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  1. DoubleDown


    I'm not a big fan of Manish, but everything he stated is fact. He's actually not giving an opinion on the subject at all in this particular tweet. Gase is taking the bull by the horns despite what he says publicly about his desired role. Personally, I'm fine with it.
  2. DoubleDown

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Beat me to it. Richie Anderson was an absolutely integral part of the 1998 and 2002 teams. One of the best "skill" full backs I've ever seen play the game.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised. The Jets do relatively well in the first year of a new coaching staff (Parcells, Edwards, Mangini, Rex, Bowles). Darnold is going into his second year, and Bell is a game changer. Mosley and Adams are going to make this defense competitive. They are a couple of years away from being championship caliber, but in a league full of parity, playoffs are not out of the question.
  4. @Beerfish, is this your own research? If so, thanks for taking the time to put it together. In today's NFL, the OL is the most important position group behind QB. The blatant disregard for putting resources into this unit is mind boggling.
  5. DoubleDown

    Jets eyeing big move into 2nd Round

    Sounds about right. Let's trade away picks and sink more resources into the defense. Typical Jets.
  6. DoubleDown

    Jets eyeing big move into 2nd Round

    I would love to snag Jawaan Taylor or A.J. Brown, but if it's going to cost alot of picks, forget about it. This team has too many holes. They are not one player away.
  7. This team is hopeless.
  8. There are a ton of signs that Robbie Anderson is not in the Jets long term plans. I would prefer a 2nd round pick, but if they can offload him for a 3rd in the last year of his contract, it's not a bad move. Anderson continues to be overrated by some fans. He does one thing well, and he's a JAG at best in all other areas. He's had plenty of opportunities to be the main weapon on this team, and he has yet to produce any type of meaningful season. Admittedly, the quarterback play has been subpar, but he's also playing from behind more often than not which tends to inflate WR stats. Bottom line, he's not some irreplaceable weapon, and if they don't plan on giving him a big long term contract, it's better to get something in return than lose him for nothing.
  9. If I am the Jets GM, here is my plan for the #3 pick. 1) Nick Bosa 2) Josh Allen 3) Trade down 4) Jawaan Taylor If both of the elite pass rushing prospects are gone by the third pick, and I get no reasonable offers to trade down, I "reach" for the best OT in the draft. To hell with the rankings. The last thing this team needs is another premium pick on a run stuffing DT. I'd rather go down swinging trying to build around Darnold and Bell. Taylor has all the tools to become a force in the NFL, and he's being vastly underrated by most of the so-called experts in my opinion.
  10. Darnold is a special talent. If you can't see it, I'm not sure what you are watching. He's 21 years old and already showing the types of improvisation instincts seen from greats such as Rodgers, Favre, and Roethlisberger. Invest heavily in the offensive line. Bring in an elite #1 WR. Watch the wins pile up for the next 10-15 years. It's really that simple.
  11. DoubleDown

    Trade Jets-Giants-Seahawks ?

    So the Seahawks can move up to #3 to take Murray ahead of the Raiders?
  12. I think it's completely ludicrous to take the top offensive lineman off the table at #3 because the experts say it's a reach even though he is consistently mocked in the top 10. These so called experts are wrong every single year about half of the top prospects. I would be perfectly happy with Bosa, Allen, or Taylor at #3. Are people really happy going with another DT if Bosa and Allen go #1 and #2 and there aren't any trade partners at #3? The Jets offensive line has been neglected for a decade, and it has been a bottom 5 unit for years. I'm tired of hearing about Beachum and Shell. Give me a break, they are the definition of JAGs. Beachum is also 30 years old when the season starts and on the last year of his contract. The more I read about Taylor, the more I like him. He's an absolute beast in the run game and athletically adequate enough to handle his own in pass protection. He has the skills to play several positions along the offensive line. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2019/3/20/18268464/jawaan-taylor-nfl-draft-2019-florida-offensive-tackle-scouting-report
  13. DoubleDown

    If the Jets Draft Houston DL Ed Oliver?

    I voted somewhat disappointed because I do not think he's a good fit in a 3-4 defense. Square peg in a round hole. He seems to play best lined up inside. He might turn into Aaron Donald if he ends up playing DT in a 4-3. Or he might turn into Quinton Coples, someone who had some talent and skills but was out of place in a 3-4 defense and never reached his potential.
  14. The last time the Jets signed an All-Pro inside linebacker from the Ravens, very good things happened. CJ Mosley is not going to be as brash as Bart Scott, but his influence in changing the culture of the team and specifically the defense could be just as powerful. Some people may not like the contract, some people may not like the positional "value," but the bottom line is the Jets got themselves a legit player. This team needs talent, and he is a great foundational piece.
  15. Overall I like the uniforms. Simple yet modern. I'm not a huge fan of the logo, but I'm hoping it will grow on me. White on white has typically been a fan favorite. I'm surprised they didn't showcase that look during the event, but it's still possible they will use it on game day.

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