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  1. Cannizzaro goes the entire article without mentioning said poisonous scenario until the very end of this rambling stream of consciousness and its one sentence that I guess is essentially saying Williams would be worse? Amazing this guy gets paid to write for a living.
  2. You can still go 0-16 and act like you give a damn by not allowing this to stand, and cutting bait.
  3. Its going to very annoying when Sam eventually develops into a really solid QB a few years down the road if he finds himself some competent coaching like with the Steelers per say, but I have to agree with this. I even think with a coaching change Sam could be salvaged here, but if you have the chance to take Lawrence I dont think you can pass it up.
  4. And us idiots sit and clap like dumb seals The system is rigged
  5. There haven't been fans in the stadium for the past three years... Johnsons dont care, its all about the TV money
  6. Just let me believe in one thing about this cursed franchise. Let me have that! lol
  7. Sad thing is though that the media would never. Its been 20 years of this, always run the coach out, run the gm out, etc. They never even come close to holding the Johnson's accountable at all. Don't see that changing anytime soon. It's funny the utter crappiness of the sports media, the ny sports media in particular was like a fortune teller to warn us of the complete collapse of the more serious news media. We missed all the warnings.
  8. C except I actually think JD does have a clue. He just has literally nothing else around him, and it wont take overnight to change this organization, especially considering that we know the Johnsons limit that.
  9. It's almost 8:30 and still nothing, i hate this franchise, i really do.
  10. Idk or necessarily think Godell should do anything but this whole thing reeks. You want to go pretend that your some political big shot by being an ambassador? Ok fine, you have to sell the team then. The fact that woody can cosplay politics while just letting his even dumber brother watch his pet is just wrong.
  11. Yes I give the guy a pass considering he had 1 draft a 1 offseason and inherited 4 years of awful Mac drafts and roster building. Listen I want to burn it down as much as the rest of you lunatics, but im trying to maintain some sort of sanity here.
  12. If Gase isn't fired by tomorrow im done watching for the year. I can waste three hours of my pathetic life every sunday in a better way.
  13. Wow a human being had a human reaction to the atrocity that is Adam Gase. This doesn't matter at all.
  14. O god, if this isnt the most Warfish thing ive ever seen posted lmao
  15. I know man it fricking sucks. 10 years of complete irrelevance and no light in sight. At least the Astros lost? IDK im trying to find anything positive in the sports world, thats all i got.
  16. Bruh as enticing as it may be, im not gonna argue over backup QB signings. As I said before and many times the franchise is a complete disaster but it's still too early to say JD is a disaster too.
  17. Not his job to build a team, it's his job to coach, and he has proven over two teams now in 5 years, that he can not do it. You people are fricking weird lol
  18. If you are looking to a backup QB signing to try to strenghten your argument, guess what? You have no argument.
  19. No one in the NFL can hit 50 yarders these days. Sam Ficken is a replacement level kicker. Why would you even try?
  20. Except he most certainly didn't. Isnt just hating this franchise good enough for you? JD was gonna turn it around in a year? Just stop. Hate this franchise for Mac, hate it for Bowles, hate it for Johnson. It isn't fair or right to hate it for JD....yet.
  21. Nope he's busy cosplaying politics Nothing like a career nobody who had everything handed to him being an ambassador lmao....this country
  22. These Eyes is a fkn jam tho Check out the Junior Walker version, arguably just as good

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