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  1. To the tune of $95 million over the cap AND F/A to sign. I do not doubt Brees being traded if he still wants to play, and they GUT that team for a year. Then, they go after a QB and rebuild. Cutting $95 million without some trades will almost leave them with no team. They will be paying 30 UDFA players just to stay under the cap.
  2. In, and in the top 5 comments, before the insanity begins!
  3. To be fair, there was obvious holding on the play that was conveniently neglected by the refs.
  4. Not when we have to give up at least 3 first round draft picks to do it....ESPECIALLY if the #2 has to be in play.
  5. ALL of this is opinion. However, the opinion of a HOF player should carry a little more weight than an internet poster. Then again, look at the times we live in.
  6. So, your argument is as follows: 1) Top three QB who never had enough talent around him,.goes 1-4 in NFC Championship games. 2) Top 5 QB who won't have enough talent around him, who is 1-2 in the playoffs, you want to attain 'at all costs,' which is likely three first round picks, possibly including the #2 overall. Add my name to the list marked 'pass.'
  7. I don't think that has to be the case. Stafford is under contract for three more years, and cuttable at any time. You can still use a draft pick to have a QB sit behind him for a year.
  8. It should. Top 15 QB who throws 4,000 yards a year and has a career 90.0 QB rating with two years of control left in his contract. Still have enough ammo to get a QB this year and let them sit for a year and learn.
  9. Depends....Moving from 7 to 2 and guaranteeing you a rookie replacement seems to be fair. They are not going to get much for him, because teams know he is due $10 5 days into the start of the new season. They will wait for him to be released.
  10. Yeah, because they lose all these NFC title games because of him.
  11. Again, this is all conjecture. My guess he doesn't even get moved. Its like this with anything in the NFL. There are only about 5 guys in the world who can carry an NFL team on his back. I mean, let's say Patrick Mahomes wants out of KC. Every team would line up. WHO WOULDN'T! But realistically, could you get the 7 1st round picks out of a team to get value, and how good could the team get to be if the price was that much?
  12. EXACTLY! 3 first round picks for Watson would set us back if people want to include the #2 pick. Now....what of this for a consideration: Like him or not, Stafford is a top 15 QB in this league. Career 62 % passer, 90.0 QB rating, almost 300 TD passes, 4,000 yards a season. He is 32 years old with two years left on his contract. He could be good enough to get this team winning again, while the Jets use a #1 this year to draft an heir apparent. Let said QB sit a year. I bet it could happen with a flip between #2 and #7. Jets could use 7 to draft Davonta Smith and or WR core looks pretty good. The Jets could then use #23 on a QB, or use their two firsts next year to move up and draft a guy. We have a top 15 QB for a couple of years while we still rebuild, win more games which is actually a GOOD thing, and maybe get lucky on Stafford. If not, still have the draft capital to draft a guy and let him sit. Everyone LOVES the idea of Watson, but in the end, I don't think he goes anywhere.
  13. I originally was NOT in the camp of trading three first round picks. But I think there is a way they can do this WITHOUT trading the #2 pick and still get Watson. Then, they can trade out of the #2 multiple times and recoup all the picks they trade (or, at least a good chunk of them).
  14. YEah, I am in the camp if we run with Sam so be it. If that is what they want to do. But the more this story develops, it sounds like Watson could come here. I just don't want them including the #2 pick.

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