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  1. MDL_JET


    Teams are gonna have to learn to play defense on Mahommes like Big Ben. Plaster on to your guys until the whistle. Just because you might have a hand on him doesn’t mean the plays over.
  2. Didn’t he do this before and said nothing after? Just wants attention.
  3. Well now we’re definitely gonna hire him.
  4. MDL_JET

    Josh Rosen's best game

    Mayfield is the only one in a good situation. The rest are not, by quite a lot.
  5. MDL_JET

    49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals

    Keep talking like that and Todd Bowles is right back here next year. Watch what you say young man.
  6. MDL_JET


    I couldn’t watch. Was it a noticeable difference now that Sam was back in the lineup? Are we loving him again?
  7. MDL_JET


    Can’t wait for the threads after the game about how Darnold is not built for cold weather. Should be a fun discussion.
  8. If we’re at 1, just take Bosa and call it a day. I can’t see any QB worth trading up to number 1 either way. If we do trade it away I have zero confidence we’ll actually pick a surplus of good players to make it worth it. So yeah, Bosa.
  9. Connor Hughes is the most bareable.
  10. Saw on twitter Bills have the number 1 pass defense. Now get out there Sam! Hope he just survives and stays healthy rest of the way. All I care about.
  11. He doesn’t. Bowles thinks his game plan is perfect the way it is and just needs to be executed.
  12. Idk after listening to it. He said in passing really quick “we lack talent in certain areas” and kept mentioning you can’t flinch in big moments, lack of communication. All of that feels like a certain guy or two is f’n up in these situational moments when the offense is moving fast. He’s obviously not gonna call out the coaches. He’s not stupid. But that IS on Bowles. Like Bart said, they should be practicing no huddle on defense so they can handle these quick moments. It’s on Bowles and coaches to make it simple. If communication isn’t right over and over. You change it and adapt. Don’t just keep doing it hoping they pick it up. Edit: I feel like this is a main reason why this team has been so bad. Mac might not be picking the best guys but you can’t even tell if they’re worth anything with Bowles doing such a terrible job. Communication has been a problem with him since day one.
  13. MDL_JET

    Boomer this morning...

    If Bowles goes. Bates has to go too. But who the hell is left to call plays?
  14. MDL_JET

    Jamal Adams

    It’s almost over Jamal. Your career will be saved soon enough.
  15. MDL_JET

    Quincy Has Spoken

    Man. I didn’t think Bates would be THIS bad. What a disaster.

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