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  1. One of the inherent weaknesses in the over front we are running is the interior running lanes. The linebackers are meant to diagnose and react accordingly, so it’s going to be important that Mosley stays healthy so we have people out there that can play fast.
  2. Agreed. I also feel like JD has shown very strong discipline throughout his tenure here, so I don’t feel like those kind of tactics are particularly effective. Seems like they have a number in mind and aren’t willing to budge from it.
  3. More than the money, which is well deserved given how well Phil has handled managing the site over the years,I hope Phil, Lauren, and their family know how much they’ve impacted us. Though it is an online community, there are very real people pulling for you guys and thinking about you during this difficult time.
  4. Think Edoga and Cashman are unlikely to make the team unless they turn things around. From last year’s guys, Zuniga, Lamar Jackson, and Cam Clark might not make it.
  5. When our 2s beat the 1s last year that was a rightful reason to panic. But getting worried over minicamp? Sheesh. To me this is a good thing, Mims shouldn’t just assume the starting job is his, he’s got to stay healthy and keep progressing. Competition is a good thing.
  6. 21 personnel is heavily featured in the 49ers offense and I assume will be in ours as well so it does matter. They are way above league average in having fullbacks take snaps, hence them making their guy the highest paid at the position.
  7. That was obnoxious to read to say the least. Not even because of what it is, but because it was a very poorly written press release.
  8. They are fapping at their ability to serve you more targeted advertising. Seems like they are specifically taking information they’ve mined from betting data to serve you “smarter ads”. How that is going to look is unclear to me.
  9. Tight end should be a lot better next year I think. I'm very glad we didn't try to take a mediocre one, though I do regret missing out on what Tremble could've been in this offense. Kyle Juszczyk plays a huge role in the 49ers offense and I don't really see a guy I'm excited by about to replace that.
  10. Treylon Burks is a nice call. Excited to see what he has to show this year. Olave also hopefully expands on his game since he came back for another season. Outside of Thibodeaux, who's the clear gem of the class at this point, I've been trying to look for those edge guys and it feels like there isn't a whole lot early on that jumps out at this stage. Harrison looks like a quick twitch guy that I'm interested in. Drake Jackson can breakout this year and has good talent, has some good power to his game, interested in seeing him develop his pass-rushing moves further. Karlaftis from Purdue i
  11. Teven Jenkins 100% dropped because of medical/his interviews. On the field he's a 1st round grade in my opinion. Surprised that we passed on him twice.
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