades is starting to have families and may not have the time to dedicate a full day to football.
  8. This is all part of the plan. Revis has absolutely zero incentive to play for less than $6 million dollars in 2017. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/06/revis-can-reject-offers-for-less-than-6-million-without-consequence/ Take the year off, let the body heal up, collect $6 million from the Jets, and come back for one final contract in 2018. I'm not sure if he'll be able to pull it off physically, but I wouldn't be shocked if this is how he's playing his cards.
  9. Reputation \ Reactions

    I like the feature where a post gets highlighted after getting a certain number of upvotes. Does it work the same way with the new emojis?
  10. The Jets should give Hackenberg the majority of reps with the starters in camp and preseason and see if he sinks or swims. Will he prove he can handle the responsibility of leading an NFL offense or will he look lost out there? This is the time to find out. If Hackenberg is clearly not ready by the season opener, you fall back to McCown, who is a long tenured veteran with a proven track record of stepping in at a moment's notice. He doesn't need the reps.
  11. The Jets didn't give Josh McCown $6 million for one year to stand on the sidelines and hold a clipboard. Unless Petty or Hackenberg totally light it up in training camp and preseason, the Jets are going into the season with McCown as the starter. It's not the way I would manage a rebuilding team, but there is little doubt in my mind this is exactly what the Jets will do. I happen to think McCown is a bad quarterback so his time as starter isn't going to last long. All three quarterbacks will get their shot this season.
  12. Don't spend a dime, Woody

    I don't really buy into these types of generalizations. Quality teams are built through the draft and free agency. Quality teams have a good balance of proven veteran leadership and young talent. The key is to make the right decisions in both areas. The order in which you do it makes little difference. The Jets should absolutely be players in free agency if they identify players who can be the foundation of this team for the next 4-5 years. The fact that they may or may not have the QB of the future on the roster should not deter them from improving and building up the core of the roster. It's never a bad time to add a proven talent who fits the system, provides veteran leadership, and is in the prime of his career as long as the price tag is reasonable.
  13. All I Can Say Is...

    Personally, I watched the least amount of NFL football this season in at least 20 years. The product is simply mediocre and bordering on boring. Rules are geared toward a single position, officiating is uneven and inconsistent at best, focus is on individual players rather than teams as a whole, commercial breaks are out of control. I used to view the game of football as a chess match. It's turned into checkers. It's all very predictable, and you constantly have the same handful of players competing for a Superbowl. Two out of ten playoff games this season were competitive. The rest were a one-sided snoozefest that could be turned off by the third quarter. The NFL has a big problem on its hands in my opinion. The game and its popularity have peaked. It's only going to get worse as more and more parents keep their kids from playing a clearly dangerous game in terms of head injuries, and the talent pool begins to shrink in the coming decades.
  14. I need to see more from Anderson before I buy in. He's a potentially decent role player, but he definitely has his flaws, and I haven't seen anything to rate him above JAG status after his rookie year. The fact is NFL rosters are littered with players of his caliber. We're just not used to seeing this team hit on late round picks / UDFA so we get giddy any time someone shows any semblance of potential.
  15. Another Idzik is coming

    He may not be on the hot seat right now, but he absolutely should be part of the discussion. He took a great financial situation and in less than two years turned it into a roster full of underachieving and overpaid vets with a bunch of question marks at best for the majority of his draft picks.