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  1. Man as soon as I get west of Paterson route 80 is one giant winding ass rainbow type road to me. I'm probably confusing the last 20 miles of 80 before PA with this exit. That stretch is windy as hell.
  2. To be fair, that is an absolute brutal stretch out on 80 down there.
  3. Ruby2

    Damn Dolphins got Gesicki

    Gesicki is probably going to be a top 3 pass catching tight end. He is the closest thing to Gronk since Gronk
  4. Ruby2

    Dallas Goedert

    Giesicki is better and might be there in the third
  5. I wouldnt call it a hedge. These guys just get a continuous stream of nonsense fed to them. Impossible to discern whats real and what not. He's just doing his job reporting what hes been told. That being said, it would be nice then maybe if the initial statements weren't always so definitive. I mean we are still getting Melvin Ingram right?
  6. Monday Night Football has been a minor league exhibition ever since it went to ESPN. It is the old Sunday night ESPN game, when ABC had the Monday nighter. They simply switched. That coupled with another stupid meaningless Thursday night game, diminishing the pool of quality games, has left the nfl with absolute nonsense on Monday night. Nfl needs to scrap the Thursday night game ASAP to deliver consistent quality games, but they are too stupid and stubborn for that.
  7. Outside of Stafford take a look at all the QBs over the past 10-15 years who were under 60% in college. Your best bet is Jay fricken Cutler...pass
  8. The most talented dude doesnt complete 56% passes playing in the mountain west conference
  9. Maybe one day our front office will piece it together that champs are won with offense and sacks from olb's
  10. Ruby2


    ASJ also sucks too
  11. Ruby2


    This guys was such an obvious bust
  12. Ruby2

    Demario Davis To The Saints

    You don't win in today's NFL with run stopping middle linebackers. Take the younger guy, who cares how good Davis was.
  13. Ruby2

    The potential silver lining?

    This is the problem. Even with an empty stadium, Woody is still getting boatloads of money through the dolts who do pay, even if its only 40K iinstead of 80K and more importantly, TV and Add revenue. Pretty sure this is Woddy's strategy. Shoot for 8-8 every year, give the 40K dumb dumb's just enough to want to attend, and count millions.
  14. Ruby2

    can't wait to pay for my seats

    How much drugs do you have to be on to support this organization financially like that?
  15. Ruby2

    Jets bring back McCown

    LMAO we are officially the Florida Marlins. Any dilbert who spends money on this "franchise" should be deported