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  1. I'm not seeing this anywhere. Jets message boards, twitter, roto, etc. Anyone else confirm if true?
  2. I'll be happy on Monday at about 3:30pm - I have a midterm at 2
  3. I doubt this happens. I DO think Tanny's about to make a big splash though.
  4. ^^ Jones was a great leader and locker room presence, the consummate professional who came to play every Sunday, never got hurt or fumbled. He's got another 1000 yard season left in him, but the NFL is a business first and foremost. So long TJ, thanks for the good times.
  5. Tanny is preparing to absolutely wheel and deal this offseason. I love it. I don't necessarily love the idea of Leon with another team, he's one of my favorite Jets, but with an extra 2nd round pick in his pocket it just gives Trader Mike more ammo to move up. He loves to make moves in the draft, that's his MO.
  6. How about a white tee version? Im debating buying this shirt but if you made one in white for me I'd def throw down.
  7. Revis will blanket Owens, and I'm confident Shepp can handle Evans. All we have to do is stop Jackson/Lynch, and not let Fitzpatrick kill us with his running. I'm hoping that whole 'let below average to bad qb's pick us apart' trend finally ends tomorrow night.
  8. I will NEVER hear the ****ing end of this. THanks SOJ's, underachieving **** sucking teases.
  9. He looks really disinterested in talking to this guy.
  10. Not from Sanchez's twitter but still: nyjets RL: Sanchez throwing in drills--looks sharp, crisp footwork, passes on the mark. When one throw sails high,, #6 claps his hands forcefully.6 minutes ago from TinyTwitter
  11. Its May 1st dude. The roster now isn't set for opening day at Houston already, give them some time.
  12. Say what you want about Brett, but the "This could finally be it" feeling I had after the NE and Tenn wins was worth it, and something I haven't felt since 2002. If it werent for him and his collapse, Mangini wouldnt have been fired, we wouldn't have Rex as HC, and probably wouldnt have Scott, Leonhard, Douglas, etc on the roster, and most importantly Mangini damn sure wouldnt have traded up for Sanchez. Like another poster said above, if things work out well (and by well I mean ending with a ring in the near future), then we can all go back and actually thanK Favre for what he did. Crazy.
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