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  1. If he does, I think it's just to prop up his value. I don't see him having a future with this staff, which stinks because I don't think he got a fair shake at it personally. Granted, he clearly has had a lot of self-sabotage as well.
  2. I want Wilson to fix his issues, but to me if you're giving the best shot at building around him you give him a receiving TE with good hands or someone like Drake London who can sponge up targets and has good enough hands to overcome some ball placement issues and win 50-50 balls. But plenty of interesting WR in this draft as well and there are a lot of candidates who can help in the middle rounds since it's hard to think we go anywhere else besides defense early this draft.
  3. The team looks this bad because they don't have enough talent on defense. This is a scheme that requires a dominant pass rush, very strong communication, and good team speed. Currently, we lack all 3 things. The team isn't getting enough penetration up front, the linebackers are too slow to react and don't have enough speed to cover the gaps that our wide front is vulnerable to, and the safeties have been pure trash for most of the year. Part of this is still on coaching. Against the Eagles and pretty much every game, I've seen a number of instances where guys don't switch off properly, w
  4. Agreed here. The most noticeable thing was that he was getting the ball out way quicker and actually made quick decisions when the underneath routes were open. It is encouraging that Saleh commented about the footwork after the game which gives me some hope that they are making it a point of emphasis with him. He still had a handful of negative plays that were very reminiscent of the issues that has plagued him, especially in the second half. Off the top of my head, the pick was a late throw in the middle which he not only sailed, but there was a man open underneath that he passed on. Plu
  5. Good list. Curious on your thoughts on Khalil Shakir and George Pickens? Not sleepers, but I've seen the Alabama guys (Metchie, Williams) fluctuate wildly in the mocks I have seen.
  6. It's almost like GVR was utter garbage and was causing a lot of issues for two years now.
  7. In my opinion, centers and guards should only be taken high if they are reasonably going to be amongst the best in the league at their respective positions. That being said, Linderbaum fits that model perfectly. He's a Quentin Nelson level prospect and his tape just shows pure domination. It also happens to align with a critical need for us. Yes, the pass blocking has generally improved for the Jets, but run blocking is the pillar of this offense and we don't have enough difference makers there on the line outside of Becton when he's healthy (huge if) and AVT. Grabbing Linderbaum turns wh
  8. In terms of fan sentiment, if Wilson never got injured, we'd have a million threads blaming the system, the OC, the OL, the receivers, or some combination of everything. Watching 3 backup QBs look way better operating the system than the #2 overall pick just has made it abundantly obvious that he has a lot of flaws to work through and that he was butchering the system as it was meant to be played. I think he can still do it, but it's by no means a guarantee. He has a lot of working through his issues to do.
  9. The mental gymnastics to not call a spade a spade is perplexing. It's a mechanical issue. It's a timing issue. If you watched two seconds of his college tape you knew that he has good arm talent but plays yolo ball all the time against inferior competition frequently throwing 50-50 balls that his receivers would win a higher percentage of the time because of the talent discrepancy. He lacks touch on the short passes, always throwing the heater no matter the situation. He's still not stepping into his throws consistently, which is infuriating that nobody is drilling this and repping it out of h
  10. I still can't get over how bad we are at generating turnovers. And it's not even from a lack of trying to strip the ball, the guys are clearly coached up in doing that, it's just such a lack of speed and ball skills on the back end.
  11. Hopefully no one skips any testing this go-around and we have a combine because they all look the part athletically to me at least but it's easier to rank-stack after they test. Hutchinson has been dominating and Ojabo I see rising boards as well.
  12. Like, you have to try really hard to have a worse point differential than a winless team so it's actually kind of impressive in a way.
  13. Good input, thanks. I think he's a fit for our scheme with his mobility, but to your point I don't think he really moves the needle as much as Linderbaum who just mauls people and it's evident that he does that consistently. That being said, my hopes being on him make me feel like it's not going to end up happening so I feel like I need to temper my expectations. JD's drafts show they value the testing numbers a lot and last year was about picking up scheme fits, but outside of that, I have a hard time predicting which direction they are going to go.
  14. I like what you've said elsewhere. Our team badly needs more athleticism and top-end players more than anything. JD has done a good job building the roster depth, but we just lack the difference makers to really compete defensively.
  15. They had a great week of practice. Players just need to execute better. It starts with Saleh obviously. I think they're coming along, just wait. They were really in that last game until they sort of let those few touchdowns score, really. I'm just pumped to see a *checks at the sheet* 36-year old SB winning QB really handle that Miami Blitz. Did I miss anything?
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