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  1. Jesus....Why don't you go and just take a dump in your bathroom rather than on this board. We get it....You hate JD and you think you should be GM. What you need to get is there are a LOT of Jets fans that don't agree with you.
  2. Is there an option where Tom Shane reads the posts you click on with a soft-toned voice?
  3. Was this a long-winded explanation of trying to justify taking a second LT with the #2 pick, event though we used the #11 pick on one last year?
  4. So....What's wrong with the backs we have now NOT named Frank Gore? I mean, Perrine's number was only 3.6 average attempt, but we had two other backs: One averaged 4.7 yard per carry while the other one averaged 5.4. Maybe throw in another decent draft pick and we aren't so bad at the position....Especially now that we don't have a coach dedicated to giving the ball to a 37 year old back averaging 3 yards a carry.
  5. To be fair, while I disagree with Jetsfan80 about Deshaun Watson, it is a Deshaun Watson thread. So, it DOES make sense that he would share his opinion here about Watson.....however ill-conceived that it is.
  6. I am SOOOO glad none of these guys who have made trade suggestions are our GM.
  7. If Joe Douglas would even consider this, then Joe Douglas should not be the GM of the NY Jets. Keep drafting QB's until you find one; don't ruin your franchise moving forward because some Jack*** who had your job previously has had three franchise QB's staring him in the face when he goes to make a pick and he has taken a defensive player each and every time.
  8. Fair enough....We shall see. I like what I saw with the first draft, and I loved the Pat Elflien pick-up part-way through the year. He will now have to fill three starter spots by F/A, and fill in the rest of the roster. We need 2-3 starters out of this draft, and need Perrine to fill out the back up role, Davis, Bryce Hall to take a step up, and Mann to be more consistent. IF we get something out of Clark, this draft will start to look real good. BUT...He has to hit on the 2+ 1st round picks and our 2nd rounder as well.
  9. It's not a bad idea while we build the team around whoever. Then, in about two years, we go after a QB, all the while drafting guys in lower rounds and taking a shot. As I have said in multiple threads, it appears that today's NFL QB does not come in and save a franchise like they once did. For every Andrew Luck drafted to carry a team, there are 5-7 Mitch Trubinsky's who, if there was enough talent around them, could be good enough. But all it took was both starting LT and RT to not play for the KC Chiefs to make Patrick Mahomes look no better than Sam Darnold has in the three years h
  10. Okay Fidelio, that is simply just not true that most of his decisions were bad. This roster was the bottom-feeder for about 5-7 years. It's amazing we did as well as we did given the poor drafting that took place for almost a decade. He put a team and put it together with bandaids during the most upside down season in sporting history thanks to a pandemic. Just think of this season as a complete throwaway, like it should have been. Right now, early reports look like we have the 50 percent success rate for the draft this season. He put together a bunch of one-year F/A contract
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