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  1. Hoping carter was injured because he fell off like a cliff last year.
  2. Definitely my feeling on this too. Real excitement and anticipation at a playoff window would be if they didn't take a questionable qb prospect and then chose to do the bare minimum to coach him up. This is definitely a hot seat regime trying to salvage their jobs and make the most out of a mostly talented roster, which takes a little of the joy out of it for me, but at the end of the day it's likely to be better than whatever last year's offense was.
  3. These threads are helping me catch up on prospects so thanks for posting.
  4. Athletic testing is suggesting this as well. There's a few eye-popping candidates like Nolan Smith and the Old Dominion TE, and I think a Illini safety that performed very well, but not a ton to get excited about. I'm glad we had all the picks last year because it feels like an infinitely better class. Haven't gotten super invested (just had a 2nd baby) but for OT and OL in general i'm kind of just whelmed.
  5. All our hopes rely on Woody not acting like a buffoon over dinner. That's the most Jets-like thing ever.
  6. Poppycock. Just sign jimmy g and mike white. Just got to figure out what to do with the other 12 games in the season.
  7. This isn’t a subjective argument. The combine provides data points under normalized conditions. It’s a matter of whether you understand data and statistics or not to have this brain dead take of the combine is irrelevant.
  8. The Jets haven’t yet completely disappointed me with their poor decision-making so I actually don’t mind not knowing yet. Hackett is such a lolsworthy hire that I don’t exactly have much confidence they actually land the big fish.
  9. Will do. She's ready to be done being pregnant for sure haha.
  10. Congrats on baby JiF! A few days away from Baby #2 over here myself.
  11. Good game 80 and good game everyone, it was fun and brought back a lot of fun memories.
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