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  1. I think this is right. The alarming part for me is I dislike our LBer group as a whole and we seem insistent on going with 220lb hybrid players who are not elite athletes either. I can live with one or the other, but not having size or athleticism is kind of tough for me when they're the ones responsible for filling the gaps.
  2. The Jets have been bad for a while and I haven't expected a winning season probably since Bowles's first year here. So he can go suck it. I'm rooting for a winning record and an outside wild card shot. I've done the tempering of expectations for way too long to the point of disinterest in the team. The Jets have made the forward pass look like a struggle for too long and we finally have an offense that can be functional and exciting.
  3. Wasn't implying that the team was going to hand this to him. My point was whether he's going to take that aspect seriously or not or feel entitled to the position.
  4. I'd bet on them rotating right and left throughout camp personally. It's really not the worst thing. Obviously Fant has done it for us and giving Becton reps adds to his versatility. Hopefully his maturity doesn't get in the way of him realizing LT isn't going to be handed to him.
  5. Agreed. I think they're already taking a similar approach on the RB side, but more from a desire to not give a 2nd contract on a production standpoint rather than the contracts being prohibitively high.
  6. I think barring any rule changes, increased supply is going to result in the price ultimately going downwards. The other factor is the shoe continuing to drop on QB 2nd contracts. It's taken a long while, but if you look at the teams having cap issues it's the ones who have massive coin invested into vet QBs. That's why it's imperative to me that you load up on runs for rookie QB deals and you also really are diligent about deciding whether the QB you have is worth a 2nd deal.
  7. I think Davis is going to be tricky. He's either gets injured or has a bad year and is not worth his number or he might grumble about being underpaid and throw up a WR fit if he has a good season. To me, there's a decent chance, especially with the cap savings next year, that he's not on the team or the team drafts his replacement at a minimum.
  8. He just needs to play in the structure of the offense, which he started doing better towards the end of the year. That to me was positive because he wasn't trying to hold the ball for 5 seconds and yolo everything like he did when he first got injured. Being injured and watching Mike White and Josh Johnson perform much better with the same personnel must've been pretty eye-opening for him too.
  9. Tucker from Syracuse was super productive last year, interested to see if he does the same. Would be interesting to see if Ajou Ajou bounces back at USF. Really wished we had more picks next year, but we just need to keep drafting BPA and we'll be good.
  10. Horvath too. Was a FB option potentially although we probably seem fine with ruckert and conklin doing some of that. Wonder what was wrong with kellen diesch. Would be interested there as a udfa. Isaiah Weston as well.
  11. He lunges too much I feel and is a particularly bad matchup against bull rushers who outpower him, which the senior bowl was filled with imo. I’m whelmed by the pick, but someone in the coaching stuff must like him a lot and feel that they can teach him enough technique. I don’t see starter material though, especially with how JD wants to build the line with maulers.
  12. Both guys in round four seem like career backups or spot starters to me. Pretty clear that Saleh prefers long arms and size and current technique over agility in the Edge. Not a big fan personally of the pick. Mitchell makes more sense. I think if that’s where they want to go our edge roster was deep enough that I’d develop a guy like Robinson who at least has a higher athletic ceiling. Oh well.
  13. What i’m rooting for now. Think it’s the value and need match left that makes the most sense.
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