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  1. Quinnen Williams is exactly who I suspected he would be. A slow, non-impactful, running stuffing DT who plays a role that can easily be filled by a mid or late rounder. In fact, he is being outplayed by several mid and late round picks currently on the team. Can he improve over the next few years? Sure, but I highly doubt he'll ever come close to reaching the impact a 3rd overall pick should have on a team. Josh Allen was always the pick to be made here, and it's frustrating that so many amateur fans on a public forum could make the right pick over a so-called expert making millions of dollars and running a professional team.
  2. Defenses aren't built around a single player. It's quite simple. Accumulate as much talent as possible, and lock up difference makers during their prime years. Adams is a special player that changes games. If you don't see it, then I'm not really sure what you are watching. The question isn't whether you build the defense around Adams. The question is whether Adams can play a key role in bringing a championship to this team. In my opinion, Adams has proven that the answer is a resounding yes.
  3. Put me in the wait and see camp. As of today, I'd want him fired at the end of the season. However, if the Jets go on a run and Darnold starts to look much improved, I think you need to stick with him. As poorly as I think Gase has done, you can't discount all the injuries and illnesses this team has endured since the beginning of the season. It would not be ideal to put Darnold in his third new system in three years. How often have we seen a quarterback succeed long term after such a tumultuous start to a career? If the Jets show anything the last 7 games of the season, you almost have to stick with Gase just for continuity and stability's sake. If the Jets flop for the rest of the season, then you have no choice but to take your lumps and admit the mistake of hiring him in the first place.
  4. This team hasn't "learned to win" in any way, shape, or form. That's what needs to change. Draft position is not the issue. Picking good players in high impact positions is the issue. I'd rather see the Jets go on a run, end the season 7-9, Darnold develop and gain confidence, and pick a quality OL #12 than the next "best player in the draft" DT at #4. It doesn't matter where you draft. It matters who you pick. Teams like the Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Packers are constantly picking at the bottom of the draft yet they continue to stockpile good talent year after year.
  5. Win, and develop Darnold. Nothing else is more important for the Jets. This team has had a losing culture for almost a full decade. It needs to change. The players need to learn how to win games. They need to learn how to finish close games and close out decisive games. Higher picks have done nothing for this team. There are quality players to be found all over the draft.
  6. Both quarterbacks have been up and down in their short careers, and both quarterbacks have shown issues with ball security. I honestly wouldn't put one over the other at this early stage. They are objectively about the same. Gun to my head, if I had to pick one long term, I'd go with Darnold because I think he has better arm talent and a higher ceiling.
  7. I am a big Sam Darnold supporter, but as of today, he is a bust. Does this mean he can't or won't turn things around? No, but the fact remains he is not performing up to standards and needs to make big improvements to turn things around. The costly turnovers need to stop. The supporting cast around him is terrible, and the coaching is not putting him in a position to succeed. However, the great players overcome the negatives. Right now, Darnold is not seeing the field well, he's missing throws, and his mechanics have regressed from passable to downright poor. He needs to pull himself out of this rut, and it's going to have to come from him. Nobody else is going to do it for him.
  8. Under the new rules, this should have been a catch. Ball movement, and even ball touching the ground are allowed as long as the receiver maintains control. Griffen never lost control of that ball.
  9. A I would have traded him for a 5th. Getting a 3rd and a 5th is a steal. Two picks, one of which is fairly high, for a half season rental of an underperforming, replaceable, run stuffing DT. You really can't do much better than that.
  10. I actually think the opposite is true. The Jets get the 4th only if Leo signs an extension before the league year ends. If the Giants plan to resign Leo, they'll have a contract in place with a wink and a nod that he signs it the day the new league year starts.
  11. I'm giving him the rest of the season. How will he respond to the adversity? He's had two terrible games in a row, but he also had six decent games in a row before that going back to last season. He has shown moments of brilliance, and he's still a relatively inexperienced quarterback. The OL may be the worst line I have seen in my lifetime, and Gase's system is outdated, ineffective, and apparently very rigid. These factors DO make a big difference, and Darnold's head is spinning right now. The great players find a way to overcome the negatives. He needs to slow down, take a deep breath, and stop trying to force things when they simply aren't there. This is a bad team, and unfortunately, he's going to keep taking shots due to the ineptitude of the players in front of him and the inability of Gase to scheme his way to respectability. It's alot of pressure and he's going to have to do it himself.
  12. This would be an odd trade for the Giants. The playoffs are unlikely, and Williams is a free agent after the season. What's the point? In any case, trade Williams to any sucker of a team that will take him. I would settle for a 5th. He's simply not that good and very replaceable. There are undrafted free agents on this team playing at a higher level than him. Under no circumstances do you sign him to any kind of serious contract. He's stolen enough from the Jets as it is.
  13. The offensive line is putrid, and the Gase system is outdated and unimaginative. Darnold is playing very poorly right now. He is shell shocked playing behind a turnstile offensive line and being under constant duress. I haven't given up on him yet, but he needs to rise to the occasion and turn things around. He is being ruined by a crap system and supporting cast, but great players find a way to overcome.
  14. Robbie Anderson is nothing special. He does one thing well, and he's below average in all other facets. He is a starter and #1 target on an offense that is frequently playing from behind. He's on the field for the vast majority of offensive snaps. He's also been held to under 25 yards in 4 of 6 games this season. Let that sink in for a second. Take away one big play this season, and he's been absolutely awful. This isn't some new phenomenon. He's consistently under performed throughout his career based on playing time and circumstances. Have his quarterbacks been the best? Absolutely not, but he's often playing from behind when stats typically become inflated. Jets fans need to end their love affairs with decidedly average, replaceable players. We deserve better. Bottom line, he's an undrafted free agent who has outperformed his draft status, but he isn't in the long term plans of the Jets for good reason. Moving on from players like Anderson and getting good value in return actually gives me some hope with Joe Douglas. This is exactly the type of player the Jets would typically overpay then wonder why they are drafting at the top of the first round year after year.
  15. Yes. I still believe in Sam. He is very young, and he has flashed enough to demonstrate he can become a special player. He's a gun slinger with great pocket awareness and mobility. I believe Douglas is going to prioritize building a strong offensive line in front of him and bring in a legitimate #1 wide receiver he can develop with and lean on. My biggest concerns are the injuries and illnesses. Can he prove to be durable for the long term? Another concern is "Jets." No explanation needed.

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