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  1. Maybe one day our front office will piece it together that champs are won with offense and sacks from olb's

    ASJ also sucks too

    This guys was such an obvious bust
  4. Demario Davis To The Saints

    You don't win in today's NFL with run stopping middle linebackers. Take the younger guy, who cares how good Davis was.
  5. The potential silver lining?

    This is the problem. Even with an empty stadium, Woody is still getting boatloads of money through the dolts who do pay, even if its only 40K iinstead of 80K and more importantly, TV and Add revenue. Pretty sure this is Woddy's strategy. Shoot for 8-8 every year, give the 40K dumb dumb's just enough to want to attend, and count millions.
  6. can't wait to pay for my seats

    How much drugs do you have to be on to support this organization financially like that?
  7. Jets bring back McCown

    LMAO we are officially the Florida Marlins. Any dilbert who spends money on this "franchise" should be deported
  8. Jets bring back McCown

    It's not even a debate
  9. Jets bring back McCown

    At a bare minimum im done untill Mac and Bowles are gone. It really should be untill Woody sells the team, but we will see. Looking forward to CFB this year at least, but I am not watching a minute of this joke.
  10. Need Baker Mayfield

    They've already lost them. We are quickly becoming the Devil Rays or Marlins of the NFL. No one will attend, Woody will still get paid, and that will be that.
  11. Would make this FA fail so worth it
  12. What is with this loser franchise signing and trading for players that were available during the draft in prior years... No plan ever.
  13. The harsh reality!

    There is no plan. Spent big year 1, nothing in year 2, full gut job in year 3, now looks like back to nothing. No plan whatsoever.
  14. Good man, nice to see you and some other familiar faces!
  15. To be fair, he was a downright amazing college receiver. One of the best in the last 10 years. But yeah, hasn't worked out for him in the NFL. Cant fault our loser front office for this one, Allen Robinson however...