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  1. Yeah no way could having your head hit over and over again make a borderline personality more unstable...no way at all.
  2. What are the odds that Brown already has some form of CTE? His behavior is insane.
  3. How much of a crazy person does one have to be to watch monday night football? Monday night football is the old Sunday night football back when it was on ESPN with McGuire, Theisman and had the worst possible matchups.
  4. Ruby2

    Did the Knicks really just trade Porzingis?

    They beat the celtics the year they went to the eastern semi's with carmelo. 2011 or 2012 i believe.
  5. I don't mind dumping all our 3-4 players because they aren't very good in the 3-4. The 3-4 does have a higher ceiling than the 4-3, just it's floor is much much lower. We havent been able to pull it off for a long time. It's time to try something easier, even if the ceiling isn't as high. I also beieve Anderson is a FA? But could be mistaken.
  6. Of course it is a problem. We've ran a 3-4 for 15 years without a competent OLB. The whole key to a good 3-4. Either get one or ditch the scheme. You can't have both.
  7. Anything that gets rid of the 3-4 should be viewed as an extreme positive.
  8. Ruby2

    NO ONE Wanted McCarthy

    A select few here were telling everyone the whole time how reidiculously over rated McCarthy was on the board. Its ok, thats what being a fan of this clownshow franchise can do to decent people. They see a name, a super bowl and want to believe the other 14 years of mediocrity and awful play calling and decision making didn't exist. Gase isn't a perfect hire either but he sure brings a lot more to the table than McCarthy.
  9. Ruby2

    4-3 Defense

    Its well past time to switch to 4-3 A great 3-4 is better than a 4-3 but it is way harder to make the 3-4 work imo.
  10. Ruby2

    Cimini shreda gase hire

    We are already ****ed because we still have Mac. Nothing matters until he is gone. Franchise can not get out of its own way.
  11. They really didn't though but ok. That team in the past would have blown it.
  12. Meh, They gave up some scores late when they were allready up big. That happens all the time in todays NFL with prevent and what not. They manhandled the Ravens.
  13. Ruby2

    Melvin ingram

    This really was the start of the downfall. Much worse pick than Kyle Wilson. Wilson's draft completely sucked, that one was forgivable. This was the one that laid the framework for ineptitude.
  14. The Chargers are much more talented than the Pats. The Chargers under Lynn have seemed to shed their choking persona, so I think they have a really good shot to get the win.

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