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  1. I personally wouldnt put either of them in but I would think Eli is a virtual lock and Rivers prob 50/50
  2. NE - not a rookie deal qb KC - ok, thats one Phi - Kinda? WEntz was hurt SF - Nope LAR - 2.5 Den - wth no lmao ( maybe you meant seattle?) either way, not part of last 6 Car - Not part of last 6
  3. Yeah seemed like everyone was saying chargers for him. IDK, people seem to think no way he doesn't take a job considering how your moment can come and go so quickly, but I am getting the feeling Daboll could end up just staying at Buffalo. Houston and whatever the hell is happening in Philly just seem like toxic places right now.
  4. Daboll seems like a guy who would appreciate Texas Barbecque. God please make it happen,
  5. Interesting, thanks for the insight. Sadly you are always right when it comes to Clemson related activities 😕 But just to play devils advocate, the reported Watson quote of McNair firing himself seemed to be pretty damning. Maybe Biennamy could smooth that over, but seems like it would take quite a reconciliation process.
  6. We have 100 million in cap. We have been built for long term success, even with Watson you still have plenty of money to upgrade the roster.
  7. The odds of any team drafting the right guy at QB are much less than just aqcuiring a proven elite QB who is 25.
  8. KRL your the man but I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with most of this. Tannenbaum traded away resources and picks when he didn't really have any excess amounts of them, to then be further up against the cap and have to play crazy games. We have the picks, we have the cap. Its a very different situation. Douglas's has already played the long term game, trading Adams, moving back in the draft last year, freeing up more cap. Now its time to cash those chips in. And, lets also not get to revisionist in the Texans history. Sure they sucked this year, but they have been a perennial contender and playoff team since Watson has arrived. Hell, if it wasn't for that weird chinned fat slob they've had as coach and overall maniacal gm, they could have advanced even further. Y'all are really overthinking this. We don't want to over pay but we shouldn't have to, Texans have little leverage herr. Sam, this years 2, next years one, and you can even throw in another 2ndor 3rd rounder. Thats fair all things considered. Jets fans are so battered and abused, just let this happen, its good.
  9. Honestly at this point, he may just stay. Houston is a disaster, Philly isnt much better.
  10. Yeah its a sad state of affairs, but he should have known how the majority of his teammates and other in the league would interpret his comments. Not by any means saying there right, but just would have been easier to keep quiet, or at the very least, phrase your words a bit differently.
  11. I dont know what I want more, the insane culture war of Biennamy not getting a job to continue for the lolz, or him getting a job just so it can finally end. Life is strange.
  12. Daboll is gonna go to Texans and BiennaTwitter gonna explode

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