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  1. She needs a life. Are Giants fans really that desperate for a winner? Seriously? You can watch the games and all, but to call in?
  2. Kelly felt the need to call in, remind everyone that she's a Giants fan, then talk about next week. **** these ho's that jump on the biggest thing with a buzz
  3. Only thing worse is those that have to comment about a show they (apparently) don't listen to ..
  4. Woulda called him fatcessa, but apparently that's a touchy issue.
  5. Disagree, think they could have used a healthy dose of this to get back to their win-Superbowls-by-3 ways
  6. That is an awesome pic...can anybody do one of that knee staying in bounds as he hauls it in?
  7. for everyone mentioning Keyshawn as the only guy from BSPN who did. Wilbon stuck with it all week too. Hope he sticks it to Kornheiser who was sure they'd lose.
  8. I'm sure it's been said already, but semen? Time for a quickie is scarce when his beard is a public figure after all.
  9. Thought so too. Where he usually drills a receiver at the point of the catch he seemed a couple steps slow all game.
  10. That one was great too, but this play just made him look like everything that you hear Pats* fans whine Manning is.
  11. You try to attack, he'll hit the tight end, he'll hit a screen to a receiver, he'll toss it to the running back, he'll go to the other tight end. So many options on this vaunted, nothing-like-it-in-NFL-history offensive attack! **** those ******* pussies, what a joke.
  12. Glad somebody brought this up...how about when he tried to imply that Bart Scott was faking injury? HOW as an announcer are you actually taking an angle, a bias, during a live telecast of a sporting event? If you think the Jets are faking injuries to delay the Pats*, good for you, but shut the **** UP. As an announcer that's not your job or your place. Shut the **** up and describe what's happening on the field, not your impressions you stupid fag. Go Jets!
  13. Let those dick riding faggots think what they want. >90% of that fanbase isn't even from Pitt, let alone been to West PA. Anyway, they have a few o-line and secondary issues they should be very, very concerned about.
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