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  1. Wait...what? JD worked the first draft so he could get an extra pick (EXTRA) to take a chance on a QB in the hopes he could be a competent back-up/spot starter, which is something you have to do until you find a QB. But...but, there were about a dozen posters who thought JD should be fired for such a BS move?
  2. So, what are a certain 12 posters on this fan-site going to do now that he has signed, which was going to happen anyway? I'm just curious what the next bus is they will have to invent to try and throw Joe Douglas under to prove their 'wokeness.'
  3. Jesus, another genius armchair GM who for good reason isn't a GM. Can't there be a playground these children can all go play at so we don't have to listen to them?
  4. So, should that mean then that once you are cut, the money stops? Just curious. Again, offset language is there, IMO, so an owner doesn't have to pay someone who no longer works for them. I really do not understand why there seems to be some posters on here that can't grasp that.
  5. Okay dude. I guess when it isn't you paying the millions of dollars, it makes it VERY easy not to give a s**t. And quite frankly, its amateur hour to not agree to something basic like that. If you agree to play for $5 million dollars, and I let you go, what do you care what the next team pays you, IF there even is another team paying you, if you are getting all $5 million anyway? Unless of course, that attitude is the reason for putting in the protection in the first place.
  6. So, in your logic, they shouldn't have drafted a player at #2 if they want to protect themselves as an organization? Not sure I understand said logic.
  7. I'd like to take a crack at this. Lets say I hire you to do a job for $50K a year for the next three years. You dog it for the first two, and I fire you. I still owe you $50K for that third year, but you go and work for someone else that third year for $40K. If I agreed to pay you $50K for a year, and you find a job for $40K, why should I be on the hook for a whole $50K instead of $10K? Then, you go on to be the best employee at that company. Who is to say you didn't dog it on purpose so I would fire you, then go to the company you really wanted to be with AND get paid by me to go to
  8. Why is it a 'bad look.' We gave Crowder (from another regime) a restructured contract. He wouldn't have got much more on the open market. As for Mayes....he was drafted by another regime. He plays a position FAR down on the scale of important signings. I personally have zero issue with Joe Douglas not giving a long-term contract to a safety. We will have safeties who step up and do what Maye can do.
  9. How EXACTLY would having plantar fasciitis effect your performance as a porn star?
  10. Its almost like you don't draft two safeties back-to-back when you need a QB, and then don't even think about paying them big bucks because you can always find a replacement in the draft.
  11. Easy....The one that guarantees the health of Zach Wilson...Becton.
  12. Thank-you. I made it rain. Well, maybe more of a sprinkle....a drizzle? A drop? Either way, I made Max wet. Wait, that's not right either.
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