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  1. If we win a Super Bowl in my lifetime, I will make sure Mike Maccagnan and John Idzik both get the credit they deserve in the development of this franchise.
  2. Stage 3 is quite correct. That said, Josh Allen was the better pick if we indeed could not have moved down in the draft.
  3. 5-8 9 consecutive seasons out of the playoffs. No excuses?
  4. So, let me get this straight: The worst run defense in the league (Bengals) with a healthy Bell and you throw all day. You have Bell out against one of the rawest safeties in the league, and you run all day. WHY is this guy our coach?
  5. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not the day after Not on the weekend. Not next week Not next weekend Not after Christmas Not after the New Year Not after the Super Bowl Not after F/A Not after the draft Not after next OTA Not after the pre-season next season Not after next season Or the one after that Or the one after that. BTW....he's not a HOF talent just quite yet.
  6. I thought if you were a finisher you left stains? Huh...
  7. Careful Apache.....jokes about fingers and mouse which involve Tom Brady will awaken the PC giants....
  8. I thought Kelly was a dude? WAIT! Can I say that?
  9. So, within two calendar years, the Jets were the first win for a Bengals team that was 0-11, the first win for the 0-7 Dolphins (who many thought would go 0-16) and we were the first win for a Browns team that had lost 19 straight games. The Johnson's should be EMBARRASSED as owners that they put such a sh*tty product on the field.
  10. Again, why was Gase so gung-ho? I will say again: NOT an indictment of Douglas. He comes into this situation where there is already a coach. He HAS to take Gase's word that he needs help. He's gotta believe him. Not right person for system and all that. Douglas has had a year to study this talent. It is now up to him to a) keep the guys he thinks are worth keeping that are under contract b) give contracts to those who are worth giving contracts to and c) find guys where a talent boost is needed.
  11. I agree. We have been so spoiled over the last three decades at the position that when someone is bad we REALLY recognize it. That is why I don't think it is an indictment of Douglas. Harrison is adequate at the position. I don't chastise someone who comes into our situation and does not see that from day one. He was told he needed improvement, so he tried with what little was out there. I mean, pulling guys from retirement is an indictment of Gase not seeing what he had. THAT is what I am more concerned with.
  12. Yeah, Douglas is COMPLETELY incompetent because he didn't recognize the second string center from last year who he just met, wasn't a starter. Some of you guys just won't quit, will you?
  13. I EXPECT my birthday remembered from here on out on this fan site, as I share it with our franchise QB.

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