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  1. And as long as you have enough money, you can buy justice. This has not and will not change any time soon.
  2. Yeah....Okay. You can stop waving the flag anytime now and take a look around you. Its amazing people still believe this ****.
  3. Why does it seem SOOOOOO hard for a certain demographic to understand this; a demographic who typically drive around in vehicles like this:
  4. Yeah, its AWESOME that there are fans who would want a POS like this on the team to throw a football. And we wonder why the world is like it is.....
  5. Not sure what to say dude. He asks what the thoughts are if we took Kayvon Thibodeaux. Which would have meant him and (probably) Wilson in the first compared to our first. My take? I like our first round better. Not sure what else to say or explain.
  6. ACTUAL FIRST ROUND 4. Sauce Gardner 10. Garrett Wilson 26. Jermaine Johnson HYPOTHETICAL FIRST ROUND 4. Kaylon Thibodeaux 10. Garrett Wilson There is no other three players. He asked might we have been better if we drafted Thibodeaux instead of Gardner in the first round (I am presuming Wilson would be the same pick). I prefer what we did do in the first round (3 players) over his hypothetical 2 players. Who knows? Maybe if we also trade up hypothetically in his hypothetical round 1, perhaps I would like his better (say if the 26th pick hypothetically would be Davonte Wyatt).
  7. If we take Thibs at 4, we don't move up to take Johnson at 26. Doesn't matter if he fell or not. BUT, we take Sauce Gardner instead, (Wilson would have been the pick either way), and we move up to get our edge guy because he falls. So, the question stills stands: However good you think Thibs is, do you think we would have been better with just him, or having Sauce Gardner and Jermaine Johnson.
  8. Are we better with Kayvon Thibodeaux and Garrett Wilson Or are we better with Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, and Jermaine Johnson.? Answer that question and you will have the more important answer for which you seek.
  9. If we would have had you, it might have been 7.....
  10. If we REALLY need a small linebacker, has anyone checked in with Darron Lee?
  11. He did. But under Canadian regulations, upon graduation from a medical school, you must (and I can't remember the full details) either be practicing by a certain time or have put in your residency by a certain time or you have to begin the process all over again. I'm thinking that it probably isn't worth it to start your entire medical education over so you can block 300 pound lineman.
  12. This is how you win the internet.
  13. It is to point out that Douglas was a good hire, even without the results as of now.
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