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  1. To my knowledge, a 100% guaranteed contract of this magnitude would be unprecedented. It's a bit of a ridiculous premise and highly unlikely to occur. For the sake of argument, if it does happen, I would be willing to bet it comes with compromises in other areas. For example, $20 million per year instead of the predicted ~$30 million per year.
  2. With a top 2 or 3 pick, sure. At #6 we are in no man's land. We are in position to take the 4th best quarterback. A gamble at best.
  3. I firmly believe that Cousins is the only reason the Redskins have been competitive the past few seasons. They are a bad team. Without Cousins, they are bottom 5.
  4. You are correct on some of your points, but the argument that the Redskins don't want Cousins is pure fallacy. They offered to make him the second highest paid player in NFL history last year with the most guaranteed money for a quarterback ever. He turned them down. Alex Smith is simply a next logical step for their team, not an indictment of Cousins. I agree with you about annointing him as an all time great Jet too quickly. I would say he's likely the best Jets quarterback since Favre in 2008. He still has much to prove, but I think he has the skill set and chip on his shoulder to do it if you build a good team around him.
  5. What's done is done. We can't change the past. If the draft shakes out the way I think it will shake out, I see Cousins as the team's best chance of success over the next 5 years. It's the position they have put themselves in.
  6. Big difference is that Cousins costs the team zero draft picks.
  7. I could live with it. Time to go all in on offense. Sign Cousins and use high draft picks on offense. Focus on shoring up the offensive line. If the Jets tanked properly, I'd be all about drafting a franchise quarterback and building around a homegrown talent. They failed and they are likely looking at the 4th best quarterback at pick #6. It's going to cost valuable picks to move up. Picks they can't afford to lose. A quarterback like Cousins doesn't hit the market often. Go for the sure thing, stabilize the most important position in sports for 5 years, and see what happens. Whether you want to admit it or not, it's their best chance at turning this franchise around.
  8. Jeremy Bates?

    Neutral is the fair answer until the product on the field can be graded. If the development of Hackenberg and Petty under Bates' direction are any indication, I certainly don't have any high hopes for him. I also view the West Coast offense as outdated and mostly ineffective in today's NFL. Despite my doubts, he deserves a chance to prove himself.
  9. Say the Brown's sign Cousins

    If the Browns sign Cousins... Browns stay put at #1 after listening to trade offers but ultimately deciding the offers are not good enough. They draft Barkley. Browns trade pick #4 to the Jets who pick Baker Mayfield, the second QB off the board.
  10. I don't trust Mac's evaluation of the quarterback position at all. Three drafts, five draft picks used on the quarterback position, and the team doesn't even have a third stringer to show for it. The last thing we need is Mac falling in love with the next Hackenberg. Go for the sure thing, spend the money on Cousins, and make this team competitive for the next 5-7 years. Use some major capital to shore up the offensive line. Give Cousins some time, and he can sling it with the best of them. Enough with the pie in the sky hopes and dreams on an unknown rookie that never work out for this team.
  11. The Redskins offered Cousins a contract last year that would have made him the second highest paid player in NFL history with the most guaranteed money for a quarterback ever. He turned them down. This really isn't a matter of the Redskins not thinking he's a top notch quarterback. That argument is a complete fallacy and ignores the actions of both sides for the past few years.
  12. Selfish and impatient? How long do Jets fans have to wait until the organization puts a viable product on the field and builds a consistent contender? They haven't made the playoffs in nearly a decade. If the Jets tanked properly and were in position to draft a blue chip quarterback, I'd be all about going with a rookie and building around him. Instead, we are likely looking at the third or fourth best prospect, one who is just as likely to bust than succeed in the NFL. Quarterbacks like Cousins do not hit the market often. The Jets have the capital to go get him. Stop over analyzing the situation and pull the trigger, money be damned. Give Cousins some protection and weapons and he can sling it with the best of them. Enough with the pie in the sky hopes and dreams. Just go for the sure thing and give the team a chance to compete.

    Morton is extremely overrated on this board. Good riddance to the coach who quit and crawled into a shell when McCown went down. Good riddance to the outdated and ineffective West Coast offense.
  14. Do we really want Kirk Cousins?

    I'm not really arguing the merits of the trade. Mac was very familiar with Fitz from his days at Houston. From a purely technical standpoint, the current GM has spent 2nd, 4th, and 6th round draft picks on the quarterback position, and he has essentially nothing to show for it. We need a complete rebuild at the position. We don't even have a 3rd stringer to show for the capital spent. With that kind of record, I'd opt for the proven talent with years of experience vs. trusting the judgement that's been on display thus far.
  15. Do we really want Kirk Cousins?

    The Jets traded a late round conditional draft pick for Fitzpatrick. I believe it ended up being a 6th rounder if I'm not mistaken.