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  1. It feels like it’s “pick the wart you can live” with type of class. I think Phillips is the best, but has off the field and medical concerns and is probably gone before 23 anyways. I think past that my favorite is Paye (still raw as a pass rusher but has great tools), and maybe Ojulari at 23, but I think there might be a better fit player available. Perkins I’d be worried about from a size and athleticism standpoint, (plus off the field), but he does have his bread and butter rushing moves he’s good at. Really a fan of Elerson Smith, a lot of the senior bowl guys during pract
  2. Horn i’m surprised to hear about. What don’t you like? Also curious on how you feel about Kelvin Joseph and Paulson Adebo. I feel they are potential targets for us and I personally feel like there is some significant dropoff after the first like 9 or 10 corners.
  3. Greg rousseau and jaylen mayfield are big overdraft candidates I’d like to avoid.
  4. I'd be psyched. I hadn't heard of Zach Davidson until you pointed him out, but I was very impressed watching him just separate. I'm not totally jazzed about this TE class otherwise so it's nice to see another target pop up at a critical position for us.
  5. Plus Josh Adams and Ty Johnson are fairly athletic themselves. If they had more run instead of Gase doing Frank Gore a solid people might be more excited about them. Either way, other than maybe the NC guys or Kenneth Gainwell in middle rounds, I'm not really interested in a RB until later in the draft.
  6. Part of this implies that the coaching staff actually figures out a way to be good teachers. Low-key look at the comments JD made about being "great teachers" with Saleh and his staff and the "leader of men" component that was obviously missing with Gase. It matters a lot and I feel like the Jets never evolved since they took away 2-a-days. I still think Sam still skates by with too little responsibility for not figuring things out better, but it's also clear that not having a real QB coach is just malpractice on the Jets's part. @Chrebetfan80 said it well, footwork is coachable. Was inex
  7. Which is extra comical because QB is the single hardest position to project with accuracy, so people doubling down and saying they know something definitively is just chefs kiss.
  8. I've said for a while now even before the ape lynch that I didn't want to make it to end game because of the reasons I literally stated earlier. It's not lylo now, make the call later with two players who are new and aren't going to as easily be able to defend themselves because of the experience factor. Gata barely posted or voted and I've only voted townies so far. Also, there would be something deliciously ironic about you playing one of the best games I've ever seen you play only to choke at the end. Not going to lie, it's a factor.
  9. I honestly think it's better to have a Greenseed vs bum final day then to get one wrong and have it me vs one of them. You have more info on both of them then you do on me or Gata honestly. There is literally nothing I'd say that'll make it obvious I'm town. Just do it and trust your gut. You are actually playing a good game. unvote To your point though, if you actually want to converse first before that's fine with me.
  10. When you have Jordan playing his best game, you get out of the way and let him take the clutch last shot. vote jvor
  11. Sure. And you’ll have a chance tomorrow to prove it.
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