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  1. False. You should know better. Jets will always win one pointless game at the end to screw us out of a nice draft pick.
  2. Not for nothing but Drake having one good game is proof Gase sucks? I mean I think he sucks either way but that’s kinda stupid.
  3. That means he didn’t pass the conditioning test.
  4. What you see on the team site is basically all there is at this point. I think once the season starts they might put up a new line of styles. It also feels like they wanna push and sell out on the old merch first.
  5. I can tell you people feel a lot more relaxed and happy going into training camp now that Bowles and mac are out. But it’s the off season. Who knows how long these things will last.
  6. I love how close Douglas and Gase seem. Seeing Gase pumping him up before he goes to his press conference. The back and forth they had. Seems like a good relationship. For now.
  7. What are you guys hoping to see?? I’d like to see more of Douglas and Gase and how they’re personalities are when it’s not just an interview.
  8. No. Douglas turned him down.
  9. I think it's just the stupid direction and power of O'brien. Him and Easterbey want Caserio and that's it.
  10. Geesh you guys suck at playing. What if Douglas was in place before the off season? I doubt Bell would have been signed. I can see Mosley and Crowder still being signed. I think he would've made it a priority to sign one of the centers in free agency. If not, prob would have tried to trade down BUT he believe being strong in the trenches, so i'm not sure he would've passed on Quinnen Williams.
  11. Hogan was with the Jets. Savage with the Browns. Alexander with the Ravens...prob whenever they made a bad pick. What is Joe doing!!
  12. Maybe after drafting Joe Thomas he thought he could set the rest on auto draft.
  13. Nothing really. But also depends why they ended up there. Could be a variety of reasons.
  14. I expect at least 9 wins. If we're below .500 that means something is seriously wrong. Either Darnold isn't progressing or he's been just OK and the defense can't keep up. Which is both bad for the future. I can't imagine Darnold taking a major leap and the team still being under .500.
  15. I think Adams will make him a better coach since he's already calling out his plays. It'll force him to change things up. I'm sure they'll go back and forth all summer.
  16. Looks loose and enjoying himself. I dig it.
  17. I don't really think there will a lot of disfunction...bad yes, but not sure about drama BUT: 1. Cardinals: If Murray and the offense struggles and KK looks lost that could make for a lot drama. 2. Jets: I don't think it will BUT there's potential with Gase and Williams. You never know. 3. Texans: If that Oline doesn't improve vs a tougher schedule, things will get bad real fast for Houston.
  18. I want him to say "He's a FUC*** DUDE!!" and then flip a table in excitement. But I guess these comments will do for now.
  19. I don't know why but every time Douglas comments on Darnold he seems kinda "meh" on him. Or just uncertain.
  20. I’d like to nitpick and say try to make this(where the arrow is) a single bar. Feels off with a lot of dead space on the left side of “sort by”. Otherwise I dig it!
  21. I was surprised by the Monken news. I really don't think Kitchens will be able to handle this HC role.
  22. Lol. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if that was true. Gotta look out for your boys.
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