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  1. Put me in for $73,000.00 I have one request - I want the water fountains in the new stadium to provide diet coke instead of water.
  2. I can't watch it anymore. Just end the season. I am done until next and turning this POS game off for a second time in a row...
  3. Nice hold on Ellis - looked like that 49er was trying to pull dope out of his pockets as he was pulling his jersey.
  4. It isn't whining. No hold call on Sean Ryan grabbing the jersey? Rushing 3 on 2nd and 20? BS holding call on Lowery - I thought there was a 5 yard bump rule? It is total bull**** and I am pissed off. Bob Sutton does more to keep the opposing team in a game than that team's head coach does.
  5. What a ****ing disgrace. Bob Sutton is a dog **** d-coordinator.
  6. When the Jets have been aggressive - on both sides of the ball - they perform well. However all their losses have this in common: They stand around waiting for something to happen instead of making something happen. They are doing that today and they are going to lose if they continue that type of play.
  7. As the Jets will never get credit for a hard fought victory over the Pats*, we should just start one thread to consolidate all the excuses that Patriot Trolls will provide. As a matter of full disclosure, I would like to throw in the following past Jets excuses to ensure a fair and balanced accounting this evening: #1 - Herman Edwards was our head coach. #2 - Dewayne Robertson #3 - We don't videotape opponents #4 - Noodle Arm Pennington threw a pick 6 #5 - The offensive line is a seive #6 - Cedric Houston was our starting running back #7- The refs hate us #8 - [Name y
  8. FFS - has a kicker missed a kick against the Jets at all this year? Give me a freaking break...
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