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  1. Mac Gets a 5 year 3 year plan! I do not get it.
  2. Ruby2

    Harbaugh on the hot seat?

    Because NFL teams are really really dumb
  3. Ruby2

    College Game Day Thread 11/3

    You're probably right. Michigan OSU is going to be the game of the year. They will probably ship Harbaugh out to sea if he doesn't come through here.
  4. Ruby2

    College Game Day Thread 11/3

    Clemson could give them a fight. Don't @ me
  5. Ruby2

    College Game Day Thread 11/3

    3rd and 16 sending 6 to get beat by a TE screen. Kacy Rodgers must be smilling.
  6. Ruby2

    College Game Day Thread 11/3

    LSU ofense back to its old ways
  7. Ruby2

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    The NFL is dumb
  8. My god how I missed your insane takes, lol awesome
  9. Ruby2


    And yet another blatant personal foul not called.
  10. Ruby2


    This league is such a joke. Turns his head into sterlings head.....Gene Stetatore: he turns his shoulder! WTF are you talking about
  11. Ruby2

    Amari Cooper to the Cowboys.

    Well at least its not as bad as the Roy Williams trade...,maybe LMAOOOO
  12. Smoke and mirrors D can only be effective for so long when they are on the field so long because the offense cant get first downs. Bowles should rightly be blamed for both.
  13. The circle of internet life I suppose
  14. Ahhh this brings me back. Good old Warfish who is the gatekeeper of what people can and can not complain about. Just messing with you buddy, good to see ya.
  15. Ruby2


    I agree with you. It's always been awful. Today it went against us, it happens.

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