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  1. 1. Thursday Night Football is a travesty 2. All games should be split among the networks on Sunday with 3-4 different time slots ala college football 3. Profit
  2. IDK how id feel about this. He's only really had one standout year, and his antics are more than annoying. That being said he is only 24, possibly room to mature. Would be 50/50 on this until he proves he's more about football than being a crazy person on TikTok. Personally id rather some other team take that gamble.
  3. What I’m seeing from JD is paying for potential as opposed to paying for past production. This is how you should operate in FA.
  4. Did you not see Leo last year? It takes many players a few seasons to put it all together.
  5. 247 had him as number 1
  6. Any elite school is going to send tons of players to the nfl. Some of them will bust, some of them will be great, some will be in between. The Jets picking the wrong players from any school says more about the Jets, then it does the school they took them from. People who have a functioning brain should be able to easily realize this.
  7. Report on radio said he told officers he had 2-3 drinks. Any time you tell a cop that, multiple by 3.
  8. Get ready to be a real sad panda because these fear porn freaks aren't giving up on this new normal anytime soon.
  9. This is some weird ass NBA type move and I dont get any of it
  10. That's true too. Personally I think Watson is worth it for this years #2, Sam, a 1st rder next year, and some other combo of 2nd and 3rd rders from this or next year. Anything more than that you either roll with Sam, in part because of the impacts of coaching, or you target someone like Wilson or Fields.
  11. I scream at the radio NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE GODDAMN NETS Evan is the Nets number 1 fan out of 10K Net fans in the entire world. *progressive guy voice, "guess what, no one cares"
  12. In this league all you need is a coach and a qb. Hopefully we just got the coach, and hopefully the qb is next. People really overthink things and dont realize how much coaching impacts a teams w/l record regardless of talent on the team.
  13. Chris Moore and Evan would be decent. Chris Moore is easily the most interesting and intelligent guy they have, and obviously because of that is on the least and odd hours. JR is pretty good too.
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