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  1. They should force P5 teams to schedule worthy G5 teams. The problem is in the conferences. And im sure they never will agree to that, so again I totally get what you are saying regarding G5 getting the short end of the stick, just going to 12 is making a mockery of what CFB really is about imo. Like this clearly isnt perfect now for all the reasons previously discussed, but I think 12 teams in a playoff would be even worse, again for the reasons previously mentioned.
  2. I hear you. I just think if you open up to 6 you will naturally get deserving G5 teams in. Dont think we need 12 or even 8 to get that when those last couple teams would have statistically zero chance at winning it all. Maybe a possibility is getting rid of conference championships? Idk i dont buy that conf champs automatically get a spot. Penn State correctly didnt deserve a spot in 2016. Same goes for Oregon last year. Neither of those teams would have any chance at winning it all. It's not a dance in CFB, just the nature of the sport. To pretend that teams ranked 7-12 in the country ha
  3. I think 8 is too much. Either way byes for the top 2 teams is a must. 6 teams with the top 2 getting byes is perfect imo. If a group of 5 team can't make it to the top 6, then they dont deserve a spot imo. Im way less concerned about the bowl games losing luster as opposed to regular season games losing luster. Thats what makes cfb great and unique, its a sport judged on the season, not the playoffs. Go watch Sprite Ball if you want to care about the playoffs and not care about the regular season, just my two cents.
  4. So am I correct in reading all the guidance that if you just show the Vaccine Card upon entry you are good to go? Thats what it seems like reading the Mets site but would appreciate confirmation from anyone who has been to citi. Thanks.
  5. Yes thats definitely true. No dissrespect meant towards any Brittish fans, it's just a pure cash grab, and ridiculously unfair to the players, but so is thursday night football, a 17 game seaon, etc. So maybe its not that big of a deal in the grand aspect of the NFL just being ridiculously stupid at every possible opportunity.
  6. Thats great and all, but it still is really dumb for teams to have to travel so far to play during a grueling season. Ill compromise, a couple games a year fine, but to put a team there, which is where they are trying to take this, is a joke.
  7. Thats at least a good trade off for having to deal with the absolute disaster that is TNF
  8. Meh ill be debbie downer here. NFL in London is dumb and does a disservice to any team that has to play there. Proceed to ratio me.
  9. He loved all our top 4 picks. I bet they have the highest rank average (he lists it out in his article) of any team but clearly he has some weird fields vs Wilson agenda and totally discounted his player rankings and gave us a D, ok.
  10. Ruby2

    Pick 34?

    Rondale Moore or Javonte Williams
  11. He gave us probably our best draft since 06 already but go off
  12. Ok, that's reasonable. What was unreasonable was deeming him a failure after 1 draft which is what you saw quite a lot of here. If the metric is 6-7 wins as you say, I am totally fine with that.
  13. Adam Gase should have never been hired. Everyone except you, Peyton Manning, and Woody knew that. And then he proved that. Look up what the league thinks about Douglass. Look at his past tenure and those teams. There's millions of more reasons the be confident in Joe Douglass as opposed to Adam Gase. I mean, you already know this, but nevertheless.
  14. I remember SAR back in 2010 saying the Jets werent good because they needed OT wins against Cleveland and Detroit, lol
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