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  1. It's a shame watching coaches choke in big situations. The great ones are all aggressive when its needed.
  2. This probably hurts the trade sam option since he’d be a better win now option for a good team.
  3. I don’t say this often, but their ownership and top execs are absolutely worse.
  4. Why not just use a midround pick on a rb at that point?
  5. Not only that, I think this is more of a straw that broke the camel’s back situation. They basically gave away a top receiver for nothing and are just woefully incompetent. This isn’t a James Harden situation, current teammates and former teammates aren’t slamming him or defending the culture or ownership.
  6. I think boards collectively do a good job of explaining opinions on players as a group. Strategy... trade value...is not their strong suit.
  7. I mean, the lack of supply should in theory raise Darnold's trade value. If I was a win-now team, I'd rather take a shot at Winston or Fitzpatrick before Darnold, Wentz's contract is gross for his risk-level, so I don't really think he's a trade option for a win-now team who presumably is going to be cap strapped next year.
  8. I mean, he'd trade back for future picks every year. Delayed gratification and all.
  9. I personally don't love Freiermuth and think the dropoff is quite large. I think receiver actually looks pretty stacked again this year and our offensive scheme would obviously benefit from having a TE receiving threat. I'd go Pitts too.
  10. If they were all available, would you take Pitts or one of the receivers?

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