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  1. The only thing you hope for is that Joe Douglas actually knows what he is doing. As much as people are frustrated, this simply is not a quick fix, the last guy bungled everything for too long.
  2. It’s like making 2/3 free throws on a kiddy basketball hoop and asking if you should go pro.
  3. I see more potential than i ever did with Sanchez or Geno, but he still has to put in A lot more work to get there. Proclaiming he’s the real deal off of the easiest stretch of schedule one could ever ask for is just folly. But i mean Drew Brees would struggle with our offense and the lack of talent. That needs to be rectified.
  4. 1) Drafting 2) Free agency 3) Waivers 4) Extensions 5) Practice Squad
  5. Live in Steeler country and they benched Mason Rudolph for a guy known for his duck calls.
  6. Good luck to her. That is way more special than watching this team slog along
  7. Bad Roster + Bad ownership + Bad Coaching= Jets.
  8. It only took all the bad players getting injured to finally roll out the players playing the best.
  9. I don’t mind the decision if i was them to go for it, but why run it twice up the gut. Just weird to play into our strength on that.
  10. Competence and accountability for results have never been a requirement or evaluation criteria for these owners. I think there is a higher chance that Gase gets canned for mouthing off at CJ than CJ firing Gase one year into his contract for on the field performance. So root for that I guess. Jets very much care about PR more than results as well, hence why these leaks are occurring unprompted.
  11. How can they and what will they do are two very different questions.
  12. What is absolutely inexcusable is that we have unblocked rushers when there is adequate protection (numbers) behind to handle it. Or the whole safety snap debacle. That is 100% on coaching to keep having that peewee sh*t happen every week.
  13. Yeah, the coach sucks, but a coach is easy to try and replace in theory. This team is just so devoid of talent everywhere it’s disgusting is the harder problem to overcome.

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