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  1. That made me throw up a little in my mouth....
  2. CanadaSteve

    Free Beer for Browns Fans after 1st Victory

    I'm not gonna lie; if Kelly isn't a dude and looks like this, I would ........
  3. CanadaSteve

    Free Beer for Browns Fans after 1st Victory

    I hope the zombie apocalypse doesn't hit before they win a game....that would just suck seeing all that beer in the fridge.
  4. CanadaSteve

    Jets \ Lions anyone going?

    I'd like to go! If anyone has a ticket, I would buy it and meet you there. I am about 1 1/2 hours from the stadium. Just have to book work off!
  5. SO.....you don't have any names. Got it.
  6. This was discussed AD NAUSEAM in another thread, but here goes again: It makes TOTAL sense to trade Bridgewater. With drafting Darnold, he is the future. Bridgewater was a good option in case we did not happen to get one of the top three guys, and we would have settled for an Allen or a Lamar Jackson. Bridgewater could have started, and if he improved from his two seasons, good for us. But in this scenario, he is NOT staying with this team. THAT SAID: The issue has been starting Darnold, rather than letting Bridgewater start. Bridgewater cannot showcase his talent and sign any kind of starting level contract if he does not play. Unless he sees the bulk of the remaining three pre-season games, nobody will risk signing him unless he has the opportunity to show that knee is completely healed and he can play at a high level after losing 2 seasons. This was always the point in the other thread expressed by many different people. Not starting Darnold for the first 3-4 games is not going to ruin him, like it appeared some people were arguing. Do we REALLY think if he starts the whole season we have a shot at the playoffs, and making some noise? That said, if Bridgewater starts a couple of games, it could (and there is a risk this could backfire admittedly), but if Bridgewater starts AND plays well for two games, his trade value goes from maybe a 4th-5th round pick to possibly recouping the 2nd round pick it cost us to move up and get Darnold. Again, admittedly Teddy could sh*t the bed, he could get hurt, and we get nothing. But if you are a gambler, why not try and maximize your asset rather than settling? If we want a second rounder next year, it probably means trading down in the 1st to recoup it. Why not showcase Teddy a bit and see if there is someone willing to part with a 2?
  7. I'm thinking more like Nun outfits, like in the movie The Town.
  8. Well, to be fair, it IS the first practice game of the season. You are not going to see anything innovative in the first half of a practice. You being a female has nothing to do with the comment.
  9. Head to bed, put a foot on the floor to control the bed-spins, wake up the next morning, have a coffee and some bacon and eggs, and forget this was posted....
  10. CanadaSteve

    Around the NFL - Preseason Week 1

    You will get your wish in week three perhaps!
  11. CanadaSteve

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    You have to wonder how that injury before he ever played a snap hurt his possibility. He was HIGHLY touted, and 8 sacks is nothing to sneeze at, but he was being figured for a double digit guy on a yearly basis.
  12. Yup, you bet Agenda Man. Can you give me a list of the next 5 GM's we are going to hire every time we have a losing season? Thanks for that.
  13. TECHNICALLY, no it is not. He could be put into the red zone, and never throw a TD, but run them all himself. But YES, literally impossible
  14. Well that DEFINITELY clears things up