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  1. Yet, Twitter and social media are the perfect sources to allow humanity to slide in the wrong direction: zero accountability, zero repercussions to anything said. Didn't happen prior to because you'd get your ass kicked if you did....deservedly so in many cases.
  2. He is. He is signed for 2022 for about $10 million, with about a $9 million cap savings if cut.
  3. Yeah, like the people that called for JD's firing because he had to get a scrap-heap kicker a week on the job. Jet fans are fun.
  4. Yes, because every move that happens in the NFL correlates to it being an error that our GM didn't make said move.
  5. You might have missed the part about his QB coach dying this summer and he is speaking with his own QB coach John Beck......
  6. So that will mean JD will get a 2nd and possibly a 5th for him then.
  7. WOW....we disagree on a punter and a RB who has played all of 5 games. Keep stretching Prodigal. Your agenda almost COMPLETELY fits the narrative!
  8. I guess you seem to think being a losing franchise for 13 years gets erased over night.
  9. Maybe if we give the players more than a season....But I guess that is A LOT to ask after a decade of constantly losing. On to the next brilliant GM who will have less than a season before they should be fired!
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