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  1. WOWS was totally gratuitous. It was as ridiculous as the comic book movies Martin correctly hates. But obviously to each his own, I know a lot of folks enjoyed it.
  2. Look how this game was broadcasted lol. CBS wasnt even trying to make anyone other than us losers in nyc and miami suffer with it haha
  3. It is shocking how bad nfl announcers are, especially when compared to those who call college games.
  4. Im assuming we didn't offer him a contract or something, he has been on a bizarre crusade against the Jets since he left.
  5. This douche has always had a bizzare hard on against the Jets after his one or two years with us for some reason
  6. O wow it was Tom McCarthy as the main play by play. I think he did Mets games on radio for a few years with Howie Rose back in the day...
  7. Feely was spectacularly awful today...Who was even the main play by play guy? This was like cbs's Z lineup, truly terrible.
  8. The NFL is reaching a breaking point regarding officiating imo. Every week it somehow gets worse. Just play with no refs at all at this point, let the players do whatever they want. It honestly would be better. This product is downright awful.
  9. The Irishman sucked. Its well past time to stop pretending Scorsessee still makes anything noteworthy or exceptional at this stage of his career. Parasite is the best movie ive seen in quite a long time. Wow.
  10. This board really blows hard. There are so many problems with this team, Sam aint one of them. You people are lunatics.
  11. People need to use a little common sense. Garret will never get another HC gig after Jerry eventually throws in the towel on him. It’s not in the realm of possibilities.
  12. Normal people don’t drop hundreds of bucks to sit in rain and 40 degrees to see a 3 win team. This isn’t complicated.
  13. Today’s kickers almost all suck. It’s a coin flip either way.
  14. Great number 2 TE and serviceable as a number 1 when needed. As disappointing as the recent era has been, considering that we had that loser Tomlinson in this role last year, that’s a colossal upgrade.
  15. Maccagnan has no idea what he was doing, let’s just be happy if he ends up serviceable. What’s done is done, we don’t need this thread every week.

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