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  1. I'm a big fan of In and Out Burgers, and not just because of the name.
  2. Yeah, see I think I would disagree with you. I found the food in Munich quite blah, while Florence was some of the best on my swing through Europe. I will say I had some great beers in Germany, as well as England and Belgium. Not so much in Italy and France.
  3. Oh yes, Rome is not the place for Italian. Now FLORENCE....
  4. This comparison is FUN! As far as NY, I would take Chicago in a heartbeat as for a city. I dislike Vancouver and Toronto almost equally, and would take the mountain views of Banff or the coastal waters of the Nova Scotian shores any day. Perhaps what many love NY for are the things that I dislike, just like the things I like about Chicago are what someone from NY would avoid. Interesting to say the least. The one thing we all agree on; no matter where you are born in the U.S. or Canada, the vast majority of people have a hometown pizza place that you would take over any other for your final meal. With that said, I might have to drive to mine and get some!
  5. Huh....I could have SWORE it said Giorgano's PIZZA, and Pequod's PIZZA. Now, it isn't NY style pizza, but its still pizza. Kinda like NY style pizza isn't the real thing like Italian pizza.
  6. Holy sh*t dude, what are you talking about! I live close to the Michigan border. Jets Pizza is awesome! What the hell is wrong with you New Yorkers!
  7. Don't worry, NY makes the top 10 in the world, so you have that going for you!
  8. Maybe its New Yorkers in general True story....Worked in Banff for many years at the Banff Springs Hotel as a bartender. You could ALWAYS spot the NYC'ers. One day, someone was sitting in the main lounge looking out the window, complaining how sick they were of the view, and couldn't WAIT to get back to the city (NYC). Here was their view: Never understood people from NYC after that. Maybe I'm missing something.
  9. Did you miss who he was instrumental in drafting for Baltimore? I'll take one miss and 10 hits over 5 misses and 5 hits any day.
  10. Yeah, scrubs play 17 years in the NFL. Was he Tom Brady? No. Was he better then all of us here on this website? A thousand times yes.
  11. Um, which apparently they are not if you read the article. Several teammates going to him personally and saying it wasn't cool KINDA tells me they think it was a dick move....which it is.
  12. What does it mean to 'develop' Offensive lineman? You can do that as a NY Jet?
  13. Quite sure....no scandals, no DUI's, no physical abuse. Why should the guy be behind bars?
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