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  1. It takes something just short of an act of God for these owners to fire someone.
  2. Can’t preach best players play and then only play the guys that were brought in. Gase said it himself players see through bs.
  3. The roster is very very bad and the coaching is uninspired at best. Plain and simple.
  4. My only guess is they don’t want a rookie on the blind side but who the **** knows since the tire fire that is Kalil and Winters keeps chugging along.
  5. I doubt they are firing him. This is an ownership that gave Mac like an additional three years too long to torpedo this franchise when you could probably pinpoint in five minutes he was in over his head. Think there is like a 20 percent chance Gase has a meltdown and goes off on Douglas or CJ and almost 80 percent chance they move on from Gregg Williams and we see stories immediately pop up in the press that they never got along and created a lot of tension blah blah blah.
  6. Same, but i have very little optimism for this season regardless since we still lack talent everywhere on this team and the areas with depth have injuries.
  7. Hope there are changes in the oline. If we keep just letting free rushers in at the rate we are doing, that is 100% on the coaching staff to not pull players or correct the issues. Would like to at least see Edoga get a shot if our starters are playing so badly.
  8. I mean no one reasonable expects wins from this team, but it might be nice to do something about allowing unblocked free rushers as much as they are when that is a coachable issue. Might also be nice to not be running the league’s worst passing offense as an offensive coach.
  9. ok good good. Now what's the list for 2019?
  10. The self congratulatory essay when the Jets win their first game is going to be obnoxious beyond belief.
  11. Someone needs to make a Jets based game where Pac is Maccagnan and is a must shoot vigilante that unknown to himself can only target himself.

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