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  1. Can you do these prints on collectible frisbees? My drawers are topped out on tee's.
  2. How confidential is it if you can pay to read it..in 2005. Seems dumb.
  3. Agreed. And listening to him struggling through live-read commercials is about as painful as it gets. He puts the M in mumble-mouth. Not a huge fan of Chris Carlin, but the fact Scott survived and Carlin was cut (when it was clear Bart was merely using this job as a launching pad for another job) jaundiced me a little towards WFAN and Bart.
  4. Never got Imus. Weird he died like Rose Kennedy tho, getting sucked into a giant hat.
  5. Appreciate his work against the Pats*. Tough as nails. Love that he arranged to have beer delivered to him after every away game. Appreciate that he never changed his demeanor no matter how people sh*t on him or mocked him. I know someone who interacts with him and his family (and alot of other famous folks) and they had the highest praise for him and his character..not so much for the other famous folks. The SB's mean something, however average he could seem at times so...HOF? Yep. Congrats.
  6. The old "these aint my pants" defense.... I smell a cushy job Asst. coaching an Iowa-an football team in his future. "Boys..I am not perfect...far from it...and these may not be my pants depending on iffin I get stopped by the po po whilst driving home after practice. You'd do well to remember that should you end up in someone elses pants...er....let me re-phrase that" That sort of thing without racist, sexist, offensive overtones.
  7. Reminds me of Def Leppard, whom I believe were all around that age when they hit it big. Heard Greta on Howard Stern for the first...and only time. Radio sucks for new music.
  8. In all fairness, that hardly ever happens. Hey. Last night, unless I was totally ****en stoned, I saw Norm McDonald in his underwear change into Col. Sanders right in the middle of a commercial. Thought it was a skit, but quickly realized, no, Norm McDonald is now trying to sell me chicken, which was disappointing.
  9. Since then, the guy that answers the phone at the affiliate can now change the game to teh Jets.... with a big remote. So...you know....we have that going for us.
  10. WHat an arse-clown deutchbag. Have you called to demand that the customer change his request to not urgent? Perhaps he doesnt quite have the measure of you.
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