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  1. 1) I think Kyle Hamilton is a big safety that can cover well, blitz, and play the run. He's physical and plays downhill with speed and I'd say his upside is probably someone like Kam Chancellor if things work out well. For the Jets? I just don't see a match if we have a top 5 pick. I personally don't think we're in a position to add players at safety with high picks when we need to fix OL and TE, which are essential pieces in this offense. Hamilton is the best safety in the draft, but I don't know how much more impactful he is than Brandon Joseph, Daxton Hill, Jordan Battle, Jalen Catalon, etc
  2. I guarantee you this board would go ape-**** if we took a center top 5. But he's the single most impactful player for the Jets that they could get and he's such a clear boss like Quentin Nelson was years back. Take him all day long as far as I'm concerned. The Jets need tight ends, an actual running game, and to kick GVR into the ******* sun and replacing him in some fashion.
  3. If only we had a QB drafted the year prior. But such is life. Grab 2-3 TEs this next offseason and call it a day.
  4. I'd be down with that. Throw in Likely round 2 and one of the guards or tackles in rounds 2 or 3 and you have yourself a competitive team again that might be able to run the ball.
  5. If one of these picks lets us get Tyler Linderbaum and/or Kenyon Green I'd be pretty stoked.
  6. Sam Williams Ole Miss is interesting as a mid-round pick with his athleticism. On the field, he's got good straight line athleticism and a violent punch, but still raw and not the most natural bend. Though he has an arrest for sexual assault on his record so might not be a Jet pick based on how they like to draft. Still, he's got 6.5 sacks in 6 games thus far this year.
  7. What a weird point to make they all have needed to be replaced.
  8. i agree. Sucks that the QBs are underwhelming overall so far because that would've been very helpful. Stingley being hurt and injury prone doesn't help, plus I question whether the Jets want to commit high draft picks to corner. I think they'd sooner take one of the edges before that. There's also a question of how you feel about the ohio state WRs + Burks and where they end up at the end of the year.
  9. Very much agree. The one thing I feel hasn't advanced in perception is the value of IOL and right tackles league-wide. Just taking the Jets perspective Linderbaum would shore up one of the Jets biggest weaknesses and turn in into a position of strength. Plug in a RG that is an average NFL starter and suddenly we probably can actually be a team that can run the ball, which is best on-field support you could give Zach Wilson aside from a TE who teams have to actually gameplan around.
  10. There's not a ton of separation yet outside of the guys you are mentioning here from my perspective so handy to note that it takes some time for that to occur. Hard because TE is not really featured a ton in a lot of the college offenses as a passing option. I do have to say Billingsley was a complete non-factor in that A&M game as a receiver. Similar with Sam La Porta for Iowa against Penn State. Switching gears, I do feel like there are some interesting running backs in this year's draft. Kenneth Walker is putting up some ridiculous numbers early on, though not much as a receiv
  11. I don't know the breakdown, but if feels like he holds onto the ball forever off play action. He was a risky draft pick, plain and simple. But he's here and the Jets are going to roll with him for at least 3 seasons in all likelihood so they better be working on his mechanics, timing, and decision-making relentlessly. He seems to have a strong work ethic and is coachable, so if they're not getting through to him, I blame the coaching staff, honestly. In regards to the original article, I'd be shocked if the Jets ran less play action. That is basically the offensive system. They're no
  12. I think Ballard is fine, i just don’t think you can punt on drafting a qb forever without being in trouble.
  13. He seems like a unit. Not overly fast, but he's got good hands and seems to be able to have a good understanding of attacking zone. For obvious reasons, I'm trying to track how this TE class is doing and there seems to be mixed rankings on where they slot in outside of Wydermeyer. Also trying to track how Kolar, La Porta, Ruckert, Stogner, Otton, Billingsley are doing.
  14. This is a big reason why our start are so slow. 12 personnel is a staple of this offense, but it doesn't maximize our personnel. If the Jets are insistent in making the system work they have to get at least 1 if not 2 TEs this offseason. Also, while they have been fine plays, why the crap are we running jet sweep with Berrios instead of Moore? It's just mind-baffling the underutilization of the athleticism our players have.
  15. Glad AVT is looking pretty good. Would just be pretty stoked if he didn't just upgrade one o-line position per off season.
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