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  1. If RHJ had a 3pt shot he might have stayed, but he really didn’t have a spot anymore. His whole offensive game never really developed. Shame, he was a good vet as well.
  2. If this process ends up in failure i’m at least happy that the Jets are finally investing heavily into building out a front office staff and coaching staff that are filled with talented and competent people. A poor culture, skimping on the foundation of an organization, and meddling owners have been the real plague on this franchise for decades. At least i feel like we have a chance at sustainable success now.
  3. We’ve lacked an identity as a team for a long time. We’ve just been kind of mediocre at everything.
  4. I criticize a lot about what this team has done, and I think deservedly so given all the screw-ups, but this is the first time in a while where I feel there is actually an effort to learn from past mistakes. Who knows if Joe Douglas is gonna work out, but I'm happy with the process they took this time around and am pleasantly surprised that they didn't just cheap out at the last minute. Nail the scouting staff next. Also, shoutout to Todd Bowles for having such an incompetent coaching staff underneath him that it actually made CJ understand "holy **** it's really bad having assistant coaches who are not qualified" for the job.
  5. Feels like their talking about #2 guys right now between McShay, Savage, and this guy being mentioned so far. From a cimini article this weekend: 2. Under-the-radar moves: Before the Douglas hire, the Jets had begun to quietly move around some chairs in the scouting and personnel departments. Some of the most noteworthy changes, none of which were announced: Greg Nejmeh, previously the pro personnel coordinator, was promoted to director of pro personnel. Kevin Murphy, a pro scout, was promoted to assistant director of pro personnel. Andrew Dollak, an intern, was named a college scout. Ray Agnew and Salim Powell, scouting interns, were named scouting assistants. Rich Snead, a player personnel executive, retired.
  6. He didn’t need convincing to take the job, his agent is just competent and manufactured and capitalized on his leverage to maximize the money for his client. Put yourself in Joe Douglas’s shoes, you literally started your career handing out resumes and driving prospects from the airport to the facility. You worked and paid your dues in your career for 20 years a vast majority or it working insane hours and traveling several hours every day. You finally get an offer for the biggest payday and basically the top position you can get at an organization since we don’t have anyone above a gm for infrastructure. Are you seriously considering turning that down? Both sides negotiated through the media here but It was probably pretty obvious and well known that the Jets wanted Douglas badly. Agent did well. Joe Douglas did well, and let’s be serious, the Jets shouldn’t be skimping on what is probably the most important role in the organization to be filled with a competent person. If Joe works out, he’s worth the money and then some.
  7. I was reasonably happy about the pool of candidates in general, a lot of guys who worked as scouts and managing scouts. Like that he has a positive relationship with Gase already as opposed to shotgunning a coach and a gm together. Like that he grinded his way up from the bottom. This is a self made man who got his foot in the door and never looked back. That takes guts and you really see a lot of the whole scope of how an organization is run a million times better that way. Like that he has worked for healthy and thriving work cultures that he can bring over here. I’m apprehensive that people are saying he’s not an analytics guy and hope that he incorporates some of it here as i think it’s been sorely lacking for us. Having a great eye for personnel is certainly helpful, but this way of doing things makes it necessary you have scouts who also have a good eye and you have to feel that you can trust them. Even then, you’re largely relying on making comparisons on hundreds of players based on adjectives and instincts of different people.
  8. To be honest, I mostly just want to stop jamming defensive lineman , safeties, and inside linebackers as the top draft pick every year.
  9. I mean, it looks like an article based off the one tweet we saw yesterday. If he actually turned it down for good, you would 100% hearing it corroborated from actual sources. This is probably just a negotiating ploy to get the Jets to offer more money. Also, you can tell this person is adding nothing new because this article is basically: EYECATCHING HEADLINE -> Here is the tweet from yesterday -> Here is who is Joe Douglas -> Here is Champ Kelly -> I added nothing of value!!
  10. Keuchel for prorated one year was such a no brainer it's idiotic that they apparently got outbid by a million, especially since he really just needs to be a back-end option for German's innings limit and Paxton/CC injury risk. But really, the Corbin non-signing in favor of Happ was the dumbest move that still is annoying.
  11. I mean, if you connect the dots, it seems more likely to me at least that both sides are just negotiating through the media, including the one leak that got released about the perception thing. I mean there's also a lot of noise. The Scott Fitterer thing yesterday for Rap (a league connected guy) could be an agent propping up Scott Fitterer for future interviews, or could be the Jets trying to paint leverage that they don't have to automatically go Joe Douglas to get a better deal. The perception thing could be the Jets saying they are considering other candidates to again get a better deal financially. The reaching out to other candidates for financials is probably a Plan B thing in case this falls through. The timing of the leak today could be Joe Douglas's side suggesting the offer isn't good enough and he's thinking about walking, when realistically, this dude must want to be a GM badly.
  12. Just fyi, the Jets have to spend money on players as a rule. What you're discussing is allocation of resources, not ponying up the additional cash to do something actually impressive. If it wasn't going to CJ Mosley or Leveon Bell, it'd have to be distributed among other players.
  13. I mean, I don't know if Joe Douglas is the right guy for the job over the others, but the main point about why this is so dumb isn't about that. It's that they are somehow trying to cut corners at the core foundation of their business. The scouting department and lead executive should be where you invest your resources in getting the most competent people. Just because you idiotically signed dumb and dumber to an ill-advised extension and had to fire them early shouldn't have anything to do with it. Sunk costs. It'd be like a large tech company trying to cut corners in Research and Development. Sure you can save a few bucks in the short-term, but long-term it's just a stupid decision for the soundness of your business. And the kicker is that there is almost no way the Johnsons should have made less money over the last several years because the last CBA was bonkers financially for the owners in controlling costs. So yes, if they lose Joe Douglas I assume some of the other candidates can do a good job as well, but finances and budget shouldn't be the main driving factor of this decision.
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