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  1. DoubleDown

    NFL Draft Bust Analytics: Vernon Gholston

    I remember reading a tidbit about Gholston years ago. It was an observation of a Jets coach if I remember correctly. When a play came Gholston's way, he would take a mental snapshot of it in his head. By the time he processed this snapshot, the play was already behind him. Bottom line, he had zero instincts. He couldn't grasp the game mentally. He got away with it in college due to his sheer physical gifts. In the NFL, there is a baseline speed to the game, and his lack of instincts simply didn't cut it.
  2. It's all about the QB. Sam Darnold = on the RIGHT TRACK
  3. DoubleDown

    Jets Offensive Line

    The Jets offensive line was one of the worst in the NFL in 2017, and they were completely manhandled in multiple games. Solution: a marginal upgrade at center. It's going to be a bad offensive line again. Zone blocking isn't going to magically transform them into a decent unit. At some point, you have to prioritize the offensive line. There is a certain franchise quarterback who needs protecting. Let's not give him the Andrew Luck treatment.
  4. DoubleDown

    Should the Jets draft another QB in 2019?

    Bridgewater is on a one year contract. He purposely signed a one year, prove it deal to reestablish himself in the league. If he does well this preseason/season, he'll be looking to sign as a starter somewhere. He knows Darnold is the future here. I doubt he signs with the Jets as a long term backup for backup money in this scenario.
  5. DoubleDown

    Should the Jets draft another QB in 2019?

    No set rule one way or the other. Evaluate the free agent quarterbacks and the draft prospects next year. If/when you see a good value, pull the trigger. Darnold is the only quarterback under contract after this season. The Jets will need to draft, sign, and/or resign two quarterbacks in 2019. The draft can certainly be a part of that solution.
  6. It's still early, but I don't think history will be kind to them. They could have and should have transformed their franchise with Darnold and Chubb for the next decade. It's a classic case of overthinking it. Keep it simple and go with the blue chip prospects.
  7. DoubleDown

    How are the first-round QBs doing?

    Media bias is shining through on this one. Darnold fumbles a snap from a fourth string center who will be working as a bouncer at your local club in three months, and he's "struggling." Allen throws a pick during a two minute drill, and he's "wowing" everyone. Somehow I think the Buffalo media is being more lenient with Allen compared to the NY media and Darnold. This affects outside perception greatly. Let's see what happens when the red jersey and shorts come off.
  8. Lee's biggest strength coming out of college was shooting gaps and making plays in the backfield. He has a nose for the football, and his closing speed is top notch. He'll never be a full time edge rusher, but the Jets drafted him to be a disruptive playmaker. It's time to put him to good use and play to his strengths.
  9. DoubleDown

    Jets OTA’s - 5/29

    I know it's only OTAs where everyone is wearing shorts and most of the throws are against air, but damn this kid looks smooth. Accuracy, touch, and footwork are on point consistently. Very impressive especially for a rookie.
  10. Black and white mandates in football are often nonsensical. I'm glad there is no playoffs or bust mandate based on the current team situation. This is what I'd like to see from Todd Bowles and the Jets in 2018. 1) Discipline. No more being amongst the league leaders in number of penalties and low turnover differential. How is it possible that the Jets routinely seem to go games at time without forcing a turnover? This needs to end. 2) Preparedness. The Jets should look competitive week in and week out with sound game plans. 3) Passion. No more looking like a statue on the sideline. Get in the referee's ear when it's warranted. Show some fire. It makes a difference and rubs off on your team. 4) Quarterback development. This is the key to long term success. The "defense needs to improve" argument sounds nice in theory, but it doesn't deal with realities of NFL football in 2018. There is almost nothing that can be done to stop a competent quarterback firing on all cylinders given today's rules and the current environment of enforcement. The goal needs to be to get prepared, stay disciplined, and outscore your opponent. Welcome to the modern NFL.
  11. DoubleDown

    So are the new uniforms happening?

    A refresh, if done right, would be nice. New QB, new era, new uniforms. Parcells brought a new hope to this team in the 90s and changed the uniforms to mark the start of a new era. I can't help but feel the same way with Darnold on board. The timing is right.
  12. D- is too generous. This draft was a complete and utter failure.
  13. The Jets traded up to #3 because they were comfortable drafting any one of three quarterbacks at #3. Period. My guess is their board was Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, but we'll never really know.
  14. Ballsy attitude from someone who has been threatening retirement every year for the past few years. What does he expect?
  15. DoubleDown

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    Under the condition "looks solid but not spectatular," I went with mid to late season when Jets are out of contention. Unless he looks great right out of the gate, it makes no sense to rush him. The Jets are in this for the long haul. Some late season snaps could prove to be beneficial to his development.