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  1. Seattle losing again-Thanks Macc!

    You can disagree all you want, the opinion is wrong. He goes down, crosses the goal line hits the ground and the ball moves, but NEVER touches the ground. Its a touchdown. At least, its a TD unless you are playing the Patriots.
  2. Seattle losing again-Thanks Macc!

    He broke the plain. Touchdown.
  3. Seattle losing again-Thanks Macc!

    WOW...guess the kool aid is leaking into all the drinking water.
  4. This is getting ridiculous

    I am done with the NFL after that game.
  5. THIS is why you play for 60 minutes.... https://www.si.com/high-school/2017/11/10/minnesota-high-school-football-playoffs-maple-grove-comeback-video
  6. What went wrong with Mo.

    Yeah, he was NO trouble at all, and he is KILLING it for Seattle....
  7. Reflects bad on an owner who doesn't let his GM fire the coach and hold him accountable as well.
  8. If I said it like that, I wouldn't have irritated you so much though!
  9. Fair enough, but I think he has kept him more on the hopes of him turning into something more than his keeping Hack for saving face...Opinion of course.
  10. My point exactly....We should NEVER had seen McCown named the starter, and I think we all knew it was going to happen the minute he was signed.
  11. Because that is what we do on fan sites....we talk about what if's, what about's and maybe's. We talk about different scenarios. We have talked about this all season long...Why did Petty or Hack not start. And now, Petty is starting. And a hypothetical has been thrown forth to have a discussion. Now, if you don't want to partake in said discussion.....:)
  12. Joke all you want, but if Petty comes out and lights it up, it has been reported that Mac had opportunities to trade Petty this summer and he wouldn't. That tells me he has some faith in him. And if Petty plays REALLY well, causes more friction between Mac and Bowles because Bowles refused to play HIS guy, it could leave Mac thinking he doesn't need to burn a 1st on a QB, but rather bring in another development guy. I am not saying I want this to happen, but this is why Petty should have played right from the start, to put to bed any doubt or hope, whichever the case may be.
  13. Washington Redhawks

    But they wouldn't spend it, so.....
  14. Sheets and giggles time. We have three games left. What if, and that should be capitalized, what if Petty comes out, does not get injured, even after getting hit a few times, throws for 60 percent of his passes, and a TD/INT ratio that is above average? It isn't a big enough sample size to truly determine his worth because he didn't get to start from game one, like he should have. BUT, would it be enough of a sample size that it could change the draft philosophy (which it shouldn't), but what if it does? This is why this structure of a GM not having reign over his coach and pushing the decision making is such an EPIC failure. Petty should have got the first 7 games, and if he stunk, Hackenberg should have got the next 7 games, and if he sucked, McCown should have mopped up. Now, we STILL have no idea about Hackenberg, we didn't get enough evidence to either trust or put the final nail in Petty's coffin, and we are out of the top 5 for draft picks. You can rail on Mac all you want; if he had a plan, but Bowles doesn't have to play the guys to put said plan in effect, it is all for not. If we are going to fire Bowles, we should fire Mac, but then what Woody should do is fire his system of having coach and GM report to him, and do it the right way where the GM hires the coach, who then plays the players he is given to make the system work. Until then, we can copy and paste these posts three more years from now when our next GM and coach 'should be fired.'
  15. Breer's Draft Column

    I'm NOT sure that's a compliment.