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  1. QB or I’m done

    The same people: September: soj fans... these Jets are going to surprise some people. They are better than most people think! The board is too negative let's see the season play out and we'll see who is right. November: this is the worst sh*t ever. They need a qb. Fire everyone now.
  2. Bowles and Macc have earned their extensions

    Sounds like it. This winning culture of playing hard and having fun is great if i could trust that the guy picking players had a clear roster building plan and knew how to evaluate a qb.
  3. Bowles and Macc have earned their extensions

    The great thing about last night's win is that it fixes all the ineptness that was the last three years of this regime.
  4. 49ers Trading CB Rashard Robinson to Jets

    We don't need draft picks anyways. With all the veteran talent we have, where would they even get playing time?
  5. 49ers Trading CB Rashard Robinson to Jets

    It's almost like they are trying to lose on purpose
  6. Should we do his extension before or after bowles and mac tho
  7. Jets Inactives Today

  8. Justin Burris and CB position

    How about competence?
  9. The cigar store Indian has got to go!

    This thread was worth it just for this. lol.
  10. The cigar store Indian has got to go!

    Which is fine because Big Mac is good at everything except free agents and drafting. And trading i guess.
  11. The cigar store Indian has got to go!

    You and I both know there's like a 95% chance at least one is staying past this year if the quotes from Tweedledum give any indication.
  12. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    Criticizing the wrong thing. This is a problem of execution not strategy. 47 seconds with timeouts to get a fg isn't a knee with an nfl offense. If they play call conservatively that's understandable, but just sitting on it isn't even close to correct.
  13. Todd Bowles calls out Jets' defensive line in meeting after rough day in Buffalo DANIEL POPPER SEP 13, 2017 6:37 PM Jets defensive linemen Muhammad Wilkerson, Leonard Williams and Kony Ealy sat slumped next to one another at their lockers after a season-opening loss to the Bills on Sunday. They dressed quietly and chatted somberly before Todd Bowles, dressed in a powder-blue three-pice suit, walked over with a suitcase in hand. The trio looked up. Bowles spoke a few stern words, gave the three players a nod, and walked away toward the door. A day later, the Jets reviewed film from the 21-12 loss in which Buffalo RB LeSean McCoy totaled 110 yards on 22 carries, and Bowles delivered a more detailed and specific message to his defensive line during a meeting: You must be better. The unit missed assignments all afternoon, failing to clog up running lanes while McCoy rattled off a flurry of back-breaking big gains, including three rushes of more than 20 yards.
  14. Darron Lee is 23

    ****. He's on to us.
  15. Ruling is conditional depending on which side the Patriots are on this ruling