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    You should laugh at him in OBJ
  2. TNF is an abomination and they make it even more of an abomination when they put abomination matchups on the schedule for it every damn week.
  3. There is no appetite for football in the spring, but guess they have to learn for the millionth time.
  4. Imagine what the media would be saying if we had the offseason Jaxonville had. These people are clowns trolling for clicks and it's so obvious.
  5. O no we missed out on Tyrek Hill, while smartly and efficiently upgrading all across the board, what are we to do.... This is like bleacher report type of nonsense, I thought the Athletic was supposed to be legit.
  6. Remember when we took Calvin Pryor over him and then a couple months later traded for a broken Percy Harvin....fun times with this franchise man
  7. A lot of people who are much smarter than me and have been right in the past are saying yes, so idk...im irrationally terrified of Oregon players, especially the dlineman, Bruckner not withstanding, and guys with motivation issues/weird personalities. He's still not worth the risk to me, but seeing some very smart people saying yes, guess that would kinda make me not totally hate it.
  8. When are people going to realize that part of certain players appeal is based on what other players are available? This guy will be the safest player at 4, arguable the best available, and plays a premium position. Sometimes it really is just checkers.
  9. And stop with the dumb slogans too!
  10. CB is definitely not AS important as it once was, but it if the CB available at 4 is the BAP and probably also safest option you take him there and dont think twice. You have to play the cards your dealt. There ain't no Jamar Chase or Myles Garret there. Taking a premium CB in the top 5 is much more defensible than taking a Safety. I think people are under the impression the two are the same in todays nfl, and they just aren't. At least not yet.
  11. Ruby2

    why no juju?

    Juju hasnt bee anything special in over 4 years, and is also another gen x'r literally driven insane by social media. No thanks.
  12. They can afford it, their ownership chooses not to. Like Fish said there needs to be a salary floor, watching this continuous build and tear down build and tear down is just exhausting and terrible for the game. With that said, Ill stfu now as to not further derail the thread
  13. Imagine if they ever signed any of their own players!
  14. The more free agency and hot stove the better!!!! I dont make the rules
  15. Everything I saw earlier indicated Dodgers. Kick Oakland, Pittsburgh, and Tampa out of the league. This sh*t is so pathetic.
  16. It is time for a WR1 in the first round. I know we have no idea what that is like, but the universe is alligning.
  17. Wow, amazing what one year of Urban Meyer can do to a crazy owner lol
  18. 8 mIlliOn izNt dAt MuCh wtF Jd DoIngZ!!!!
  19. Could this be the first time in 20 years we take a WR in the first round? How the hell is that even possible, has to be a record, lmao this franchise.
  20. He's not like hands down awful but he is so unbelievably average. The reason they went with someone average to be the voice of 2 of America's biggest sports is why it is so frustrating and he gets the disproportionate amount of hate. If he was used like how CBS uses Greg Gumball no one would have a issue.
  21. I mean giving up NFL on Fox for the joke that is MNF on ESPN is almost the same thing.
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