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  1. To me the vision and decision making is the scariest part. Early in his career he just ignored the checkdown completely, but lately either the play design is a quick throw or he’s forcing the one read without actually checking to see if it’s the right decision. If he doesn’t hit the first read he goes instant scramble mode. I can’t remember the last time he shuffled within the pocket to step up into a throw.
  2. Same way they gutlessly let Todd Bowles hang after they knew they were canning him midseason. Agree with you on what should be done. These owners care more about optics than results.
  3. He somehow looks worse after three seasons.
  4. Yeah, i don’t think anyone was confusing this ownership with competence.
  5. Agreed totally. It just jumps out at you how slow this team is on both sides of the ball.
  6. GVR has also got to better than that. His man completely obliterated that play and he didn’t even get touched.
  7. That’s what is hard to swallow. Both sides are just awful and talent deficient. I think we lack team speed on defense in a big way. You can see it on the big runs and in the pass rush just being a little late constantly.
  8. It’s people misattributing anger at how bad it’s been for so long. Yeah, as fans you should expect the product to improve and be better. But fixing it in one year was not going to happen. JD has done a bunch of things I don’t agree with but i’m a fan of his approach so far.
  9. It’s really not that hard to comprehend. The team was driven into the ground by Mac for five years. If you are mad about how long this is taking, be mad at the idiots who let a completely incompetent GM run the ship for that long. Free agency has been a cesspool because anyone worth a damn either gets resigned or franchise tagged. The real play over the past few years was to draft well and resign your young talent before contracts adjusted to the inflated cap. But we have no talent to resign because we drafted so poorly. Now, contracts are bonkers, and with covid, the cap might tighten up in the near future. It’s a lot riskier to sign big contracts right now. I suspect Douglas isn’t going to be a free agent buyer most years anyways. He’s disciplined with value and long-term it’s going to come down to how well he drafts anyways.
  10. Is firing Gase really guaranteed? He’s in year two of a four year deal. Should he be fired? Absolutely. I just don’t trust the schmucks signing the checks.
  11. The upside is if the performance is so bad they are less likely to just sweep it under the rug and keep him on for another year.
  12. You and i both know they will win meaningless games at the end of the year.
  13. He has to show something at some point. Sure the team is a dumpster fire for talent and the coaching is bad, but EY’s points are completely valid. He’s not improving fundamentally.

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