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  1. TV's weird obsession with him and his dumbass frenchcuff shirts is indeed infuriating
  2. While of course some are native nyc metro area bandwagoners a good amount are transplanted Massholes, because NYC is a city of transplants. Don't know why no one gets this. This is why when you have a crappy team in nyc, other fans show up. This isn't Pittsburgh or Kansas City nothing city's of 500K made up of people who solely are from there. This is one of the worlds most important city's consisting of people from literally everywhere.
  3. Ill never not follow the team, but giving a cent more to this organization outside of a monthly cable bill is completely unjustifiable. Might as well light your cash on fire instead.
  4. This team hasn't won in almost a decade, and NYC is an international hub of 20 million people (from all over the country) located 20 miles or less from the stadium. What do you honestly expect? That being said Metlife is an engineering debacle and one of the biggest architectural blunders of the century.
  5. Holding, Hands to the Face, and Spot Foul PI need to be eliminated. They can't get it right, so just get rid of it. It's seriously more fair that way. As of now, sh*t is completely broken.
  6. It was ridiculous against both teams. the nfl should eliminate penalties at this point, just do what you want. I don’t care anymore.This sh*t is unwatchable and called at random.
  7. Alabama would beat this team easily
  8. Gase is trolling us at this point, what is this approach?
  9. Hahaha def a winning strategy!! i think I’m like 2-8 or something similarly pathetic this year.
  10. Jif you rule, I stayed away thank god! That was a bloodbath!!
  11. Thanks for the insight! I was actually at that game where Franklin lost to Maryland, what a brutal day that was.
  12. Whats your guys thoughts on taking Maryland +6.5 tonight against Penn State. Penn State is an absolute fraud. Maryland may be as well, but they love the big play and Penn State is susceptible to that. Night game, classesx being cancelled at 12. This is there CFP. I want to put a grand on them, tell me why I should or shouldnt?
  13. I remember hating your takes back during JI times, nice to see you haven't grown up in like 15 years, damn dude
  14. It's going to be mid 80's and sunny, you'd have to be a complete lunatic to watch this.

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