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  1. Haha I reread what I initially wrote and if you read that at face value yes I agree with you that it makes little sense, but I think we know what I mean. He’s amazing run stopping safety. His talent is worth two number 1s but in today’s nfl he wouldn’t fetch that return.
  2. Yes Fish that is exactly my point. An all world run stopping safety always should be your thirdish best player on a SB caliber team (10??? We both know that’s hyperbolic . but as stated b4 that’s the kind of addition that can take the ravens over the top. A run stopping safety as amazing as he is isn’t taking a team totally devoid of talent anywhere, but he can take a really good team over the top. That’s why I would be ok with trading him in our situation for the right price which imo is at least 2 #1s, and I agree with you that he would never get that so it is what is, he plays this year, hopefully (not likely) gets some thicker skin, and signs a nice long term deal here. If not he walks and that’s ok too!
  3. Also, any team that would give up that price for Jamal is insane, but that’s his worth. The jets will not get enough value for him. They should just make him play and revisit next year. You don’t take a crappy trade because you fear you might lose him. That’s what stupid teams do.
  4. In today’s nfl a player like Jamal can take a team like the ravens to the super bowl, but does little for us, albeit as spectacular a player as he is. Two #1s and that’s a wrap.
  5. He has become absolutely insufferable but to each his own I guess
  6. So we play the bills twice b4 any other afc East team and then later play the dolphins have a bye and then play the dolphins The nfl is too stupid for words
  7. I just hate how he thinks "lets be honest" is some sort of factual argument.
  8. I have no issues with it. He isn't a nfl caliber coach, nothing new here.
  9. Darnold would have done little to stop mega jag Rashard Mendenhall running roughshot on our D.
  10. Chris Moore was the only guy with any sort of insight or interesting opinion on that station and they canned him.
  11. The media are absolute idiots. Of course taking the best punter in the draft who can flip field position is smarter than taking a WR who most likely will never have a meaningful impact. These people do not understand football. Pay them no mind.
  12. Just for lolz and because fa1 is showing it... GB was up 12 with 5 minutes to go with the ball and still lost the nfc championship to seattle. He isn’t a good coach period.
  13. When is this Mike McCarthy nonsense going to end. Guy was middle of the road head coach at best. Gase almost certainly isn't the answer, but that doesn't mean Mike McCarthy would have been either. Lets move on.
  14. Who ended up signing that etch a sketch created looking, ken bone, no way this could possibly be a real human being anyway?
  15. Been waiting seems like forever to take a real punting prospect. goddammit I think Joe Douglass actually might know how to build a football team. This is amazing.

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