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  1. Yeah....They are not. Even with all the restructuring this year, we still have about 30 people under contract with about $87 million in cap space before an increase, and easily $30 million more that can be cut. In 2025 (and granted only have half a team under contract), we have almost $200 million in cap space. I think we are good. JD has warts, but I feel like the cap has been managed better than we have seen in the past decade with this franchise. JUST gotta get a few more of those draft picks working out. He's pretty close to that 50 percent mark after three drafts.
  2. I know you mean that in the nicest of ways!
  3. Look up the story of the song, "I Think I'm Going Bald." Rush was touring with Kiss and wrote it to goof on them. Pretty funny the way Geddy tells it. I know that story well!
  4. +2. I only saw Rush once, which is sacrilege considering I am Canadian.
  5. I saw the Allman Bros. about 10-12 years ago here in London, Ontario. Was 2nd row on the floor. GREAT concert.
  6. That is my thoughts as well. I hope that came through. Taking JMS at 13 would be maddening. Dropping to say, 20-25 range and coming away with a mid-second round pick where we could then also get an OT....Maybe. But is the drop-off from JMS to, say, Steve Avila, THAT much that staying put and getting, say, Paris Johnson in the 1st and then drafting Avila in the second better than drafting JMS in the 1st and Mathew Bergeron? I think there is a bigger drop off from the OT's we could get at 13 than say 42 than there is a drop off between JMS and Avila.
  7. That is EXACTLY what I am thinking. No concert is ever sold out. I can buy tickets on the street. But I thought it might not hurt to put the request out on a NY Jets fanbase with a bunch of New Yorkers who might take pity on a fellow Jet fan who lives in a different country. Adam Sandler, if you are here, I'd buy you a beer. Maybe even two!
  8. Not that I am disagreeing with you. But everyone has that one band. This is my one band.
  9. And come with me to hang out in NY after with the kids. Been married for 22 years.
  10. Not EXACTLY the help I was looking for.....
  11. $700 Canadian. the problem is it would just be me. If you want to buy a single ticket, price goes up. I was using Ticketmaster.com. Stubhub seems to have a bit better prices. Obviously it would have been great to get face-value, but it is next to impossible to actually do that, since Ticketmaster has legalized scalping for themselves.
  12. The Jets pick 13. The early reports are quite high on John Michael Schmitz. Plug-and-play center. But 13 seems a little high for a center. There are going to be teams that want to move up to get their second-level first-round QB choice: Guys like Hendon Hooker, Will Levis. There is always someone that drops who you might want. Never know about Jalen Carter for instance. IF that is the Jets play, I wouldn't go past 20, but you are playing a risky game doing that. If someone happens to move up and take him, then you have missed out on the first tier OT's, and you don't have your C either. The other issue: Plug-and-play. Even the most blueist of blue-chip prospects sometimes need time. Do the Jets want to risk that and AR's health? If you try this and JMS is taken early, will guys like Anton Harrison be around or Darnell Wright as OT prospects? IF this were the Jets FO thinking, I would have a concern using a 1st rounder on a center when neither of our OT positions are what you would call 'set in stone.' If JMS fell to the second round and you could make a trade to go get him early in said round, that is one thing. But drafting a center in the 1st? Hmmm.......
  13. So, I think most everyone here knows I am a huge Kiss fan. Haven't missed a tour since 1983. Have already seen the farewell tour. I tried to get tickets to the final New York show on Saturday, December 2, but no luck. My wife made the suggestion that we drive the family down to New York on December, 1 for the weekend and I scalp a ticket. Who knows, maybe the Jets will be playing a home game on December 3. The favor is this: Does ANYONE know anybody who might have a ticket to that show who would be willing to sell it for a decent rate? As of right now, the BEST ticket price I can get is the last row in section 210 (the very last row) for $700. If possible, I would like to do a little better than that for obvious reasons! If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  14. Until he books another massage with someone who knows his background and hides a camera in the room.
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