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  1. That's the spirit! That said, I think we will draft a center, which could mean McGovern moves to guard and solves two issues. I am very surprised we didn't resign Elflein, but he might not have wanted to stay here. I don't think we can get Creed Humphrey as I think he will go before #23, but I have no doubt we have a shot at Landon Dickerson or Josh Myers. If we draft a guard, like say Wyatt Davis, then I think McGovern stays where he is. Fant will anchor the RT position, and should, for another year. We can draft RT next year. The rest? Who knows. How good is Pat Freirmuth
  2. Only three posts in.......Well, that didn't take too long!
  3. Guess we disagree on good. I think Corey Davis and Keenan Cole are quite good. I think Coleman will be a solid RB as will Johnson in the new system. I will give you the OL. We need more, and it is still a big work in process I think it happens during this draft. We also have Clark from last year who could push for time. It certainly wasn't going to be one year we solved 5 issues plus depth on the line, and it will probably take more than just one draft. That's what happens when the most important collective position on an NFL team gets ignored for 8 years. At some point, we
  4. Just thought I would update what we actually did this off-season. By the end of the draft, we should have a starting QB, a new guard, possibly a new centre, and possibly a another WR, TE, and RB.
  5. 1) He believed in Sam, but didn't see enough of a QB bringing the players up rather than needing more around him 2) He didn't want to throw big money like, oh I don't know, every GM the Jets have had, at a problem. Bur rather wanted to do things like, oh I don't know, one of the more successful franchises in the NFL like one of the teams he came from (Baltimore). 3) He signed for 6 years knowing he was going to need at least three before we'd have a winning season thanks to the mess his predecessors left 4) He didn't go after high-priced FA's because of a COVID-effected season.
  6. THere is SO many other possibilities other than those two.
  7. Oh look who joined the party! I'm sure we will Kevin...You and your clan should be very happy.....or not.
  8. I love how each thread devolves down into this all being JD's fault, and there always seems to about 3-5 people that direct it there. I guess when you look at things this way, you are always right, and only have to save face once a GM actually gets us to the Super Bowl.
  9. Again....I am not against picking offense. But you HAVE to be flexible. If Jamarr Chase, or Sewell, or Pitts falls to 23 and Kwity Paye is there as well, I take Pitts without hesitation. BUT If Kwity Paye is sitting there, but we take Najee Harris or Travis Etienne at RB, or we take Ver Tucker at T, or Rashad Bateman or Rondale Moore at WR, or Josh Myers at C, that is just INSANE. You can't get a player like Paye later in the draft, but you sure can get all those offensive players listed later. This is another deep draft with offensive talent. We are arguing a hypothetical
  10. Well, than all I can say is me personally, glad you ain't running the show! Because if the Jets pick a guard when the draft is deep with guards and Kwity Paye is sitting there, my TV will go out the window.
  11. And by all accounts, we will take one at #2. We signed two WR in F/A and some camp bodies for the line. We signed a RB and a blocking TE. We signed OL depth and resigned some guys on the line. We will be drafting players on that side of the ball. BUT... If a guy like Kwity Paye falls to #23, you take him. Cut and dry. There will still be plenty of opportunities to get a C, guards, TE's, WR's later in the draft. The odds of Paye falling are minimal. But you don't go into the draft saying "we have to take offense no matter what for our first 4 picks.
  12. LOTS of options. If Kwity happened to fall to #23, you take him. But there is a chance here to move down from #23 and #34, and STILL get some great picks on both OL and CB.
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