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    That should get us one day of Cousins. Keep it coming!
  2. Says the fan that just throws out wins and losses and thinks it tells the real story.
  3. Well yeah, any ridiculous contract is not gonna be good if it cripples the team from doing anything else for the next few years. I just can't see them putting themselves in that position right now though. They know they're not one piece away. He's worth a big contract but not a damaging one. But guess we'll find out soon enough
  4. That doesn't fit Lupz's argument. GOOD QBs have records like 40-5 because they win! They don't have losing seasons.
  5. A 2nd is about all I'd give up. He's good enough to get a 1st but eh.
  6. Theyre doing the smart thing and going after a good Qb that will available on the market. You have this established QB with a ton of talent and your team is in desperate need of one....why WOULDNT you go after that guy??? Especially when you're sitting at 6 and have no idea how the draft would unfold.
  7. Cmon but Rivers is 60-68 the last 8 years. Idkkkkk if thats the mark of a good QB.
  8. I said before I don't think the Jets are just gonna dump all their money at Cousins and call it a day. That accomplishes nothing and they know that. They obviously need to add more pieces. But they also know they need a long term answer at QB and Cousins is that. And other teams know that as well, that's why we're not the only ones trying to add him. It's not gonna cripple the team.
  9. They have a ton of money to spend. They need a QB. A good one is hitting the market. Sooooo what's the problem here?
  10. I just mean I'd hope he looks a little competent and not look lost like Hack did. Either way, they need to have a plan to start him at some point and let him learn in game. They're not gonna get by letting a QB sit a whole season again, let alone a top 10 pick.
  11. Not saying Mac over anyone. Just saying Elway has been bad at drafting. He's done nothing amazing but bring in Manning. I'd say Peyton did more for the Broncos then Elway did. Everyone says we're taking the shortcut with Cousins. Elway has done nothing but shortcuts to build his team. It's been all through free agency.
  12. I think whoever it is, they'll get a chance to show they're able to start and run the offense. If they end up looking totally lost then yeah, McCown will start until he's ready. And if that happens...we're screwed lol