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  1. DoubleDown

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    It looks like I'm in the clear minority on this one, but I think the Jets are going to run away with it. Browns are going to Brown, like they always do. Revenge game for Darnold, Crowell, and Pryor.
  2. DoubleDown

    The more I watch the Jets

    The Jets are a middle of the road, average team in a league full of parity. There are times they are going to look good and times they are going to struggle. This season is all about developing Sam Darnold and setting the foundation to becoming a consistent contender in this league. The offensive line is simply not good enough to make a serious run. Don't stress the ups and downs. The future at quarterback is in place, and the team is headed in the right direction.
  3. When was the last time Jets special teams showed up in a big way? Did they rehire Westhoff?
  4. DoubleDown

    It's just one game but......

    Good day to be a Jets fan. Enjoy it.
  5. This should work... Download the NFL app on Roku or your favorite app store. You can sign in and use Gamepass from within the NFL app.
  6. DoubleDown

    Game tomorrow night..

    No offense, but this is terrible advice to a general audience. It's good advice for financially irresponsible people with poor impulse control. For those of us who are financially disciplined, a credit card is a fantastic tool with many benefits. - Major factor in building and maintaining a good credit score. Your credit score is used to help determine eligibility for things like obtaining loans/mortgages, employment, and approval for living in an apartment. - Excellent fraud protection. If credit card information is stolen, the bank eats the losses and you don't owe anything. No harm no foul. If debit card information is stolen, that's money directly out of your bank account which can be difficult to rectify. - Potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in rewards, which come in the form of cash, airline miles, etc. That's free money in your pocket, something you completely miss out on with the use of cash exclusively. Get yourself a credit card with rewards and no annual fee. Use it to purchase goods you can afford. Pay it off in full every month. You won't pay any interest, and you'll put yourself in position for a credit card's many benefits.
  7. DoubleDown

    #JetsCamp 8/20

    Fair point, but why spend so much time and effort running schemes that you won't run during the season? I understand you don't want to "give away" too much, but it does a huge disservice in preparing and evaluating our own players for the regular season.
  8. DoubleDown

    Yeah. Offensive line is juuust fine.

    The Jets had a bottom 5 offensive line last year and did almost nothing to improve it. It's time to go all in on a full rebuild of the unit like they did in 2006-2008. It needs to be priority #1 after drafting Darnold.
  9. It doesn't really matter how we got the extra second round pick. Bottom line, if we signed Cousins in free agency, we would not have traded up, and we would have all those picks at our disposal to either draft players or make other moves.
  10. He's only getting paid again if he proves he deserves it. He bet on himself, a move that has worked out nicely for him in the past.
  11. I was all in on Cousins, but I couldn't be happier that we landed Darnold. I never thought we had a shot at him. The fair comparison is Darnold or Cousins + pick #6 + three 2nd round picks. It's a tough call and impossible to know who would have been taken with those extra picks, but it's hard to argue against a 21 year old rookie QB with a sky high ceiling.
  12. Forget the agent. This is 100% on Sam Darnold. He's down a notch in my book. I'm really hoping this is just an aberation, but he's definitely off on the wrong foot. Classic Jets luck if they drafted Mevi$ part 2.
  13. DoubleDown

    Revis officially retires

    So much debate in this thread, but I think it's pretty clear. 100% chance he's getting in. 25% chance he gets in on the first ballot. 3 years of dominant, elite play. Another 3 years of great play. And he has a Superbowl too. What he did in this era of pass happy, no contact football is incredible in all honesty. He set the standard of shutdown corner for years. He's on the same level as other greats such as Sanders and Bailey.
  14. Interesting. My internet speed isn't great , and I haven't run into many issues while streaming. It's definitely a pain to switch between streams, but my hope is that the experience does improve and get refined over time.

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