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  1. Jets Sign QB Joel Stave

    Start him.
  2. He's heading to the hall of fame soon.
  3. Head Coaching Candidates

    Jets tried to interview John DeFlillipo last year for OC. So interest might still be there.
  4. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    You're not helping.
  5. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    Yes, one player is the entire reason a defense fails or succeeds. Cmon.
  6. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    The jets needed to find good football players and continue to build with them. I don’t know why people continue to think that any individual is supposed to turn an entire team around. Let them build out the damn roster. What if the jets find that pass rusher we’ve needed this next year or maybe in 2 years. And allows both safeties to actually jump passes. Or if they finally find a QB and put together an offense that allows the defense to constantly play with a lead?
  7. I get all that. But the oline was playing like absolute crap. McCown was broken. What if they hurry it up and oline fails again causing McCown to get sacked and fumble. AGAIN. Resulting in more Denver points? Or a throw a pick? Would we be saying, “good call by the coach”. It’s not like McCown was healthy and killing it in the first half. If so, then I’d understand. But it’s true, you’re 5-7, throw bombs and go down swinging.
  8. Wait so what's wrong exactly with that decision? I know we all wanted to drive it down the field and get a score but....it's kind of a valid point. no?
  9. How do you expect them to perform well with if theres an unclear direction above them. I think Woody finally snapped out of it with the "win now" mentality this past off season, but I still think the gm and hc partnership is out of whack. Mac should have a chance to hire his own guy and be completely on the same page of their goal.
  10. Ideally you'd want them to double down. But only if they are able to take a QB they want without moving in the first round. Then another around round 4.
  11. Gonna be hard when we give up so many picks to trade up for one.
  12. If they add a 3rd QB just cut Hack right now. Stop it. There is NO need for a 3rd.
  13. Nope. They just continue to be average
  14. Like the Browns trying to lose, not taking easy points where literally any other team would have. Like Powell running for a 70 yd touchdown because everyone thought he was down. Which leaves them with 3 wins if not for those 2 lucky wins.