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  1. It's my birthday today too.... I assume Tom Shane will be wishing me a happy birthday soon!
  2. Here is what makes a draft pick a bust:
  3. Tells me nothing.... The Jets have openly stated they want Adams. But there is always a limit in any relationship, business and personal, where you say enough is enough. If Jamal Adams keeps whining about how he wants to be paid, even though he has two years left on his contract, he will be the reason he will be escorted out of time. Sometimes, players are just not good fits for certain teams. Kinda goes back on the GM who thought it would be a great idea to have a shiny hood ornament worth millions on a dented 1978 Ford Pinto.
  4. Ha Ha Clinton Dix would make our defense better, and only costs $4 million. Jadaveon CLowney would make our defense better, but I wouldn't pay him $20 million a year for the same sack total as Jordan Jenkins. Hence why I wouldn't pay Jamal Adams $16 million for 6.5 sacks,, 75 combined tackles, and 1 INT.
  5. If you want to believe he is the best safety in the game because a bunch of guys in a pressbox think so, and worth $16 million a year, be my guest. No amount of sarcasm is going to change my mind, or any other person on this board who thinks otherwise. I like Jamal Adams, and think our defense has been better with him. But there is no way we should be handed him $16 million a season. Harrison Smith is a better safety, and his stats across the board are better than Jamal's except in one area: QB hits and sacks. Why? Because he isn't used like a LB like Jamal is. That said, Smith's contract was around the $50 million mark for 5 years. If you want to hand Jamal that kind of money, or a bit north say in the $12 million range, sure. But I am glad none of the die-hard supporters on here are our GM's who would make him the highest paid safety in history while we still have Sam on his rookie contract.
  6. I think you missed the part where I said completely taken over games and won them. And by the way, Jamal Adams is NOWHERE near Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, and Earl Thomas....the only similarities between Jamal and these players are they played the same position. That's it.
  7. JUST A MINUTE! This kind of statistic fly's DIRECTLY in the face of those who say he is a generational talent and best in the league!
  8. You're right....it doesn't. Anything else?
  9. As soon as Jamal does something that warrants being paid as the top safety in the league, we should talk. And then when he does, we can trade him for even more, because I don't remember an NFL team that won a Super Bowl because they had the best safety in the league who completely took over games defensively to the point it swayed the outcome of an event.
  10. Lets remember Sam was drafted by the former G.M. New sheriff in town. Contract negotiations will go differently.
  11. I remember when many on this board were saying JOSH ALLEN over Q.W., and then that didn't happen. Good times.....
  12. I'm not sure.... What does Tom Shane think of the situation?

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