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  1. Which is true.... However, statistically, those two numbers, games played and completion percentage, have been fairly reliable for almost 20 years. Now, does it mean Allen won't succeed? Of course not. BUT, you have to have a REAL good reason to draft this kid with (now) the number 3 pick. If he fell to 6, and Mayfield, Darnold, and Rosen were all gone, that is one thing. But if you have the opportunity to pick between possibly Rosen, Mayfield, and Allen, are you going to go with the guy that, historically, does not have a good of a chance to succeed analytically, or do you roll the dice and hope that he will beat the odds and be as good as Brett Favre? It is one helluva gamble; one that either cements you in Jet lore forever, or you wind up at the bottom of the East river because you passed on something more sure....
  2. In college Brett Favre had a lower completion percentage than guess who? QUOTE: David Lewin, ESPN: My research of highly drafted quarterbacks since 1996 found that two college statistics adequately predict future NFL performance: games started and completion percentage. So, Favre goes on to be one of the GOAT, but because he was an anomaly, we should gamble the 3rd overall pick, when we might have a shot at either Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield, just because? This is the same logic as drafting a 6th round QB every year and starting them because, you know, that anomaly named Tom Brady just happened to be the GOAT, so why not keep drafting QB's in the 6th until we find the NEXT GOAT in that round, right?
  3. Jets Sign Pryor

    Not gonna lie; when I first saw this, I thought "what the HELL are we doing re-signing Calvin?"
  4. Giants trade JPP

    Well, it very well could....if they think they can win one more with Eli. They may also still want a shot at a QB who can groom for 1-2 years and bide their time.
  5. Right from his web-page: The quarterback rooms I’ve been in have been filled with names such as Jason Campbell, Jay Cutler, Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, Carson Palmer, EJ Manuel, Josh Mccown, Jimmy Clausen and many others.
  6. Except, we don't know which two are the franchise ones, so....
  7. I have a new scenario at #3

    It's funny that you should say this; I have thought about the exact same thing. What if they are hoping one of the two will be there, and maybe they have heard stuff to think this. The cost was too great to go up to 1 or 2, so they get to 3 and go with a 'see what happens' attitude. Then, if Darnold and Rosen go 1-2, they open the phone lines to the highest bidder for Baker Mayfield. Who knows, crazier things have happened. That said, I think they take Mayfield or Allen at 3 IF Darnold/Rosen are gone.

    So, that I have zero faith, or so that he will start McCown over Bridgewater. Because if it is the later, then why sign Bridgewater at all. You have to let him play to see if there is anything there, otherwise, its a waste of time. Eerily similar to the whole fiasco last year not letting Hackenberg or Petty play.

    And its Todd Bowles United.....I have ZERO faith that he will start Bridgewater.

    This is why I HATE the McCown signing. Nobody was going to sign him. Why not go in with Bridgewater as your QB now, let Mayfield/Rosen/Darnold or whoever sit for a year, and you have Hack and Petty to backup Bridgewater. If you REALLY need McCown, call him during week 5 because he will still be there eating chips like Vinny was. Now, if Bowles plays McCown, how do you find out if Bridgewater is back? How do you capitalize on signing him if nobody gets to see what he can/can't do?
  11. Rosen, Darnold, or this trade was an epic fail!

    AND nothing you can do if they go 1-2. They have guaranteed themselves one of the top three.....that is the best that you can hope for.
  12. So we can have our pick of Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, or Baker Mayfield, depending on who goes where 1 and 2. So is it SOJF of me to think we are drafting Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson?

    Tissues all around!