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  1. Would prefer Chris Godwin who should already be on this team if we had any clue what we were doing. JuJu would be a great consolidation. This team needs a big free agent wr and to spend one of our first rounders on the position(J chase, d smith. R Bateman, etc. shoot get one of these guy and come back with my personal favorite Rondale Moore in the second) if we ever want to compete in the modern nfl.
  2. People will watch anything. That doesn’t mean it’s a good product. It lessens the nfl as a whole and is downright insane from a player safety perspective. Keep Sunday night and Monday night. Every other game is played at 12, 3, and 6 spread out on multiple networks where you have the choice to watch whatever you want ala college football.
  3. I cant think of a dumber decision over the past 10 years the NFL has made other than Thursday Night Football. They seriously need to get rid of it.
  4. IDK about you guys, but this hasnt been doing it for me. Hopefully the SEC starting will change that. Once BIG 10 is running it will actually feel real. All these matchups have been atrocious. Miami actually seems legit with King?
  5. Not even close to the same thing. Stewart over Godwin is going to be an all time blunder. Mims is going to be a star
  6. There needs to be a 30 for 30 on their WR history, its just unimaginable.
  7. How in the world did this family get so damn rich and then produce these two clowns. One is off cosplaying politics in England, and Chris Johnson is here telling us a dude who calls HB dive on back to back calls is a offensive genius. Clearly someone in the Johnson lineage has some sort of sense as how to be successful. WTF went wrong further down the tree, my god.
  8. Isn't it weird, you watch Reid and Maholmes, Carrol and Wilson, etc etc. Its like the Jets are playing a different sport.
  9. Ingram or the Syracuse guy whos name is escaping me. Right there. You dont win 5 games a year by accident....
  10. Thanks for the history lesson Aussie. Ingram was right fricking there.....this goddamn ranchise man
  11. Jets woulda drafted a 3 cone dud pure straighline guy like Metcalf and he be outta the leageu in 4 years.... Man, how wrong I was on this guy
  12. Would be absolutely shocked if Coples ever had 2 sacks in a game.
  13. How do you do HB dive on 3rd AND 4th and 1. This guys offensive philosophy is indefensible.

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