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  1. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    I bet a lot of these teams are split on who to take. Coaches want one guy, ownership/front office want another...who gives in! Such drama.
  2. There's always one surprise early in the draft that nobody expected. So who knows what team that'll be.
  3. Eh. I think Lamar Jackson and David Johnson is more fun.
  4. Just a show of hands...

    I'm fine with any of the top 4 QBs really. I WANT Darnold, Rosen or Mayfield. I'd moan and groan at Allen being picked over one of those 3, but would still be fine with it.
  5. Eh, everyone has Allen to Browns and Mayfield to Jets. I think that's all smoke and the opposite will happen. And there's a very real chance Mayfield goes 1 and Darnold 2. Leaving Jets between Allen and Rosen. Which should be the easiest decision in the history of decisions but we'll probably pick wrong.
  6. No, what would I care? I just trust the other QBs a lot more to turn successful then I do Allen. I don't think he's Hack in any way, I just think it's gonna be a rough ride if he ends up being the pick.
  7. How much relief would it be if the Browns take Allen at 1? I’d be able to fully relax after that. Just do it Dorsey. You know you wanna.
  8. Nope. It’s my lack of faith in Josh Allen. I would say he’s a risky selection for any team.
  9. Which means they wanna trick Buffalo into thinking they’re okay in waiting till 5 to trade up for Allen. We’re screwed. This is all for Josh Allen guys.
  10. Posted in another thread about this.. Jets- Mayfield Bills move up for Allen Miami move up for Rosen AFC East will quite interesting the next couple years.
  11. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2018/4/19/17253690/nfl-draft-bag-rumor-mills-justin-reid-eagles-trade-block-scatback-rankings-philadelphia-eagles-2018 Top of the Draft rumors: USC QB Sam Darnold is going 1, PSU RB Saquon Barkley is going 2, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield is going 3, NC State EDGE Bradley Chubb is going 4, Buffalo is trading up to 5 to get Wyoming QB Josh Allen, Miami is trading up to 6 to get UCLA QB Josh Rosen, after that nothing is real. End of the Draft rumors: I for one believe there’s credence to the idea that New England is willing to move up for a QB, but I’ve heard it both ways. Seattle, Minnesota, and Philly all want to move down badly. It likely won’t cost 27 OVR, but the Saints’ interest in Richmond QB Kyle Lauletta is very legit. Giants rumors: Apparently Buffalo has already put their two first rounders, as well as a future first/this year’s second, on the table for New York. I can understand Gettleman hard-balling it, especially if he really wants one of Darnold/Allen (read: Darnold) and thinks the Browns may indeed let his target drop. But if the Giants aren’t taking a QB, and they don’t take that deal, I will laugh for actually 24 hours straight.
  12. Mayfield and Chubb for two 1's, three 2's and a 3rd is quite the hefty price.
  13. Eh. Don't they have like 3 2nd round picks? I'd take Darnold at 1 and Chubb at 2. And then use one of the 2's on another QB. Browns should dominate this draft now.