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  1. CanadaSteve

    So.... Clowney?

    Case of beer? OH! And a sandwich!
  2. Well, given Mac's track record with drafting wide receivers in the first 7 rounds, I can understand why he thinks he could find a gem. Oh....Wait.
  3. IF Kyler Murray does not go #1, then someone might offer 49ers a boatload to move up. Lynch proved in year one he will move down if he has the chance and gets a great deal.
  4. Don't you actually have to play to be able to prove you are better then someone?
  5. This isn't Darnold either.... https://www.pinkbike.com/video/186158/
  6. CanadaSteve

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    Did I say I would make the trades? I said they were for your reading pleasure. Apparently, you found little pleasure in reading them.
  7. CanadaSteve

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    I like it too, but I am afraid that won't happen. IF it did, I would look at Montez Sweat at 6, and then depending on how the board looks, trade down from 17. You might STILL be able to get one of the top centers in the late part of round one, and regain a 2nd round pick as well.
  8. CanadaSteve

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    I think the Bengal trade, while interesting, would have to include another starter (OL), or it would have to include more picks.
  9. CanadaSteve

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    So, we get better picks, but you are complaining that there are not MORE of them? GOT IT.
  10. CanadaSteve

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    You are taking a flyer on him, but getting an extra 3rd AND a first next year to move down 11 spots Bengals one is interesting, but also might need a BIT more from them since they are getting two 'starters'.
  11. CanadaSteve

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    Bill Barnwell....And who cares? Its just for fun to think about possibilities
  12. CanadaSteve

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    11. Cincinnati Bengals Bengals get: WR Robby Anderson, ILB Darron Lee, 1-3 Jets get: WR A.J. Green, 1-11, 4-110 I'd like to believe the Bengals will eventually come to terms with their star receiver as Green enters the final year of the four-year, $60 million extension he signed in September of 2015. After Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown were traded this offseason, though, it seems naive to rule out anything. If the Bengals don't think they're a Super Bowl team with their current core -- and it's hard to argue that they are -- this would be a chance to reshape their roster with one trade. This trade only makes sense if Kyler Murray is still on the board at No. 3, which would position the Bengals to come away with their quarterback of the future to develop under new Bengals coach Zac Taylor. Losing Green would obviously cost Murray his would-be top receiver, but the Bengals would still have a young wideout core with both a track record of production and future upside in Anderson and Tyler Boyd, both of whom are 25 or younger. They would also get an inside linebacker in Lee, a former first-round pick who doesn't have a spot in the Jets' starting lineup after the C.J. Mosley signing but showed promise last season.
  13. CanadaSteve

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    For your reading pleasure
  14. 3. New York Jets Jets get: 1-14, 3-79, 2020 first-round pick, DE Vic Beasley Jr. Falcons get: 1-3, 4-105, 2020 conditional pick The Falcons badly need to add an impact pass-rusher. They also need to conserve cap space as they attempt to extend Grady Jarrett and Julio Jones this offseason, which makes Beasley's $12.8 million fifth-year option unappealing. We know the Falcons have gone all-in for a potential superstar in the past when they traded a future first-round pick to move up from No. 27 to No. 6 in 2011 to draft Jones. That move worked out, and if the Falcons see a similarly impressive star in Nick Bosa or Josh Allen, it's not crazy to think that they would make the same sort of move to grab the edge rusher their defense desperately needs. It's a tougher sell for the Jets, who also need an edge rusher after Anthony Barr left them at the altar in free agency. In a deep class, though, they would still have a great shot at adding someone like Rashan Gary or Brian Burns with the 14th pick, so if they don't see whoever is left at No. 3 as a star, moving down would make sense. This franchise badly needs extra picks after trading three second-rounders as part of the Sam Darnold trade. They also take a flier on Beasley, who led the NFL with 15.5 sacks in his second season, but has just 14 sacks combined in his other three campaigns. The conditional pick here gives the Falcons a fifth-rounder in 2020 if Beasley hits six sacks and a third-rounder if he makes it to 10 sacks.
  15. CanadaSteve

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    Well, he lost credibility picking Ed Oliver with guys like Williams and Allen still on the board. If it went down that way, I would personally escort Mac out of the building.

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