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  1. I guess it's weird but being a Jet fan in New York, it is way more irritating when the Giants are good as opposed to the Dolphins. Maybe part of it because most of my existence the Dolphins have been as, and many times even more pathetic than the Jets. The Marino years were a bit before my time. Interesting because in baseball im the opposite way and would rather the Yankees win every world series as opposed to anyone other then the Mets in the NL east. Can't really explain it in any logical way, just is.
  2. OOOO thats a tough one, but probably. The Giant's being consistently good would annoy me more than the Dolphins being consistently good.
  3. Fair enough. There are definite red flags. The fact that he didnt get a job last year seems even more concerning than the valid points you bring up. Time will tell.
  4. That's fair, I really wanted him last year, just seems very innovative on offense, and Im sorry but Josh Allen was a pretty lame prospect. He needs to get credit for what he turned into. Happy with Saleh, but if Daboll turns out to be a top HC with our rivals and Saleh doesnt, its going to sting. By no means am I saying that will happen, but Id rather just avoid the possibility all together.
  5. Really would prefer if Daboll doesn't end up there as hc
  6. Even more evidence proving how awful Franklin is. Moorhead was the brains behind that whole season.
  7. Because he never was that good and played James Franklin in his biggest college game
  8. If you are talking about covid right now, you are almost certainly talking about omicron, which is drastically different than delta or the original strain.
  9. This guy is never right, about anything.
  10. Want to see more of a dedication to the run. LaFleur abandoning it for stretches in the third quarter made no sense last week and cost them the game.
  11. If California wants to cosplay March 2020 instead of January 2022, I have zero sympathy for them.
  12. That James Franklin 10 year deal is going to go down as the most unwarranted contract of all time, right? Right?!?!
  13. I keep seeing this as well. Seems very groupthink to me that nearly every draft has him in the top 10, with many having him in the top 5. I dont know how you justify any secondary player that high in this new era of nfl, let alone one who hasnt shown anything in years.
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