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  1. This will never happen under the Wilpons. This should have been the approach last off-season, but Wilpon bought BVW's magic sack of beans and thus here we are.
  2. Organization continually proves it has zero, and I do mean zero ability at assessing both free agents and its own individual players
  3. Team isn't capable of evaluating their own talent, and has not been for years...see Murphy, see Turner, see Dom etc.
  4. Whatever, the media is just as awful as Callaway. They should be beating down Wilpons door.
  5. Agree with all this, but every regime is the same with this awful rancid franchise. Nothing ever changes regardless of manager, regardless of gm. Until the journos call the travesty that is the Wilpons out, over and over...and over again. Nothing will change.
  6. Two things can be true at once. Macc should have been fired. It also should have been done about 3 months ago. All goes back to ownership simply making it up as they go.
  7. Bring back Idzik, Tanny, a guy off the street...this is malpractice
  8. How does this idiot even operate. Trade down 5 to then move up 11 40 picks later? Is he just picking sh*t out of a hat? wtf
  9. Hurry up and pick already so i can mow my lawn
  10. Was Mac mad that he made some Jets fans happy yesterday....back to his old ways. Hate this cocksucker so much.
  11. Ahhh I wanted the Pats to draft this loser FInley
  12. This has just been a disaster of a production fom day 1. ESPN and the NFL just can't get out of their own way. Anyways, now that Butler is gone Im going to pull for the Penn State CB.

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