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  1. This defense would still be abysmal with Adams. His crappy coverage isn't the issue.
  2. Unfortunately, we were having the conversation prior to the trade deadline.
  3. I remember when we talked about this last year, and a couple of us had the audacity to suggest that IF Joe Douglas got a phone call about Sam Darnold, why wouldn't you listen? You would hit the refresh on the rookie QB contract, surround him with talent, and move forward. And the few who suggested this were HEAVILY criticized for such nonsense Good times.
  4. This is a great example as to why you actually take 2-3 years to rebuild. When the roster is bad, you have to give someone 2-3 years to see what you have. Everyone seems to want Douglas to turn us from what we were into a contender in one season. It doesn't work that way, unless you happen to draft a QB that takes you from middle of the pack to the top (ala Pat Mahomes). This is looking, VERY early on, positive so far. Good 1 year signings to see who might be worth another contract during a year where the cap will go DOWN next year. Extend a couple of guys for reasonable money, draft what, VERY early on, looks like a franchise LT, and a lot of possibilities at WR, OL, S....maybe RB and OLB if we are really lucky. What we need to see next year is another great draft, that will utilize the picks we have to perhaps gain even more in 2022 while solidifying areas of need. Darnold is a HUGE question mark, so who knows. It's time to take a big breath as a fan base. Hard to do I know when there has been so many bad seasons in a row. But we gotta trust Douglas and his abilities, and we gotta see what some of the young guys look like this season.
  5. He's gone.....deal with it. So is Joe Namath....So is Al Toon. So is Wayne Chrebet. So is Joe Klecko. So is Curtin Martin.
  6. Would this scenario be the way it would play out if you were running the team?
  7. JEsus...another one. There is a definite sect in the fanbase that is coming out of the woodwork here. The man is in YEAR ONE of his job remaking this team. He has had ONE off-season. This isn't Madden boys. You don't get to rebuild a team with the flick of a controller. We had ZERO talent. In the time Joe Douglas has got here, in ONE YEAR, has so far done the following: 1. Drafted what looks like a franchise LT for the next decade (barring injuries) 2. Got a potential #2 receiver in Denzel Mims in the second round, while moving down in the draft to do it. 3. Traded a disgruntled free safety, who thinks he is better than he is, and turned him into 2 first round draft picks and a 3rd round pick over the next two drafts. 4. Rebuilt the entire OL. 5 new starters, including said franchise LT and (upon early returns) a VERY good RT in George Fant. He also drafted a solid G in Cameron Clark. Is this unit perfect? But not bad considering they are all brand new parts. 5. Traded Leonard Williams for a 3rd round pick last year (which we used on Ashtyn Davis) 6. Signed multiple guys to 1 year "see what you can do" type deals during a season that was going to be SCREWED from the get-go because of Covid. This season will be won, not by sheer talent, but by which team can keep their starters all healthy the longest. Has everything worked? The above five I think are pretty great! Has everything worked? No. You can debate what has and what hasn't, but not every move will work. You have to try stuff, and so far, I would put finding a franchise LT, a potential #2 WR, complete 5-position rebuild on the OL, a potential starting S at a lower cost, and two extra first round draft picks as a DAMN fine first step. We will have to fully judge Douglas on year three. What will all these draft picks look like then? How are we looking depth wise? How have the free agents worked out? That is when we can finally see how things look for the future. WE GET IT....being a Jet fan sucks, and the countless attempts and failures at rebuilding this franchise. Mike Mccagnan did not work out, but he got at least three years. You HAVE to give a GM three years to see what a team will look like. Otherwise, it is rinse and repeat. The big step now will be a) Does Joe Douglas actually have the keys to the franchise, and can he fire Adam Gase and bring in his guy? b) Can he follow up next year with another solid draft c) How does he evaluate Darnold, and if he chooses to move in a different direction, what can he get for Darnold?
  8. Just to clarify: Mims hasn't played for us yet, so might actually be better than Stewart.
  9. Well, I guess that puts this Marckry kid out, since he's about 12 and sleeps in his jammies with a teddy bear still.
  10. Jesus...How many more idiotic posts are we going to have to suffer through this year about Douglas? TOM SHANE: What is the over/under? 25 more posts started? 50?
  11. If he doesn't have the authority, could be kinda hard.
  12. We are two games closer to the #1 overall pick, which could be Trevor Lawrence. We are two games closer to firing one of the WORST head-coaches this side of Rich Kotite.
  13. Enjoy the rest of your day guys... I'm out. Got WAY better things to do than watch this crap every week.

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