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  1. There is systematic problems everywhere, but the largest problem by far is that there is no accountability for cops committing crimes. Plain and simple. cops shouldn’t be investigating themselves internally. Prosecutors and judges that work hand in hand with these same cops for years shouldn’t be able to determine culpability and whether to bring charges. Even if there was no corruption at that level, there is always conflict of interest because these same people still have to work with the cops afterwards.
  2. Doesn’t help that like 90 percent of our running plays are inside runs with sh*tty interior linemen and a slow runningback that dances. It’s by design but crappy all the same and was doomed to fail. Telling that perine and gore are power driven one-cut backs as it’s obvious that’s what Gase wants out of the running game.
  3. Leave it to the NFL to bumble the crap out of this with an arbitrary solution. Like King P and yourself are saying, it takes about 5 minutes to figure out a way to game this system. That’s stupid. The other consideration though is that this is a solution that doesn’t really cost money to implement, hence is attractive. Goodell has proven time and again he’s completely tone deaf to the detriment that social issues have on their brand- cough domestic violence- it’s pure bottom line with him.
  4. Same here. I personally think what is needed is more Player to Coach intern programs a la what hines ward is for us and other such training/networking programs. What they need is a test model of it being successful for teams because If owners think it’ll give them a competitive advantage it will catch on.
  5. I’m not saying this is a good solution, but I find it pretty ironic that the arguments posted on here are rooted in things like “equality”, and “best person always gets the job”, when the lack of those two things are at the crux of why solutions like this are even being proposed. I don’t really expect anybody on here to change their personal opinion on it, but if you think there isn’t an issue in racial hiring practices in the NFL you are just being willfully ignorant about the data and what it implies.
  6. That’s because our starters were usually The backup material.
  7. I mean if you think about it, were the Bulls really the team of the 90s? Take Jordan out of it, those Knicks teams were the best team in the eastern conference by far.
  8. Any word on how the team views QW? Was there disappointment internally?
  9. There were several high degree of difficulty catches - a number of which were sideline toe tappers- including some one handers as well. People are just looking for things to nit pick at this point.
  10. Gase said in one of the pressers they think he’s coachable and really that is all that he needs. Normally, what holds a route runner back is lack of body control, Lack of strength to beat press, poor agility, stiff hips, inexperience with different releases, etc. But i don’t see much of that with him on a physical trait level. He’s fluid, explosive, and physical and it’s possible he just wasn’t asked to do more in that style offense.
  11. Plus you don’t have to pay lac a second contract.
  12. Now that we have seen a full offseason from Douglas and company In terms of player acquisition, we’ve now gotten a glimpse into how they want to build this team and there is a whole lot to be excited about. 1. They are disciplined and methodical. Free agency gave us a glimpse into this as they negotiated favorable short term contracts for the OL rebuild. Given the pandemic and lack of physicals, the market dictated short term money, but even so, the Jets showed they were willing to stick to their guns on contracts, walked away when the bidding got too high, and didn’t overpay on mediocre talent. This will serve them well in the future as the economic uncertainty may make this golden age of cap expansion slow down, especially since contracts, especially for qbs, are adjusting. This was further reinforced by not overreaching in the draft for players even though the need for many positions was great, which leads to the next point: 2. They matched value and need In the draft and have done a thorough self-assessment of the deficiencies of the roster The two biggest problems Mac had were that he had no coherent vision for how the team was to be constructed and that he had no consistent way of evaluating prospects. It would take a monkey ten minutes of watching the team to know that this team needed O-line, edge, wide receiver, and corner help for his entire tenure and yet these positions were largely ignored and worse the players he did pick were athletic stiffs who washed out of the league at unprecedented levels. In contrast our oline has been rebuilt and actually has depth now. They took Mims, signed Perriman, and took Zuniga to address edge. Whether you agree or not, they also addressed backup qb, corner, and safety insurance with the uncertainty of Mayes and Adams’s long-term situations. Whether the players pan out are not remains to be seen but they addressed needs without reaching on subpar players and that makes a world of difference. 3. They have a clear identity for what they want to establish and are using analytics to help get them there. The clear takeaways are that they highly value quick twitch athleticism, increasing team speed, and were focused on building a strong culture with team captains and character guys. They are actually following modern NFL trends and were actually caring about things like pressure rates and percentage of disruptive plays instead of looking at just traditional statistics. For instance, we now know that they value straightline and agility numbers in their receivers. They want their OLine to finish out blocks and be able to move other guys in run blocking with power. They took a one cut running back who runs with power but still has some ability to break a big run. They want big plays and are not just trying to ground and pound and manage a game with great defense. Whether this offseason works out with certain players aside, the most important thing to know is that they have a valid plan that they are working towards executing. They are clearly embracing analytics, stayed disciplined to their draft board, but were flexible enough to accrue draft assets, which are the most valuable resource to a team. It’s giving me the impression for the first time in a long time that the team is being competently run and that is beyond refreshing.
  13. The bigger news story is that he’s drafting actual athletes, using statistics, and matching value with needs. All the quality vs quantity stuff is a little simplistic and more speaks to the state of the roster rather than a preference for draft strategy necessarily. But that’s the other big thing, he actually has done an honest assessment of the state of our roster (not mac) and Is not mortgaging the future to build a roster (Tanny) and is not reaching or taking subpar athletes (all our previous gms)

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