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  1. Quite more intelligent than yours of course, since you like riding a broken train. Kudos!
  2. Oh, I think unless there is a no-brainer can't miss pass rusher, we go OL in the 1st this year. But, it depends. If we sign and trade for some guys, we may be able to be flexible. The O-line has to be priority. At this pace, we should be quite ready when Sam is finishing his rookie deal
  3. Getting neutralized is fine. If he is neutralized, he is being double-teamed. IF he is double-teamed, they have to leave a real pass rusher open. BUT....we need to get one of them.
  4. I mean, it was MIND-BOGGLING....What's worse, Josh Allen already has 4 sacks for the Jaguars. An edge rusher is what we needed, we go DT. Could have taken Jonah Williams too. But, Quinnen is who we got. He will be good for us in the middle, but not third pick overall good. We need Douglas now to draft pass rushers for the next three years. Some high, some as prospects, but we need to find someone who can rush the QB.
  5. Yup....Its his fault where he was drafted. I didn't like the pick either, but at the same time, the kid has only played a couple of games now.
  6. Penalties aside, this defense is a ******* joke year in and out.
  7. Yeah, there were SOOOOOOOOOO many All-star kickers available weren't there Carl!
  8. We got a sack and it only took the defense 7 seconds to make it happen!
  9. When do the Douglas haters have to change their tune about Sam Ficken?
  10. Typical vaunted Jets D collapse. How is it possible to have a defense that can't stop a nosebleed when they ABSOLUTELY have to for what seems like three decades now

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