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  1. YANKEES (25-18) Derek Jeter SS Johnny Damon LF Mark Teixeira 1B Alex Rodriguez 3B Robinson Cano 2B Melky Cabrera RF Hideki Matsui DH Francisco Cervelli C Brett Gardner CF Pitching: CC Sabathia (4-3, 3.43 ERA)
  2. Just as bad as I remember. Was this from Details magazine too?
  3. Does anyone have a copy if the Wright/Reyes picture from a couple years ago? I love Wright but that was just a tad ghey.
  4. I would be so pissed if I am the Yankees. Cano knew he was hurt and left to play anyway hoping it would get better and Marte got hurt and then pitched in the WBC anyway. .
  5. Wonder if Pudge's agent's phone is ringing now?
  6. I know people hate him and will complain about anything but it is not like he did this on purpose. Sheesh. There are enough other things to get on him about, this is not one of them.
  7. John HEYMAN. 6 weeks is not bad if true, still 4 weeks til the season starts
  8. He said he knew about it last year but to my knowledge did not explain who else knew or what they decided and why. I have to assume the medical staff and Cash knew as well.
  9. I don't see how any of this has to do with Girardi.
  10. Imagine they hadn't signed Tex. That lineup would be dismal and full of question marks.
  11. He was doing just fine in Spring Training without having to clear his head.
  12. Also, Cash must be having steam come out of his ears for the fact that ARod's brother is the one making this announcement.
  13. Oh man, considering Girardi said he had discomfort since last year this is a disaster for the Yankees and someone should be fired if this is the first MRI they have done.
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