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  1. Hall has the potential to be an elite, special back. Carter is a nice player, but fits the mold of a dime a dozen guy. I think it will become very clear very quickly who will play the "top dawg" role.
  2. John Franklin-Meyers and Ryan Griffin are two recent examples of players who outperformed their contracts and were paid accordingly by Joe Douglas and Woody Johnson. One could argue that both moves (paying a player at the height of their "stock") didn't work out.
  3. I can't blame Fant for trying to cash in after a career year, but the prudent move for Joe Douglas would be to see if Fant can continue the same level of play this year especially after a season ending injury in 2021. Another factor is that we don't quite know whether Fant will end up at LT or RT.
  4. Nice! Personally, I think Hall 20 is going to become a fan favorite sooner rather than later.
  5. Zach Wilson was definitely handed the starting job last year. His competition in training camp was Mike White and James Morgan. Zach Wilson took all the starting reps in practices and preseason games from Day 1. The fact that the Jets had a QB2 and QB3 on the roster (standard for every NFL team) is not proof of a competition. In contrast, Cam Newton was the penciled in starter for the Patriots at the start of camp in 2021. The plan was for Mac Jones to eventually take over, and all indications are that he was able to win the starting job sooner than expected, rendering Cam Newton expendable.
  6. Zach is cookin today.
  7. He always played second fiddle behind Travis Kelce. I don't blame KC one bit.
  8. I've been saying it since the injury occurred in Week 1 last year. A 380 pound man suffering foot and knee injuries in his first two seasons in the NFL is not good. Not good at all.
  9. According to who and based on what?
  10. Yes, it's a cop out, but I voted too early to tell. AVT had a solid rookie year, and his future looks promising. But in order to justify trading up for OG in the first round, the player needs to turn into a perennial pro bowler. We'll see if he stays healthy long term and whether he turns into the dominant player we are all hoping for. So... TBD. The Vikings picks really have no bearing on whether this was a good trade for the Jets or not. My understanding is that the draft last year was deep with outside zone blocking offensive lineman. I don't really know how any of those prospects have turned out.
  11. From what I have read, many of the people on this board are expecting about 7-9 wins. Given how poorly the Jets have played for much of the past decade, I don't see that as pessimistic at all. I think it's quite reasonable to view this team as trending upward, but not quite ready to seriously compete for the division or a Superbowl.
  12. I understand this is June OTA practices. However, this is Year 2 for the offense. Throwing multiple INTs during a single practice, and INTs in back to back practices is somewhat concerning while wearing a red jersey and not facing a real pass rush. It is what it is. We'll see what happens when real bullets start flying. But I would much rather be reading about high completion percentage, multiple first downs, and command of the offense.
  13. Possible? Sure. Likely? No. If the Jets make a playoff run or compete for the division, everything would have to come together perfectly. There are alot of "ifs" on this team.
  14. At some point, hopes and dreams need to turn into tangible results. The Jets need to start winning games, pure and simple. With that said, a playoff mandate this season simply isn't being realistic. This is a young team. There are going to be some bumps in the road.
  15. My expectations are pretty straightforward: Stay healthy, don't let opposing WRs beat you like a drum, and force the occasional interception. I don't think it's realistic to expect true shutdown CBs in the mold of Revis in today's NFL with the way the game is being officiated. Every CB is going to get beat. It's inevitable. The player just needs to stay on the field, consistently cause some disruption to opposing receivers and quarterbacks, and force a turnover every 3 games or so. I had my doubts with the draft pick when it was made. The Jets were already young and talented at the position, and Saleh traditionally plays zone coverage in his scheme. However, if the Jets are serious about a transition to more of a man coverage scheme, then the Gardner pick makes more sense. I'm hoping for the best and hopefully he is a true gamechanger.
  16. Good for him. I hope it works out. If I remember correctly, he held a private skills session a few years ago that a number of teams attended. It ended with no contract. Hopefully he has something left in the tank. Six years away from the NFL is an eternity.
  17. 1992 Ford Taurus with 90K miles on it for $3000. Torrey made it to 110K miles before dying on me in the middle of the highway.
  18. My understanding is there is a maximum number of padded practices allowed under the rules. Based on KRL's reports from last year, they were well under that number. It was something he was actively calling out throughout camp.
  19. Well overdue. Personally, I like the idea of non-football related competitions. Think World's Strongest Man type competitions for the big guys and American Ninja Warrior type competitions for the small guys. How about a basketball dunk contest, a fastball pitching contest, a golf driving contest, etc.? Get creative. It would be alot of fun. I bet the players would make it competitive (unlike the current football "game"), and the TV ratings would be decent.
  20. No issues with the "hate" from the media until the Jets prove themselves on the field. They have been terrible and in no way, shape, or form deserve the benefit of the doubt until they start putting up some wins. With that said, Smith is a complete joke of an analyst. Pretty much the definition of an obnoxious clown. The Rex Ryan of sports analysis.
  21. I don't mind the "light" OTA, but I really hope Saleh steps it up a notch for training camp. Last year's camp was pretty soft and had the least number of "full pads" sessions I can remember. Combined with only 3 preseason games, there was a noticable lack of tackling and physicality in the first quarter of the season.
  22. It's going to come down to Zach Wilson. Is he the real deal?
  23. Get well soon, Fish. You got this.
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