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  1. The atrocious white font of the numbering and lettering pops more contrasted on that weird shade of green. It is truly a bottom three jersey in the entire nfl.
  2. Make the greens better then. I don't make the rules.
  3. White and black should be the only combo until this ridiculous set of uniforms is put out of its misery in the next few years.
  4. The NFL is so effing dumb it hurts
  5. It’s unreal the crap one will settle for outside of baseball season
  6. Taking a shot at unknowns with upside is always better in my book than going with washed up has beens but a good point.
  7. Hearing Mo Allie Cox will never not be funny i remember laughing hysterically in between tears as he tore us a apart a year or two ago.
  8. Just bizarre that they brought him in to start with. They also tried the same thing with Wentz and Rivers though. Just a bizarre strategy.
  9. Yup all the sweeps and motions i think are a big part two.
  10. Matt Ryan I mean wtf has Indy been doing this guy isn’t even backup quality anymore
  11. I wonder how much is QBs basically being meh vs how spreading everyone out can create running lanes.
  12. Maybe Isray is deranged enough to give us a first for Zach.
  13. I dont really need the Jets on in primetime but for the love of god do we really need to keep seeing the Steelers, Packers, and Rams. The NFL is absolutely ridiculous in giving so many primetime games to those teams they deem "good" before the start of the season.
  14. In light of everything occurring on Twitter regarding the Jets, this serves as a nice reminder that the majority of people at best aren't restrained enough for it, and at worse are simply too dumb for it. Elon would be doing the whole world a favor if it did get run into the ground.
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