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  1. Can't win em all. It's not like it's hindered the team from signing anyone else or will hinder them this off season. It's not tanny level clearing most of the team and not signing guys because they might be in the race for Aso. Jesus.
  2. FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- There were still more than 11 minutes to play in the game last Sunday, but it was going so badly for the New York Jets that offensive coordinator John Morton decided enough was enough. He admittedly waved a white flag. It's unusual for a coach to say it, but Morton acknowledged on Thursday that he just wanted to run out the clock because he felt they "didn't have a chance" to rally against the Denver Broncos, who led the game, 23-0. Listen, we were behind, we didn't have a chance," Morton said. "I mean, they're just dropping back in coverage and we're just going to be throwing and forcing balls. I didn't want that. I didn't think that was fair. Call it whatever you want, I just thought that was the right decision." Morton's actions could be perceived as a lack of confidence in Petty, but the first-year coordinator insisted he has "the utmost confidence" in the young quarterback. Petty is preparing for his fifth career start. The Jets' clunker in Denver came after their best offensive day of the season, a 38-31 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. "Night and day," Morton said. "I'm not alarmed. Listen, that was a good team. They have a good defense. We just got our butts kicked. I got outcoached, we got outplayed, bottom line. Sometimes you just have to fess up and that was the bottom line with that." Welp. At least he admits it.
  3. I’d say that’s pretty ideal with Colts being there ahead of the Giants. We could trade with them and they’d still be able to grab one of the top OL. Get it done Mac.
  4. I'm sure if he was on a winning team doing well, he'd be more motivated and hell, maybe even playing well. But if that's what it takes then forget him. Move on. I have no doubt that it'll be for the better.
  5. "In the meeting, Wilkerson promised he understood the responsibilities tied to his new contract and vowed to behave." Jets should've been smarter here. If you have to ask the guy to promise he'll behave...not exactly a good sign. I can only imagine Wilkerson saying he promises while holding back laughter under his breath. Mac pauses.........ah aright sign here.
  6. Between him, forte and other guys. It'll be a lot. I'd think around 90 million. SO after signing Cousins...we should have a few mill left to sign a full back.
  7. Unless I was reading that post wrong, you said Adams has to be worth those packages. Are you saying Adams needs to be worth the 27th, 91st pick, and a 2018 1st round pick in order to justify taking him where he went....since that's what it cost for the 10th pick? Those are QBs. Of course they're gonna cost a lot. What other player in the first round is worth any of that plus maybe more outside of a QB??
  8. I think Bowles is part of the problem but how is Mo not to blame at all? Regardless if he doesn't like Bowles, or disagrees with him, whatever it is...show up for your job on time and suck it up. You think it's okay for him to skip out on things and loaf all over the place?
  9. Doesn't have to work as hard now and doesn't care because he got his payday. And what's the point, the team is losing, no reason to try hard. That's the story. Pretty simple.
  10. This press conference is getting good...
  11. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Good point. If Giants decide to go with Webb though, that could seal it.
  12. Just because we want to see a L in the standings doesn't mean we want to see this team just roll over and quit and admit defeat. I wanna see them go down swinging! But like....not swing too hard because we need the L's. It's complicated...
  13. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Why would 5 be far off? Jets are 1 game off from having the same record as 5 other teams in front. I can see each of these guys winning at least one. 6th spot at least. But if we even dare win ONE more game, it'll probably drop us like a brick. 5 - Texans: Jax, Pitt, Indy 6- Chicago: Lions, Browns, Vikings 7-Bucs: Falcons, Panthers, Saints 8-Denver: Redskins, KC 9-Bengals: Vikings, Lions, Ravens Sucks even though if Giants were to win their next 3, they'd still pick ahead of the Jets. Sigh...
  14. He's hurt on IR. That wasn't difficult.
  15. Other Week 15 Games

    Pretty sure they’d drop but still be ahead of us.
  16. Other Week 15 Games

    Is it better for us if Denver wins? Pushing them down?
  17. It's not as if they have to come out throwing deep. If they're playing prevent or soft coverage, then set your QB up for easy underneath passes. Make it simple for him. Quick reads. Not curl into a ball. You had 11 minutes to at least give Petty some confidence.
  18. I’d love for the media guys to follow this up with the players and get their comment on this.
  19. Petty would have to be damn near perfect for them to even think of not taking a QB. I'm talking 70 percent with 4 TDs each game no INTs and 400 yards. 3 games is too small to have any major impact on those kind of plans.
  20. I don't know all the routes that he's running or anything but it always seems like he's just catching underneath stuff and dump offs. But who knows. plus refs have screwed him out of probably 3 more TDs.
  21. I think that would demonstrate that Bowles can with even Petty and immediately get 5 year extension.
  22. Yep. Right now this team is a mess structure wise. Especially with the actual owner not even being in the same country right now. Does the brother even have total power? Can he fire Bowles if he wants or does he have to consult with Woody. Even though Mac has his issues, I really think he should get a chance at picking his own head coach and sharing the same vision throughout. Right now it's all over the place.
  23. Playoff team next year?

    Depends if Bowles is fired and we get a new HC. Usually make make the playoffs or have a chance at them their first year. But after that it goes down hill.