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  1. Because most HC's get fired due to the QB play, especially the handling and development of a top 3 pick. That's where all the attention will be, not on the defense.
  2. Darnold is gonna see the field this year. And probably starting in September. Only way he gets fired is if Darnold and the offense look like total crap. Can only fire so many OC's. Otherwise....he's back.
  3. MDL_JET

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Winston is gonna frustrate Tampa fans for a long time. You know he’s got the talent, but I can’t see him ever putting it all together.
  4. Eh, one maybe? For what though, reckless driving? Don't think I've seen anyone get suspended for that. I think Herndon and Donahue have more chance of facing suspension then Anderson does.
  5. I really hope Quincy stays healthy. He's gonna rip teams apart.
  6. MDL_JET

    Can we talk receivers?

    He just makes it sound as if the Jets are starting unproven guys. Kearse, Anderson and Enunwa have all shown they can be highly productive. TE is more of a case with what he's stating. Saying "Who's he gonna throw to?" makes it sound like we're starting Kerley and Stephen Hill.
  7. He’ll be the next Eric Decker, Jordy Nelson, Amendola, Adam Theilen.
  8. lol. So glad we have Darnold and glad he doesn't have twitter.
  9. MDL_JET

    Can we talk receivers?

    Let me stop you there. Yes they are. OBJ is a threat every single play. Enunwa is not. And that's not a knock on him. They're just two totally different players.
  10. MDL_JET

    One Jets Drive (6/19 8 PM)

    Yeah, a lot of teams are doing these FB shows, showing behind the scenes stuff. Sorta like their own little hard knocks, but not as in depth.